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Create a 3D render of your product - Create a 3d Unity Environment - For a Game Create a 3D Unity Multiplayer Game - Create a 3D video intro in Adobe After Effects Create a 3d video out of photos 10/day - Create a 4 pages website Create a 4 second 2D Animation - Create a 5 minute 2D animation Create a 5 minute 3d animated Video to pitch for a StartUp Idea - Create a 5 second 3D animation Intro and 3D banner design Create a 5 second Animated Logo - Create a 52 week inventory tracking spreadsheet Create a 59 seconds videopromo/teaser - Create a 60 seconds 3D Video Explainer for our Marketplace Online platform Create a 60 seconds 3D Video Explainer for our Marketplace Online platform Legendster - create a 74mm X 54mm sticker using a logo Create a 75 slide Presentation with accompanying script about social media use on BlackFriday/Cyber Monday - Create a 90-second Video using an After Effects Template Create a 90s video explainer - create a a3 poster Create a A4 Design Sticker - Create a Admin Panel CMS Create a admin panel for a site - Create a adsense website that will be generating income of 20- 25$ per day Create a adsense website that will be generating income of 20- 25+$ per day - Create a after effects intro with smoke effects. Create a After Effects Product Demo Video - Create a aMember Template Create a an animated sales video - Create a Android app that works with No Root access Create A Android App To Capture Video And Image - create a animated company intro video Create a animated dashboard - Create a Animated Video Create a Animated Video - create a animation app Create a animation approx. 1min30sec - Create a Apache Jmeter jmx file for testing Rest based APIs Create a api based script that can convert ppt to swf - create a app like whatsapp create a app like whatsapp - Create a App as iFrame of our Website for IOS, ANDROID & WINDOWS Create a app back end system - Create a App to manage expenses and appointments. Create a App to share clothes's set - Create a AS3 game preloader Create a AS3 game preloader -- 2 - Create A Auto Bot create a auto sales area on my wordpress site - Create a B2B portal for selling and buying products -- 2 Create a B2B promotional video in Retail Hypermarket Advertising - Create a background (Drawing or Photoshop made) themed for mafia MMO. create a background and improve all building drawing - Create a Backup Server Create a Badminton Game in Unity 3D - Create a banner Create a banner - create a banner / need to see a mockup first Create a Banner 0904 - Create a banner for some clothing line website. create a banner for youtube - Create a Bare-Bones, Simple Mac User Interface Create a Barter / Trading Wordpress Plugin - create a basic app with a basic sign up Create a basic app. - Create a basic HTML email Create a basic HTML form for contact details - Create a basic secure area within a website Create a basic services website for cleaning business - Create a basic website that checks if a domain is working or not Create a basic Weebly website - Create a batch version of XNormal -- 2 Create a Bathroom Suite with our Products - Create a Beautiful Video Using Still Images of My Products and Animation Create a Beautiful Web Form on existing website - Create a Bet Calculator Create a better copy of a certain website - Create a bidding website Create a bidding website (Project 1) - Create a Birthday Video Create a Birthday Video - Create a bitrix template Create a bittorrent website - Create a blog Create a blog - Create a Blog and Maintain Create a blog and maintain it on regular basis as and when needed - Create a Blog in Wordpress - Set up + Design (in German) Create a blog in WordPress using our template in html - Create a Blog Posting System Create a blog section for my site using Wordpress - CREATE A BLOG with automatic content adding! Create a blog with Blogger for Videos and Pictures - Create a blogging website Create a Blood Alcohol Calculator for IPhone - Create a book in Adobe InDesign Create a book in corel draw, using the content from MS word - Create a booking website and application -- 2 Create a clone (slimmed down) - Create a bootstrap modal with two columns in it . Hiding and showing that column using angular js Create a Bootstrap page - Create a bot Create a bot - Create a Bot For Mobile Strike Game ( Game already available in App Store / Google Play) -- 3 Create a Bot For Mobile Strike Game ( Game already available in App Store / Google Play) -- 4 - Create a bot to login to admin and create bulk coupon codes Create a bot to play a game - Create a Boxbilling Theme Create a BoxBillingTemplate - create a brand name Create a brand name - Create a branding Create a Branding / Design a Logo / Banner / Cards - Create a Brochure & Flyers Create a brochure - flyer with events and news and offer for a baby shop - Create a browser based Android App Create A Browser Based Bot - Create a budget Create a Budget Calculator - Create a Bundled Installer (using NSIS) Create a bus arrival time app - create a business card --------------- - open to bidding Create a business card design - Create A Business In Create a business information system - Create a business plan create a business plan - Create a business to consumer website Create a business web site on Wordpress - Create a button on my shopify product page that links back to the catalog Create a button on my spreadsheet that emails the entire work book - Create a C# application Create a C# Application for Automation - Create a C++ Or C# FTP Server -- 2 Create a C++ Program - Create a CAD model for 3d printing from a given prompts Create a Cake package, Cookie box, paper bag, paper cup for Patisserie Cake shop - Create a Calender from an excel spreadsheet Create a calender module (Magento) - Create a Captivating, Professional Brochure for the Raise Institute Create a captive portal - Create a Caricature from Individual Photographs Create a caricature from my rough sketch - Create a cartoon based on my idea -- 2 create a cartoon character - Create a cartoon mascot for website Create a Cartoon Music Video - Create a cartoon/animation
