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Develop Additional features - Develop Adobe Air Application that uses our API to upload files Develop Adobe Air Desktop App ( Video Creation Software ) - Develop African Career Portal - WordPress Preferred Develop After Effects Script - Develop All Metal RC Servo Design Develop all Social Media for 2 Companies - Build followers/friends, etc. - Develop an a full end to end mobile application Develop an Academic Writing Website - Develop an Admin System for Sharing News Articles Using Wordpress Develop An Adnroid App Within 5 hours - develop an agency website develop an agency website - open to bidding - develop an andriod app develop an andriod app and also IOS app for payment processing - Develop an android and ios app for a taxi/cab service Develop an Android and IOS application - Develop an Android App Develop an Android App - develop an android app develop an android app - Develop an Android App for Detecting and Interacting with Bluetooth Beacons develop an android app for multivendor shopping cart website similar to that in the description. - Develop an Android app version of my Wordpress Classifieds website - repost 2 Develop an Android App via NDK - Develop an Android application Develop an Android application - Develop an Android application Develop an Android application - Develop an android application - open to bidding Develop an android application - Strong Knowledge of RFID (NFC), MySQL, GPS is needed! - develop an Android Application for taxi service Develop an Android Application for Taxis - Develop an Android Bus Trip planner application Develop an Android Chat application - Develop an Android Karaoke Player Develop an Android launcher application for Android mobile devices - Develop an Android Video Record/Playback application for Testing develop an android voice translater app - Develop an animation Develop an Annotated Bibliography - Develop an APK that runs a list of YouTube video IDs Develop an aplication - Develop an app Develop an app - Develop an app Develop an app - Develop an app for a touch TV andoird or any recommended Develop an app for all devices - Design, development, implementation and back-end/login functionality - Develop an app for football match partner search and match agreements -- 2 Develop an app for football match-partner search and match agreements - Develop an app for Mac to lock folders Develop an app for microsoft supporter - Develop an app in Phonegap + website Develop an App like flipkart and instacart for iOS AND Android - Develop an App to advertise LPG promote our business and generate new business Develop an app to control a PX4/Pixhawk based drone and camera using 3DRs DroneKit. - Develop an apple/android app, have the idea just need the right person for the JOB!!!! Develop an Applescript - develop an application - open to bidding Develop An Application and Build a Website To Replicate The App - Develop an Application for iOS, Android & Windows for Hospitality Services Develop an application for IPHONE , ANDROID, and BROWSER - Develop an Application or Software Develop an application or trick to extract data from unicode pdf - Develop an application using Unity 3D and HTML 5 develop an application using xamarin - Develop an ASPX template for the implemetnation of a RevIndex Storefront Develop an Asset Tagging and Tracking software - Develop an Azure ETL Application Develop an C based application - Develop an e-commerce website Develop an E-commerce Website - Develop an Ebay Listing Tracker Desktop Application Develop an eBay store from a provided PSD design - Develop an educational platform Develop an educational search engine - Develop an email subscription page in Develop an Email Template - Develop an ERP integrated via REST with my Telecom application Develop an escort website - Develop an exciting website (Develop + redesign + add features + add pages) see attachment. Develop an Executive Corporate Identity - Develop an explainer Video Develop an explainer video for my products - Develop an Ibeacon enabled Iphone application Develop an ICAP server using pyicap - Develop an inbound SMS endpoint Develop an Inbox System for a PHP website - develop an instruction manual Develop an integrated master schedule in MS Project for a future satellites command and control system - Develop an interactive RPG develop an interactive system to keep track and maintain the store’s inventory. - Develop an intranet Dashboard and Backend in .NET Develop an intranet for my company - Develop an iOS and Android app Develop an iOs and android app - Develop an iOS App linking an on/off state to a map Develop an iOS APP to control a Smart Home Device - Develop an iOS application Develop an iOS Application - Develop an iOS mobile app Develop an iOS mobile application with a hidden browser - Develop an iOS/Facebook application Develop an IP Camera with TI DM6467T - Develop an iPhone & Android application Develop an iPhone & Android application - Develop an iPhone and Android server and client App Develop an iPhone and iPad app - develop an iphone app develop an iphone app - Develop an iPhone application Develop an iPhone application - develop an iPhone application Develop an iPhone application (only iPhone) and connecting MySQL database. - Develop an iPhone Game - Art assets provided Develop an iphone game for us - Develop an IPsec based Android vpn client Develop an IPTV android application - Develop an Mobile Game App Develop an MP look up tool for a campaign website - Develop an Online Application Develop an online application for a transport company management - Develop an online database tool visualize data sets. Develop an online Database with Custom Web Publishing - Develop an online mobile game Develop an online platform like and - Develop an Online Strategy Battle Game Develop an online survey in Laravel 4 Framework - Develop an optimization tool Develop an order form for a flowerstore - Develop an SaaS project management based on codeigniter framework Develop an SAP App - Develop an third party app store for new country Develop an Travel app - Develop and advance a Search Engine Project by adding more Features Develop and algorithm to simulate the evacuation of a building - Develop and build a Website Develop and Build an E-Commerce store from a fully deployed Wordpress install + theme - Develop and Customize our website. Develop and Customize Wordpress ADD-ON and THEME - Develop and design a web console develop and design a web site. - Develop and design iPhone and Android app - system requirements ready Develop and design iphone Application - DEVELOP AND DOCUMENT ROUTING PROTOCOLS LAB develop and document software application using scrum methodology - Develop and host in AppStore Audio Book Application Develop and Host Mobile app for Android AND iPhone - Develop and Install a Google Chrome App - repost
