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Create 1hr mashup of songs from 1984 / today - Create 2 accounts (322369) Create 2 accounts on 2 forums and write 10 messages - Create 2 Apps. Share Text using QR Code Create 2 apps: one for iPhone and other for Android - Create 2 branded PowerPoint template slides Create 2 Business Wikipedia Pages - Create 2 custom contact forms with pages on Wordpress site and fix email issue Create 2 custom graphics - DUE IMMEDIATELY - Create 2 emails from design create 2 Excel files (NAP 2005-10-11) - Create 2 Forms in PHP and MySQL Create 2 forms sending data to tables. - Create 2 HTML pages (admin type dashboard + detail page) Create 2 HTML pages from example - Create 2 jasper reports Create 2 jasper reports and install in Jasper Server - Create 2 Logos Create 2 Logos - Create 2 Minute Video with Some Typography Create 2 minute videos- Very easy Job -Read description - Create 2 numbers for my work Create 2 online banners in Photoshop or Flash by 8 Dec - Create 2 Pages on Existing Site Create 2 Pages on Website - Create 2 PR3+ Guest Posts Create 2 Print and Packaging Designs - Yoga Towel & Yoga HAND Towel - Create 2 short 30 second promotional videos for a website Create 2 short animation videos - Create 2 simple new hooks to put on my functions.php Create 2 simple pages for TickBucks - Create 2 student project game trailers Create 2 Sub-Logos for Fitness Center - Create 2 videos (one with spoken audio) Create 2 videos + Design flyers & Brochures - Create 2 webpages2 Create 2 website - Create 2 WordPress page Templates, not a whole theme. Create 2 WordPress pages - Create 2 x Explainer Videos for my 2 companys that I have in Australia. Create 2 x Explainer Videos for my 2 companys that I have in Australia. - Create 2-minute animated birthday video with Dr. Seuss theme Create 2-page A4 full colour brochure within 24 hours - Create 20 business listings with supplied text Create 20 color ways of sunglasses & Export 3 views and OBJ files - Create 20 gmail accounts and register each account on 25 social media sites Create 20 gmail with each one has one Blogspot account - New freelancer welcome - Create 20 polls on current global Issues Create 20 posts - Create 20 Video Series, of 3 to 5 min each, on Indian Cooking Create 20 Videos - Create 200 Blogs and post an article to each blog Create 200 Blogspot Blogs - Create 200 questions about daily life create 200 quizzes for a job interview - create 2000 word financial / forex content Create 20000 geostring account - Create 24 dummy paypal screenshot Create 24 minutes Text Animation - Create 25 web 2.0 properties. Create 25 Web Hosting Support Training Labs - Create 27 static HTMLs for email templates in arabic Create 28 Facebook Ad's in 4 Days - Create 2D Animation and Motion Graphics Video Create 2D animation elements - Create 2d character with lamination Create 2D characters for an iPhone game (based on pictures of real people) - Create 2D room plans and reflected ceiling plan from hand made drawings Create 2D room plans and reflected ceiling plan from hand made drawings -- 2 - Create 2x Websites incl. SEO create 3 contact 7 forms - Create 3 animations from logo Create 3 animations of a cat - Create 3 charts in excel from provided data Create 3 charts in excel from provided data - Create 3 editable pdf files from word documents. Create 3 educational Videos - Create 3 game APPs (Arabic Content) Unique games create 3 Gif animations images in ( Infographic style) - Create 3 internet-marketing articles Create 3 iOS & Android game apps - Create 3 Minute Animated Short Create 3 minute animation - Create 3 one page sites Create 3 Online submittable forms - Create 3 Power Point Presentations Create 3 Power Point Presentations - Create 3 separate illustratations Create 3 Separate OnlyWire Accounts - Create 3 SSI files from on-page top graphic, left nav & bottom copyright stuff Create 3 static banners and 3 custom blocks - Create 3 Videos about Fun Facts Create 3 Videos for on my website - Create 3 Wikipedia pages. Create 3 woocomerce stores - Create 3-4 Videos Create 3-4 xml schemas from exemples - create 30 different web pages Create 30 email addresses - Create 30 pages of