vfx clean up, object removal and replacement for video

por RongJiLi
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Youtube watch the video here: https://vibestserv.com/removal-and-replacement/ You want to replace your phone, computer screen with your video, image? You want to make it look real and fit with you content? Sure. I will help you make the hard work. Make it matching and fit perfectly with motion and color. I can export with the format you want and And Will send you the project files. I will love to help you get your videos and shots look amazing! In this gig I will make Cleanups to your shots. Removing tracking markers, etc. The quality of the final work depends on many factors - The quality of your video, availability, dynamic lights, shadows, motion blur, overlapping objects and so on. Also, it is possible to replace any object/product in the scene in another one! We can replace signs, phone screens and basically anything you have in mind. Feel free to contact us with any question Thank you for reading. Please check the example video

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Hi, My name is RJLi, and Vibestserv is my brand website I am a video editor, I do edit video for: Beauty video retouch, Roto, Green screen,Tracking, Remove object in the video, replacement,... I am using Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effect, and Mocha Pro to edit and tracking Thank you so much for reading information about me.

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