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Create a Autocheckout Shopify Script Create a Automated Expert Adviser and Indicator for MetaTrader4 Create a automated web page Javascript Create a Automatic Checkout Script Create a Automatic program to carry out simple task on site Create a automatic selling website Create a automatic wordpress Videoblog Create a automation task through winautomation Create a Automator script (or applescript) to convert a folder of sub-folders containing HTML files to PDF Create a automization for reading table in an excel file from public ftp and store 15 variable data of this into mysql create a autoplay script for game Create a awesome Video Create a Awesome 100 usd worth design Create a awesome blog Create a awesome music app Create a AWS (Amazon) request and grab the xml response from Create a AWS lambda function to query postgres for API gateway
Create a b o t to fetch tweets **((long term working))** create a b&w sketch animation for our org Create a B&W Illustration of a women for a Tshirt design create a B&W sketch of a face based on a photo Create a b/w vector graphic from bitmap Create a B2B Flyer Create a B2B Marketplace with customized features Create a b2b online store similar to alibaba with android/iphone apps Create a B2B Ordering App Create a B2B portal for selling and buying products Create a B2B portal for selling and buying products -- 2 Create a B2B promotional video in Retail Hypermarket Advertising CREATE A B2B SITE LIKE ALIBABA CREATE A B2B SITE WITH CUSTOMIZED FEATURES... CREATE A B2B WEBSITE LIKE ALIBABA WITH SEPARATE VENDORS WEBSITE Create a B2B, B2C website and do some customization Create a b2c affiliate network