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Game Server Website Full Build and possible permenant hire

We would like to use the CMS phpFusion ([url removed, login to view]) as the basis for the site.

The whole site and forums will be themed like World of Warcraft ([url removed, login to view]) They provide a package of graphix and other material you can use.

But at the same time we do not want it to mimic the official site.

Use phpbb ([url removed, login to view]) as the integrated forums. (must be themed as well)

A few sample sites and forums:

[url removed, login to view] (forums)

[url removed, login to view] (site)

[url removed, login to view]

What I don't want the front end to look like:

[url removed, login to view] (Almost all servers use this site and all look the same)

We do however want to use it's features in it's menu. All these sample sites have available sources @ http://ascentemu.com. This site is also the core we use for our server named.

Our current site based off phpnuke: [url removed, login to view]

This site is just way too cluttered and dark which is why we want to change it.

Most of the source and coding is already available to you. You'll basically just be manipulating and integrating into one so our users don't have to sign up multiple times. Also designing the site so it's unique and hard to copy. About the only part that is not available and will have to be coded from scratch is the donation page.

* one signup for site,forums and game server (The main accounts table needs to be the game server accounts table)

- Option to choose TBC or not

* donations page with item selection

Depending on cost, I would like this page to consist of the following:

- What the users see

- First page must be the donation agreement they must click agree before continueing.

- I would really like this linked to the accounts table and linked to 2 fields.

1. Date they clicked agreed

2. A 0 for no they didn't agree and a 1 for yes they did.

- This would be updated each time they agreed/ disagreed to the terms.

- 2nd page showing the list of of rewards available by $ amount donated

- I would like the items to be linked from the DB

- A comment box that requires them to enter the following information after they donate:

- Transaction #

- Paypal Account name

- Game Server Account name

- Character name

- Realm name

- Item(s) they choose or if possible make the selection automatically put that in.

- I would like for all this to be sent to a table in the DB

- Administration page

- The functionality to be able edit these items and prices at ease. So if possible using a database where we can change the fields and it will show up on the site)

- A query / search we can run by using any of the fields mentioned above which will show:

1. The above information

2. Account ID

3. Character GUID

4. Items ID's and names

- If this isn't getting too complicated I would also like a query that when I put in their character GUID and hit submit (after it pulls the above information) it will send those items to the player through mail using the mail table in our DB.

* tools section with various tools that query the db

- Character unstuck (Donator feature)

- Password change

- Talent Calculator

- Character transfer between realms (will be in the donation list)

- Character online map

- World map

* front page news

- Also an option to post an admin announcement for very important information that will appear below the banner or right above the news.

* server status

- Pretty much the same information our current status page has

- a Server status icon/bar on the frontpage so people can see immediately if it's up or down and just the number of players on.

* whos online

- Having the option to show a list of users or just the number of users. (User option)

* Latest posts (top 5) on front page

* Armory


Habilidades: Diseño de logotipos, PHP, Instalación de scripts, Seguridad web, Diseño de sitios web

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