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Create and Design Games - Create and design unique WP website Create and design unique WP website - Create and develop store website content Create and develop store website content -- 2 - Create and Edit HTML email Templates create and edit HTML files - Create and enhance a number of Vision diagrams Create and enhance images for website using photoshop - Create and fill in a spreadsheet with data Create and fill in a spreadsheet with data - create and implement a Graphdb for social media application create and implement a high-conversion landing page for a website - Create and import products from XML file in Magento Create and Import xml data file into Joomla Database - Create and install a Website template using my design Create and install a Wordpress Template - Create and install unique webfonts for frontpage of website. Create and install web site - Create and Integrate Mailchimp Campaign Create and Integrate marketing automation strategy for an Application - Create and link roles in Drupal + Moodle using openid Create and link roles in Drupal + Moodle using openid(repost) - Create and make 5 second animation of text logo in flash Create and manage (clients, PR & strategic partnership) for my new service - Create and Manage a PPC Campaign Create and Manage a PPC Campaign (GOOGLE ADWORD) - Create and Manage Employee Payroll system Create and Manage Facebook Ad Campaign - Create and manage PPC campaign Create and Manage PPC Campaign - open to bidding - create and modify a wordpress site Create And Modify Codeigniter Template Engine "Urgent Project" - create and personalize 3D characters online -- 2 create and personalize 3D characters online -- 3 - Create and produce 30-60 second product feature/benefit videos for use on You Tube and Web Create and Program an Android/iOS Game - Create and publish a Wikipedia page Create and Publish an Android and iOS application from Sex Life wordpress site - Create and rig a Judoka character Create and rig a simple 3d character to be animated in c4d - Create and set shipment module on MAGENTO Create and Set Up 3 Tumblr Blogs - Create and style a jquery slider calculator for WordPress Create and style a table in a Joomla site - Create and test Django models for migration from Drupal website create and track all quotation - create and upload an online shop create and upload an online shop - repost - Create and write a business plan. Create and write a Wikipedia Article - create Android & iphone Application Create Android & iPhone Application - Create Android and Iphone Apps -- 2 Create Android and Iphone apps similar to ScanVid - Create android app Create android app - Create Android app and desktop application in Java. Create Android APP based on an existing website - create android app like badoo or skout create android app like this - Create Android Application Create Android Application - Create android application functionality from sites created Create Android Application Like Champcash - Create android chess game based on our requirement Create android class that assigns ringtone to a contact - Create android gaming application create android google map with update function - Create android mp3 downloader source code Create android mp3 downloader source code - Create Android version of my App - iOS App already Live Create Android version of my ios App - Create Android/Iphone Application Create Android/iPhone application - create animated 30 second flv file Create animated 3D character Model fully rigged for animations - Create animated chars PLEASE READ Create animated circle/menu system for wordpress site - Create Animated GIFs Create animated gifs - Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 37 Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 38 - Create animated logo Create animated logo - Create Animated Subtitles for a Singalong Feature Film Create Animated Text Gif - Create animated video in 3d Create Animated Video in Flash - Create animation create animation - Create animation atlas/sprite file for use in mobile apps Create Animation Based on Pixity Land Template Pack. - Create Animation for School Teaching Purpose Create animation for song - Create animation of building being constructed (3DS Max Vray) + 3D photo realistic images of 5 building designs from CAD drawings Create animation of dispensing tickets - Create animation video Create animation video - Create Animation Videos of company solution Create animation viewer for 3D file format. - create animations similar to ESPN U for college create animations video - Create another caricature of a team member Create Another Chatroom - Create ANT script for sending commands to RS232 COM port Create Anti Ad Blocker for the Site - Create API Create API - Create API for app communication to website Create api for database - Create API Link Between Volusion & Office Auto Pilot create api of my sql database with my login vbnet also record the login data - create apk that modifies display ouput create apk web streaming anime - create app ActionScript 3 create app and admin panel similar to uber - create app for google play and apple store Create app for iOS - Create App for our company Create App for Smartphone - create app in flash Create app in Phonegap - Create App similar to Create app similar whatsapp + Viber - Create App using Playlist from my Youtube Channel Create app using Xamarin for Android and iOS - Create Apple watch case in Photoshop Create applescript to interact with on my mac - Create application in MVC C# that creates standard 2D parts and saves to DXF format. Create application in MVC C# that creates standard 2D parts and saves to DXF format. -- 2 - create application using Oracle Mobile cloud service and Oracle MAX Create application using pinterest api - Create Appveyor.yml script building libgd from source Create Aptana 3 Workspace + Project: Django 1.5 + Bootstrap + Boilerplate - Create Architectural Exterior Bungalow Elevation Design From a Floor Plan Create Architectural Exterior Bungalow Elevation Design From a Floor Plan - Create array of delgatesin Create Array Using C+ and Java - Create Article Form Create article from content writing - Create articles on writing Create Articles Page and Post Articles for 66 sites - Create Artwork for Chipmunk Character Create artwork for fasion desings, bags - Create ASP web pages to add/edit/delete three Microsoft SQL table items with listers CREATE ASP.NET (C#) DLL/CLASSES FOR JQUERY BASED CHARTS - Create webpage to receive data from a curl command create website - create ATI module
