Directorio de proyectos : An Android app - An illustration showing the architecture, charm, and amenities of a city block from bird's eye view.

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An Android app - An Android app for a wordpress blog with mobile push notifications for each new blog post and each new blog comment An Android app for backup, sync data from mobile to server - An Android App for Tourism in Ghana An Android app for Truck management - An android app that can sync Yahoo calendar. An android app that data is pushed to using node.js and with in app billing. - An Android App which can create 3d Graphs and charts An android app with communication capability - an Android application an android application - An android application for Bus Reservation System An android application for Bus Reservation System - An Android application to find the hospitals in the local city - repost 2 an android application to find theft mobile phone - An Android Arcade Game an Android background app - Project for Oleg - An android expert to merge two programs An Android expert needed who knows how to avoid memory leaks and can optimize the whole app - An Android Location Chat App. An Android mobile application - An Android standalone browser for 1 website An Android tablet Re-programmed to function properly with custom settings - An Angelic Painting An AngularJS directive that updates from services (scope) - An animated game designed for kids An animated game for our website & cartoon explanation of ho - An animated music video - open to bidding an animated PowerPoint presentation - An animated video introducing a financial product An animated video introducing a financial product - open to bidding - an animation for a youtube intro an animation for a youtuber - An animation to describe a biological process An animation update created for a client - An animator cum illustrator to work for our start-up An animator for a 10-15 minute documentary project - An anime vBulletin 3.8.4 skin An anime-styled animator - An anti-scam article Need to Modify an antivirus like Norton - An API to be integrated to my Wordpress php site an aplication to download videos from a website - an app an app - an app built an app built - An app developed that i came up with An App developed with PhoneGap and jQuery connected to a dbserver using web services. - An app for a subscription service with excellent search function capabilities An app for an alumni association.... - An app for directory website An app for emergency alert with sos button and other triggers - An app for iPhone and Android An app for iphone and android - An app for my Personal Websites and Social Media Sites An app for my social network - An app for storing school marks with a notebook for writing homework An app for storing school marks with a notebook for writing homework - repost - An app is needed to convert an ip address to a precise location using wifi access points or other techniques An app like uber - An app like Uberx but for shipping An app like uship - an app made for a school bank that is part of an irish national competition an app made for a small group of users - an app similar to olx An App Similar to QuizUp - an app that compares quotes & prices Estimate & Proposal from local businesses ( B2C) An app that connects two random people - an app that receives 25 bytes of data through Bluetooth An app that repeats text using your own voice for the ipod touch/iphone - An app to "fix bluetooth" lag with Bluetooth speakers and headphones. An App to be built - an app to get the world together An app to help mothers capture baby development - An App Uploaded To The App Store - open to bidding An app used as a search engine, social media and for ratings. - An app which helps medical students for their USMLE Exams An app which I need and icon, splash screen, and perhaps some screen layouts - An appealing Business presentation An appealing Business presentation -- 2 - an application and a website an application android - An application for creating fake members for Telegram An application for creating fake members for Telegram - An application for iphone an application for iphone - An application like instagram An application like instagram - An application that implements the concepts of distributed databases An application that include books & maps - An application to power an iOS based doppler probe An application to read poetry in Devanagari (Hindi) script - An application with Qr code, like Camcard application An applikation for (Iphone / android / Windows phone ) But one platform at a time - An Apps portfolio An apps that combine skills and interest - an arabic version of foodswitch app An Arabic voice is required - an architect/interior designer An architects thought evoking logo - An argumentative essay on a proposed strategy An armored model for an RTS - an article an article - An article about explainer videos An article about Food Security. Is it possible to feed the worlds population in an environmentally and socially accepted way? - An article about poverty in Lithuania An article about poverty in Lithuania - repost - An Article For a Wedding Blog an article for company profile & advertisement publication - An article on "How to lose weight" An article on "Politicization in budgeting is influenced by several Actors. Explain the Actors involved clearly" - An article on the history of the bicycle An article on the possibility of a world without slave trade and colonialism - An article titled: How Schools Kill Creativity. an article tittled child protection in Nigeria - An article writer needed an article writer needed. - An Article..... An Articles On Pinterest/Facebook/Etsy/Twitter - An artist for a comic book. An Artist impression of a new building which is currently under construction - An artist to draw for project of a childrens bbok An artist to draw for project of a childrens bbok - an artist to teach people how to do caricature An artist who can design cosmetic labels and who may be familiar with FDA label guidelines - An As creative writing piece checked but need it in 4 hours An ASP . NET Project - An ass kicker An ass kicker - open to bidding - An assignment for MBA. An Assignment for me nursing student third year last semester at wollongong university - an assignment on computing An assignment on genetics - An Assistant An assistant - an assistant who can work with me for 4 days in conference An assistant with organization and research skills. - An attractive website for my Cosmetic Store An Attractive website NEEDED for selling jewelry and fashion - An Audio Player with All feature like An Audio remix of a traditional Arab song with Old school Hip Hop - An augmented reality app for Android An augmented reality interior designing app - An Auto Parts Logotype An Auto SMS website - An Autocad project
