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Adding 350 items in Magento Go - Adding 50,000 users to a facebook app Adding 500 items to the Rauken eCommerce Marketplace - Adding 60 products to Magento Go -- 4 adding 600 pictures to a wikimedia website - Adding A API to egsisting website Adding a application page to a wordpress template - Adding a blog functionality to our web site Adding a blog link - Adding a calculated product price within Magento based on Gold and Platinum Prices adding a calendar to my homepage right now - adding a component to social network application adding a condition to c# program - Adding a custom menu over a image by creating a side bar Adding a custom product finder in a Woocommerce site - Adding a drop down menu to my site adding a dropdown list select list to a drupal 8 module - Adding a feature to existing iOS app adding a feature to my joomla component - Adding A Flip Book and Download PDF to Wordpress Site Adding a folder to a new facebook application - Adding a function to a NV9USB bill reader[Japanese programmers needed] Adding a function to exciting CLICK PLC program - repost - Adding a javascript code to the AJAX-based infinite scroll pagination. - open to bidding Adding a javascript code to the AJAX-based infinite scroll pagination? - Adding a little PHP code to existing PHP page Adding a loading graphic between all pages & Lightbox 2.6 help. (How do you put multiple slides into one thumb?) - Adding a minor modification for an existing script adding a my website links to facebook - Adding a New Postal Code Database Adding a new store and new domian to magento - adding a parenting class to website Adding a password changer to a program - adding a plugin adding a plugin and editing to an existing wordpress website - Adding a rectangle on DXF drawing & delete all lines outside Adding a ref system - ADDING A SECONDARY MENU IN THE PAGE BESIDES A MAIN MENU Adding a section to a joomla based page. - Adding a site to the google Adding a site to webdirectories - Adding a static page and link it to image Adding a Stick Figure into a logo - Adding a unique Affiliate Market Place onto my existing website Adding a url to CDR file - Adding a wordpress blog into an existing html website Adding a wordpress blog to volusion store - Adding additional code to current project - repost Adding Additional Feature To Estimating Takeoff Program - Adding additional Gallery to our homepage with Zoom feature on a Wordpress theme ADDING ADDITIONAL IMAGE CAPTIONS TO WORDPRESS IMAGES - Adding adfalcon ad to unity game and export it to App store and Playstore Adding admin approval and altering link verification - Adding Adsense On Site Adding Adsense Sharing to Article Dashboard - Adding affiliate tracking script - To be done now Adding Age Verification to BigCommerce website - Adding Alt tags to image generated by a Plugin Adding an "Email the Author" button to my Joomla website - Adding an email link to a php page Adding an email subscription button to an existing site - Adding an Image Upload to a Form Adding an invitation feature for a multiplayer flash game (Connect 4) - Adding and altering a php online internet game. Adding and altering a php online internet game.(repost) - Adding and Subtracting Game for resale adding and uploading data to db via xls - Adding approx 500 products to an Ecommerce system adding arabic charset to a site - Adding attachment sending option and bank card payment to javascript website template Adding attribute filters on to BigCommerce template - Adding Authentication and Session Level login to my website php mysql ! HELPPP Adding Authentication and Session Level login to my website php mysql ! HELPPP -- 2 - Adding background color to groups in PHPbb3 ADDING BACKGROUND IMAGE TO EDITABLE PDFS - Adding basic 3D chat to dating site Adding basic content management to sites - Adding Blog and Additional Pages to Website Adding Blog posts to a image site. - Adding brazilian bank billet option Adding Breadcrumbs in a Website - Adding calculators to a form in Alpha Five Adding calendar to an exciting asp site. - Adding Car Accessory Site to Spanish Car Forums adding card form html - Adding CCavenue Gateway to a WordPress Website Adding CD Burning from within a VB application - adding check boxes and correct redirection of PHP page. adding check digit - Adding Client Login Area To Wordpress Website Adding closed caption to 100 YOUTUBE videos(about 5 mins) - adding code to webpage adding code to website to force wordpress to https - Adding Commenting feature in MovableType