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Change Drupal Calendar Module -- 3 - Change EA to work in compounding instead of single martingale change easyslider1.5 to fadeslideshow in js - Change email on business card design Change Email Password - Change Excel csv download Change excel data from one format into another - Change existing HTML to new HTML theme Change existing html5 template -EASY - Change existing script to make it work similar to Change existing SharePoint workflow - Change existing website. Change existing Websites Template and CLONE if possible to similar design that another website is already using... - Change Fabric of Sofa Change Fabric on Suit - Change Facebook Page Name URGENT Change facebook page name with 1500 likes - Change features in an existing Online store with FedEx, UPS and USPS API Change features info, About company and FAQ. - Change field names for a batch import process Change Field on Order Form - Change file to png format or redo the whole logo Change File Upload Button - Change Flash Application Change flash audio player to html 5 player - Change flash object to a different page Change Flash on Homepage of - Change Flyouts on Website Change Folder Order in Outlook - change font from preeti to mangal (hindi) Change Font Icon in Opencart - Change Font Properties Change font size and color on 2 websites - change fonts and form style in WP Change Fonts and Text on Header and Ebook - Change fOpen to use CURL Change for an existing project - Change format of a Food Menu in a Word Document Change Format of a gif banner from 250 x 250 to 600 x 50 - Change from 1shoppingcart to Aweber and Clickbank Change from 32 bit to 16 bit graphics - change from zbar to zxing change front office currency to default to another currency that isnt default - Change functionality of image viewing on Website Change functionality of the news feed page on my existing social network site - change google analytics code Change Google Analytics Data from a screenshot - Change graphic design and implement it into Buddypress. Change graphic design and make banners - Change graphics on a template - ADULT Change Graphics on Cpanel/WHM Server - Change hardware id in Driver for WinXP -- 2 Change hardware id in Driver for WinXP -- 3 - Change Header font on wordpress site Change header for mobile - Change header oscommerce Change Header Sizes & Function - change home page to landing page Change Home Pages and Content for 2 web sites - Change hosting Change hosting - Change HTML code change html code for email marketing so it's scaleable for mobile devices or desktop - Change Html to ASPX change HTML to DIV in my website - Change icon cart in WooCommerce Change icon color palette - Change Image Change image - Change Image File Names - Repost - open to bidding change Image file to CDR - change image on wordpress cant figure out where or how Change image order in slideshow in Joomla site - Change Image to Text On Website Pages Change Image to Transparent - Change images and fonts on running website - read the post Change images and prices on Zencart that sells hats - Change images on my website. Change images on our website to cartoon style - Photoshop actions. - change in a vba code Change in a wordpress website - Change in Java Code Change in Java Code - change in php website Change in PHP Website (Link builder) - Change in website Change in website - ongoing work - Change Instructions Change Integrated Payment Gateway - change ios app to android change iOS app to Android app - Change items in iPhone app and Anroid existing app Change Items in Wordpress Website - Change Joomla 3 Plugin Change Joomla 3.1 website template - Change Joomla Template Name Change joomla template to dreamweaver template - Change JSON from embedded in app to pull from server (already have json on server) Change json link but the look should be the same - Change language italian to english in Revit fils Change language of 1 page site - language changes supplied - Change layout and text of a single-page Ruby-based website Change Layout and Text on 1 Page Site - I Have The Files Already - Change layout of existing flyer Change layout of existing HTML template (One Page) - Change layout of WordPress Escort Website Change layout of wordpress plugin to existing website - Change letter height on Solidworks File Change Letter in Logo - change link on flash file Change Link on Index.html - Change Linux WEB server admin using teamviewer Change Linux WEB server admin using teamviewer - change login avatar in my Rails app for non Facebook users and install friendly_id gem Change Login Code - change logo change logo - Change Logo And Text On Graphics Change logo and title of application - change logo design Change logo design or create new one based on old logo - Change Logo JPG to PSD Change Logo Name - change logo to clear background change logo to eps - Change Logo/Colours in an app Change logo/design so we can print them (long time collaboration) - Change look and feel of current web design. Change Look and Feel of Existing OSCommerce Site - Change MAC address on blackberry phone Change MAC ID and restart adapter in VB6 - Change magento page urls & create filter change magento password from phpMyAdmin - change Magento website logo Change Magento\'s Home Page - change management & accounting decission Change Management (psychological theories) - Change Management System (CMS) change management theories - change members homepage Change membership site's visitor interaction - change menu links and header of my v bulliten forums same as my whole site Change menu location and css - change merchant facilities change mesh head to nurb head - Change module CSS in virtuemart + Joomla template changes Change module design on Joomla 3 - change msn messenger password change msn messenger photo - change my animated header on my joomla site
