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Fixed-price vs hourly projects

When posting a project, clients are given a choice between posting a fixed-price or an hourly one. Posting projects in the correct project type that better fits the work requirements can be advantageous.


If you are a client looking to post a project, you can get some tips here.


Fixed-price project

  • This is ideal for one-time projects or those with set/limited budgets.
  • The bid amount of the winning freelancer is the total amount to pay them for completing the project.
  • The project can be paid through Milestone Payments (recommended), or by directly transferring funds to the freelancer. 

Hourly project

  • This is ideal for continuous work (no specific deadline), or full-time positions.
  • The bids of the freelancers are their hourly rate for your required work. The amount to pay your winning freelancer is the price of the total hours of rendered work.
  • Milestone Payments automatically generated every Monday from hours tracked in the Freelancer Desktop App will be paid every Wednesday. You may read here for more details.


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