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Develop an App for iPhone + Android - Develop an App for Social Media Connections Develop an app for sound analysis - Develop an App Running Script for Mac OS 10.11 -- 2 Develop an App Running Script for Mac OS 10.11 -- 3 - Develop an App, Develop a data base. Develop an App. - Develop an application Develop an application - Develop an application for Android and iOS Develop an application for android and iOS - Develop an application for Windows or/and Mac develop an application form using php/mysql - develop an application to integrate the, flipkart and OMG India API’s plus snapdeal/inifbeam XML feeds develop an application to locate - Develop an Arabic website Develop an architectural visualization system in Unreal Engine 4 - Develop an auto lister for Mercari on Android or PC - (NO ROOT) Develop an auto surf website script or plugin - Develop an desktop system. Develop an dummy mobile app for Application of NFC in store to reduce check out time in store - Develop an e-Wallet and Debit Card. Develop an EA for Metatrader - Develop an eCommerce website with MAGENTO Develop an Ecommerce with Magento - develop an electronic toy that makes sounds and lights up DEVELOP AN ELEVEN-FRAMES, LARGE-SIZED FLASH ANIMATION SWF FILE for My Dating Site - Develop an Enterprise Data Storage Transformation Strategy Report Develop an Enterprise Data Storage Transformation Strategy V2.0 - Develop an Excel macro capable of extracting data from multi-tab spreadsheet Develop an Excel macro that adds a calculated column - Develop an existing Unity 3D game Develop an Existing website - develop an hospital inventory database system Develop an Hotel Management and Online Reservation Systems - Develop an iiPad App Develop an image - Develop an Inline Checkout By Amazon extension for Magento Develop an Innovation Benchmarking Survey - Develop an interactive childrens story app for the smart TV - 4 Develop an interactive childrens story app for the smart TV - 5 - Develop an interface with jquery mobile to mobile devices to play videos - open to bidding Develop an intermediate for the API Ketamine or find a supplier for CAS: 90717-16-1 - Develop an Ionic based application -- 2 Develop an Ionic/Phonegap Mobile App for us (Project #1) - Develop an iOS App Develop an iOS App - Develop an iOS application Develop an iOS application - Develop an iOS Core Motion / GPS tracking, recording and social application Develop an IOS Game - Develop an IOS, Android, Ipad, mobile application with admin cpanel Develop an iOS/Andriod App - Develop an iPad application & write Web services for the app Develop an Ipad Application for Building Inspectors - Develop an iphone and android app Develop an iPhone and Android app -- 2 - Develop an iPhone App Develop an iPhone App - Develop an iPhone App of Photo to bar code---URGENT Develop an iPhone app that edits photos - Develop an iPhone Application Develop an iPhone Application - Develop an iPhone application involving taking and sending picture and networking Develop an iPhone application like bloons tower defense 4 - Develop an iPhone+Andriod+Ipad application for price check Develop an iPhone, Android application - Develop an IVR in Elastix (Asterisk) to get customer information develop an Java Aplet that will work with Internet Explorer 8.0 - Develop an OCR based Android app - repost Develop an Odds-Matching Tool (sports betting) - Develop an Online Card Game Develop an online claims calculator - Develop an Online Food Ordering system Develop an Online Food Ordering system - Develop an online service Develop an Online Software - Develop an online video player Develop an online Virtual Staging Platform - Develop an OSSIE based SCA compliant HF waveform Develop an other website again - Develop an SFTP Mac Application Develop an SFTP/SCP Mac Application - Develop an Unity3D Game within iOS Container App Develop an URL shortener script like - Develop and Android App from Flex Develop and Android App Health Forecast - Develop and Build Product Comparison Site develop and built a drupal website - Develop and deploy Joomla based website Develop and Desgin Site / Set Up and Intergrate Gateway / Market Promotions and Sales - develop and design a website develop and design a Website - Develop and Design multilevel menbership website Wordpress Develop and design my website from a ready template in magento go - Develop and embed JavaScript & PHP Develop and Endorse my