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Developing a Corporate Identity - Developing a database for CWB Developing a database list in Excel - Developing a Dynamic website - open to bidding Developing a Dynamic website -- 2 - Developing a game Developing A Game Bot. - Developing a java desktop app with GUI Developing a java program for BIGDATA file. - Developing a LMS with Scorm Developing a loan management software - developing a membership site Developing a METRO style app - Developing a multi-threaded Web server and Build a single threaded Web Client Developing a multi-threaded Web server and Build a single threaded Web Client - open to bidding - Developing a new online shop Developing a new project module for Dolphin Platform - Developing a photo app for iPhone Developing a photo app for iPhone - ongoing work - developing a product developing a product - Developing a quiz generator developed with Adobe Flex. Developing a Radius AAA Server - Developing a scheduling app for a mobile phone or tablet Developing a Scholarly Voice, Active Voice and Word Choice - Developing a simple functionality in a wp website based on woocommerce Developing a Simple Graphic Editor Software - Developing a site developing a site and system - Developing a SoftSwitch system Developing a Software - Developing a system for a company Developing a system for easyJet in cloud by using Microsoft Azure, C# and SQL Server Management Studio - Developing a Travel Bag Developing a travel itinerary website: SharePath - Developing a Web application Developing a Web application in React.js - Developing a web-based photobook editor Developing a Web-Based RPG, an online game website. - developing a website developing a website - Developing a Website Using PHP Developing a website using PHP - Developing Add Ons for Microsoft Office Powerpoint Developing Adobe After Effects plugins - Developing an admin website to manage accounts and postings of a marketplace Developing an administratorbackend with node-webkit - Developing an Android application developing an Android application as discussed - Developing An App For Windows & MAC Developing an app for Windows Phone - Developing an ASP.NET MVC Web Portal Developing an auction site on Smarty - developing an electronic system,that will permit car owners to request and be granted permission for driving Developing an Event Analytic for a website using analytics.js (Google Analytics) - Developing an intrusion prevention system using snort Developing an iOS and Android app for a hair care product - Developing an Online Course School Developing an online doctor appointment website - Developing and design web site Developing and designing a fully-featured "dynamic" website - Developing Android app developing android app - Developing API for checking bitcoin amount that transfer between owner and receiver Developing API for mysql database - Developing applications in MS Dynamics CRM Developing applications in MS Dynamics CRM Training - Developing Automatic Data Extraction Program for PDF Files Bulk Data Extraction to Excel Developing Avatar Interface - Similar to Facebook Buddy Poke - Developing Card Game, Online Indian Rummy Developing Card Game, Online Indian Rummy - Developing Conceptual & High-Quality Brochure developing contact form - Developing custom WP themes on a regular base Developing custom WPF-Controls - Developing drupal projects Developing DSL using Xtext and Xtend - Developing excel macro for data entry Developing Excel reporting - Developing File Builder, Update geerator and screen designer Developing Filemaker-Projects - Developing Furniture Website developing further my Facebook page - Developing Hotel Menu based Android app for tablet & Web Application Developing Hotel Menu based Android(tablet) & Web Application - Developing Installer for SMARTY PHP based functional & Working project Developing Installer for SMARTY PHP based functional & Working website - Developing iPhone, android & blackberry application to share the photos Developing ISO compliance software market in GCC - Developing Macromedia Dream Weaver MX Extensions (.mxp) developing Magento - Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services Developing minimalistic homepage (like iGoogle) with personalized (facebook) login and multi-level relationship connections / overviews (like LinkedIn) - Developing My Fashion E-Commerce Website developing my pligg site from scratch in new technology - Developing niche and exclusive Joomla sites DEVELOPING NONLINEAR EWMA CONTROL (R or Matlab) - Developing of ecommerce website using Business Catalyst Developing of Ecommere Trade-In Website - design available! - Developing one page for email automation Developing online casino & poker game - Developing our website and creating a mobile app Developing our website and creating a mobile app - Developing PHP PostgreSQL customer management pages - PART2 Developing PHP PostgreSQL customer mangement pages - developing program code Developing program using api - Developing Real Estate Website with PHP and mysql Developing realestate portal on Wordpress - Developing Servers in Garry's Mod Developing Shareware (Free) App on Play Store - Developing small websites with content/design/links Developing smart banner module for existing custom made content management system (CMS) in - developing some computer programming language specifications Developing some Extra small Modules for a deal Website - developing the end-user evaluation instrument for the system Developing the Equipment for avatars set. - Developing Top Community Site Linking Database to IOS and ANDROID Apps Developing TQM and performance in constriction companies - Developing Web Applications FOR engineering project Developing Web Based Hotel PMS and Channel Manager CMS - developing website developing website - Developing Whatsapp platform in Java and Linux developing WHMCS payment gateway - developing-google-chrome-extensions Developing/ programming of a booking system for holiday packages with an open source CMS and interfaces to external parties. - Development Development - development development - development development - Development & design of website offering employment/education services Development & design Website (PHP,HTML,CSS,JavaScript) - Development - BUZZ_WEBSITE Development - Company Intranet Web Application - Development : App Android + bug fixes App Apple + Website Development = Outsourcing - Development a website Development a Website about book store - Development and Configurations Development and Consultancy for Video Streaming Project - Development and Editing of A Valentine offer development and edits - Development and Maintenance Support for KarmaBook( mobile app) and KarmAccount( Web app) development and maintenance work - Development and promotion of sites on Wordpress.... -- 2
