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    I post on my Youtube channel consistently. I have two seperate channels and I have a hard time keeping up on both of them seeing as one is consistently. I have two seperate channels and I have a hard time keeping up on both of them seeing as one is most difficult to edit. They are Gaming videos for "The Sims 4" game. Looking for any help!

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    I need someone e...of numpy arrays. I have 3D datasets consisting of ones and zeros. The ones represent the position of an object in 3D space. I will require computations to be done on these objects and regions of interest (masks) to be drawn along the contours of the original object. I will send you more images and instructions if you are interested.

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    Import from Unity level: Terrain Height-map and textures Trees, Foliage, etc. 3D objects like buildings (FBX objects has to be converted to DAE...) Create a working Toque3D level with the same look. to Torque3D engine ver. 3.10 ([iniciar sesión para ver URL])

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    I need to get a simple .netframework windows form created with get set, classes , inheritence, encapculation and objects. OOP C#

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    developing... 6 días left

    I am developing an application on the Genexus platform, I require 2 functions that are integrated as external objects to integrate into the development that I am carrying out that fulfill the following functionalities: 1. One in Java, which handles the chat within the users registered in my application, which allows you to send messages online and offline

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    ...out. 2) Maybe even have option to soften cut edges slightly. 3) And for an object to be manually selected and moved in from of the photo then when they are happy with the objects position they click save and the object freezes over the photo, just like you do with emojis but it would be a real image of a cloud or whatever I choose. 4) Also important

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    I need an 1 minute animated video talks about tecnology software soluction for be fast paced and clear. I prefer that the video doesnt have characters, we would like to avoid cartoons so it doesnt appear childish. We would like graphics and moving objects [iniciar sesión para ver URL] [iniciar sesión para ver URL]

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    ...tableView (left) and a mapView (right) e) The split edge is customisable and adapts according to screen resolution f) TableView: Gives a textual description of the objects /spaces which can be rented. Each table row should at least include an image, address, size [m²], price g) MapView: Gives a geographical overview of the spaces to rent

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    ...activity is completed, some user statistics are recorded in the user profile (time spent played, score, etc) Demo prototype (user profile creation + activity for avoiding objects): [iniciar sesión para ver URL] Needs: Using UE4 standard template VR Template Optimized for Oculus Quest (lowpoly - 72fps - low drawcall

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    a) Set up the EMF API (not the generated editor), to create a model instance for your business and to save it in XMI format b) Create an instance (an objec...create a model instance for your business and to save it in XMI format b) Create an instance (an object model) that is consistent with your class diagram and has at least 5 objects and 5 links.

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    Make a Image Recognition System with a neural network (through Keras) which can be trained with just a single image per class. Later, it should be able to detect the objects from all the classes in any image given to it and draw a labeled box around it (through OpenCV). You don't need to make a GUI for it. Just keep everything in a Jupyter Notebook

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    3D Object Detection -- 2 5 días left

    I need a Tensorflow lite([iniciar sesión para ver URL] would be better) project which detect a 3D object by an android mobile phone camera. 1. Input: Camera on an a...which help to understand regarding the output. I'm saying it might confusing, there should be no lidar needed for this project. Only 2D images and a point cloud(or mesh) of objects for the input data.

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    Color creator 5 días left

    I need a software program the color match any objects color and create it I plan on using it with hardware

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    ...create directional light, spot light, and point light also the meshes need to be effected by light of course. Reflect functions would like to have reflection for metallic objects and surface, but not a must. Miscellaneous functions would like to involve a Stencil Buffer for render rejection for creating decals etc., and use of a Compute Shader would

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    ...LOVE writing for? We are ready to pay $100-$120 per Story & we will pay as soon as we get your Story. Looking forward to reading all your bids. Yours sincerely, Maja Šobar Sims-Tools Team...

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    3D Mesh Cleanup 4 días left

    We produce OBJ files by scanning homes and buildings using a Matterport scanner. We then purchase the files from Mat...mesh, we also need somebody to do a video “walk through” of the property showing what it would look like if we: Add different materials to the walls Add paintings or other objects to the walls (such as television screens, other).

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    CloudSimSDN-NFV 4 días left

    ...CloudSimSDN-NFV simulator. WE need to use CloudSimSDN-NFV Simulator to build a security controller using simulator resources to build a simple virtual security function to monitor cloud objects' interactions. - A program acting as Security controller -A simple program acting as a virtual security function - Demonstrate a simple protocol to transfer data between the

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    3d modellers 4 días left

    3d modellers / texture of 150 objects for mobile game app. Will guide you exactly what to make with instructions

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    ...python aws sdk. The developer must be familiar with: 1. Python and very simple python UIs. 2. Experienced with AWS and specifically S3 in python. (credential use, s3 bucket objects, simple file operations). The developer will need to use own AWS account to do the testing with dummy files. 3. Python packaging to a standalone exe The yaml parser function

