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Editing my profile

Editing your profile is easy.


1.  Log in to your Freelancer.com account.


2. Click your profile picture thumbnail from the main menu bar. Then, click View Profile under Account.


3.  Click the Edit Profile button.



Parts that can be edited are indicated by the  icon: Professional Headline, Profile Summary, and Hourly Rate.


You can upload a photo if it has a  icon. Click on it to upload a profile picture. Uploading a cover photo requires a paid membership).



4.  Click Add Portfolio to add or edit items to your portfolio. Here’s a guide on what to include in your portfolio.  



You may upload the following content types: 

     •  Image: up to 10MB (JPG, PNG, GIF)

     •  Article: up to 20MB

     •  Code: up to 20MB

     •  Video: up to 100MB (FLV, AVI, MP4, MOV)

     •  Audio: up to 20MB (MP3)


5.  If you scroll down, you can also add details to your resume section: Experience, Education, Certifications, and Publications. Click Save for each part to save your input.


6.  To the right of the resume section, you can edit your skills. Click +Skills to edit.



The number of skills you can add to your profile depends on your membership subscription.


7.  Scroll up, and select View Profile to exit editing mode and to save the changes.




Keep your profile page looking as professional as possible. Read more here for some tips.


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