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A multi-bakend compiler for a functional programming language - A multifunctional pen A Multifunctional Web Portal Needed - A Multiple Webstore a multiplex - A Music Event Flyer A music group logo - A Music Promoter A Music promoter - A Music Video A Music Video - A musician who can play the accordion and/or a concertina A Muslim Matrimonial Website - A mystical, trens-formative logo A N I M O T O - PROGRAM - A name is required a name logo - a native app A Native App for 2 sites: http://buildercrm. - A native English writer A native English Writer -- 2 - A native iOS and Android App similar to Zipcar's app A Native iOS Master-detail View App - A Native Writer Can Make A Difference A NATIVE WRITER REQUIRED FOR A FEW ARTICLE RE_WRITING PROJECTS - a need a logo A need a module that do the next workflow - A need for 3 small vector images A need for and funky website for food critic and cookery website - a netlogo project A netplay client for a PC fighting game called Melty Blood - A network software using powershell and java A network soloution 800 words - A new 3 in 1 indicator A new 3D Kinect Game - A NEW APP FOR YOU ! A new application - A new business logo a new business logo - a new company logo A new company logo and a web page developed - a new craiglist poster A new creative way to learn about the world around you - A New Day 2018 A new deal & coupon listing website - A new Drupal Module has to be developed. Following functionalities has to be offered. A New Drupal Theme - A new exchange type to a social exchange system A new exciting startup requiring SEO website - A new fresh look for my website A NEW FUTURISTIC SHOES BOX - A new homepage designed for online pet store A new homepage designed for online pet store - repost - a new iphone because lose my samewhere A new iPhone & iPad game. - A New Life A new line of smart formal/casual clothing - A new logo A new logo - A new logo design for the Mining engineering program at the Polytechnique de Montréal A new logo designed - a new logo for my company Dolls and Ducks .com a new logo for my grilled cheese food truck - A new logo project for Beko A new logo required for an Internet company - A New Marketing Campaign A New Marketing Campaign (1255706) - A new name for the previously designed logo. A new NGINX reverse proxy required - A new powerpoint template with our company look and feel A new PPT making from another PPT -No plagarism -7 NZD - A new project a new project - A new projects for 10 articles about Israel a new provisional: hanger project - A new setting for Ionic app - sorting of posts from Wordpress A new simple logo Startup8 - A New Social Networking Entertainment Pay Membership Site A new social networking website - A new template for wordpress A new text parser for ExpressionEngine - A new version of the Heaven High cover A new version of the white label file - A new web site- Makam A new webcoder project - A new website A new website - a new website a new website - A new website about Hollywood! A new website and modification to 2 current website created by praveen458 - A new website for a magician A new website for a restaurant - A New Website Needed A New Website Needed - A New Website, Integrated from an old A New Website, Integrated from an old - A new wordpress site A new wordpress theme - A newly set up website need SEO. Goal: first page in google - open to bidding A newlywed welcome home from Aus! - A News Feed A news letter email page with a folder display - A Newsletter done. It is bimonthly - ongoing work A newsletter template created - A nice feedback A nice feedback to build up profile - A nice website - open to bidding A nice woman Voice for a 30 secondes record (in English) - A no bake desserts book (2) A no brainer basicaly 3 circles with text inside them for ppt - A Non real stock market! A non-fiction book converted from MS Word into InDesign - A nonlinear power amplifier Design A normal app for iphone - A Novel - The Accessory A Novel 3D Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network - A novel Writer a novel written - A number of Name Driven URLs require traffic A number of projects and on-going work - A nutritionist to hold short informative talks a nz$880Million Crowd Founding Members project (I shit you not) - A one minute math race game for the iPad and/or iPhone... a one minute of motion graphics - A one page Research Proposal (ASAP!) A one page Research Proposal (ASAP!) - A one screen drag and drop game for Android programmed in Java/xml A one sided e-flyer designed asap - A online data entry application A online data entry application - Repost - A online movie theater a online pg hostel service only for students - A Online Travel Agency A online tshirt site - A organisation website with mobile apps A original Logo for exciting international drag artist - a package designed for my product to go on store shelves. a package for our product as a MUSIC BOX - a page like 9gag A page like FB timeline - A Page with 7 needed features a page(product) monitor for a certain website - A Painting A painting - A painting of an outdoor setting with 4-5 people in it.