Create a cartoon/caricature of me and my finace - Create a catalog of all AWS permissions Create a catalog page layout and catalog pages - Create a CD artwork Create a CD case for 3D printing - Create a chalkboard Animation Create a Challenge and response functions that can be used accross a site built in Codeigniter - Create a chart Create a chart for a wordpress website - Create a chat system Create a Chat system which simulates a A.I. chatbot - Create a Chess game for android devices Create a chess game zone - Create a Child Theme | A) Chat Features like Freelancer site + Canonical B) create mobile version - repost 3 Create a child Wordpress Template - Create a Chrome Browser Extension Create a Chrome Extension - Create a chrome plugin for Facebook Groups Mass Post Submitter Create a chrome plugin for Facebook Groups Post Submitter - create a claim form in Open Dental (practice management software) create a claim form in Open Dental (practice management software) - repost - Create a class Rectangle create a class that uses polymorphism methods and plays cards using an Java Array List - Create a Classifieds Ads website, using WordPress create a classifieds site - Create a clean, yet nice LOGO Create a cleaning services website with booking form in it - Create a client portal Create a client program to interact with a wifi router using SNMP - Create a clone of (mmorpg web based games) Create a clone of Demographics Pro - Create a clone sofware Create a clone website - Create a CMS based on Google Maps APIs to deploy Rich Virtual Tours Create a CMS Based Wordpress Template - Create a Cocoa window with a webview that can play a Netflix movie. Create a Code - Create a Codeigniter API Library Create a coin chute - Create a colour Ad for my business Create A Colour Picker for skydiving suits - Create a Coming Soon Website and other stuff Create a Coming Soon Website and other stuff - ongoing work - Create a Common login method- Selenium Web Driver create a common website search box - Create a Company Facebook Page Create a company Facebook page - Create a Company Logo Profile Animation Create a Company Logo with strong corporate Identity in Tourism & Commence. - Create a company text logo and symbol Create a company Video - Create a compatible webview with google play Create a compelling animation based on video provided by us. - Create a Complete Online Backup Service Create a complete online hotel booking application - Create a complexe with Rules (DRUPAL) create a complicated pdf fillable Form - Create a concept pages for the specification pages of a product Catalogue Create a concept retail-store in 3D for electronic cigarettes - Create a connector between multiple database engines and storage data Create a connector between two API's - Create a contact form based on the design attached Create a Contact Form for website - Create a contacts app with some specific features Create a contacts list from a .pst file for import into Salesforce - Create a contrast range slider Create a Contrl Panel SOAPI - Create a Cool Lake Logo - Purchase design #106 Create a cool logo for my biz - Create A Copy Of An existing Blog to A New Blog Create a Copy of an existing Shop - Create a Copy of This Page with my Form Code Create a copy of Uber / Ride-Share Car App - Create a Corporate and Product presentation Create a Corporate Animated Video - Create a corporate Powerpoint presentation Create a Corporate PowerPoint Template - Create a corporate, Holiday Animated e-Card Create A Cosmetic Company App, For both Android and Apple - Create a couple quick website mockups matching the themes provided Create a couples animation in BVH format - create a cover Create a cover - Create a CPAlead approved website create a cPanel for digital ocean. - Create a creative mobile app Create a creative packaging design for photo mount sticker - Create a crmls website Create a cRobot for cTrader from a Metatrader Software - Create a cross platform music streaming site Create a Cross Platform slot machine game with an island theme and launch - Create a crowdfunding website Create a Crowdfunding Website - Create a CS:GO trading website - skins for cash Create a CSGO Betting Website - Coinflip and Jackpot System - Create a CSGO trading website - skins for cash Create a CSR for a UCC SSL certificate issued by GoDaddy and install it in my Acquia cloud hosting - Create a CSS template for Rocket Feature Table extension on Joomla Create a CSS Template from Current Website - Create a cup design Create a Curator Wordpress Plugin - Create a custom Android Launcher with shortcuts Create a custom animated explainer video - Create a custom Bloomberg Study SDK for CS.NET & advanced backtester in Bloomberg Terminal Create a custom Bobblehead from photos - Create a custom contact form using the Contact Form 7 plugin on wordpress Create a custom ContentButton control for Xamarin.Forms - create a custom ecommerce using magento Create a Custom eCommerce website in Magento 2 - Community Edition - Create a custom firefox version Create a custom Flappy Bird game for Android and web browser. Replacing images and creating the app. - Create a custom Google Apps login page Create a Custom Google Email using my Domain URGENT - Create a custom JQuery/Javascript 'Quick Menu' for Mobile App Create a custom keyboard for iOS - Create a custom membership system with subscriptions Create a custom menu in Joomla template - Create a Custom OSMF based Video Player Create a custom Outlook form - Create a custom plugin Create a custom plugin for displaying vehicles for a car dealer website - Create a custom PSD for different sized images Create a custom pulgin for php site! - Create a custom Shopify template Create a custom Shopify theme/template - PLEASE READ HOW TO SUBMIT PROPOSALS - Create a custom theme for powerpoint and iPhone App UX mock-ups Create a custom theme for the Galleria jQuery image gallery - Create a custom web form for Wordpress - repost Create a custom web form using a conversion scale for Wordpress - Create a custom wordpress page template Create a Custom Wordpress Page Template for Photo Gallery (Genesis Framework) - Create a Custom Wordpress Template Create a Custom Wordpress Template - Create a custom wordpress theme Create a custom wordpress theme - Create a custom Zap integration for Zapier API Create a Custom Zencart Template Theme Part 1 - create a customisable hotel search form / widget with Javascript Create a Customisable Website Template - Create a customize website Create a customized xml file from ado recordset. - create a customized video controller Create a customized website - create a cvs file and atributes for me. - repost Create a CVS file that will be compatible with Turbo Lister - Create A d3 Template for A Decision Tree