content from a word document Create 30 pages of content from a word document - ongoing work - Create 30 tests using Selenium WebDriver - Repost - open to bidding Create 30 to 60 Top SEOed WordPress Autoblogs that payout! - Create 300 facebook pages Create 300 Forum Profiles and Add Signature Links - Create 300x300 px version of my logo Create 301 Re-directs from Sunshop to Pinnacle cart shopping cart - Create 34 AI Graphics. Create 34 drawings for disinfection protocols in dentistry field - Create 3D (canvas wrapped) high-res images Create 3d and draft drawings of a steel frame warehouse - Create 3D Animation showing inside of an engine Create 3D Animation using rigged 3D max - Create 3D animation videos Create 3D animation walt disney pixar quality - Create 3D bottles *imagebos Create 3D bottles of products - Create 3D Characters For A Game Create 3D characters for a war game - Create 3D faces from a single image Create 3d Fantasy Landscape - Create 3D graphic Create 3D Graphic Design For shopping malls - Create 3D iOS Game Create 3D iOS Games - Create 3d model Create 3D Model - Create 3d Model from Photos Create 3d Model From Pic - Create 3D model of face from pictures Create 3D Model of Foldable Tray - Create 3D model of the images -- 2 Create 3D model of town - Create 3D models for unity 3D and manage asset store. Create 3D models for video game - Create 3D object model for software Create 3D objects for in a iOS Game. (cartoon look) - CREATE 3D RENDER OF A NEW HOME DESIGN Create 3D Render of Jumper - Create 3D solar (PV) photovoltaic models to quantify solar resource for a given residential site. Create 3D solidworks model from 2D drawings and images - Create 3D video animations, with Men and Women models, and tools Create 3d video game charactor Live and Breathing - Create 3x Images using Photoshop - assets provided Create 3x Payment Forms on my Sales Page - Create 4 Banners - quick! TODAY! Create 4 basic 3D models based on shapes in photos - Create 4 facebook accounts and 4 google+
Create 4 facebook apps - Create 4 illustrator files from 4 super simple designs. Create 4 Images - Create 4 modules for prestashop Create 4 Movie Clips - Create 4 powerpoint slides Create 4 press releases each on different top press release website - Create 4 simple php functions with BingAds API Create 4 Simple Social Media Covers - Create 4 website header banners and related icons create 4 website templates - Create 40 'I love you' greeting card messages Create 40 'roses are red violets are blue' greeting card messages - create 40 pieces of image based on the main sample Create 40 Posts at a wordpress site with exsting content - Create 400 Animations and Clip Art Create 400 email accounts - Create 45 second promo video Create 45 second promo video - Create 5 animated Sketch Pro videos with professional US accent Voice Overs. Create 5 Animated Videos Funny and creatives - Create 5 Custom Wallpapers create 5 deisgns for app - create 5 gorgeous vector patterns create 5 gorgeous vector patterns - repost - Create 5 images to go in corporate gallery - Text over Picutres Create 5 InDesign files based on 5 PDF files - Create 5 Open Source Windows Executable Applications Create 5 Original Resume Templates. - Create 5 Portfolio Graphics - see examples Create 5 Post cards from Images provided - use your imagination - Create 5 Simple 2D Images/Covers for EBook Create 5 simple animated Text Logos - Create 5 svg icons Create 5 T-Shirts, 1 Template With 4 Changes - Create 5 websites create 5 websites - Create 5-7 simple illustrations to be used for a video Create 5-page modern design for new anime website. - Create 50 Email + Facebook ID's Create 50 email account - Create 50 Google Adwords accounts Create 50 Heywire Numbers - Create 50 posts with links to popular forums. Related to music. Create 50 posts with links to popular forums. Related to music. - Create 50 Wap Portals/month Create 50 website 50pages - Create 500 Basic Revit Detail Items families from our DWG files. Create 500 BING API Keys - Create 500 Neopets Accounts Create 500 new facebook accounts - Create 5000 Gmail addresses Create 5000 Gmail addresses - Create 6 Banner files Create 6 banners (each with different language