Directorio de proyectos : Creating a business Directory with some special features - Creating Simple Text Videos from my Blog Posts

Proyectos que comienzan con caracteres

Creating a business Directory with some special features - creating a cdr file with text creating a cehckers game - creating a cms Creating a CMS and merging the classifieds, ecommerce scripts into it - Creating a complete Chat Room ( PHP + JS ) CREATING A COMPLETE E-COMMERCE STORE - Creating a creative presentation for rewards and recognition ceremony Creating a CRM / Case Management SAAS application - Creating a custom plugin - filter posts in the dashboard by year Creating a custom plugin based on Author Category plugin - Creating a Customized Website Creating a customized website out of WordPress - Creating a database of contact information Creating a database of NDT professionals - Creating a design for a wordpress website from a pdf design Creating a Design from 3 images - Creating a Drag & Drop Forms designer with Gridstack.js Creating a drawing in Auto cad - creating a Facebook lead /landing page Creating a facebook page - Creating a Flash API Creating a Flash Banner - Creating a Form Creating a form (specified space allocation) for my website. It should helps to fill the texts. I want to put my postal paper in printer and print that filled texts in required place on that paper. - Creating a Game Creating a game by passing the tests given - Creating a Graphic from a map Creating a grayscale height map - Creating a html mail with special layout Creating A html of e commerce site - Creating a Job posting module for DNN Creating a Job posting module for DNN - Creating a landingpage (with German copy, that I will deliver) for my online-membership-program Creating a Landingpage on Social Engine - Creating a list of possible trading names to match logo Creating a list of running non standard services and applications on nt 2000 and 2003 network servers - Creating a logo - repost Creating a logo and a brand name for a line of products. - Creating a Logo/Banner for my company creating a logo/header for website - Creating a mashup (happy birthday / going to the chapel) Creating a mask , eg with excel or powerpoint - creating a mobile app for final year project database Creating a Mobile App for my site - Creating a modul for PrestaShop Creating a module for drawing tarot Wordpress - Creating a new corporate identity from two existing businesses Creating a new couple finding website - Creating a new site creating a new site for pizzeria - Creating a new world user website Creating a news platform - creating a parody instrumental Creating a parser in java - Creating a Photography logo Creating a photorealistic vector image - Creating a php website Creating a PHP website - repost - Creating a point of sale brochure creating a poker software - Creating a Printer Receipt from zebra android printer Creating a printing website - Creating a professional CV. Creating a professional greeting - Creating a Professional Travel Website like, Creating a Professional Travel Website like, - Creating a Proxy Server with multiple DSL connections and virtualization. -- 2 creating a pseudorandom number list - Creating a recruitment website Creating a redirect - Creating a Rhymes Creating a roulette program out of C# - Creating a script creating a script file - Creating a shape in google maps. Creating a sharing service app. - Creating a similar website thats already done Creating A Similar Website To This... - creating a simple loop Creating a simple Mobile Role Playing Game (RPG) - Creating a simple WordPress template Creating a simple wordpress Theme - Creating a small basic mobile app with admin panel, Creating a small business website - Creating a Software for Easy hand drawing -3D Creating a Software for Random Number Generation with a particular logic - Creating a standalone desktop application programmed from an Excel workbook sample creating a standalone flash-quiz application - Creating a SWOT Analysis of a company Creating a symptom checker - Creating a template for CMS Page in an existing shop Creating a template for my Wordpress account - Creating a tool that transfer UDP traffic to TCP(Convert UDP to TCP) Creating a tool the will validate youtube Links - For Souvik - Creating a Unity Mobile Game Creating a unity template that can play 360 video in high quality. - Creating a very simple game in Pygame using classes and functions Creating a very simple inventory control program for Windows - Creating a video for my website Creating a video for social media marketing (some small animation) - Creating a VISA Application Website Creating a visual interface for Ereadrs - Creating a web page Creating a web page - creating a webpage creating a webpage - Creating a website Creating a website - Creating a Website - look at Infos. ENG/GER Creating a website - fairly simple - Creating a website for me Creating a website for multiple deployments - Creating a website java backend Creating a website java backend - creating a website with adsense (professionals please) Creating a Website with an integrated Webshop in a Custom Design - CREATING A WEBSITE/ SEO ------- PROVEN SEO EXPERT NEEDED Creating a Website/Bot - creating a woocommerce version of a diamond database with ~10,000 items ~25 fields each Creating a word doc questionaire to online document - Creating a Wordpress Template Creating a WordPress template from the Meteor Framework - Creating a WP website for phone repairs based on a mock-up. Creating a WPF Textbox Control like Outlook email recipient textbox - Creating Accounts Creating Accounts - Creating additional products in multi-store Magento system creating additonal web pages for an already established website - Creating ALL Social Media Analytics Dashboards - Aggragate / Cumulative Analysis Creating Alternate Feed - Creating an Add-on Creating an Add-on - open to bidding - Creating an Android App: Twitter-like Community, Photo, GPS features Creating an Android Application - Creating an animation visually demonstrating my service Creating an annual report for a Non Profit - Creating an app for Windows Phone 7 Creating an App like Handy - Creating an automated connector between Salsify And X Cart Creating an automated connector between Salsify And X Cart. - creating an educational game on delphi Creating an efficient php programming environment - Creating an Excel spreadsheet Creating an excel spreadsheet, nice format. - Creating an IM app from scratch. creating an image - Creating an Intranet for our School
