AdWords/AdSense Bidders Email Harvester

AdWords/AdSense Bidders Email Harvester

Hi, I need a software to harvest email addresses of adwords bidders, and output them on a csv

## Deliverables

AdWords/AdSense Bidders Email Harvester

Hi, I need a software to harvest email addresses of adwords bidders.

Here's what the software should do:

1) [INPUT]

I gave him a list of keywords in TXT format, OR a list of domains name.

2) The software should analyze this list, and FIND all the adwords bidder site for THAT keywords, in a specified country and with a specified lenguage that I can choose.

For exaple I write "Marketing" and select: Country "US" and Lenguage "UK".

The software writes "marketing" on Google US (&gl=us is the google code) with lenguage UK (&hl=en is the google code).

And Save all the adwords bidders site on a database, for the first "Y" Pages of google results (i should choose how many pages he should check).

3) Then the software should analyze the "adwors bidder site" and, without exit the domain, harvest all email addresses he finds in that site, with a "X" (a number that i can choose) deep level from the landing page of AdWords Ad.

For example:

The Software finds that for the keyword "Marketing" there is a site called "[url removed, login to view]" that runs an adwords ad.

So he starts analyzing the adwords landing page (for example: [url removed, login to view]) and, starting from there, he should go "X" level away to harvest email address in the site, without EXIT FROM the main domanin. So the domanin in which email should be collected is always and only "[url removed, login to view]"

4) Then the software should:


Memorize AdWords Ad "Visualization URL", the fourth line of the AdWords Ad (Be careful: if the AdWords Ad has: "[url removed, login to view]" the software should not take "SubDir" but only "[url removed, login to view]"


Memorize AdWords ADS: title, first line, second line, and URL visualization.


Memorize Landing Page for Each Ads. For example: "[url removed, login to view]"


Memorize all email address starting from landing page to "X" deep level in the same domain (the domain of the URL destination)


All this data should be memorize in an internal database, and this database should be queried for each variable the he saves.

For example if I search domain: "[url removed, login to view]" the database should give me all the info related to that domanin (pages, email address, Adwords Ad, etc etc).

And if I search one email address, the database should give me all the domain in which that email address is present.


When he find out more than one email addresses, the software should output for the user only ONE email address for each domain (but he should save everything in the database).

To "choose" only one email address for each domain, the sofware should do this logical steps:

a) If email address contains "some Keyword" (I shoul be able to insert a list, "info@"), than this email addres should be taken as a good one candidate.

b) If hemail address contains "some other keywords" (like: "@webmaster"), than this email address should NEVER be taken ad a candidate.

c) If A and B are not enough to choose ONLY ONE email address for each domain, the software should use the email address that appears more often in the pages of the entire domain.

d) If also c is not enough, the software should take one random address for the best candidates.


A CSV file that contains for each row:

Email Address Chosen (only one), Complete URL Address in Which that email was taken, Title of AdWords Ad, First Line, Second Line, Visualizazion URL, Landing Page URL of the ads, Date of harversing (in Europe Format: DD/MM/YYYY).

8) Before give this output the software should check that for each DOMAIN there is ONLY ONE email address, ALSO if I do more than one reasearch.

For example:

On monday I insert keyword: "marketing".

And I find "[url removed, login to view]".

On wednesday I insert Keyword: "marketing tips"

And the software find again "[url removed, login to view]".

But I have JUST collected ONE email for "[url removed, login to view]". So the software should output and said in a LOG file: MarketingTipsTest is Just Being Collected (with a link to database info. Would you like to collect ONLY news one, or I have to collect ALL the addresses?).

That's it!


The same feature will be useful also to find ADSENSE ads, starting from KEYWORDS or LIST OF SITES.


I have full right on this software, that should be a my intellectual property.

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