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Create company logo - Create Company Name create company name - Create company profile video Create company profiles on my website - 01/09/2016 21:50 EDT - Create comparison table Create Comparison/Search function in WP - Create complete website (php) Create complete website design/template/graphics (PSD) - Create Comprehensive FAQ and Tutorial List Create comprehensive tuition jobs agency website and tutor database - Create conditional formatting for excel file Create conditional text in confirmation email - Create Constant Contact Opt-In Form Create Construct 2 cross platform childrens game/app - Create Contact Form In Wordpress Create Contact form layouts for Website - Create contact page and fix mobile look Create contact php form for website - Create content for slide presentation in HR space Create content for a blog - create content for website Create Content for Website & Consistent Branding - Create Content Through Our Joomla Template Create content to add to my consumer review website to monetize affiliate offers - Create cookie in java to be used to track analytics on Ning Create Cookie Notice - Create copy of this webpage - EASY facebook related Create copy of website - Create corporate document within 24 hours Create Corporate Identity - Create Corporate website Create Corporate Wordpress Theme(repost) - Create course in articulate storyline Create course material from data I will supply - Create covers for erotic eBooks Create coversheets for CV's - Create Crawlers on Create crawling application, create visualization - create crm system Create CRM system for business - Create Cross Platform App Using Ionic create cross platform apps + website - Create Crystal Report Template for Generate number of Invoice, Sum by Category the charge of a Hotel. Create Crystal Report that Integrates to a CAD Program - Create CSS code for a custom table - gradient borders, shadow, rounded corners. Create CSS code that would enable HTML list to have popout submenu - Create css layout for my design. Create CSS Layout for website - Create CSS that makes HTML table look like ExtJS grid create CSS theme for our Ecwid store front - Create CSS/HTML5 Responsive Design from PSD create CSS/XHML from flat files - Create CSV file separate by Coma Create csv file to import to Prestashop - CREATE CSV WITH CAR MODEL/MAKE/AND IMAGES Create CSVI template for Virtuemart Import - Create Custom and Engaging Facebook Page App Create custom Android and iPhone feature - Create Custom Bootstrap CSS for Tablepress plugin create custom bootstrap theme - Create Custom Color Picker/Custom Design Element for Retail Site (non-Flash) Create Custom Component in Swift - Create Custom Donation form for WordPress Site - ongoing work Create Custom Dreamweaver Extension - Create Custom FB Landing Page (Design & Code) Create Custom Featured Place Holder or Slider to Promote Movies/Images - Create Custom Form with Intergration of PHPList Create Custom Formidable Pro Widget - Create custom HTML form Create custom HTML newsletter template for Mailchimp - Create Custom Information Form Integrated with AWeber Create Custom Infusionsoft Order Form/Sales Page (MUST BE FLUENT IN ENGLISH) - Create custom LaTeX class create custom layout in drupal site - Create custom Mailchimp embed form Create Custom Mailit for James Email Server - Create Custom Myspace Create custom network traffic analyzer like ieinspector - Create custom pdf, with FPDF "framework" Create custom PFsense Script and Package - Create custom post and listing plug in for Wordpress Create Custom Post Editor Layout in WORDPRESS (Like Sample) - Create Custom Raspbian Image create custom real estate listings app - create custom screenshots of msn adcenter/bing ads showing traffic Create Custom Script Windows 7 (Custom Auto Action) - Create custom skin for telerik controls Create custom skin for vbulletin forum - Create Custom Taxonomy for Portfolio Create Custom Taxonomy for Portfolio - Create custom video skin for website Create custom Videos for us - Create custom Windows 8 Pro image files - WMI / WIM Create Custom Wodpress Widget - Create Custom Wordpress Plugin Create Custom Wordpress Plugin - create custom wordpress theme Create custom Wordpress theme for developer blog - Create Customer Data Spreadsheet Create Customer Database - Create customizable section to my website create customizable shell backup script - create customized shopping cart Create customized Shorten URL Script - Create Cycle Map Using Files create cycler website - Create dashboard - repost Create dashboard and action plan - Create Data Entry Form for Wordpress Create Data Entry Form software - Create Data Parsing Script Create data portal - Create database Create database - Create Database and Drupal/Joomla Site create database and er diagram - CREATE Database for Amazon Upload create database for android application - Create database in filemaker Create Database In Microsoft Access - Create database of emails - open to bidding Create database of emails IDs of technology decision makers - Create database Sql Server 2008 Create database Summer Camps/Crear Base de Datos Campamentos de Verano - Create database-driven AJAX enabled thumbnail viewer/filmstrip ASP.NET custom control Create Database. - Create dating app for our datingsite create dating lading webpage - create db services restful with jersey and json java project - ongoing work Create DB structure - Create Delivery / Stock view in OS Commerce shop Create Delivery App for Local Market - Create Demo from Full Version Create demo IDEAS iPhone app - Create Description/Instruction of Flash Games Create Descriptions and Publish Contents - Create design dashboard from mockup html Create Design Decal for Cardboard Ballot Box - create design for polo shirt using an existing logo Create design for real estate portal - Create design page for Google + and Facebook - repost Create Design Portfolio - Create designs on t-shirts Create designs on t-shirts - repost - Create detailed 3D model of camping tent Create detailed artwork. - Create Device UI for Creative Website (Photoshop/PSD)