Creating an intro - Creating an Logo for an Projectcompany that do smart/intellgent homes. creating an Messanger - Creating an online shop. Creating an online software - Creating an SFTP server at AWS Creating an SMF theme - Creating and Deploying HTTP Live Streaming Media for mobile Creating and Design a web/video - creating and installing a website Creating and installing web pages - creating and posting posts in Social media about upcoming marathon events Creating and posting work. - Creating Android App with ListView - repost Creating Android App with ListView - repost 2 - Creating Animations for 5 Animals Creating animations for a live action board game - Creating applications for Android Creating applications for Android / iOS / Windows - Creating assistance. Creating AT Command responds Application - Creating Awesome Travel Guides - India Creating Awesome Travel Guides - India - Creating Banner Creating Banner >> Style provided see details - Creating bidding module for existing site and integrate. Creating Bill of Materials for Light Steel Resort Villas - creating branding and logo creating branding and stationary - Creating C++ assignment Creating C++ module for existing app using python source - CREATING CGI SCRIPT FOR PROTECTING CLICKBANK EBOOK THANK YOU PAGE creating chapters our of two pdf catalogues - creating clipping path projects creating clipping path projects - Creating Compelling Amazon Listings Creating complete architecture for configuring and designing Android App + NGNIX servers based on a webservices model - Creating content for IT services booklet Creating Content for Onsite PC support Web site and Updating it to existing web site,Some Changes on the existing web site, Designing professinal company logo and Professinal Business Card - Creating Course Syllabus from master Syllabus Creating coverage catalog / Création couverture catalogue - creating custom blog page for my wordpress theme creating custom callout in CRM 3.0 - Creating customer loyalty program APP Creating customer loyalty program APPs - creating database by taking reviews from the website Creating Database Driven site using Templates - creating design for an new modern automobile in AUTODESK FUSION 360 Creating design for my website - Creating DNS server forwarder Creating DO FOLLOW links on sites with High metrics. - Creating dynamic links Creating dynamic links and connecting it to website buttons - Creating eBay listings Creating EBAY LISTINGS , ONLY PHILIPPINES ! - Creating Email Templates to send Daily and Weekly Updates of our website Creating Emailers - Creating Exce Template database for Purchase & Sales Creating Excel / Google Docs for 200 files - Creating Exterior Vizualization Creating Extra Members Account Using HTTP GET or POST with the Tips and Tricks HQ plugins - creating fake pokemon - open to bidding Creating family blocks in revit facade consulting - Creating Financial Services Video Creating financial statements for a number of past years - Creating Flyer Creating flyers - Creating Forum - repost creating forum accounts and verifying them - Creating Functions in R studio Creating functions in SQL - Creating glasses that can detect metal Creating Gmails & Craigslist Accts. - Creating Grocery Store using magento or prestashop Creating gsme in Unity 3d - Creating HTML 5 version of already existing website to so called Mobile Friendly Website Creating HTML banner for Auto Insurance submit - creating icones creating icons for a new site - Creating Images into 3D model Creating images to introduce a product - Creating Innovative Design for Classified Website Creating Inquiry by ID Number (SQL,C#, Visual Studio) - Creating iphone and android app Creating iPhone and Android application - Creating Joomla 2.5 plugin-payment -- 2 Creating Joomla 3.x Template - Creating Landing page With Few Functions | Desktop & Mobile Friendly creating landing page with logo section to joomla website + centering menu - Creating Linkedin Business Page Creating Linkedin profile - Creating login system with AS3, PHP, Zend Creating login User Dashboard back end site - Creating logos creating logos - Creating mail lists Creating Mailchimp Templates - Creating marketing winform app using VB6 for naver band Creating Marketplace App - Creating membership and registration scheme for a WordPress website -- 2 creating membership site on wordpress - Creating mobile friendly website with database Creating mobile game endless - Creating modules for Zencart Creating modules that can send Bulk SMS in WhatsApp - Creating multiple audio streams from different sound-cards in Linux using VLC Creating multiple blog clones on Wordpress MU - Creating MySQL Database for Current Website Creating mysql servers on amazon EC2. Need Amazon webservices guru - Creating new layout Creating new layout in html incss - Creating New Website Scraping Applications Creating new website. - Creating of a website, web hosting price Creating of a wordpress site for Zedcoin - Creating off a Bingo and pokerroom Creating off a Bingo and pokerroom * - Creating Online Script Automatic creating online store similar to ebay - Creating page/post template in WordPress Creating Pages - Creating pdf files with cards with individual numbers Creating pdf files with PHP and MySQL - Creating PHP based Webpage from scratch Creating PHP Client login & Super Admin page - Creating Plug In for Osclass creating plugin for jckeditor - Creating PPT using Script or API Creating PR4+ / High DA/PA links - Creating Product Datafeed Creating product description and bullet points for product selling on Amazon - Creating profile in Wikipedia ? creating profile listing website - Creating Python Scripts For FPS Game and basic rendering creating qr code and mobile website - Creating realistic 3d image from DWG. Creating Realistic Figures - Creating reusable scraping script (c#) Creating reviews for restaurants in different languages - creating scheduling information system Creating Schematic Drawings of Automotive Service Trolley - Creating security filters Creating SEF with Joomla 1.5 and 3rd Party Components - Creating shoutbox for my site Creating shoutbox for my site - repost - Creating simple live wallpaper Apps for Android out of Clips Creating Simple Movie Website - Creating Simple Text Videos from my Blog Posts