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Add points to Wordpress(Voyager theme) - Add pop up ad on website Add pop up ad on website -- 2 - Add pop-up form to website Add pop-up to Shopify site - add popup to 2 pages on my site TODAY Add popup to appear when users register and remove word 'Login' - Add Portfolio/Profile section in our site Add PoS CryptoCurrency support to existing online wallet - Add Post Expert Needed Add post filter button to backend plugin post list overview (filter post on custom fields) - Add postcode field to database sign up and filter out Add postcode lookup using - Add poster needed! Top pay for Hard Worker! add poster wanted - add posting add posting - add posting , data entry - open to bidding ADD POSTING - open to bidding - Add posting on classified websites Add posting on Criaglist & backpage - Add Posting work (Online) Add Posting work (Online) - Add Powered by to Video Intro Add PowerMTA Mailmerge as a sending option to Interspire Email Marketer 6.1.3 - Add premium subscription functionality to our vBulletin forum (hide display ads) Add premium subscription functionality to our vBulletin forum (hide display ads) -- 2 - Add price button to other galleries too add price categories for 98 posts in wordpress - Add Pricing Comparison Table on Weebly Site Add Pricing Filter to Custom posts in Wordpress. - Add Print Function to Simple PHP Script Add print function to VB form - Add Printer to Linux Add printer's bleed to Publisher document - Add prodcuts to ecommerce (opencart) website Add Prodcuts to oscommerce store - Add product attributes in frontend (magento website) Add product attributes in frontend (magento website) -- 2 - Add Product Descriptions and Images to Magento Backend Add product descriptions and tags to Shopify website. Make sure website is easily navigable. - Add product image to joomla Virtuemart Order Invoice- Add product image to shopping cart - Add product information to existing MODx website. Add product information to webs - Long time provider needed - add product on my prestashop website Add product on my shopping site - Add product photo to customer order page Add Product Photos to 16,000 Products - Add product to cart in MijoShop (OpenCart) Add product to category - Add Product To My Magento Shop Add Product to my magento store - Add Product to Store Add Product to Store - Add product variant features on shopify stotre Add product variations for our Woocommerce site - add products add products - Add products / categories to my Online Store - Shopify / Oberlo Add products 2 - add products and prices to my website Add products and product images to furniture store site - Add Products From Amazon to My Templates Add products from amazon to wordpress - Add products from Prestashop to Google Shopping/Merchant Center add products from various manufacturers to my website and selected products to an excel spreadsheet - Add products in magento Add Products in Magento Site - Simple project - Add Products in shopping chart - repost Add Products in to Oscommere store - Add Products into prestashop product and Category Add Products into Website, Using CMS - Add products on my shopify site from another platform add products on my wordpress website. - Add products shopping cart spreadsheet Add products to Amazon and correctly - add products to a shopping cart add products to a shopping cart - Add Products to Amazon Add products to Amazon - Add Products to Amazon SellerCentral Job Add products to Amazon SellerCentral now - Add products to an online store from another website Add Products to an Oscommerce Website - Add Products to Ebay through Volusion Admin Interface Add products to eBook store - Add products to excel Add products to excel - Repost - Add Products to InDesign Template Add Products to Interspire Shopping Cart - Add products to Magento (Matrix) - repost Add Products to Magento - Experience Required - Add products to Magento site Add products to magento site - Add products to Magento store from XLS file Add products to Magento Store. - Add Products to My eCommerce Website. Add products to my estore - Add products to my Shopify Store. Positive Feedback + Potential Long Term Work + Awesome Reference Add products to my Shopify Store. Positive Feedback + Potential Long Term Work + Awesome Reference - add products to my webshop! Add Products To My Website - add products to my websites/ reconfigure menu Add products to my webstore - Add Products To Online Store Add Products to Online Store - Add Products to Online Store (Miva Merchant) Add Products to Online Store - Repost - Add Products to OpenCart - Can't Be Done Via Spreadsheet 4500 Products With Options Add products to opencart -- 2 - Add Products to Oscommerce Ecommerce Website Add products to oscommerce shop - Add Products to osCommerce Website - 2 Add Products to osCommerce Website - Dec - Add products to our online store Add products to our online store. - Add products to Prestashop store Add Products to Prestashop Using Mass Edit & FTP. - Add products to Shopping cart Add products to shopping cart - Add Products to Store 1 Add products to the website - Add products to Web Site Add Products To Website - Add products to website add products to website - Add products to woocommerce Add products to WooCommerce - Add products to WooCommerce Store Add Products To Woocommerce Store With Excel Template - ADD PRODUCTS TO X-CART Add products to X-cart - Add products, categories and content to a website, one website to another. Add products, categories and content to a website, one website to another. -- 2 - Add profile processing upload fields in wordpress Add Profile Type to User's Profile - Add progress bar in aspx application Add Progress bar in aspx website - Add Projects and Seminars Add projects from a catalogue into a database with pictures - Add Properties To A Wordpress Website Add properties to custom label - Add provided slideshows inside Presentations Videos Add provided translations to website - Add ptoducts to website Add public domain name to my sharepoint site - Add push notification and email alert to MQ4 indicator
