Make Osc Cart checkout friendly & fix image errors on site

Ok I need someone to fix the checkout portion of my shopping cart. For instance I want arrows or some tipe of user friendly pictures to generate more order on my cart. I need the site to be more user friendly as far as the cart goes. Only the cart design. Nothing else as far as the design goes.

Below is past web developer conversation about the issuse that need to be fixed....

fresh: [url removed, login to view];products_id=982 (please fix this because this is suposse to show up)

fresh: [url removed, login to view];products_id=3233

fresh: i am going through the entire site and i iwll paste them here

fresh: you can give me a quote with price when compleated

fresh: because i rellly need no errors

Andrew Rinderknecht: they both show "Photo Not Available" image

Andrew Rinderknecht: what is the problem?

fresh: yes

fresh: but the image is there

fresh: i undertand if 1 thumbnail shows that it is not availible but the main image should at least show that it is availibe if like 3 - 4 pictures are in there

Andrew Rinderknecht: ok

Andrew Rinderknecht: hang on a sec

fresh: k

Andrew Rinderknecht: the main image and the more views act independently

fresh: [url removed, login to view];products_id=5333

fresh: has no pic

fresh: huh?

Andrew Rinderknecht: I think the main image is wrong on those

fresh: oooh

Andrew Rinderknecht: so what you need to do is log into admin and set up the images for each of those products

Andrew Rinderknecht: and hopefully that should fix it

fresh: ok so when i login to the admin what do i do?

Andrew Rinderknecht: find the product

Andrew Rinderknecht: upload the image

Andrew Rinderknecht: have you heard if your brothers account has been unfrozen?

fresh: he is in tokyo

fresh: think he is sleeping now

fresh: when he gets up he will send

Andrew Rinderknecht: oh ok

fresh: they must of unfreeze by now

Andrew Rinderknecht: do you know why it's frozen? that's kinda weird...

fresh: i dont know

fresh: maby he does like me

fresh: when i give my information

fresh: to people

fresh: on sl

fresh: like email address they freeze

fresh: i hate that about SL

Andrew Rinderknecht: oh yeah, you can't do that

fresh: yea ...i think thats whay he did, because we are not criminals

fresh: lol

fresh: so muct be that

fresh: must*

fresh: hey but i uploaded it and it is still not showing

fresh: hmmmm

fresh: [url removed, login to view];products_id=1788

fresh: that 1 also

fresh: shoes nothing for 5th image but them main image should be pic

Andrew Rinderknecht: can you check the ftp directory to make sure it actually uploaded?

Andrew Rinderknecht: every time I try to view the images directory it freezes up

fresh: i dont know how

fresh: ooh

Andrew Rinderknecht: does it show in the admin?

fresh: can you save the convo after i pate all errors in convo

fresh: and do next time

fresh: ?

fresh: [url removed, login to view];products_id=1780

fresh: 5ht image error also

fresh: [url removed, login to view];products_id=5280

fresh: 5th image also

fresh: [url removed, login to view];products_id=224

fresh: no imaage

fresh: [url removed, login to view];products_id=225 & [url removed, login to view];products_id=226 no img prob

fresh: [url removed, login to view];products_id=1614 no img prob...i am on gucci not maby its almost done, i am going through my entire site

fresh: [url removed, login to view];products_id=1615 no img

fresh: [url removed, login to view];products_id=1647

Andrew Rinderknecht: the permissions on the image directory were wrong... I changed them, can you try uploading it again?

fresh: no img

fresh: for the no imge problems?

Andrew Rinderknecht: yes, try to upload it again, because the permissions on the image directory were wrong

fresh: ok and what about all the 5th img problems

Andrew Rinderknecht: I don't know how that works, it's some sort of mod

Andrew Rinderknecht: but there should be a way to do it in admin

fresh: i wish i had osc experience

fresh: i was being spoilt by [url removed, login to view] for the past 6 years

fresh: but now it is time to move on

fresh: they sell my customers info


fresh: they are crazy!!!!

fresh: haha

Andrew Rinderknecht: ha that is crazy

fresh: yeaaaaaa

fresh: i cant not beleive them

fresh: ok i will just keep pasting in this convo for my notes

fresh: lol

fresh: [url removed, login to view];products_id=3580

fresh: [url removed, login to view];products_id=3576

Andrew Rinderknecht: ok go ahead

fresh: k

fresh: thx

Andrew Rinderknecht: I have to leave now, we are going on a family outing

fresh: ok

fresh: have fun

Andrew Rinderknecht: thanks, talk to you later

fresh: later and thanks for the help andrew

fresh: [url removed, login to view];products_id=3577

Andrew Rinderknecht has signed out. (10/7/2007 3:56 PM)

fresh: [url removed, login to view];products_id=1520

fresh: [url removed, login to view];products_id=3460

fresh: [url removed, login to view];products_id=3579

fresh: [url removed, login to view];products_id=3584

fresh: [url removed, login to view];products_id=3582

fresh: [url removed, login to view];products_id=3583

fresh: [url removed, login to view];products_id=3585

fresh: [url removed, login to view];products_id=3587

fresh: [url removed, login to view];products_id=3587

Please fix all the errors on the following pages listen then go through the site to make sure all errors are completed ASAP. Thanks


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