Superhero VFX & Animation. Hiring for my YT mini series!!

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I'm diving into an ambitious fan-made superhero project and am on the hunt for a talented team to bring my vision to life. My project demands cutting-edge VFX and animation to create a world that blurs the line between realism and the exaggerated flair of superhero epics. Here’s what I need your skills for:

- **Background Design & Creation:** Crafting immersive environments that ground our characters in a believable yet extraordinary world.

- **Lighting Effects:** Mastering light to enhance the mood, realism, and emotion of each scene.

- **Character Animation:** Bringing our heroes and villains to life with dynamic, fluid motion that captures their essence.

- **Motion Graphics & Cinematography:** Creating stunning visuals that tell a story and captivate viewers, from explosive action scenes to subtle character moments.

The aesthetic goal is to navigate that delicate boundary between realism and comic book fantasy, delivering a visual feast that respects the genre's roots while pushing into new territory.

This project is destined for online streaming, emphasizing the importance of creating content that’s both visually impressive and optimized for digital platforms. The successful collaborator should have the following skills and experience:

- **Expertise in VFX and Animation Software:** Proficiency in industry-standard tools is a must.

- **Background in Film or Animation:** A solid understanding of cinematography and storytelling through visuals.

- **Creative Vision:** Ability to contribute ideas and think outside the box to overcome technical challenges.

- **Team Player:** While I value independence, the ability to collaborate and communicate effectively is crucial.

This project is not just a fan tribute; it's a bold statement in the world of animation and VFX. If you're as passionate about superheroes as I am and possess the skills listed above, I'd love to hear from you. Together, we'll create something unforgettable.

Please read the following too:

To all bidders,

We are starting an exciting new Batman mini series on YT! (Click on File to learn more about our story for the Pilot Episode)

Here's our roadmap so far:

1. Design the world, characters and motion graphics.

2. Send teasers on Social Media and other platforms.

3. Start Crowdfunding (expect to hit 10k)

4. Once we hit the budget we can start on our Pilot Episode. Payment for your work will come from the crowdfunding.

But before we can execute the plan, we need experienced, co-operative VFX artists that are able to to fulfill the following criteria (skip to the bottom if you wish to know the job scope first):

1. Committed to the project REGARDLESS of financial returns

You will be paid accordingly however since this is an amateur project the chances of you getting paid back rightfully are not high up. We are entirely depending on the trailer/teaser to set up our crowdfunding campaign along with tiny tidbits to hype it up. This means if we don't hit the expected Crowdfunding target to accommodate your budget you will receive an amount lesser than you may like. This leads to number 2.

2. You must love BATMAN and superheroes if you're gonna thrive in this project.

I am confident with my vision can attract plenty of superhero and non superhero fans. The aim of this project other than to express myself artistically is to raise awareness about the elusive, ever present dangers of addiction. This transcends from just a fan made project to something higher in its purpose. So I expect the reception, if our marketing is done well, to be overwhelmingly positive.

So, I want you treat this project as serious as possible. Maybe even earn your name as up and coming VFX artist, head designer and so on. Your name will be on the credits roll so you must be one with the vision of us. Don't come in expecting pure business. This is more.

3. Able to work efficiently with the budget.

Another huge issue as highlighted earlier is the budget. I can raise the budget as much as you can but there is a ceiling overall. From my end I can't assure more than 1k, and if there is more we will have to take whatever is left from the crowdfunding, as state in the plan. If you're innovative and committed this shouldn't be a problem.

Now, let's get to the Job Scope.

You'll be doing:

- Background, lighting and set design. Use imports from Cargo etc. to produce our buildings, park, sets etc. This part is going to be really challenging yet interesting.

- Character design. You'll be working with Edison A. (Instagram ID: artoffeg) in finishing the design.

- Camera Angles and Cinematography. I'll plan once you accept.

- Motion Graphics. VERY IMPORTANT. I need people who are comfortable in this aspect because I have little knowledge in this field and I wish to learn more about it. There will high octane scenes full with action and suspense.

Thank You for reading because you may have just hit your lottery ;)

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