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Create Movie/Presentation of Learning Windows 7 - Create MRSS feed from PHP/MYSQL Create MS .NET questions - Create MS Excel File From VB6 Create MS Excel File of 200 or so Adresses - Create ms word files Create ms word files - Create msi installer Create msi installer (repost) - Create MT4 Gold Expert EA Create MT4 Hedging EA - Create multi player game with ranking board Create Multi Site Wordpress Such that the names dont have /blog and the names of sites have subdomains - Create Multilingual Template for Wordpress / WPML Create multimedia app for music streaming site - Create multiple articles from existing material -- 2 Create multiple Banners and logos for my Company - Create multiple Flot charts from the same query Create MULTIPLE flyers from scratch different sizes and forms for real estate sales - Create multiple listing on an auction site for my products. Create multiple logos for IT company\\\'s products/solutions - Create multiple textured parts for injection molding. Create multiple textured parts for injection molding. - Create MultiSim circuit AM modulator Create Multistep CV form based on a ready script - create music for our song Create Music for Video/Film - Create music video with Trance tracks and great party visuals . Create music video with Trance tracks and great party visuals . -- 2 - Create my bakeshop a simple but artistic website. -- 5 Create my bakeshop a simple but artistic website. -- 6 - Create my Document Create my documents in Microsoft Office programs. - Create my logo create my logo - Create my own coin on ETH HF Blockchain (side chain) Create my Own Cryptocurrency - Create my screens according to the mockup using TELERIK Create my SCUBA website to INSPIRE - Create my web site design Create my Webpage for me - Create my webstie 123 got it . com into an amazing restuarant searching site Create my webstore - Create myspace profiles Create MySpace Profiles - Data Entry - Create Mysql database from backup Create mySQL database from CSV file that I can query - Create MYSQL Schema for database and populate Create MySQL serial number check in PHP or Python - Create Name the Zombie home page Create Namecard, Letterheads for Documents such as Invoice, Letters using existing Logo - Create Navigation for Website as Separate Page Create Navigation from Web Folder - create new multipurpose wordpress theme to sell on themeforest create new multipurpose wordpress theme to sell on themeforest-1 - Create new altcoin Create new Altcoin (like bitcoin) - create new banner for abante 1.1.8 for frontpage Create new banners from PSD files - Create new CMS forms for an exiting website. Create New CMS from Existing Template (PHP) - Create New Crypto Currency and Alt-Coin (Lite alternative) Create New Crypto Currency and Alt-Coin (Lite alternative) - Create new design for graphics in powerpoint presentation Create new design for messages - create new edirectory theme Create new educational app - Create new feature in admin template! Create new features (marketplace) - Create new functionality on website and add ssl security Create new functions and fix up old problems and issues on our website - create new header, main and footer at homepage Create new header/logo for existing poker website - Create new Image Filter Create new images and modify existing - Create new Joomla site | Pro custom design needed Create new JOOMLA Template - Create New Logo Create New Logo - Create new logo for us Create new logo for website - Create New Mixtape Website System Create New Mobile Accessories Design Template for JTL Shop 3 - Create new online community website based on existing website Create new online community website based on existing website - repost - Create new payment modul for prestashop 1.6 and 1.5 Create new payment modul for prestashop 1.6 and 1.5 - open to bidding - Create new ppts Create new preorder page - create new reports from existing programs Create new responsive contact form landing page - create new sister site create new site - Create New Stock Quote & Forex Page & Page with iframe Create new Style for a Default Yootheme Template to match existing site skin - Create new templates for Netsuite Site Builder store Create New Terrain Variations (3DS Max / .X Format) - create new version of manual for aromtherapy oils Create new version of online survey - Create New Website Create New Website - create new website create new website - Create new website for our company and increase website search engine exposure Create new website for simple workbench - Create new website or modify current opencart website. Create New Website Pages with User Interface - Create new Wikipedia biography with references Create New Window Pop & Redirect Script - create new wordpress theme Create new wordpress theme for movie review - Create News Letter using Gimp + Tutor Create News Letter using Photoshop + Teach me How to - Create newsletter templaet in Joomla Acymailing Create Newsletter Template - Create nice ad banners Create nice design for InDesign files x2 - Create niche blog, firstly monetized by adsense (wordpress) Create Niche Instagram Account Capable of Earning $5 - $10 A day. - Create nodejs web anonymizer Create noise of our new app in Singapore - Create NT service wrapper for Java application Create nude fakes for me - Create OCX from existing command line source Create OCX using INDY componets in Delphi 7 for sending emai - Create old and modern custom image with product Create old reddit with good link karma - Create one 300 link web 2.0 linkwheel. Create One 3D Image For Me - Create one excel based macro Create one exterior 3D rendering - FAST turnaround - Create one lake design for a fishing Boardgame. Create One Landing Page - create one page admin for the data base create one page admin page - Create ONE page PSD and then turn into HTML Create one page report PHP code igniter - Create one PHP file with database connection Create one PHP page to import XML data files in MySQL database - Create one simple ViewPager based tab control Create One Simple Web Page - Create one webpage in HTML5 Create one Webpage using HTML,CSS and JQUERY in 3hours - Create ongoing GIF Animations for our Emails Create ongoing GIF Animations for our Emails -- 2 - create online biometric machine learning platform Create online Booking And Dispatch Software for Plumbing Company - Create online course using Articulate Storyline
