Directorio de proyectos : create & design an iOS and android application & website - Create & Implement Marketing Plan

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create & design an iOS and android application & website Create & Design Branded Badge Vectors to be Used on Marketing Product Images - Potential for 20+ Badges on Larger Project! Create & design Business card, letterhead and flyer stationery for a GPS tracking company Create & design call-back-form and integrate it in header Create & Design Cutom Web Pages Create & Design our Corporate eChristmas & New Year card (static or interactive) Create & Design Plumber Referral Website Create & Design Plumbing Referral Website Create & design simple print templates Create & Design small html widget Create & Design small html widget Create & Design Social Website Theme Template for PhpFox Create & Design static/informational pages in Wordpress Create & Design two editable templates Create & Develop a Keylogger - ASAP !! Create & Develop a Mobile App & Site Create & Develop Corporate Identity & Logo Create & Develop Parallax Scrolling Animation for CMS website
Create & Develop Website from Scratch Create & develop woocomerce bridal addon with updates Create & edit a website via CMS web skills in BELGIUM ONLY, to follow a training and work on a CMS Create & Edit Wordpress Template Create & Execute VB Code At Runtime Create & Fill a Spreadsheet with presented Data Create & finish website from A to Z about service of customs garments for company. Create & get verified a Wiki page Create & host a full french website Create & Host Website Create & Host Website - open to bidding Create & Illustrate Pizza Menu Create & Implement a new fully featured Bootstrap 3 template for osCommerce 2.2 RC2A and develop & implement new features Create & Implement Affiliate Conversion Tracking Code Create & Implement an interactive map from an SVG in Wordpress Create & implement custom responsive template for Flynax Create & Implement Marketing Plan