Geofencing is a concept used to define virtual boundaries made from geographical coordinates. These boundaries, or geofences, can be used to limit the movement of people (e.g. to restrict children accessing certain places) or great for businesses creative use, such as sending automatic notifications when customers are near. A Geofencing Expert can help create, maintain, and monitor these virtual boundaries for their client as needed.

Here's some projects that our Geofencing Experts made real:

  • Designing geographic boundaries and setting associated triggering events - this includes creating geofences with custom shapes, alerting users such as connecting with the database, changing content in real-time based on triggers like location location detection and surveys
  • Using mapping software to create detailed geospatial analysis of movements throughout areas - this helps gain insights into customer behaviour within a set geographic boundary
  • Developing tracking technology that records location data and then provides clients with useful insights into where customers have been and how they interact with the environment within a geo fence – this helps businesses understand how far people move within an area throughout the day

Geofencing is a powerful tool to enable businesses to be more agile in responding to customers in new markets or measure how effective marketing campaigns are. At, our expert Geolocation Experts have the experience and the knowledge you need to make the most of your geospatial data. They can help you design and implement virtual boundaries quickly and efficiently without compromising security or accuracy. We invite you now to post your project in, hire a Geofencing Expert, and get unique insights from your geospatial data!

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