development and redesign my web - development api magento ebay Development APK Android - development arduino at mega 2560 -- 5 development arduino at mega 2560 with Ladder - Development browser game resembling Travian - repost Development bug fix for Manish - Development company to form backend for overseas web company Development Company website - Development DDNS server similar to NO-IP Development des recepteurs el les code des chaine cryptees - Development Environment for iMX6Q Linux gstreamer Development environment for iPhone - Development for Android & Iphone Game Development for Android / Desenvolvedor para Android - Development for our new website Development for our website - Development Game Similar to Flappy Birds Development Game Similar to Flappy Birds - open to bidding - Development in Drupal Development in functionalities in wordpress website. - Development items Development items 15 09 15 - Development Management Portal Development Manager - Development of low noise amplifier ( lna ) circuit with high third order intercept point ( IP3) for ISM radio system Development of Membership based web portal - Development of 2-3 minor java applications according to given specifications Development of 25 websites - need to be low prices - Development of a .net webapp Development of a 2D/3D Configurator for Magento (Flash-free) - Development of a c# application Development of a C# iPhone and Android App in Xamarin - Development of a Corporate Identity Development of a corporate identity and styleguide for the WEB sites - Development of a database system integrating with serial port(RS232) Development of a dating site in English and Russian languages - Development of a File System monitoring Service (Bundle) using OSGi - Apache Felix and RabbitMQ Development of a financial portfolio tracking web site from scratch - Development of a Java Application Development of a Java based client web portal - Development of a Matrimonial website Development of a Metro-style Alarm clock - Development of a multi function video browser utility as modal DLL dialog. Development of a Multi-Lender XML/POST Admin Panel - Development of a NonProfit Website Video Promotion Development of a NonProfit Website Video Promotion, Website Content Material Completion, Proofread test site....etc - Development of a product comparison website Development of a product logo/icon - Development of a responsive, cross-browser compliant, Wordpress theme. Development of a REST API - Development of a simple CMS website Development of a simple custom Dropbox Client using their Python Core API - Development of a social network with ASP.NET, Entity Framework, Bootstrap Development of a social network with ASP.NET, Entity Framework, Bootstrap - Development of a System Development of a system described below in php / mysql / jquery. - Development of a Visual Basic program Development of a web 2.0 gradebook for teachers - Development of a web-based software Development of a Web-platform as Twitter - Development of a website for a new home security company. Development of a website for an event centre with capacity to make reservations and possibly payment online - Development of a Wordpress instant messenger Development of a Wordpress plugin for News - development of airline application Development of algorithm and calculation procedure for sizing of shell and tube heat exchanger for single and two phase flows - development of an app -- 2 Development of an app and website - Development of an ecommerce site Development of an ecommerce site - open to bidding - Development of an existing website, Flash, SQL Server, and housekeeping with some reports to be created from SQL(repost) Development of an Front-End Mobile Application for Android - Development of an Iphone App Development of an iPhone App for a start-up company - Development of an Online Used Car Market development of an open eCommerce website specialized for digital asset management and exchange - Development of Android container App Development of Android Game Application - Development of app to select recipes development of APPLE - Development of augmented reality plugin for Photobooth software Development of augmented reality plugin for Photobooth software - Development of BlackBerry application to show promotions based on web services. Development of Blog and Community Service - Development of Car Rental Website development of card game - Development of cloud based application for both android and iOS development of cloud-hosted program to manage workflow and CRM - Development of Contract / Pricing Form & Services Summary Form Development of control and monitoring system for improvement of water supply in Singapore - Development of Custom User Interface (HDO-6104) Development of Custom WordPress Blog Theme - Development of delivery system Development of design for Women of Oman website, letterheads and business cards - Development of Dropshipping addons on WP Development of Drupal Based Student Information System - Development of eCommerce platform Development of eCommerce platform - repost - Development of ER diagram Development of essay writing website - Development of face detection library Development of FaceBook "like" page needed asap - Development of flash games Development of flash main page and information page - Development of Game Based Learning App for a Local Language Development of Game Based Learning App on Malay Language - Development of Groupon site Development of Gstreamer Video base design on Fedora18 - Phase I - Development of Immersive 3D Stereo Aerospace Content Material on EON Systems Development of immersive 3D Stereo Aerospace Content MAtterial on EON Systems - Development of IOS & Android Application and Website Development of IOS app and later stage maybe Android. - Development of iPhone App to Publish Photos to a Web Stream Development of Iphone Application - Development of Joomla website and content publishing Development of jQuery/CSS/HTML base user preference form for an existing site - Development of LOTOS specification Development of low cost Intercom system for elevators - Development of mechanical trading system in C/C++ Development of Media in Wales - development of mobile app development of mobile app - Development of modules for siberian cms (app builder) -- 2 development of modules in cakephp - Development of Name Change web application Development of native mobile app for iPhone. Coding only - Development of new product page Development of New site - Development of one page tool(website) Development of one-form Google Web Toolkit based app - development of online wedding planner Development of OpenCart Module - development of PC game into android and iphone system Development of PDF printer driver - Development of Prezis development of price comparison website - Development of Q&A site similar to Development of Q&A site similar to - repost - Development of scheduler for way optimization in the factory Development of schemes and firmware for microcontrollers - Development of simple crawler Development of simple crawler -- 2 - Development of small games Development of small IE 6,7,8 plugin (a BHO) - Development of social networking/photo effects iphone app