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    ...bucket. I think this would best be accomplished using either AWS S3 SDK or Minio (a simplified version of S3 SDK), and an HTML form on the frontend. I've been able to upload objects using the Python version of Minio, but I think I would need to use Minio-js for my site. Here are my requirements: •HTML form where site user can upload a file. The file

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    Hi, Thank you for your interest in this project. Essentially, we have developed a program (via TensorFlow) that allows a user to detect objects via a webcam - and for these objects to be subsequently translated into a potential of 5 different languages. In addition, we've used [iniciar sesión para ver URL] to

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    Vectorize and refine image 3 días left

    The castle and the ornam...details. But not a 100% identical copy. You should have a feeling for how to slightly improve it for the digital work with it. The end product has to be a vector file with all objects in layers. It has to be possbile to rearange the ornaments and to easily change the colors of certan parts. More details on that in the chat.

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    ...adjustment possible. obstacles and damage counter (adjustable in panel) variables must be readable and editable by other developers. everything simple, please no copy paste other objects off internet. make your own object simple no artistic design needed. just get the logic right. W(accelerator) D(right)A()leftS(reverse) l(turbo). all variables adjustable.

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    ...consistent graphics style so design objects can be used in professional marketing material. Subjects are common telecommunication equipment items; descriptions and sample pictures are provided. Output should be fairly-detailed graphic representation of the objects for professional presentations that will incorporate these objects. They should be saved as individual

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    ...provided a series of waypoints and altitudes and speed. Examples: 1) Detect if a flying object is about to engage in a "dive bomb" pattern over a target 2) Detect if two flying objects are approaching from different originations, but following similar paths 3) Detect if a flying object is heading towards a target, but flying very low to the ground 4) Detect

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    Salesforce Tutoring 1 día left

    ...with more details. 1)Create a developer org from [iniciar sesión para ver URL] for your fictitious company 2)Create a Welcome Message on the home page and/or sidebar g For each of the Objects: Account, Contact, Opportunity: 3)Create two new fields: of the 6 fields (in total) you create one must be a lookup relationship, one must be a picklist with multiple values

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    I would like to find a guy who can develop my python project which is to detect some objects from image. It would be run locally.

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    I need a partner 1 día left

    I need a partner to design a project that will use about 2000 objects. The partner receives a percentage of the monthly prelate. *******ONLY SERBIA********

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    a simple prof of concept artwork including 2 environments. 1. A forest pond with a tree. 2. A tree branch with a few birds in the branches. Also artwork to a few objects. 1. Chicken 2. Duck 3. Bird 4. Owl 5. Apple 6. Cat 7. Acorn artstyle guide as attached.

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    ...available resources into one project for people to be able to use their PC with keyboard and mouse in VR: 1. Virtual Desktop / Mirroring 2. Oculus Quest Hand Tracking 3. Physical objects calibration and interaction in VR The project details will be handled to the chosen developer after accepting NDA. The developer will get full project description with links

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    ...better visualizing waveform data. I can provide video examples of the real thing and I need to duplicate the movement of the 4-5 Waveforms on the screen plus another couple of objects, one being 3D. A plus would be the ability to create an alternative version of the display that has the ability to embed an AR Trigger image that an app would use to display

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    Unity VR Steam Project 22 horas left

    ...up a vehicle in VR Environment using SteamVR Few requirements: -Must have a SteamVR compatible device: Vive/Pro, Index,etc -Must have extensive experience setting up objects in VR If you do a great job with this simple test which serves more like a paid test then more VR Projects will be assigned weekly. ===================== When submitting

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    We are building flutter mobile app which can communicate with small device. It's a device whit a small engine which allows you to rase and lower hanging objects. We need Flutter expert to send Strings via Bluetooth Broadcast Mode. Please apply if it's possible, not native code

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    upload AR projects from library animate AR objects save photo and video with AR login to social media with export option Please send completed project with AR

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    We have a number of shelves with bins of similar products in them. The bins are identical and the product packaging is all very similar. Inventory (small upright boxes) is stored side by side in a very uniform way. Each bin holds 2 levels of 6 products across x 11 deep for a total of 132 products. Products are picked from the front of the bin. The goal of this project is to create a process th...

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    ...background in a picture book. Each landscape/scene is divided in at least three strata for animals/objects under water, on top of water/lake, on land/in forest/air. Layers ex.; houses, mountains, water, water ground, harbour, vegetation, objects. The viewer should be able to see what goes on under water. Don´t get to fixated on the layering, just

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    Are you confident at PHP ? What I want is I want to render m...confident at PHP ? What I want is I want to render mp4 video after editing video using PHP. [iniciar sesión para ver URL] As you can see, you can import video and images and text and objects. after all these, I can export from my edited video.. That is what I want. Can you do this ? If then, bid.

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