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Create a picture rating app with pay to message capability - Create a Pitch Deck Create a pitch deck for my product - Create a platform for events Create a platform for Forex members - 28/12/2016 13:47 EST - Create a Plug-in for Microsoft office Create a Plug-In for OpenOffice and/or Microsoft Word - Create a plugin for an existing WP plugin Create a plugin for annotating HTML documents in Internet Explorer - Create a plugin for Virtuemart, Tracking Number for shipping Create a plugin for website using Crea8social script. - Create a plugin in PHP Create a Plugin Joomla - Create a plugin to integrate MIGS Virtual Payment with Joomla/Virtuemart Create a plugin to integrate MIGS Virtual Payment with a Joomla/Virtuemart - Create a Pod Cast Create a pod file from an existing ios project - create a pool 3d game for website create a pool game for website - Create a pop up window when visitors first enter site. Create a POP UP! - Create a popup window for an ecommerce template Create a popup window for an Opencart template - Create a portfolio book in InDesign Create a Portfolio in Wordpress - Create a POST request and login to a website using c# Create a post submitter with Javascript - create a poster -------------- create a poster for a new small business - Create a poster for a website - Graphic Design(repost) create a poster for a website --- - create a poster in a arabic ------ create a poster in arabic - create a poster with urdu text Create a poster, fast easy project! - Create a power point presentation (10) create a power point presentation for a webiste - Create a PowerPoint based on 5 keypoints Create a PowerPoint Deck - Create a powerpoint presentation Create a powerpoint presentation - create a powerpoint presentation on Uni year 1 business statistics - 15/05/2017 01:12 EDT Create a Powerpoint presentation template - Create a Powershell Script Create a powershell script - Create a PPT of 150 slides - Ongoing work create a ppt presentation 15-20 slides about recycling industry - Create a presentation Create a presentation - Create a presentation using Doodly software Create a presentation video - create a prestashop -- 2 create a prestashop -- 3 - Create a Prestashop theme for a Windscreen Wiper Blade site Create a prestashop theme for Tour operator agency - Create a price calculator for my Wordpress site Create a price calculator from a VLOOKUP Table - Create a print program for simple labeling Create a print quality brochure from multiple brochures - Create a Printing Wordpress Template Create a printor friendly small CSS file. - Create a Pro-Creative Wordpress Template create a procedure - create a product catalogue Create a product catalogue with Adobe InDesign - Create a Product Image Bank Create a product Image Bank 2 - Create a product package Create a Product Page - NewWindows - Create a product video Create a product video - Create A Products Page For My Wordpress Site (Exact Example Inside) Create a products search - Create a Professional Catalog Create a professional christmas and new year themed greeting for our company - Create a professional legal website Create a professional LinkedIn Account - Create a professional portfolio I can post on my website Create a professional portrait/picture using some cameo photos - Create a professional sleek resume and cover letter (English speaking only) (URGENT) create a professional social network in partnership - Create a professional Whiteboard Animation with Voice Over Create a professional wireframe for my new location-based social app - Create a profile for me and my wife on 5 house sitting sites Create a Profile Image - create a program - repost 2 create a program - repost 3 - Create a program that allows users to generate essay titles Create a program that analyses an audio file and collect duration of occurences of music in it - Create a program that will create a spreadsheet from the PDF Document Properties data. Create a program that will pull the max Tweets 3200 in the native json format on a recurring cycle. Then send it to a specified email. - Create a program to Record save and Play audio files in UNITY 3D create a program to single/batch posting to 2 websites - Create a Project board and a packaging mockup in one day! Create a Project Charter - Create a project/event planning website. Create a project/solution using C# and VLC player libs’ wrapper - Create a promo video for an app. (30 seconds) Create a Promo video for an assitive speech device - Create a promotional 3D video Create a promotional ad for 3 mintues - Create a promotional video Create a promotional video - Create a promotional video about a VR-headset controlling a drone Create a promotional video clip - Create