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Correction of geometry and texture of 3D models (4 dresses) Correction of glitches in the script Correction of google shopping flux (google merchant) Correction of HTML/XHTML-Errors Correction of HTML/XHTML-Errors/ SEO CORRECTION OF IP CAMERA APP (FOR: ANDROID & IOS) Correction of Japanese Translation in CMS correction of jquery image changer to work on ipad Correction of Label Correction of layout to suit all browsers, admin panel correction Correction of logo Correction of mailing system correction of missing words correction of mistakes of language Correction of Monkey Correction of my english to professional english Correction of nodes and stray points on Vector correction of one web page
CORRECTION OF OPTIONS PAGES IN ZEN CART PHP MySQL Correction of our website and creating a easy to use user interface to change text and pictures ourself Correction of PHP and Permalinks correction of qualitative approch Correction of References work Correction of report according to comments correction of research paper political science, between 7500 and 8500 words Correction of Reveue Sharing Script installing php errors correction of reviewer's comment correction of Reviewers' comments correction of script Correction of several languages Correction Of SKUs and Simple Product Pricing in Our Magento Store Correction Of Some Errors On JROX -JEM Affiliate Program/Shopping Cart Script correction of some grammar errors(Graman Language) Correction of some pages magento Correction of Spanish Translation