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correct and adjust current cartoons correct and align icon in the menu (jquery) correct and article (perfect english required) Correct and brainstorm paraphrasing -IELTS Writing Correct and calendar/event bug on node.js/PencilBlue CMS website Correct and check C# program. Drag and Drop events. correct and complete 4 assighnments correct and complete 5 assighnments Correct and create Real Estate Web Site descriptions Correct and Create Real Estate Web Site Property Descriptions Correct and Debug Wordpress Script, and Convert To Plugin Correct and develop my website! Correct and edit paper - for NewLighWorker Correct and enhance a Template to a Website Correct and enhance scanned business cards Correct and enhance scanned business cards - Repost Correct and expand on my thesis proposal
Correct and Export a PDF Document Correct and Export Document Correct and export file for conference sign-up page Correct and finalize 3D mobile game at 70% Correct and finalize 3D mobile game at 70% -- 2 Correct and Finish a Hybrid Ionic Framework Application correct and finish an electronic invoice template Correct and Finish Build Ionic Framework Application Correct and finish my android app. (for experienced user this should take 3-4 hours) Correct and finish my label. Most work is done. It just needs a few corrections. Correct and finnish a HTML5 JS game correct and fix something of this essay Correct and Improve a circuit of a RGB Lamp Correct and improve grammar Correct and improve grammar. Correct and improve the english of this presentation Correct and maintain blog (WordPress)