Theme Adding Comments - Adding complex products for WooCommerce - long term -- 2 Adding complex products for WooCommerce -- 2 - Adding content (around 15 pages) to a Wordpress Website. Adding content and banner,design a logo to my website - Adding content to DNN skin Adding content to Drupal CMS from Word Doc. - Adding content to my wordpress site Adding Content to our Google Maps API - adding content to wordpress template + installing wocommerce plugin and making small shop adding content to WP and integrating WP plugin - Adding Core Features in Spring Java Web Application adding cotact form in django - adding crystal reports in existing project C# and crystal reports adding css code - Adding custom filters -- 2 adding custom form in megento checkout - Adding custom Wordpress features to existing site Adding Custome Feature - Adding data to existing Joomla site Adding data to my PHP Pages - for umairb4u2001 only - Adding date to Excel sheet - open to bidding Adding dating members!!! - Adding Functionality to Expressions Engine Adding Functionality to Expressions Engine(repost) - Adding discount offers for Thailand online stores (THAI people only) Adding discount offers for Vietnamese online stores (Vietnamese NATIVES) - Adding drag & drop two and single column layout container using PHP, Ajax(JQuery), MySQL Adding drag and drop Ajax functionality to site - Adding dutch language to english wordpress site Adding DVD dates to - Adding eBay Categories and Item Specifics to my upload file Adding ebay items to volusion - Adding email alert to a MT4 indicator Adding email and phone number in a website - Adding error handlings in MVC3 Website forms (3forms) Adding Escrow Function - Adding Esign or Echo Sign or Docusign API installation to my Submit Form Also Add Notification if sent/Read/Received -- 9 Adding Esign or Echo Sign or Docusign API installation to my Submit Form Also Add Notification if sent/Read/Received -- Start NOW - Adding events to google calendar Through Filemaker V13 - repost Adding Events to Web Application - Adding extra feature/functionalities to a existing WP plugin adding extra features - adding extra text links Adding extra to the graphics - Adding facebook friends Adding Facebook friends - big project - ADDING FACEBOOK LOGIN TO MY WESITE Adding Facebook Page LIKED Automatically when visited a link - Adding FB like button on homepage specific posts' preview section - repost Adding FB like button on homepage specific posts' preview section - repost 2 - Adding feature to the GPS, FONA, Arduino project Adding Feature to wordpress theme - Adding features in opencart website
adding features in website - Adding features to a Site adding features to a site - Adding features to an existing website using Node JS / Mongo DB / Express / Angular / Less / Front End Adding features to an existing windows desktop program - Adding features to existing freelance & client project management tool Adding features to existing jomsocial site - adding features to my android app Adding Features To My App (Need an iOS dev with musical background) - Adding Features to PHP Browser based mafia game Adding features to php script - Adding Features, Custom Perl adding features. - Adding Fields - Personals Profile Adding Fields in membership plugin. - Adding filter button and filter sidebar to a live website -- 2 Adding filter sidebar to a live website - only design - no development. - adding flow player to yetishare plugin Adding Flurry Analytics to "single screen App" (MonoTouch and MonoDroid) - Adding Form Fields to an Adult Personals Profile Adding form to WordPress Theme - Adding friends on a social network website,long term project Adding friends on - Adding func to JoomlaLMS site adding function - adding function. Adding functionalities to an ongoing project - Adding functionality to an interface Adding functionality to an iPhone app - Adding Functionality to Wordpress Based Website Adding functionality to Wordpress site - adding functions to vanillaforums adding functions to warehouse software (VC++) - Adding Gift Card Banner BACK to Gift Card Page Adding Gift Certificate Option to Shopping Cart - Adding Google Analytics coding to adding google analytics for every user - Adding Google Maps Store Locator to Joomla site Adding Google Maps Store Locator to Joomla site -- 2 - Adding Heat Tracking and Minor Site Changes Adding hedge filters to my MT4 EA - Adding html menu to javascript Adding HTML template in a script + banner(optional) - Adding icons images, pictures and links from one website to the other Adding