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Technical description: The various proposals generated this logo arising from specific frames of animation present in the folder generated with an algorithm SHM which is exercised in 10 semicircles there are between the ratio Golden. In turn, the frames chosen (Numbered from 0 to 300) were selected the same proportion. Description of the proposal: Simplicity, elegance, and style are three things that define this logo. Simple but modern, so that the public can easily grasp and identify with trends today. Elegant and attractive with a rather curious pattern of lines with a color which is quite attractive and not tiring or annoying sight, without leaving aside also it represents technology and provides a only bearing the company name. Style, because that curious pattern of lines, major and minor, forming a spiral, are representing the number & quot; & quot Phi; or also called & quot; golden & quot number; or & quot; number of perfection & quot ;

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We are a international company based in Toronto, Canada specialized different areas of engineering linked by the collaborative philosophy. We are a team of graphic, web designers and electronic engineers, who love doing what we do. We're willing to help you with what ever your dreams are about your projects and make it come true the more precise way possible, if you want something we'll do it in the minimum time with the best work. Development: a. Web Developers b. Java c. C/C++ d. PHP e. Laravel f. SEO g. Wordpress Graphics: a. 3D Animation b. 2D Graphics c. General Design

$8 USD / hora

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