Develop and install a social network into a Magento website - Develop and launch a Quiz iPhone App Develop and launch a website with a rapid turnaround!!!! - DEVELOP AND MAKE A BANNER FOR OU NEW E-SHOP Develop and make our Newsletter responsive with Multi-platforms - Develop and profuce a website for a hire company Develop and program classified website - Develop and supply a PCB for small RC car Develop and support ERP product. - Develop Android & iOS app Develop Android & iOS app with website - Develop android and IOS app from web development -- 2 Develop Android and IOS App to communicate with A20737AGM Anaren blutooth 2.4GHz - Develop Android App Develop Android App - Develop Android App and Reskine develop android app based on existing ios app currently in app store - Develop android app same as below reference link Develop Android App same as below reference app - Develop Android Application Develop Android application - develop android application for soundmixer Develop Android application for Tenant Management (Jakarta Only) - Develop Android Game Develop Android Game - Develop Android Puzzle Game from Java Source Develop Android ROM/Launcher - Develop Android, iPhone and Web page for mobile payment Develop Android, Iphone, Windows Live Cricket App - develop Api develop api - Develop API to use productfeeds dealssites Develop API using Laravel 5.1.x using MySQL and Redis for storage - Develop App - open to bidding Develop App - open to bidding - Develop App for iOS and Android Develop APP for IOS and Android - Develop app in java for view a dvr zmodo on android Develop App Interface using Sencha Touch - develop app with BT and ultrasonic beacons and administration panal Develop app with dashboard - Develop Application for Android, iPhone and Symbian OS develop application for android. - Develop Application Using Autoit Develop application using Zoho Creator - Develop Aquarium Website develop AR floor plans - develop develop ASP.Net based application with only 10 pages - Develop Audio Player for AOD /Live Streaming with special requirments Develop Audio Tool in CSS and jquery - Develop AV for Android Device (Phone and Tab) Develop AV for Android Device (Phone and Tab) -- 2 - Develop backend very similar to Develop backend/database for users - connect via API - Develop Basic Software to Analyze Amazon FBA Data Develop basic starup - Develop Bind 9 DNS and SendMail on Ubuntu Develop Bing Map Silverlight/Ajax application - Develop bots for Adidas US, Nike US, Supreme NY - reoccuring payments. Develop bottle volume and cap size measurement like the attachment - Develop browser extension (Chrome) for our site Develop Browser Extension (Safari, Chrome, Ffox, IE) - Develop Business Marketing Message and Brand Develop Business Model & Plan - Develop C# page that creates a snapshot of the web page by Url in security context Develop C# Class - DEVELOP CAD SOFTWARE TO AUTOMATE TOOTH MOVEMENT ON STL FILE develop calculator - develop Casino card game for both android and ios develop casino game software for casino website - Develop Chat APP for Develop Chat Application for .net website - It Tech - Develop Chrome Extension Develop Chrome Extension - Develop Client-Side JavaScripts for NetSuite Browser ERP Develop client-side only web application - Develop code for TI MSP430 micro-controller Develop code of virtual tour on unity 3D - Develop Communication Service and DLL Develop communication strategy - Develop complete capital Budgeting for a potenital business Develop complete e-commerce system with website and mobile application - Develop concepts for branded entertainment events/consumer activation Develop configuration program - Develop controller and software for material testing equipment - either one or both Develop controller and software for material testing equipment - either one or both -- 2 - Develop corporate identity for an App (Android-IOS) Develop corporate identity for Ayeneeda - Develop creative background and Web site in WordPress Develop Creative Corporate Identity - Develop Cryptocurrency Software like Bitcoin (Open Source Code available from Github) Develop Crystal Report - DEVELOP CUSTOM APP PHOTO OVERLAY Develop custom audio player - develop custom form for our website Develop custom functionality for magento - develop custom Piwik plugin using php and mysql Develop Custom Plugins for Buddypress and Complete the site - Develop Custom Video Player to play video to sync with server time Develop Custom Video Player to play video to sync with server time (emulate streaming) Wordpress - Develop Customer Service System in Java DEVELOP CUSTOMISED PROJECTS - Develop Data Registration Path Develop Data Registration Path - Develop Database/Attendance Application Develop databases for mobile game for Android and iOS - Develop demo of gaming portal website Develop demo scene on DirectX and C++ - Develop Desktop application for HR, Payroll Develop Desktop CMS Application for a Sports Bar - Develop Discipline and easycoms modules for opensis community edition Develop Dispatching System + Mobile app - Develop drag and drop iframes webpage - strong javascript skills needed Develop drawing 2d polygon with unity3d - repost - Develop dynamic identity management and credit precents packages Develop Dynamic Model Plaform - Develop E-commerce website in Magento version. Make it multivendor site to sell apparels Develop E-commerce website in Magento version. Make it multivendor site to sell apparels - Develop easy algorithms - open to bidding Develop easy algorithms in Java - Develop Ecommerce Functionality Develop eCommerce Gift Card store - Develop Education Courseware for Kids and students Develop educational animations for kids - Develop Email Drip System for Website Develop Email List and Send Emails for dance business - Develop embedded Linux software for alarm system Develop Embedded Mobile Linux - Develop Emoji Application Develop Emoji Application - Develop enrolment system Develop enterprise applications using Java source development stacks across multiple business areas - Develop Events Radar iPhone app Develop exam schedule using genetic algorithm - Develop exisitng online community (.NET) Develop existed template with wordpress - Develop existing website, copyright and layout provided Develop Existing Website. - Develop extensions for an Online store Develop extensions for yii2 for conecting API - Develop Facebook Application Develop Facebook Application - Develop Facebook Profile Tracker Develop Facebook related native Android app - Develop features for a wordpress plugin Develop features for existing ruby on rails platform - develop final production design of a Notebook/Laptop computer range from a basic design Develop Finance Calculators - Develop firefox and chrome extension for cashback website