icons, text and animations to sales video. - Adding image slider to an existing web application Adding Image slider to Magento Site - Adding images to a pdf file Adding Images to a Simple viewer wordpress gallery - Adding in-app purchase 'Restore' feature to existing app Adding In-App Purchase and Rewarded Video Ads to an Android Webview App - Adding Input Fields to Web Registration Page adding input text into product page - Adding Inventory module into our current Web-based accounting system Adding invite friends tab to my Facebook page - Adding Items and Ring sizes II - repost Adding Items and Ring sizes II - repost 2 - Adding items to a form if certain conditions is met Adding Items to amazon through MS Excel - repost - Adding javascript (not flash!) mp3 player to AudioField module for Drupal 6 Adding Javascript capabilities to PDF - ADDING JQUERY MOUSE EVENTS TO A PHP SCRIPT Adding jQuery thumb sliding feature (mouse and touch devices). - Adding Keywords Titles And Descriptions To Images - Proj 010 Adding Keywords To Google Adwords Campaign - Adding LED Visualizer to an existing ShoutCast-Player app Adding lens zoom to website - Adding links and submitting Adding links to a flash menu - Adding little things to the site. Adding little things to the site. - repost - Adding Login to my website with different levels. Adding login window in already designed java server - Adding Macro Function to Existing Spreadsheet Adding Macro to Excel file Part 1 - Adding market analytics to wordpress website adding martingale - adding menu and slider adding menu in a footer area of a wordpress theme - adding mobile phone support for phpbb3 forum adding mobile phones to database - 10 phones - Adding modules to to Website Adding Modules to WWC - Adding more features for a Taxi app" uber clone ". Adding more features on working website - adding more update to ecommence site Adding more user roles to visichat with permissions - Adding Multiple Dates to MySQL database Adding multiple file upluad and mailing to a HTML form - adding my outline Adding Myspace Friends - adding new cute juniors and womens fashion to, i need lots of QUALITY products added, amazon affiliate adding new design on index pls - Adding new features and redesign my website Adding new features in andriod app - Adding new features to my site Adding new features to my site. - Adding new functionality to Java project Adding New functionality to website - Adding new option to my IONIC mob app Adding new page on a bootsrap website HTML production - Adding new script to existing scripts adding new search results when coming to end of page (like - Adding Nike shoes to cusatomers cart Adding nodes - Adding offline functionality to existing POS built on Codeigniter Adding old content to a blog - Adding online reservation on restaurant website Adding Online Store and an extra page to existing website - Adding Options to Joomla Template and Removing Errors adding options to XCART - Adding page to phonegap app adding pager function to Ajax result - Adding pagination to WebMatrix/Razor ASP.NET Adding pagination to Wordpress theme - adding payment gateway to asp net forum adding payment gateway to ASP.NET forum - Adding Paypal buttons to my website and other duties Adding Paypal checkout pages to wordpress site - Adding peer to peer functionality to disturbution media Adding peer to peer functionality to disturbution media - Adding photo effects and Animation adding photo that show in home page slider to WP "theme option" - Adding Pickup / Delivery options to Modx shopping cart (shopkeeper) Adding Pickup / Delivery options to Modx shopping cart (shopkeeper) - repost - adding plugins into wordpress and some customization Adding PMN and Brand manually on presta shop - Adding post to my site. Adding posting capabilities to existing software. - Adding Price Feature Adding Price Range With Facetwp PLUGIN TO A EXISTING FILTER BAR - Adding Product info To website Adding product options on Oscommerce - Adding Products Adding Products - Adding products ans=d categories in BigCommerce store Adding Products ebay Store - repost 2 - Adding Products from one Website to Another Adding products from our website to Pinterest - Adding Products in MMO Shop (version 2.3) -- 3 Adding Products in MMO Shop (version 2.3) -- 4 - Adding Products Manually Adding Products Manually - Adding products to a webshop Adding products to a website - starting today - Adding Products To Free Ecommerce Cart of Your Choice Adding products to google merchant account - Adding products to Joomla Site/Shopsite