LinkedIN profile - Develop and Implement a Backup Strategy Develop and implement a communication and social media business development plan - Develop and install a website for my buisness Microhardxce(repost) Develop and install a website for my buisness Microhardxce(repost)(repost) - Develop and maintain a Real Estate Portal Develop and maintain a complete social media identity for new real estate a... - Develop and Manage A Go Fund Me Campaign develop and manage an Online Store - Develop and provide art, music for a Top Down 2D Racing Game. Preferred development in LibGDX or Gideros Studio. DEVELOP AND PUBLISH ANDROID APP FOR GOOGLE TV - Develop and test a FHIR [Fast Health Interoperability Resources ] server on Azure and test server with 2 clients using FHIR APIs Develop and Test a Web App - Develop Android & iOS app Develop Android & iOS app with website - Develop Android and IOS App to communicate with A20737AGM Anaren blutooth 2.4GHz Develop Android and iOS app with a C# MVC back-end and web portal - Develop Android App Develop Android App - develop android app based on existing ios app currently in app store develop android app based on existing ios app currently in app store - open to bidding - Develop android app same as below reference link Develop Android App same as below reference app - Develop Android application Develop Android application - Develop Android application simple app design ready call API Android, iOS Simple Easy task Develop Android Application That Updates Different SharePoint Lists - Develop Android Game Develop android game - develop Android tablet App, similar to Raombi analytics connected to ERP server Develop Android tablet version of IDEAS app - Develop Android/iOS app for a .NET Ecommerce website [Hybrid App Required] Develop Android/IOS Application in react-native - develop Api -- 2 Develop API access in Google Apps - Develop API XML Bedsonline, GTA, MG Holyday Develop APIs for mobile application backend in PHP - Develop app auto insert images to video Develop app based on existing coffeescript/heroku app - Develop app for iPhone develop app for iphone - Develop app like pininterest Develop app like Todo Movies - Develop App with map points Develop APP with Onsen UI Hybrid App Framework - develop application for android. develop application for android. - open to bidding - Develop Application Using Autoit Develop application using Zoho Creator - Develop Arabic Assessment
Develop Arabic Chat Program - develop ASP.Net based application with only 10 pages Develop C# CRM System, Schedule of Deliverables Phase I - Develop Augmented Reality App for Android or IOS Develop Auto Pay Site installer - Develop AV for Android Device (Phone and Tab) -- 2 Develop AVstream minidriver for virtual camera - receive video from Directshow filter - Develop backend/database for users - connect via API Develop Backlinks Indexed Checker Tool - Develop Basic Software to Analyze Amazon FBA Data Develop basic starup - Develop Binary SMS to connect to SyncML server Develop Bind 9 DNS and SendMail on Ubuntu - Develop bootstrap-based interface from API - Dashboard Develop Bot for a game - Develop brochure for precision weights product Develop Brochure Template with Folder Style - Develop business identity Develop Business Identity -- 2 - Develop buttons to Mobile Develop c# program to listen to , assemble and unzip HTTP traffic - develop c++ program Develop C++ programs using CVP tool - Develop cardboard APP for Android and ios Develop cartoon and game story and concept development for animation movie and games - Develop character Develop characters for possible subsequent animation for children - Develop chrome and firefox extension alterating some inputs very easy. Develop Chrome and Firefox Extensions - Develop ClicknTake Develop Client Database - develop code - repost Develop Code a dating website - Develop color scheme for Business frontage incorperating new logo Develop ColorSnap App - Develop Company stationery + Company profile Develop company web site - Develop Complex .Net Application -- 2 Develop Complex Cascading Style Sheets - develop content for my site / digital brochure - open to bidding Develop Content for My Website - Develop Corporate Flyer, Brochure and Pamphlet Develop Corporate Identity - Develop Countdown Script Develop Coupon and Offers Website - Develop CRM, Web Portal, Mobile-friendly version (with CSS), iPhone and Android apps to access CRM Develop crm/projectmanagemt/invoice