An Autocad project - An Automated Website Generator for Customers an automatic add to cart service for a webstore - An automobile frame drawn with 4 sides showing. All 4 sides need to be put into dfx so each can be laser cut from .125 mild steel. An automobile parking collision warning system * Report - an AWESOME Amazon Product Listing An Awesome Book Cover Design - An cart site to be developed as a part of assignment an certain slideshow created - An design for manufacture and patent. An design logo - An E commerce Website An E commerce Website - open to bidding - An e-commerce marketplace similar to An E-Commerce Platform for Games - An e-commerce website - open to bidding An e-commerce website for an online pet store - an E-newsletter mailing program An E-store - An easy data entry work An easy desktop application - An easy java script prototype An easy job - An easy PHP Bug Fix - repost An Easy PHP homework help - only few lines of code needed - An easy task for every ONE An Easy task for php experts | add a report to a script - an easy work for you an easy work for you - An Ebay-like Joomla Component An eBoard System for Management of Board Meetings - an ebook cover an ebook cover - An ebook on Bruce Lee An Ebook on Dog Food - An ebook that talk about health and fitness for office workers - open to bidding an ebook to translate from french to english - an ecommerce site An ecommerce site for home delivery for a restarunt chain - An ecommerce website - open to bidding An eCommerce website built for a business owner within the hot tub industry - An economic analysis of an investment project. An economic assignment - An editor / copyeditor An editor / copyeditor - An Editor like Polyvore An editor suited to working on satyrical fantasy style writing. - An Education Portal an education project - An Effective Way to You An efficiency tracking wireless power transfer system - AN EKMPOWERSHOP TEMPLATE... An elearning system - An electrical or biomedical engineer to work with medical equipments An electrical or biomedical engineer to work with medical equipments - An electronics project helper, An electronics repair technician to repair non-functioning custom power supply boards - An email invitation designed for an email invite An Email Marketing Website - An embedded engineer having min. 3 years experience.. Project is based on RFID race timing kit An Embedded Hybrid Crypto-Biometric Authentication Scheme for ATM Banking Systems - An employee that can search through online search results and add leads to a google doc an employment bureau - An engineer experienced with finite element analysis an engineer for a air source heat pump heater system - An engineer who can turn a financial model in excel into an digital (beginning online) user interface an engineer who can use CAD - an english article editing An English article on Teaching English as a second Language - An English Teacher An English teacher - AN ENQUIRY INTO CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF TEACHERS IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS An Enquiry logging system - An Equestrian Tale an Equine (horse riding/training ) school - An essay an essay - An essay about me an essay about memory. - An essay for my history course class An essay in 5 paragraphs -- 2 - An essay on renaissance art an essay on the adverse conditions of the weather and their effects on man's activity - An Estimote: Shoe Sticker Application an ethnic wear fashion designer - an event management app using android, mongodb, and node js with a good knowledge on git. -- 2 An event manager/assistant with upbeat personality and excellent verbal and writing skills. Someone who love and appreciates music and motion picture scores. - an events app An events calendar and a full page mobile widget linked to website - An example program of reading binary in to a struct An example program of reading binary into a struct in c# - An excel formula an excel formula - An excel spreadsheet An excel spreadsheet - An excellent business writer required An Excellent Cake Php team required. - An excellent writer knows about MS excel pivot (filipino or kenyan preffered) an Excellist - An EXE or a windows service needed An exe to auto accept jobs on Aesop - an existing betting program that stopped working to make it work again and explain in print screens how to fix it myself in the future and how i can replace bookmakers and sport events for testing an existing betting program that stopped working to make it work again and explain in print screens how to fix it myself in the future and how i can replace bookmakers and sport events for testing - repost - An existing website migrated to SquareSpace An existing Website modification - An Experienced Android App Programmer Needed! (Quickly) An Experienced Android Developer - An experienced Graphic/Web designer An experienced Graphics designer is required to create brand homepage banners, newsletter banners, logo design based on the theme of existing website. - An experienced Quantity Surveyor / Estimator to assist our small shopfitting company with estimating work An experienced recording engineer who is proficient in ProTools. - An experienced web developer to build advanced reporting, tracking and progress on an existing PHP site using Laravel. An experienced web developer to conduct a lesson to managers about the basics of web development - An Expert Advisor (MT4) minor modify needed an expert android and ios developer is needed for quickblox app - An expert in AngularJS, HTML5 and SQL Server An expert in Asterisk - Java needed - An expert in marketing books through google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter An expert in mathematics is required. - An expert marketer and advertiser An expert needed to fix SEO related bug in Joomla - An expert resource on Ruby-on-Rails An expert review writer and blog writer - An Expert Web Designer Wanted - 1 @ $5000 An Expert Web Designer Wanted - 4 @ $5000 - An exploration of plagiarism: the perceptions of senior nurses in the context of professionalism and patient care an export in matrix 7 - an extra row adding to new products on my magento site An extraction program - An front end android app and back end system similar to Uber or Tripda An full experienced developer with Surge deploy - An Honest Opinion (testiomonial) For My Health And Dieting Ebook An hour job! Correct some Mistakes of a 12 page brochure - An HTML Custom Website An HTML expert to tweak/customize m my Tumblr Theme - an HYIP site that has instant deposit and withdrawal An HYP EXPERT - open to bidding - An id hacked. Need it retrieved. Asap An ID site where people can look up their "account" with an Identification number and see the status of their account (example processing, completed, waitlisted ect.). - An illistrator for the cover of my book an illistrator to illistartor a cartoon strip. To bring my ideas and Caricatures to life - An Illustration for a "Home Loan Guide" Content which is in a word document. An Illustration for a "Home Loan Guide" Content which is in a word document. - open to bidding - An illustration of a girl. An illustration of a group of around 15, mostly females, for a Christmas card - An illustration showing the architecture, charm, and amenities of a city block from bird's eye view.