A painting of literary character on a small canvas - A paper A paper - A paper for David A Paper for Online Journal in IT and Computer Science - A Paper of 5500 is Required! A paper of research - A paper relevant to hydrogeology and rock fractures needs editing A paper relevant to hydrogeology and rock fractures needs editing -- 2 - A Paper Written # 2-5 book A Paper Written # 2-6 book - a parental control android app A parody of an anime opening - A part time bookeeper A part time bookeeper - A part time job a part time job - a part time job in malaysia a part time job regarding data entry - a part time typing job - open to bidding A Part timer website Design and coding - A partly developed Zend Framework based website A partner agreement - A Pashto translator. A Passbook app for Android - A patient diary with accounting ability A patient information software - A payment gateway contract A payment gateway contract - ongoing work - A paysite and xxxTube FLV free sites for maintain and SEO. A PC based program to convert word document file to HTML – for lokeshlal only - A pdf invoice with the FPDF library in PHP a pdf magazine - A Peer-to-Peer application A Pelles C project to simply map a drive.using the Win32API - A perfect organization graph for IT, Telecom, & Electrical company A perfect proposal - A Permanent website designer urgently needed A Permanent website designer urgently needed to join our team - a person how is familer with root and how to get data from or through root A person in Lisbon who can be my friend - A Person to blog about security in ireland. A person to code using the CGAL library - A person to monitor Freelancer for me wanted a person to organize many diverse sets of papers- domestic and other - A person who can fix code for word press. A Person Who Can Get Me First Page Submits In Bulk - A person who know Adsense very well. a person who knows about soid workd and jigs and fixtures as well. - a person with working knowledge of Api development, python A person's whatsapp history - a personal assistant a personal assistant - A Personal Branding evening. a personal celebrity iPad/iPhone application - A Personal Journal App - repost A Personal Journal iPad App - A personal poem A personal poem - A personal website created A personal website developer - A personalized wedding e-card A personalized Wordpress CMS with portal for multiple users. - A Pharmacist Required to Write Articles for a PTCB Website-$1 per 100 words. a pharmacist to write 200 drugs cautions and contra indications - a phone app A phone app to display a forum - A photo "merge" using two faces to look like a group photo - ongoing work A Photo Ads PHP website - A photo montage video animation A photo of a building on S Cleveland Street in Amarillo TX - A photo sharing app developed A photo sharing site. - a photograph A photograph edited - A photographer A photographer - a photographer a photographer - a photographer / freelancer A Photographer and a cameraman/camerawoman - a photographer for a funeral A photographer for a half day womenswear shoot - A photographer for an hour or so (no more than 3 hours - including travel time) A Photographer for clothing brand in seoul, south korea - A photographer in NYC for small adult birthday party the evening of Friday August 8th, for two hours. -- 2 A photographer is required from Johannesburg on urgent basis - A photographer to photograph our completed projects A photographer to photograph our completed projects - A Photographers A Photographers - A photography website A photography website made - A photoshop expert / a animation movie expert A photoshop expert to make a jpeg into a editable psd that looks scanned - A photosop plugin A PHP & Wordpress Developer Programmer - A PHP based ticket system with iOS and Android app A php based web-app - A PHP database A PHP database - A PHP DEVELOPER WANTED FOR A 12 MONTH PROJECT A php developer with an open-mind - A php forum A php from to make a rest call and add data to Espocrm - A php mysql website project A PHP Nuke Clone - A PHP Programmer/Developer A PHP project - A php script that identifys a file from a text within it A php script that verify a mailbox - A PHP script/API to take screenshot of a given div of a given url A PHP script/API to take screenshot of a given div of a given url - repost - a php website a php website - a PHP/MySQL project: creating a "working hours" pages a PHP/MySQL project: creating a "working hours" pages - ongoing work - A pianist or violin player A pick list template - a picture edited professionally through photoshop a picture enlarged / or a new picture design for a HOA - a picture of a rarend of a dog A picture of a skin wound with specific factors (hydration, temperature, pressure, pH, gases and microbes) affecting it from the exterior/surface - A picture quiz game mage with c# on a WPF application a picture reproduced at a much larger size - A piece of advise A piece of artwork for a game - A Pinterest Assistant A Pinterest marketing pro - A place for Dogs A Place For Subscribers To Search Through and Download Leads - A plastic pallet that folds up - repost a plastic piece for an underwater camera case - A platform similar as Airbnb a platform similar to Twago or Freelancer - A Players needed! Make a difference in people's lives. Build backend of web application prototype using php A playing card application for iphone - A plugin for Atlassian JIRA -- 2 a plugin for e107 website - A plugin to link into my Wordpress site for a virtual league with teams and rosters - rosters players will be a 'user' so this plugin will need to work simply A Plugin to Play Google Docs video with JWPlayer - a poet A poetic helper. - A Poker Software