Create DFD and Case Study - Create Diary PHP App Create Dice Animation - create different store views on magento site Create Different User Roles for ASP.Net Site - Create digital prints for a swimwear line Create digital prints for a swimwear/ beach line - Create Directory From Phone Book Listings Create Directory Harvester - Create display ads and fix my AdWords conversion tracking Create display advertisements - Create DLL function to control dial up modem usting Hays AT commands Create Dll Library for Search URL Google Chrome with SharpPcap browser - Create Do a little Twek on WordPress Template Create Do follow 100 Links from DA50 + and TA 50+ sites - create documents from PDFs create documents from PDFs - Repost - Create donate plugin for question2answer website Create Donation Form Linked to Database - Create double-database PrestaShop or OpenCart Create doughnut shaped UI - Create DragonPay Payment Module for WooCommerce WordPress Create Drawing App - create dreambox plugin Create Dreamweaver template from photoshop layout - Create dropdown menu for wordpress Create dropdown menu for Wordpress site - Create Drupal Function for Project Search Create Drupal Menu theme - Create Drupal Theme Create Drupal theme - Create dual RSS feed in Wordpress site Create dubstep original! - Create DVD and E-Book Covers Create DVD Box cover for Porn Company - Create Dynamic Category Pages for eBay Store Create Dynamic Chart - Create dynamic interactive pages Create dynamic interactive pages, color changing simulator - Create Dynamic Printed Documents Create Dynamic Promo Videos - Create dynamic url for Wordpress website Create Dynamic URL Generator Based on User Location/IP Adress - Create e book by manually typing Create e book by manually typing -- 2 - Create e-comerce Shopify website -- 2 Create E-Commerce - Create e-Learning course using Articulate Storyline Create e-Learning Course using Storyline - Create E-Sport website Create EA - Create easy Auto Hot Key Macro Create easy autohotkey script - Create ebay and amazon listings and replying to customer enquiries Create Ebay and Amazon store and list 40 products - Create Ebay Listings Create ebay listings - Create Ebay Store Create eBay Store (Source Code Already Available) - Create Ebay Template, Simple banner and Logo Create ebay templates - Create ebook cover jpeg based on image and text I provide Create ebook cover, format and convert 10 page ebook to pdf - Create ebook publishing platform for aspiring authors Create eBook Summary - Create ECommerce Icon set Create ecommerce in magento of bath. - create ecommerce website Create Ecommerce website (fashion) - Create Edit Order ASP Script Create editable applet for existing website - Create Editable PDF Create Editable PDF - Create editable text area in HTML for webpage Create editable text area in HTML for webpage 2 - Create educational Tutorials for us Create educational Tutorials for us!! - Create elearning course using Articulate Storyline Create elearning course using Articulate Storyline - Create Elegant Packaging Design for Scented Candles Create elegant powerpoint slides - create email accounts create email accounts - Create Email AutoResponder upon signup (PHP/Zend) Create email autosubmission list for internet marketing - create email hotmail 2 Create email HTML - Create Email Mailing List 2 Create Email Management Software - Create email scrapper to take data from email into Excel Create email script - Create Email Template For Mailchimp Create Email Template For Mailchimp - Create Emails for A/B Testing: Quick Hire + Long-Term Create emails from - Create Employee Application Form for WordPress Site Create employee Directory and Document Library Using Metadata - Create Engineering Detailed Drawing Create engineering drawing of a pipe with sensor flow meters (non-invasive to the flow) - Create Enquiry form from a HTML flyer Create enrollment information - Create EPUB Ebook Create ePub eBook for iBooks - Create espresso payment gateway for local bank (wordpress plugin) Create ESRI Python AddIn project template using VS2012+ and C# and .NET - Create event event video (approx 2 min) Create event event video (approx 2 min) - open to bidding - Create exact clone of registration form like Create exact copy of my website under a different domain name - Create excel based tool Create Excel Bid Schedule Form - Create Excel Database Create Excel Database - Create excel document from list Create excel document from list - create excel document from scanned pdf pages - repost create excel document from scanned pdf pages - repost 2 - Create Excel For Products Create Excel For Products - Create excel macro Create excel macro - Create Excel Macro. create excel macro/vba - Create Excel Sheet and Organize Data Create excel sheet Calculator - create excel spreadsheet create excel spreadsheet - Create Excel Spreadsheet of Article Authors on a Topic Create Excel Spreadsheet of Australian Car Makes and Models - Create excel template using formula and macros Create Excel Template with AutoComplete - Create Excel Workbook - Visual Basic Create Excel Workbook for annual leave and shift rota - create Excell-Table Create excellent mobile layout based on existing desktop, tweak frontend for better display - Create exe that opens web page in window Create Exe to install file to specific Directory - Create Expert Advisor Create Expert Advisor - Create Explainer Video Using Go Animate Create Explainer Video Using Go Animate - repost - create extended Hostbill to wordpress bridge create extended hyperv application - create extra pages for the book and do the book layout with text provided Create extra pages in my android and iOS app - Create Ezine from Wordpress Template