Add push notification code (Andorid, Iphone) Urgent - Add Push Notification to IOS Add Push Notification to IOS - Add Push notifications to a phonegap build and push message from Firebase FCM Add push notifications to an iOS and android app - Add Python Scrapy scripts to periodically scrape 15 websites and add data to a database Add Python Scrapy scripts to periodically scrape 15 websites and add data to a database -- 2 - add quality content to my website videos!! -- 4 add quality content to my website videos!!! - Add quantity processing / XML to my CFM code - for marr Add Quantity Tier Pricing To My Admin and Website - Add questions to my 'check out' page on woocommerce wordpress website Add questions to PSD - Fangirl - Add Quiz Functionality to the existing App Add Quiz Functionality to the existing App - Add radio buttons to form and make validation for all the fields add radio capabilties in my site - Add random products to home page Add random queries to net posts extended plugin - Add rate feature to Lobo Pop app IOS + Android Add Rate to existing Xcode project - Add Re-Captcha to 3 similar forms Add Reaction and Social Buttons to wordpress blog - Add real time chart library to a website Add Real time Chat to exist script code laravel - Add ReCaptach to PHPbb3 with every post Add ReCaptacha to PHPBB3 - Add Recaptcha to HTML page Add reCAPTCHA to JComments (Joomla) - Add Recipe Page to Zen Cart Add Recipe Plugin for WordPress (with design-example) - add recurring billing option for boxbilling system add recurring billing to boxbilling system and some mods - Add References Plugin and Fix Small Error Add references to existing EndNote X2 library file - Add reflections to previous set of images. Add registation form - Add Registration and seperate FB Apps per User Add registration authentication function to Wordpress Theme + plugin - add registration to wordpress Add Registration, login and cart checkout with paypal on core PHP. - Add Remove records from DB Add Rendezvous Service to WinVNC - Add Reporting to .NET App Add reports and grid to website - Add reset button for EG and fix quick-view plugin Add Reset functionality to firmware/control board - Add Responsive Design & referral Add Responsive Design to an existing website - Add Responsive Slider in HTML Add Responsive Slider on Menu Page - Add restart button to Flash game... Add restaurant and menu on an online food delivery website - Add restore button for Unity In App Purchase Add restore feature to current app on ionic1 - Add Rets IDX Real Estate Feed To Website add reveiw sofeware - Add RevMob mobile websites solution to wordpress site Add RevMob Pop Up/Full Screen/ Banner - Add Rich Snippet / Schema to LocalBusiness Website Add rich snippets to magneto website - Add Ripple coin to Peatio Exchange. -- 2 Add Ripple Effect to Ionic Google Map Marker - Add Rotating Banner in Oscommerce Site Add rotating banner to open cart website - Add row to dynamic statistics table add row to home page at - Add RSS feed scroller to display images to website Add RSS Feed Social Icon to Wordpress Site - Add RSS Feed to website(repost) Add rss feed, Follow button, and Mail Chimp newsletter sign-up form to an existing Tumblr Blog Theme - Add RSS Newsfeed to my web site! Add RSS syndication capabilities to website - Add running board on truck images Add running board on truck images - open to bidding - add sales report , invoice to my codeigniter web app - repost Add Sales Tax to Delivery Charge - Add Save Function + Fix One Bug on CakePHP Add Save Map - Add scheduling functionality to web site form. MySQL / PHP database required. Add Scheduling Functionality to Wordpress Plugin - Add Scraper Content to Wordpress Website Add scraper to capture ads from the list of web sites (static/dynamic ads) - add script 5 add script 6 - ADD SCRIPT FOR CONVERSION TRACKING add script for tpl product and add hidden field - add script to my website add script to rotate image - Add Scripts to start in Linux on Boot. add scroll buttons on special area of homepage - Add Scrollup function to pagination on Visual composer Post Grid addon Add scrub bar | Actionscript 2 - Add search and edit function to simple VB application Add search and favourite functionality to an existing android code - Add search botton to Attribute Wizard Pro - Prestashop Add Search Box and Pagination Function in php Site - Add search contacts to our launcher Add search criteria on a site. - add search field and newsletter signup Add search field to result list in Concrete 5. - Add Search Functions to to Display Property Adverts on Lists and Maps Add Search Functions to to Display Property Adverts on Lists and Maps(repost) - Add Search To Website & Minor PHP fixes On 2 Pages Add Search with Range in e-comm website using Magento. - Add second footer to WordPress site add second language for WP Page (frontend) - Add Secondary Domain Controller to Existing Forrest Add Secondary Menu to WordPress Header - Add secure password mechanism to the app Add Secure Payment portal to a website - Add security patch for the SUPEE-6285/SUPEE-6482)/SUPEE-1533/ XSS , issue in Mangento Add security plugins to my Wordpress Website - Add security to website... add security to wowza - Add sellers products categories on theyr shops, on a prestashop marketplace Add selling point adress in Google maps to opencart site - Add SEO elements to my website. Please read the description first and then provide quote/timeline. add SEO feature, improve SEO links, for php script - add server and client capability to application Add server protection for Malware, anti virus etc - add several commands to script Add several features to my web-site - add share button on the website Add Share Button to Posts - Add Share, Join and Buy buttons add shared component - Add Shipping Charge to 15 wp site each site i will pay 4$ shipping condition. when buy total lower than 3000 shipping charge will be 250 when greater than 3000 shipping free only this you have to do in 15 site Add Shipping Code & image fix - add shipping options to WP Marketpress site Add shipping per region in Opencart - Add shop to an existing website add shop to my classifieds site - Add Shopping Cart & Integrate it with Paypal Add Shopping Cart - Simple HTML and CSS Work - Add shopping cart and PSP integration to our CEMAP web site Add Shopping Cart and Revise some pages - Add Shopping Cart to Existing Site Add Shopping cart to existing website - Add shopping Cart to phpsound script Add shopping cart to Tesseract theme Wordpress like + connect to PayPal. - add Shortcut Button in admin and few tweaks in frontend all day work Add Shortlist and Contact Popup Buttons - Add Sidebar to Wordpress Theme Add Sidebar to Wordpress theme - Add Sign-Up form to Index page (Skadate X - Oxwall) Add Sign-up hyperlink text to Andriod - ADD SIGNUP AND LOGIN FORM TO MY SITE