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Correct dates in Quicken QIF file and categorize transaction if needed - Correct email Lists Correct Email Marketing / Survey Bug - Correct Erotic Text in English Correct error - Correct errors and add features Correct errors for an existing WordPress Website - correct errors on html index page & correct css issues Correct Errors On Itemized Deduction Worksheets - Correct ffmpeg calls in PHP script to make new video files correct file order in DnS gallery - Correct Glitches on Web site/ Make some changes Correct Google Analytics & Adword reporting implementation - Correct grammer & punctuation in novel Correct grammer -- 2 - Correct IE8 Wordpress Template Issues Correct IE9 error on category pages of my website - Correct IP for domain and setup emails for bulk emailing Correct Issue for Ebay Store - Correct JavaScript embedded Vimeo video player controlling Correct javascript errors on my wordpress site - correct log in issue on website Correct Logical Errors in c# Application - correct minor issues on wordpress developed website Correct Minor PHP Bugs - correct my art code for android studio Correct my book for grammar. - correct my logo design correct my magento site.. upload 700 items to my site... - Correct Nivo Slider Correct nodejs program - Correct paper + make PPT + write conclusion/intro - ONLY COMPUTER SCIENTISTS & NATIVE ENGLISH!!! correct paragraph numbering of a document created on an Apple, modified in MS Word - Correct PHP code Correct php code - correct private project for diamond247 correct problem - correct registration page php + mysql Correct Reports in PERKS and MERKS Software - Correct API 3.0 script Correct short java code - Correct small errors Website Correct small IE - Javascript error - Correct some errors on cakephp Correct Some Errors On JROX -JEM Affiliate Program/Shopping Cart Script - correct some parts of my webpage...webstore
Correct some PHP code - Correct SQL Poblem with Task Description Correct SQL Query on Custom PHP Site - correct the integrate shopping cart with pay pal -- 2 Correct the 3d model to run on Unity - Correct the Grammar on Our Website(repost) Correct the interface between Paypal and my website so that my product shows at correct price - Correct the wordpress Sites Correct the wordpress Webshop - Correct TWO PHP Errors Correct two small PHP bugs in my mobile web site - Correct webpages and move from demo site to live correct websit - Correct webviewer display when moving orientation Correct WHMCS Server setting. - Correct wrong URL's in Prestashop Store Correct wrong URL\'s in Prestashop Store - Correct: Error 3170 ''Couldn't find installable ISAM'' Correcta bug in a php page. - Correcting A Sticky Header Class and Port to Swift Correcting a story - Correcting C++ Correcting calendar feed issue (wordpress) - CORRECTING FIXING AND DEBUGING OPENCART SITE Correcting for a research proposal for grammar, flow and coherence - Correcting Open Cart SSL http links correcting or fixing an ecommerce site functions - Correcting the images in Photoshop Correcting the images in Photoshop - Correction Correction - correction and modify the stages of my project - open to bidding correction and modify the stages of my project -- 2 - Correction d\'un fichier de 1 page et demi. 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Atualmente esta com erro. 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