software - Develop Cubecart v5 skin Develop cucinachef store - Develop custom codec/software Develop Custom CRM Application with ViciDial as backbone dialer. - Develop Custom MAC Software Develop Custom MAC Software - Develop Custom SharePoint Solution Develop Custom shipping module PRESTASHOP skilled only. - Develop Custom Wordpress Header Develop custom wordpress menu (PC & Mobile) - Develop Customized web applications + Dashboard + Payment integration with website PHP HTML5 Angular.js Modern Neat Clean Develop Cybersource payment gateway module for -- 2 - develop database Develop database Software - Develop Dating App for iOS develop Dating app with Firebase Restful API - Develop design App for android and ios Develop design concept into sketch and technical flats - Develop Desktop Sharing via Joomla and many other Joomla related tasks Develop Desktop Software in C# - Develop dll for BHO with remote communication Develop dll for BHO with remote communication - repost - develop DRM wrapper Develop Dropbox like application - Develop Dynamic Network Charts Develop dynamic site in PHP - text editors, page creation, image uploading, sorting - develop e-course/e-book in Managing Projects develop e-go courier module for prestashop - Develop easy algorithms in Java Develop easy algorithms with java - Develop Ecommerce Enabled Website and Get traffic with SEO Develop Ecommerce Functionality - Develop education content and material for Big Data Develop education content and material for Big Data - Develop elements for Visual Composer based on our 3-4 PSDs and integrate them in our existing WP theme. Develop Email Blasting Software - Develop embedded C Code for ARM processor and LoRa wireless Develop Embedded code - Develop Emoji Application Develop Emoji Application - Develop English test Develop English test -- 2 - Develop ESEA proof hacks csgo Develop ethernet communication code using C to go in TI's MSP430F5638 processor with SPI to Ethernet controller ENC28J60T-I/SS - Develop exe that can post to FB when clicked Develop exisiting java search software to make use of proxy servers - develop existing website develop existing website - Develop extension for Magento product custom options develop extension library for Microsoft Network Policy Server (x64 dll) - Develop Facebook Application Develop Facebook Application - Develop Facebook Page Develop facebook page - Develop feature to auto-translate website for specific countries in opencart. Develop Feature-rich Interactive Stock Charts with JavaScript + D3 - Develop Filemaker Invoicing and Quoting Platform Develop FileMaker Pro 11 Therapy Scheduling and Billing App - Develop firmware stuff for ESP-12E (NodeMCU 1.0) using Arduino or Espressif. Develop first page of web site - Develop flash game Develop flash game - DEVELOP FLASH WEBSITE Develop flash-xml software to show slide lectures using a video IPOD - Develop Form & autoresponder for website Develop Form and send by Email - develop free sms messaging app Develop Free Standing SMS App - Develop frontend for a single web page Develop Frontend for a software - develop function in c# for window desktop App Develop Function in Ruby+Watir-Webdriver+Chrome - Develop Game For Android Develop Game for Apple Watch - Develop games for Pre-School Kids Develop games for Pre-School Kids on Touch Screen - Develop google app engine app, G vision, PHP python octave Develop google app engine app, G vision, PHP python octave -- 2 - Develop Graphics For Program Plus Fix Bugs Develop Gravity Form WordPress’s Plugin : “Add Form Category" for admin system - develop health care project Develop Healthcare Software Program - Develop Hive scripts Develop HMI(Human Machine Interface) for Water Distribution System. - Develop HTML / CSS for a project Develop HTML 5 GAME - Develop html5 3d video player with functionality youtube 3d Develop HTML5 Ad Templates - Develop hypothesis and design test CRO Develop Hyprid Mobile Application for survey forms - develop imessage id filter for mac. use applescript or java Develop implementation of an XML difference engine in C# from a white-paper - Develop initial website DEVELOP INNER PAGE AND LISTING PAGE FOR VEHICLE WORDPRESS SITE - Develop interactive web site with data capture Develop Interactive Website - Develop Invoice Automation Application using Spring MVC and History.js Part II Develop invoicing function based on business logic requried by account department - Develop iOS + Android App