Directorio de proyectos : Creating a sports brand logo, company logo and the logo for the Web site. - Creation of a new logo

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Creating a sports brand logo, company logo and the logo for the Web site. - Creating a Strategy with EasyLanguage for Tradestation Creating a streaming media player on the browsers - Creating a team for website and web app UI/UX implementation in Egypt Creating a Team to Develop - Creating a theme from a website design Creating a theme plus implementing some existing functions - Creating A Trip Wire Creating a tutorial for building Android apps. - Creating a vector file in Adobe Illustrator from a picture Creating a vector icon - creating a video clip creating a Video clip from my footage - Creating a Videogame - Join the Team! Creating a View for Django - Creating a web cartoon Creating a web dashboard and app prototype using Firebase - creating a Web site Creating a Web site and its service - Creating a Website Creating a Website - Creating a website creating a website - Creating a website for coupons of online stores and local shops. Creating a website for Courtney - Creating a Website from a old one. Creating a website from scratch - Creating a Website Using Bootstrap Project Creating a website using CakePhp and integrating into our existing system - Creating a Website. Contact me for more details. Need to be done before Thursday Evening... URGENT -- 2 Creating a Website. Contact me for more details. Need to be done before Thursday Evening... URGENT -- 3 - Creating a wikipedia page for my company Creating a wikipedia page for our CEO and MD - Creating a wordpress plugin to enable hiding information on Creating a wordpress plugin to enable hiding posts from cate - Creating A Worksheet / Powerpoint Template Creating a worldmap for a NES DuckTales-based fangame (C++ and Allegro) - creating accepted non hosted adsense account Creating acces for curent exist web site with login and password.After login creating the easy for ipload the picture - Creating ad sense accounts Creating Ad Space and bbpress Forum for Existing Wordpress Site - Creating AdWords display ads Creating affiliate sites: duplicate sites, forms, tables - creating an acrylic number plaque,We need an .ai file on a 5x7inch. For the numbers 5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50 Creating an active account in hubpages and squidoo - Creating an algorithm in Matlab based on data in MySQL that determines when to ship a product to a certain customer Creating an amazing Linked in profile that we can use as a foundation - Creating an Animation Creating an animation for a splash screen/frame for a new mobile app - Creating An App for iPhone and Android in Native Language Creating an app for MeeGo OS - Creating an audio visualizer Creating an auto-responding email system out of a form - Creating an eCommerce site - open to bidding creating an ecommerce site based on opencart theme using aws server - Creating an Excel list based on a online forum Creating an Excel list based on a online forum - Creating an illusration for a book cover Creating an illustration from a photograph - Creating an interactive swf format Flash chart with Laszlo (069) Creating an interactive website for luxury site on a budget - Creating an Iridescent Look on a Product Bottle in Photoshop Creating an Islamic App for Iphone and Android - Creating an online retail and wholesale shop for clothing - e-commerce - Creating an Online Shop - creating an Rakuten Store Creating An React Native App for my website! - Creating and Changing Product Pictures Creating and configuring AWS EC2 instances - Creating and HTML email signature template creating and illustrating original custom abstract patterns. - creating and markting a new app - open to bidding Creating and modifying a bicycle in Autodesk Invertor or autodesk Fusion 360. - Creating Android app for our social network website. Creating android app of similar iPhone app - Creating Animation Video - repost Creating animation videos with voice - creating application user in 12c Creating applications - Creating artworks for a poster or a logo Creating control - Creating Aviation Related Textbook Creating award winning logo - Creating Band Website creating bank statement - Creating betting slip Creating betting slip -- 2 - Creating brand characters in a cartoon format Creating Brand Identity for a University's Science and Art Faculty Conferences - Creating C# wrapper for C++ DLL Exporting 20 C++ classes Creating C# wrapper for C++ DLL Exporting 20 C++ classes - repost - Creating CCK extension with advanced search Creating centers of influence and referral sources - Creating clickTAG for flash banners - Trade Tracker Affiliate program Creating client and server components to exchange binary messages between two android smartphones in the same wifi network - Creating Company Identity, a Perfect Image, Brand and Web Designing Creating Company Logo - Creating content and rewriting content for our company website creating content for a divorce mediation website - Creating Coupons Creating coupons and publishing them in different coupons websites for our online products - Creating Cusotmer Dokumentation System and Connect to Windows Filesystem Creating Custom and Dynamic site menu for sharepoint foundation 2010 - creating customer dashboard, worker dashboard, admin dashboard system Creating Customer Folder - Creating database Creating database - Creating design + HTML for an Online ERP Website - repost Creating design and graphics of a Kickstarter campaign - Creating DNN Skin Creating DNS Server for Hosting Company - Creating Dynamic Forms and presenting to client. Creating Dynamic Great Looking Website - Creating eBay listings Creating eBay Listings based on given collection - creating emails for my employees creating emails in mozilla thunderbird - Creating Excel database, data entry Creating Excel database, data entry - Creating Facebook Account and add people to 5k friends. Creating FaceBook Accounts - Creating Fast Cartoon Educational Video Creating FAVICON for my website - Creating fixture Creating flash animation - Creating Forex Video Creating Forex Website - Creating four character logo, where each character is a stand along piece of art Creating Free Multiuser Blog Platform - Creating fuzzy-PID controller for CNC model in Siemens STEP7(s7-300/PLCSIM) Creating FX effects for gaming project in Unreal Engine 4 - Creating Google adsense account and making $5-$8 revenue per Day Creating Google Base feed - Creating headnotes for judgments Creating Healthcare Information System Package using Existing Open Source Software - Creating HTML Page Creating html page - Creating IDs address Creating IDs address - repost - creating in 3D an outdoor cocktail lounge with screens and stage. Creating in depth form using Gravity Form Plug in - Creating interactive children e-books using Flash Professional AS3 Creating interactive Flash charts using Laszlo (063) - Creating Islamic E Learning System Creating ISO - Creating JPEG images for signs models
