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correct 1 page machine translation French English Correct 11 pages rules book for a boardgame expansion Correct 15 articles full of grammar errors Correct 15 articles that were terribly wrote Correct 2 books OCR Correct 2 books OCR bis Correct 2 bugs on a WordPress Template. One being unable to upload pictures anymore Correct 2 connection errors showing when my site loads in pingdom correct 2 documents 2500words total in 30 minutes Correct 2 error/bug in my Phonegap3 + jquerymobile app Correct 2 errors in Joomla website correct 2 excel formulas Correct 2 Pictures of a Cabinet Shot in Poor Low Light Correct 2 slowly loading pages on my website Correct 2 Small Issues with My Website when Shown on Mobile Devices Correct 2 small pieces of HTML code CORRECT 2 UPGRADE WHMCS MAIN PAGE Correct 2.5 Joomla errors
Correct 20 French Articles Correct 223 city names in an excel file Correct 240 pages OCR vs PDF and render it HTML Correct 2checkout order process script correct 2nd+ level menus Correct 3 Business Cards projects in .psd and convert them in ILLUSTRATOR ready for VISTAPRINT Correct 3 column shortcode CSS correct 3 errors on my SMS sales website Correct 300 Shoe Photos with Adobe photo Correct 301 Errors correct 4 assignments for me Correct 4 books OCRs Pdf to Doc Correct 4 bugs for 50$ - Drupal 7 experts only - NOOSKI Correct 4 Customer Input Forms Correct 4 French Articles with proper French Canadian Grammar and Spelling Correct 40 articles about French, German or Spanish Correct 404 error