a promotional video for our perfume Create a Promotional Video for - Create a property development feasibility and development buget cost contral template Create a property development feasibility overlaying a capital structure (equity and debt) model which calculates equity IRR, development margin, project IRR and residual land value - create a proto type pcb board and write firmware to it Create a proto type product connects to VR gadget - Create a Proxy Chrome Extension Create a proxy for tomcat on Centos server - Create a PSD file from a PNG image Create a PSD file from an existing image - Create a PSD Website Mockup - Repost - open to bidding Create a psd website template - Create a pursuit rotor task for iPad Create a push delivery system and config GUI to integrate with Parse - Create a python scrapper Create a python script - Create a quality ebook, a workbook and a report about how to start a successful shared web hosting company Create a quality high definition video - Create a questionnaire form in html5 Create a questionnaire form in html5 - Create a Quickbooks API integration using data queries (provided) Create a Quickbooks integrated Magento website - Create a Quora upvoter Create a quotation and invoice form with Chronoforms (Joomla) - create a rakuten affiliate network account Create a ramdisk Apllication - Create a React Timeline Component Create a React+Flux Demo Shopcart - Create a real estate property site Create a real estate search page with Zillow's API - Create a realistic 3d Animation Create a Realistic 3D Animation for a movie - Create a realty Projext Create a Realty Web Site - Create a redacted video Create a Reddit Bot - Create a Regex Dictionary and Color Theme for Python Create a register for drivers availability and the reasons for not to drive - Create a relational database for a business to manage its data using MS Access. Create a relational database schema in MS Access - Create a repeat pattern (design) for textile printing on illustrator Create a repeat pattern (design) for textile printing on illustrator - Repost - Create a Report in SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) Create a Report in SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) - repost - Create a Requirements Document
Create a Requirements Specification Document for a Dynamic Website (using Agile) - Create a responsive Bootstrap 3 Wordpress site in Less / BEM101 from a PSD Create a responsive Bootstrap site from a PSD. - Create a responsive email template create a responsive email template - Create a responsive html/css page from existing page. 2 Create a responsive HTML/CSS/JQuery - Create a responsive mapping image Create a responsive menu for mobile - Create a responsive RTL ready Drupal Template from themebrain TB Mollis distribution Create a responsive services slider (design included) - Create a responsive website Create a responsive website - Create a responsive Wordpress Header.php Template Create a Responsive Wordpress Landing Page - Create a responsive Wordpress Template for a existing Design (PSD) Create a responsive WordPress template for our sites - Create a Responsive Wordpress Theme from Illustrator Design File Create a Responsive WordPress Theme from PSD - UDIVE - Create a restaurant menu Create a Restaurant Menu - Create a resume - Repost Create a resume - Repost - Create a review website (Tripadvisor/Yelp/Zomato style) Basic functionality required Create a review website similar to trip advisor. - Create a Risk Model - An Actuary or Mathematician Create a Risk Model - Probability Model - Create a Role and custom capabilities for post type Create a roll-over for the logo of our Squarespace site - Create a RSS feed that MailChimp can retrieve data from create a rss page - Create a sad music accent one minute lenght Create a Sage 50 sales commissions report (MySQL) - Create a sales page to sell a product Create a sales page to sell a product - Create a Sales/Demo Video Create a sales/explainer video - Mixed content (animation and live footage) 1min 30seconds long - Create a sample part of a 2D game by cocos2d-x and C++ Create a sample PDF based upon the user Input from UI - Create a scaffolding website Create a scalable hybrid chat application - Create a school classroom bakground for a given image. Create a School Course Registration System - Create A Scraper For Video create a scraper for website - Create a scratch script Create a scratchboard drawings - Create a Script Create a script - Create a script for Entrust TruePass website authentication Create a script for facebook - create a script in python create a script in python.. - Create a script that automatically submits new blog posts to Google Index - with captcha solving create a script that can help