Create Online Course Using Wordpress Or Moodle - Create Online Exam Create Online Exam PHP/Android based application - Create online game (agario server) Create ONLINE GAME - Treasure hunt etc - Create Online payment portal and customer information collection link Create Online PDF Form to Email Submit - create online recruitment system Create online registration for an existing website - Create Online Spreadsheet With Detailed Financial Accounts Create Online Storage Place - create online store using mysql, php and paypal Create online Store with Affiliate and Adsense - Create online yachts catalogue from XML in Yii Create online yachts catalogue from XML in Yii - repost - Create Open Realty template from Photoshop file Create Open Source ClickBank Gateway For WhmCS - Create OpenCart template based on attached design files Create OpenCart template from existing website - Create OPENGL Application Create OpenGTS responsive theme - Create optimized SSAS cube from data warehouse. (SSAS 2016) Create optimized website for mobile device based on desktop version - Create or Configure WordPress Widget Create or copy a Wordpress Template - create or givining out some needed gigs Create or Implement Deep Linking to my Android & iPhone Music App - create or modify flatpress theme(repost) Create or modify Google merchant feed - Create or Upgrade existing Wordpress Template Create or upgrade existing Directory Harvester - Create Order Forms Create Order Forms / API (1101974) - create original article content / original videos. Create Original Articles about Finance - Create osclass plugin Create Osclass Responsive Website - Create our Drupal Site Create our Ebay Listings - Create our staging Services Page on website Create Our Technical Specification Documentation - Project Management - Create Outlook contacts file from jpg's of 100 business card Create Outlook Forms - Create Owners Villa Rental Profile and Booking Website with Admin areas. Create OXID Plugin for our Newsletter Software with API and Sync - Create Packaging Design Create Packaging Design - Create Packaging Design for Vape Product Create packaging design of pouch label, consumer carton and brochure for new natural skin, hair and nail formula. Product will be sold in drug and mass market stores - Create Packaging Designs Create Packaging Designs - Create Packaging Designs for LED lights Create Packaging Designs for LED lights - Create Page Add/Edit/Delete/Show News Create Page and fix plugin - Create page on website to search mysql database. Create Page Photo - Create pages and add content to my site using my Word Document --- Create pages and add content to my site using my Word Document as a guide --- - repost - Create Pages in Wordpress or make a script to do the job Create pages of a website with JQuery and AJAX - Create paid VPN service Create Paint/PSD Basic file for backround content for template - Create parser and data format software for Windows Create parser and data format software for Windows -- 2 - Create Patient Login & Medication Tracking/Order System – Wordpress Site Create Patreon Like Website - Create payment gateway create Payment Gateway API and integrate with Shopify shopping cart - Create Payment optiuo box for onlineshop Create payment page - Create PayPal recurrent payment in WordPress Create PayPal Sandbox and use to test Auction Website - CREATE PDA APPLICATION FROM CURRENT WEB APP CREATE PDF - create pdf brochure from website content Create PDF carpet cleaning flyer (color) - Create pdf file for letterhead CREATE PDF FILE FOR PRINTING FROM EXCEL SPREADSHEET - Create PDF form Create PDF form - Create PDF Form_Edit PDF Doc Create PDF Forms - Create PDF From PHP file Create PDF from PHP/HTML page - create PDF of Illustrator files create pdf of invoice - Create PDF Template Create PDF Template for MonKey Office 2013 - Create pdf's from dynamic website content create pdf(sql query) with servlet and .xls file - Create percent rank table for access CREATE PERCEPTIONS - Create personal logo Create personal portfolio site - Create Petrinet create pg firstdata/linkpoint checkout 10 lineitems frontpa - create phonegap app with own video player Create PhoneGap Application - Create Photo Filter Effect in Illustrator Create photo filter for my android app - Create Photo website Create Photo website and upload my 2300 photos from photobucket to site - Create Photorealistic or Flat Mockup slides of our projects. Create photorealistic product illustrations - Create Photoshop file of attached image2 Create PHOTOSHOP files - Create Photoshop,/ Jpeg from Themeforest Template for Presentation Create photoshop\\ illustrator raw files- like the attached pictuers - Create PHP backend for HTML5 front end Create PHP Backend For Metronic - Create php contact form in my website footer Create PHP content management tool for small static website - Create php forms with admin page - with code generator Create php forms with jquery - Create PHP module to convert currencies at historical rates Create PHP module to convert currencies at historical rates - repost - Create PHP script Create PHP script - Create php script to create a new Google Contact using Google Contacts API Create PHP script to create folders and upload images to the folders. - Create php scripts for WooCommerce REST API Create PHP Search Script - Create PHP Website / Application - Niche social marketing site with index, profile template, store for items and downloads, portfolio. Create PHP Website File/Folder Structure - Create php/my sql web service for music files in server to be used by android app Create php/mysql directorie script - Create picture of product in Photoshop create picture re sizing from client and set up requirement for two field - Create pivot table in excel with data Create pivot tables from data entered into other sheets within same document - Create plans in autocad - repost Create plans in autocad - repost 2 - Create Ploatalot Charts from RSform Data create plots in matlab - Create plugin for my question2answer website Create plugin for OS-class script/website - Create plugin to integrate the WIZIQ virtual classroom to my Wordpress website Create Plugin to Integrate Woocommerce with Infor Syteline API - Create PNG images from input text Create png images out of AI and PSD files according to specs - create poker playing bot Create poker software similar to PokerStars and Zynga Poker - Create Pop Up Window For My Website Create pop up window on computer screen - Create POP3 Account on server # -- 2