Creating JPEG images for signs models -- 2 - Creating landing pages with search results from a mongodb database. Creating laravel package - Creating List / Countdown YouTube videos (ONLY PEOPLE WITH EXPERIENCE) creating list of email addresses from this website - creating logo creating logo - Creating Lyrics Videos Creating Mac OSX desktop software - creating map area for Epaper pdf online creating map for website with client location flags - Creating Math Mutliple Choice and Flashcards Questions Applied in Real Estate Course\\\" Creating Math quizzes for children - Creating Metatrader 4 email signals from our template creating microsoft access database for CRM - Creating Mobile Sites Using Dudamobile Creating Mobile Template - Creating Movie Database Creating Movie Database - creating multiple website on magento Creating Multiple Websites that connect to an Ecommerce website through Web Services - creating new banner creating new banners and products - Creating new names for the various training sessions and keynote speaking titles Creating New Page Template For Theme from ThemeForest - Creating Notorious BIG Emojis for iOS 10 Stickers. (I am sole owner of rights to creating Biggie iOS 10 Stickers) Creating NxtCoins - Creating of product video Creating of Profiles for a dating site - Creating Online B2B-Marketplace Creating Online Betting Site - Creating our own proxy app (socket programming) Creating our own template system - help required - Creating password to access my login page Creating patriotic items pictures using a simple template - Creating personal flash website having action script Creating Personal folders/client in outlook 2011 mac (rules) - Creating pictures for educational baby game creating pictures from an eps example - creating posts in forums(repost) Creating posts in Hebrew forums - Creating Print ready files Creating print-ready high-res files for wide format printing from existing low-res design - Creating products on magento Creating professional App - Creating Proposals Creating Proposals - creating quizzes for children Creating radio recording on Linux server. - Creating responsive animated piecharts for websites -- 2 Creating Responsive Design of a given PSD - Creating rtsp link for streaming live creating sales online - 01/01/2017 14:45 EST - Creating Search Engines - based on Google Creating search function on sharetronix mobile screens - CREATING SHOPPING LIST Creating short 30 sec to 1 min video for our service. - Creating simple graphics in bulk Creating Simple Images in Adobe - Creating single product ecommerce Creating Single Sign In for 2 Sites - Reposted - Creating small store using google blogger Creating small twain activex - Creating some images for adult website design Creating some Microsoft Word Templates from set PDF designs - Creating sprites for a small game -- 2 Creating SPSS Data and defining Quasi Experiment - Creating stock lists from Yahoo finance Creating Stored Procedure that Filter words and limit characters before inserting - Creating Sum where Blank fields in Excel Creating support application - Creating Template for Creating Template for Roundcube (.psd template is attached) - Creating the content of food database for uk,australian,dutch,german,french,spain foods Creating The Database. Expert in MS SQL, Advanced EXCEL, MS Access, Data warehousing - creating themes and customization work Creating themes for software application - Creating true a true pdf file (questions and answers) Creating true a true pdf file (questions and answers) -- 2 - Creating UI in Ngui Creating ui/ux for mobile app and website - Creating various forms for enter data Creating various landing pages(and images) - Creating Video for advertisement Creating video for health topics - Creating Videos for WordPress/affiliate marketing creating videos from photos - Creating Web Based Report Template Creating Web Crawler - Creating web similar to ( Creating web similar to ( - creating website creating website - Creating website from existing one..repost -- $150 Creating Website from Photoshop file... - Creating Wedding Film Creating Wedding Video with Raw Footage - creating wordpress accounts creating wordpress accounts---2 - Creating Work Order Routing System Creating working PHP calculators - Creating, design and develop Self Service Units Creating, designing and explore - Creatingly CreatingSite - Creation 4 vm FUL (VMWARE) CREATION 4 + VPS config proxmox FULL + add ip - Creation and Fixing Bugs on Core PHP Script with Bootstrap Framework for our client Creation and Fixing Bugs on Core PHP Script with Bootstrap Framework for our client. - Creation application android Creation application Mobile basée sur les propriétaires d'animaux - Creation d'un moteur de recherche avec Google Custom Search Engine Creation d'un pamphlet publicitaire - creation d'une plateforme de mise en relation entre prestataires et clients creation d\'un site web - Creation design iphone applications Creation design site - Creation in ASP.NET + C# using Visual Studio 2005 creation in software - Creation od Avdertising Network Needed creation of 30 seconds animated clip - Creation of 100 listings and 200 banner products for store online Creation Of 100 New Images - Creation of 2 logos Creation of 2 logos - Creation of 3 Ebooks Creation of 3 engineering reports of 300 words each with in text citations - Creation of 4 web pages Creation of 4 web pages(repost) - creation of 50-100 free dating profiles a day Creation of 500 scheduled picture posts on self-hosted Wordpress blog - Creation of a 4 ft tube that emits a LED light creation of a “widget ready” wordpress design - Creation of a cinemagraph Creation of a circular progress bar - Creation of a daily deals product XML feed Creation of a data entry form for iPAD - Creation of a file for selective varnish Creation of a File in Excel - Creation of a gross Profit monitoring system for a restaurant Creation of a GUI as nero or ashampoo for C++ application - Creation of a list of email adresses in xls format from public sources - repost Creation of a list view in Drupal - Creation of a Market Place Creation of a marketing database from Linkedin profiles - Creation of a new logo