me log in, scrap and send email automatically - repost - Create a script to add a lookup value to a mysql database table Create a Script to Add Custom Places To Google Maps API - create a script to download excel to MySQL Create a script to download videos - Create a script to Push Form Submission through API Create a script to remote call a page from multiple locations and store the results output. - Create a script validation (Clave de Elector) Create a Script which Aggregates Listings From 4 Different Forums into My Wordpress Website - Create a scrolling offers banner for the Homepage of a WP site Create a Scrum Report in Excel - Create a Search Engine and a crawler create a search engine bar pwoered by yahoo and google to generate donations - Create a search query to search an address from 904625697166532776746648320380374280100293470930272690489102837043110636675 pages create a search results page based on a template I provide - Create a Secondary Joomla Registration Form Create A Secondary Portal - Create a Self Service SEO Website Create a self service software for a digital kiost - Create a SEO strategy Create a SEO Text for a Product discription and other Content / bid for a Text with 500 words. - Create a series of Craigslist postings ASAP - open to bidding Create a series of digital ads for GDN and Facebook - Create a series of unique game apps (will use milestones) Create a series of VERY SHORT minigames for Android (1-2 second play time) - Create a Service API Create a Service API -- 2 - Create a set of Animations. Project for InsanoOoO - Don't bid Create a set of API documentation pages - Create a set of rating articles for satellits websites Create a set of Scheme definitions to implement a polynomial system using DrRacket to codeing - Create a shared calendar. Create a shared memory segment and child processes in C - Create a Shipping by Province (& calculate shipping tax) Plugin for Joomla website Create a Shipping by Province (& calculate shipping tax) Plugin for my Joomla website - Create a shopify app create a shopify app - Create a Shopify Template Create a Shopify Template - Create a shopping cart template Create a shopping cart that will integrate with Amazon's shopping cart API - Create a short (under 20 sceonds) 3D animation for logo intro. Create a short (under 20 sceonds) 3D animation for logo intro. - repost - create a short animated film for a pop song Create a Short Animated Logo - Create a short animation for Mathematics Academy Create a short animation illustrating and explaining a medical procedure - Create a Short Editable Video create a short explainer video about website - Create a short opening Video for our Sailboat Youtube Create a Short Personalized Video - Create a short training Video - 2 mins long Create a short tutorial - Create a short video about Freelancer Local - Russia Create a short video about Freelancer Local - Ukraine - Create a short Video of about 1-2 mintues. wiht fixed image/photo and changing texts Create a short Video to promote startup business - Create a showreel video for my portfolio Create a showroom configurator for a website - Create a signature logo Create a signature Pad for a mobile phone - create a similar indicator to the enclosed create a similar indicator to the enclosed - open to bidding - create a similar site within 30 days Create a similar text with Photoshop and save as PNG. - Create a similar website create a similar website - CREATE A SIMILIAR SITE LIKE THIS EXAMPLE CREATE A SIMILIAR SITE LIKE THIS ONE - Create a simple .vox C++/OpenGL renderer Create a simple 1 D imagen /Ebooks Covers - Create a simple 3 page wordprss website Create a simple 30 / 45 second edit - Create a simple admin tool for existing Google Map Create a simple admin where user can modify fields on a form - Create a simple android app Create a simple android app - Create A Simple Animated Lyric Video Create a Simple Animated Video (60-90 secs) - Create a simple app + backend functionality CREATE A SIMPLE APP FOR A FREE MAGAZINE - Create A Simple Article Spinner Program - Budget Price Only Create a simple application from a given database - create a simple billing system for a restaurant in VB. Create a simple bitcoin gambling webgame on my website - create a simple but working anti-virus Create a simple button - Create a simple clone of website using RoR Create a Simple CMS and Convert Static HTML Files - Create a simple css file Create a simple CSS Menu from an already created template - create a simple database using ms access 2010 new Create a simple database using Oracle 10g - Create a simple e-mail notification program/script with data pushed from Formstack form Create a simple e-newsletter template - Create a simple executable and teach it to me