Change my api/gateway in my php sms script - Change my current Wordpress Website template Change my database from MS Access 2012 To MS Access 2007 - Change my facebook page with 200+ likes Change my fb fan page name after 200 likes - Change my HTML/CSS website to wordpress Change my HTML/CSS website to wordpress for Linuxfreakz - CHANGE MY LOGO A LITTLE BIT Change my logo ai file to PNG file high res for my invoice template - change my pass of server change my password for website and hosting - Change My Resume / CV - Service Delivery Manager Change my script design - change my site to Zen cart to Joomla change my site's grapic - Change my website Change my website - Change my website look Change my website look - Change my WooCommerce Template Change my woocommerce website to a new URL - Change MySQL and structure of a website Change MySQL character set in VMware appliance - Change name in Logo Change name in PDF - Change NAV Change Nav Bar - change new open cart theme and edit brand page Change New Post Wordpress custom fields - change numbers on video change numerical values into graphs in excell - change of design Change of design (responsive) - Change of KIWI FSP logo. Change of layout from theme installed - Change of submenu appearance Change of Subscription text in WooCommerce Subscription - Change on 3583 articles in wordpress Change on a php stripe page - Change one file with meta refresh tag into a ajax refresh file. change one flash banner, and new create - Change one simple rule in Auction Template to Make it Raffle template Change one Site (CSS) - Change opencart product/category layout Change opencart template (Sellya - - Change order in which items are displayed Change Order Listing in Checkout - Change Oscommerce Template TODAY Change oscommerce website lay out - Change our Menu Layout Change our moodle interface (colors, design, etc.) - Change outgoing mail IP address on WHM Change outline - Change page directory .... phpfox change page for conection word press and credit cart page - french its possibol - Change part of functionality in php scripts on video website Change part of tagging system from words to icons - Change payment from paypal to payzip Change Payment Gateway - Change payment script from old credit card (ctpe) to wirecard Change payment script from old credit card (ctpe) to wirecard -- 2 - change pdf document 1 hour Change PDF document to editable word document (or other format) - Change pending for AM Import Change Pending orders to Cancelled in VM - Change Phone # and Email address on an existing PDF Change phone # of a Dial-up networking profile - Change photo in template and add newsfeed. Change photo on facebook cover SMS fairplay - Change PHP / AJAX search feature Change PHP / CSS / HTML System - change php form submitter script Change PHP format into Excel 2007 - Change PHP script URGENT! Change php scripts - Change phpBB3 Prosilver Colors Change PHPfox authentication method - change pictures Change Pictures & Redo Ebay HTML ads for Eyrieteck Only - Change png file Change png files to psd - Change Post Paginaton Buttons Change post upload plugin (Wordpress) - change price on country change Change Price Table on a Wordrpress Site, 10 Minutes Job - Change process name in taskmanager. Change product boxes on ecommerce website. - Change Product photos in different colors. (2 products to be changed) change product pics - Change PSD Smart File Change PSD template main colors - Change Rails Project Download Link from CSV to XLSX Format Change random selection method in a function in Magento - Change Refine Search Area in Classifieds Portal Change Refine Search Area in Classifieds Portal - repost - Change request from GET to POST from client to server ~ script written in Codeigniter. Change Request Lab - Change Restaurant Ordering Menu creation website. Change Results layout & add some extra features - Change Scala code to make it portable Change scale of indesign model - Change script that downloads stock from external source and add to our system (php) Change Script that generates mini websites - Change search result pages - For SICS only! change search results output - change set up steps to twilio openvbx Change Setting From T1 To E1 , digium single span card TE133F - Change Shopping cart in OSCommerce/ Add product Change shopping cart on existing website - change single form to multi form delphi app Change single form to multi form program in delphi - Change site from IWEB to NVU Change site from legacy to 1.5 - Change site to use X-Cart, integrate with QB Mac Change site to use X-Cart, integrate with QB Mac(repost) - Change size of photos on photo shop 5 photos Change size of postcard from 4x6 to 5.5 x 8.5 - change sleeve colour change slide show - Change small Javascript to server-side ASP change small modules on opencart - Change solution of logo picture to 500 pixel x 285pixel, max. Filesize 1000kb change som of my pictures - Change some colors of menu and links on a Joomla website Change some colors of menu links on a Joomla website - Change some details in a illustration (cartoon) for a tattoo change some details in a website - Change some images Change some images - Change some pages on our website (based on template) change some part of my code of my android app - CHANGE SOME SOFTWARE SETTINGS Change some strings and compile a Delphi project - Change some things in my software Change some things in PSD (Approximately 5 Changes, text and effect changes, small things) - change something in one of the pages of my website Change something in the picture - Change Sprites In HTML5 Game Change SQL designer to add more web2py validators - Change stock quantity for all products on magento Change stock value in woocommerce from excel. - Change style of a completed results page Change style of Contact Form 7 - Change Superior Business Template for Change Support Layout - Change Tax and view in shopping cart, checkout page, etc Change tax calculations in a PHP tax calculator - Change Template / new menu and splice