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Create CDN for media files on a server separate from Magento installation - Create Chain Payments for Global Cart Create Chairlift terminal in 3dsMax and Vue from Blueprints and photos - Create Characters Create Characters and assets for 2D game - create charts from excel data; use company branding colors create charts from survey monkey data - Create ChatBot using PHP - 14/05/2017 00:23 EDT create chatting box for my site - Create child theme and static page that displays large search box Create child theme based and original vs modified theme folders - Create Chinese Version of Existing Website Create CHIP BAG Packaging Design - Create chrome extension for website create chrome extension Javascript external - Create circuit for PWM Solenoid Create Circular Company Seal as Microsoft Word document - Create Classifed Ads Website !(repost) Create Classified ads for New Site - create clean PDF for a Fax Promo - create 2 pdfs with simple text Create clean professional logo - create clicker heroes kind of game create clickworker macro auto hotkey to help maximize productivity - Create Clipping Paths For 200 Product images Create clipping paths on product images - Create Clothing Manucturing Website Create clothing mock ups - create cms for existing html (php) website Create CMS for existing site - Create COA, verify flow and work with developer to assure correct operation Create Coco's 2D sprite sheets (pve.ccz) for iPhone game from 3D model - Create code that can track a Trade Audit for Stocks Create Code that reveals video on same page after opt in - Create cognito AWS users architecture Create Cognos Report Studio reports. - Create Coloring Page Using Corona SDK Create coloring pages - Create Command Line C# App to Extract One Slide from PPT - $150 Create command to generate Slideshow from list of images with FFMPEG adding filter_complex for effects - Create company brochure from template Create company brochure from template(repost) - Create Company Logo Create Company Logo - Create Company logo, business card, letterhead, brochure template - repost Create Company Logo. - create company profile 10 pages only Create company profile about healthcare & retail services (pharmacies , clinics , spa centers, restaurant , medical supplies ) - Create company website - Repost - open to bidding Create Company Website - US Freelancers ONLY - Create Complete Blog Theme and more. Create complete branding for our company including webstore - Create component + module to Joomla Create component + module to Joomla 2 - Create concept for a Ginger Beer Flavoured Energy Drink Create concept for board games for learning maths - Create connection between InTouch wonder ware and Honeywell Plc HC900 create connection between website currency and whmcs in order - Create Contact and Thank you forms Create contact database - Create contact form, fix page formatting wordpress... Create contact form/data collection form for shopify - Create Contact us page and One-page checkout Create contact us such as this - Create content for a Webhosting company website 1 Create content for a website - create content for website Create Content for Website & Consistent Branding - Create content provider for custom contacts in application. Create content related to domain names registration business for 4 pages of my five page web site. It includes the home page but excludes the Contact page - Create Control Panel Skin (Graphic Design, HTML, JAVA) create control using c# - Create Copy of a Wordpress Website create copy of Ebay template - Create CorelDraw Artwork create corodva plugin for windows phone - Create Corporate Template for email -- 2 Create Corporate Video - Create Coupon Code Script For My Web Page Create Coupon for Daily Deals Site - Create cover and master pages for a booklet in Indesign Create Cover and Profile pic for our business Facebook page - create Craig's list ad and webpage Create Craigslist accounts with provided email addresses - Create Creative OnePage Joomla Template Create creative packing for fitness band - Create Cron Job Code in PHP Create Cron Job in my Cpanel - Create crowdfunding lottery website sell Product -- 2 Create crowdfunding website - Create CS:GO roulette web graphics Create CS:GO server with GunGame mode using TeamViewer - create css file for my template Create CSS files (all for same site to give it different looks) - Create CSS page from image file Create CSS page layout - Create CSS to convert a website in responsive -- 2 Create CSS to hide/show scroll bars in pink DIV if necessary - Create CSV data table from multiple Excel spreadsheets Create CSV database from various files types - create csv files to import for ebay selling manager pro Create CSV files using PHP - create currency virtual reality use of xoops create current logos into vector files - Create Custom Animated HTML5 Header Create custom apartment search box and implement into Wordpress site - Create Custom Calculator On Wordpress Create Custom Calculator that I can Embed in my Website - Create Custom Contact Form Create custom contact form for Wordpress - Create Custom Drupal Module Create custom drupal module (form with image uploads + more) - Create Custom Featured Place Holder or Slider to Promote Movies/Images create custom feilds for my wordpress theme - Create custom form with API Integration on website Create Custom Form with Intergration of PHPList - Create Custom Hosted Payment Page Create Custom Hotel Theme Using Bootstrap & PHP & XML Data - Create Custom indicator by Combining two Forex Indicators and add SMS/EMAIl alert Create custom indicator for Metatrader4 - Create custom KODI build ,wizard.apk Create Custom LAMP Docker File - Create Custom Magento Template Based Off Another Website Create custom Mailchimp embed form - Create Custom Music identification Logging Software Create Custom Music Mixer for Website - Create custom payment gateway plugin for WooCommerce Create Custom Payment Notification Scripts - Create custom Pligg template for travel site Create Custom plugin for gallery slideshow - Create custom product feature Create custom product page with options - Create Custom Resume Templates (20) - Repost Create Custom Resume Templates (20) - Repost - open to bidding - Create custom shopify template Create Custom Shopify Theme - Create Custom Sticker/Emoji Keyboard or android devices Create Custom Store Finder for WordPress/Woocommerce Website - Create custom Transactional email for Magento according to half-done code and existing template Create custom tshirt transfer - Create custom website application Create Custom Website for Technology Services Startup - Cyber Security Focused - Create custom WordPress company marketing website Create Custom Wordpress Contact Form - Create Custom Wordpress Template Create Custom Wordpress Template - Create Custom Wp Admin Theme Create Custom WP Plugin - Create custom youtube art/intro