for 5 websites) - create 6 html pages Create 6 icons (PNG format) - create 6 sets of email templates on wordpress mymail1 Create 6 sets of emails - Create 6-10 page booklet about text marketing Create 6-7 slide powerpoint PPT from Word-document - Create 60 Social Media Analysis Reports Create 60 storey Hexagrid office building in sketchup - Create 7 Banners for Site Homepage Create 7 banners for website - Create 7 x 10 minute promo videos create 7 x 3.333 image for store front sign - Create 8 ezine articles and 3 spin articles(kv2)(repost) Create 8 flash banners for Google adwords display network - Create 8 videos - British/American/Canadian/Australian natives only Create 8 Views in SQL Server - Create 85 word documents in 2 days or less Create 850 - individual documents from provided software - Create 9 website banners Create 9 window Banners designs - Create \"Plugin\" for Windows based program that uses Access DB create \"add user\" function - create a course/provider website Create a Custom Wordpress Plugin - Create a iOS app with real db connection based on our detailled requirements and exisiting graphical design Create a JAVA program using Netbeans that has a GUI and calculates earnings and tutoring time. - Create a PPC Campaign or adwords for my website Create a PPC Campaign with ongoing management - Create a theme for a drupal website Create a Utility program for Excel Datafile conversion - Create a "Boxing Game" using Unity 3d for Android. Create a "brand name" for a kids toys and stationery's company - Create a "members area" for our website. create a "mini data base" - Create a "Terms of Use" agreement for my social media iPhone app. Create a "test your ingredients" web page - Create a ''wireframe'' landing page for a Connected Device App. create a 'cartoon' video explaining the value of my website - Create a +/- 60 second explainer video Create a - FLIGHT SIMULATOR App ******** - create a .net function to post to Facebook programmeitly Create a .NET installer like - Create a .TXT file with a lot of "copy and past" Create a .xml document file! - Create a 1 Minute (roughly) Promo Video Create a 1 minute 10 seconds promo Video - Create a 1 minutes Cartoon Type Animated Video create a 1 on 1 copy of - Create a 1 to 1.5-minute Explainer Video (Animation) Create a 1 to 1.5-minute Explainer Video (Animation) - Create a 10 minute presentation about a two services Create a 10 minute voice over demo - Create a 10 seconds Animation Create a 10 seconds Video - Create a 13 page Drupal website, I will provide the content as to word and images and I have purchased the Drupal theme Create a 13 page magazine - Create a 15 second Video intro for our you tube videos Create a 15 Second Video Ad for our App - Create a 1min Video with motions text and pictures Create a 1min video(Animation) for presentation of an idea. - Create a 2 minute pro video splash for high tech product. Create a 2 minute project reel - Create a 2 sided flyer & Social Media Mailing Sticker Create a 2 slide power point template - Create a 20 page booklet using MS office Publisher Create a 20 second 2D animated artistic video. - Create a 2D animated cartoon video Create a 2D Animated Explainer Video - Create a 2D Animation Clip Create a 2d animation explainer 20sec within 24hours - Create a 2D animation Video. Create a 2D Animation, Parallax background and ground - Create a 2D GoAnimate video animation (with demo voiceover) Create a 2D Icon Set - Create a 2min 2D 'flat' style animation to supplied voiceover. Explainer video. create a 2min pitch video with two spanish speaking male actors - Create a 3 minute wedding video Create a 3 minutes 2D Animation video - Create a 3-D Intro for youtube 12 Seconds long Create a 3-minute 3D animation video to promote a software - Create a 30 second Maya Animation Create a 30 second MP4 video for entry into a pet competiton - Create a 30-min Course in Adobe Captivate Create a 30-second 3D Video - Create a 3D "monster" mascot/character for my website Create a 3D / 2D music video Animation - Create a 3D Animation Create a 3D Animation - Create a 3d animation video for TV ad Create a 3D animation video in full hd - Create a 3D ariel view of 2D floor plan