Create ATL/WTL Custom Form - Create Auction App to IOS and Android -- 2 Create auction logo for ( Auktion$Börsen) - create audio file from text Create Audio Files for Prank call website - Create Audit System in SQL Server 2008 Create auditable database software - Create Auto Cad and PDF drawings create auto cad drawings for given Aluminium section images - Create Auto Repair Website using Provided Template Create Auto Reply in Outlook 2013 & create a folder with different template to auto reply when is move in that folder - Create AutoCAD Drawings for our manufacturing project, help prepare technical documentation Create AutoCAD Drawings from A3 Plans Scale 1:100 - Create automated bot or script to do fixed activity on other website Create automated bot or script to do fixed activity on website - Create automatic ad posting Software Create Automatic cPanel and Databases Backup Script - Create Automation Workflow in Zoho CRM Create Automator Workflow for a Watch Folder - Create avatars for an online game Create average for subjects and courses in educational program - Create awesome Google spreadsheet, and transfer some data from PDF Create awesome Google spreadsheet, and transfer some data from PDF - repost - Create Azure and Intranet Network Create Azure ARM VM using puppet --Urgent - create back office(admin+member) create back up of complete site & email to me - Create backend in plain PHP+MySQL Create backend site for members - Create Backlink Create Backlink Analysis Software - Create backlinks for casino website - repost2 Create backlinks for Cocktail site - Create backlinks/increase traffic 1000 visitors a day Create BackOffice and linl to the database URGENT - Create Bank Statement and Fianacial Statement For Movie Prop Create Bank Statement and Fianacial Statement For Movie Prop - repost - Create Bank Statement Template - repost Create Bank Statement Template - repost 2 - Create Banner Ads - repost Create Banner Ads - Urgently - 48hours - create banner for facebook Create banner for finance company - Create banner sets for adwords create banner style .gif logo - Create Banners (for Google Adwords Advertisements) Create Banners (PDF + GIF) - create banners for our online store Create Banners for Products - Create Barcode Label - Milano #1 Create Barcode Label - Milano - repost - Create basic animation simulating a facebook feed Create basic animation with provided requirements - Create Basic images Create basic Indesign ''booklet'' template - Create basic OpenGL ES 2 rendering application for iOS Create Basic Oracle/SQL Database - Create basic website holding page Create basic website in ZOHO using site-builder and map domain - Create bbPress forum on Wordpress site Create bbPress Theme/Template from HTML page - Create bee and pig logo Create beer drinking simulator - Create better Users Screen with Coolite Controls Create Betting Odds XML feed / table on Wordpress site - Create Bill Pay page and program using info. Create billboard design as discussed - Create bitcoin full node service create bitcoin merchant payment app for iphone & android - Create Blackjack Game using Java create blacklist.. - create blog and integrate blog posts into website Create BLOG and NEWS/EVENTS admin sections and integrate into Bootstrap front-end - Create Blog Logo and Three Slider Images Create Blog on website - Create Blog Site Create blog site - Create Blogger accounts automatically(repost) Create Blogger Affiliate Sites For Existing Product Feed - create blueprint illustration Create blueprints for a manufacturer - Create Book Layout - (eBook + Print) - All Text Provided Create Book Layout in InDesign - create bookmarking accounts Create Bookmarking Accounts + Post Links On Profile Pages! - Create bootstrap template to allow correct layout with or without images Create bootstrap theme - Create bots for yahoo chat Create bots to create accounts on facebook and gmail (1932889) - Create Box with 5 cds. Create Box, 3 cds and book based on pre-existing box - Create brand name and slogan for nail salon. Create brand name design - Create BRD/FRD/UAT for Video Resume Create Breadcrum system and fix filter problem - Create Brochure and Poster for Marketing of medical products Create Brochure Company Profile - Create Browser Bookmarklet Create Browser Executable - Create bugfix for asterisk's libjack implementation Create Build Environment - Create bulk Wordpress pages Create bulk wordpress pages from indepentant non wordpress database via php script - Create business card design - Repost Create business card design - Repost - Create Business Contact List Create business dashboards in Graylog - Create business Logo Create business logo - create business profiles on 1000+ website Create Business Proposal on Real Estate Partnership - Create button on website and upload Virtual Tour Create button php - Create C program Create C program - Create C# sample application that uses the Kakadu 64bit SDK to convert an image Create c# sample invoke DLL - Create C.V/Resume Create C2C online mall Wordpress theme - Create CAD File out of kartesian coordinates via Python create CAD files - create calculations for my PDF Adobe Acrobat file simple work Create calculations using Macros in Power Point - Create Campaign Monitor HTML email template from layered Fireworks file Create Campaign Monitor Responsive Template. - create captive portal pages for wifi hotspot Create Captive Portals - Create Caricature from Picture of Medical Equipment Create Caricature Logo - Create Cartoon Character logo Create Cartoon Character, "SolarMan" for Website Branding - create cartoon video animations commercial characters design Create cartoon video from article - Create Casual Game in C++ & OpenGL Create cat illustration with lineart - Create Categories Create categories ,Fill Data,Put Key words - Create category template Create Category Thumbnails for website - create cell phone encryption app Create Cellphone Monitoring App for Android & iPhone - Create Character for Business Create Character for Game based on reference pictures - Create chart for showing pricehistory Create chart for showing pricehistory(repost) - Create Chat Bot for our Gitter Chat Channel Create chat bubbles for characters using HTML and CSS - Create chat room with feature parity to highly traffic'd Q&A site