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Add Airpush SDK1 and TapContext SDK 3 to 10 of my Andoid apps (Eclipse) - Add AJAX features to CGI pages Add AJAX features to existing PHP forms - Add AJAX Portfolio Popup to Wordpress Theme (Rather than page reload) Add AJAX Scripts into App elements - Add AJAX-Request on Kendo UI form Add AJAX/Javascript to page to be able to filter out results from a PHP/MySQL search results - Add Alert and Confirm to webview of Android App Add alert message to Android Quiz app - Add alertdialog to existing apk (break apk) add alertpay and google checkout payment options - Add all Bambi Products to Ebay Add all bidders of project to Personal Worker List on Vworker; scraping - Add Alphabetical index to e107 content plugin Add Already Done Php Code to Live Site - Add Amazon button to my site ADD Amazon check out on my site - Add Amazon S3 Storage to a File Sharing Script Add Amazon S3 to small script to upload images to Cloudfront instead of server. Experienced of similar job only! - Add an "About" Popup in LaunchRock page Add an "introduction" field in my backoffice and website - add an addmob to Android app add an address or add a phone number or address or anything when you click Create a new listing - Add An Alternative Beginning To A Video Trailer add an announcement banner to some pages of our site - add an auto-installer for my application Add an autospiner to my already created content app - Add an email address to bcc a copy of order confirmations on zencart Add an email address to s simple form- Small job - Add an existing video player to wordpress site Add an Exit Popup to my Landing Page and Make Minor Revisions - Add an extra page and some functionality to our existing service add an extra page to the design of a website - Add an IM in my community Add an IM in my community( - Add an In-App Purchase menu in an existing app in Xcode, and help me arrange it in iTunes. Add an Infinite Scroll to Wordpress - Add an NRL Jersey to a pig - URGENT Add an OCR SCAN LINE AND QR code on the page AND A VERIFYER APPLICATION - Add an opencart extension for me Add an opencart extension for me ! - Add an Output Calculator to a Magento Store Add an Overlay div on Event Start - add an Text input attribute to Prestashop - repost Add an updatable area to website - Add Analytics Tracking to 2 Joomla Sites Add Analytics tracking to jquery-powered system - Add and connect my mobile site to my wordpress website. Add and contact people through our designated LinkedIn profile - Add and edit a Video add and edit comment fields in wordpress - Add and fix the functionality on the website Add and impliment captcha to an existing .asp form - Add and remove events to Google Calendar and Yahoo Calendar Add and remove events to Google Calendar and Yahoo Calendar - repost - Add and sort data in Excel add and style a wordpress menu - very small quick job - Add Android Game Features And Debug. Urgent! Add Android Licensing to Eclipse Webview Project - Add animated intro and sound to Joomla site Add animated text effects to 1 video - Add animation to title screen Add Animation to Video - Add another badge related category Add another category to a database - Add another page to CMS in Admin Area Add another page to existing work - Add anti-abuse headers to outgoing mail for mailserver Add anti-spam protection to my contact form - add api from this site to my wordpress add api from this site to my wordpress - repost - Add API to order management system Add API to osCommerce website - Add Apple Pay To Website & Test Android Pay On Website Add appliances to empty kitchen jpeg - Add Approval Button to C# .net website Add approx 100 bullets/ links to an existing Wordpress site - Add Arabic Language to website Add Arabic Language to WordPress site (RTL) - add area upload pictures and create folders in a php gallery Add around 100 pictures into existing wordpress blog posts - Add Arrows to a Calendar Add Arrows to Twitter Bootstrap Accordion - Add articles to website Add articles to WordPress and SEO them! - Add ASP Functions to HTML Form- Add ASP Functions to HTML Form- - add attach function to Frm26RID Add attach photo and recording to group chat in Conversation App - Add attendees numbers to file ADD Attitude Simple Manual Order Entry for osCommerce - add attributes to product post in oscommerce add attributes to shopcart with pricing (virtuemart) - add audio chat php/jquery chat script using tutorial i provided add audio chat using jquery and angular to phpsunchat - Add Audio Sound Effects to 1.5 minute video Add audio stream to iPhone/iPad app - Add audio track to 6 video clips Add Audio using Red5 to our Live Chat Site - Add Authenticaiton to Web API 2 Add authenticated pages to wordpress - Add authorize CIM with Bigcommerce site Add AVS and CVN to Magento's Order Admin Screen - Add Authorized Dealer Section to our site Add authors to post + Invite guests on WordPress frontend - Add Auto refresh to Process script to process data Add auto scroll to existing slide show - Add Autocomplete function - PHP/JS Add autocomplete to a 4 fields form. - Add automatic logout after inactivity to google drive app . Add automatic points redemption to CubePoints Wordpress Plugin - Add Autosize to print functionality (C# DLL) - Repost - open to bidding Add Availability Calendar - Add Aweber Code To a Custom Form Add Aweber code to existing landing page - Add back end features to web site. Add Back end to site to add items to inventory - Add backend functionality to a specialist job site -- 2 Add backend to a given apptemplate already programmed. - Add Background Image (About 50 Files) Add Background Image (About 85 Files) -- 2 - Add Background Music and Sound Effects Add Background Music and Sound Effects II - Add background to wordpress site Add Background Video - Add balance on my panel add balance to panel .. socialmediatemple - Add banner and new designs to website add banner and some scrifts to my ecommerce+home page - Add Banner to HTML2 add banner to magento, fix site speed - Add banners gallery to my wordpress website homepage Add Banners to 9 Wordpress Sites - Add Barclay ePDQ payment to our existing oscommerce site Add Barclaycard EPDQ installation for second website by jump page - Add basic ''Property Manager'' pages to PHP site Add basic authentication system to website - Add basic responsive to wordpress site Add Basic Soundcloud Player to HTML Website for Justin Bieber's Artist - Add BES 12 + Symantec Gateway Email Encryption to excisting mail + server environment Add bespoke functionality to a webpage with Joomla/VM - Add billing fields for Stripe Form and improve some CSS issues Add Billing method on wordpress - Add Bitcoin payment option to my PHP order form Add BitCoin Payment option to website. - Add BLEED and CROP MARKS to 3 PSD Files Add bleed lines to PDF - Add blog and other edits to my Magento E-Commerce Site
Add blog and other edits to my Magento E-Commerce Site - ongoing work - Add Blog Function To Custom Wordpress Theme Add Blog Function To Custom Wordpress Theme NOW - add blog pages to woocomerce site Add blog per city - Add Blog to Existing Website Add Blog To Existing Website / Blog Design Match the Site - Add Blog to phpbb3 Forum - Mod Add blog to Shopify Website - Add Blog, editing Hompepage using Flash & Dreamweaver .FLA Add blog-style page within an existing web design - Add bluetooth midi out and soundfont to existing android APP Add Bluetooth support for an existing app - Add bonuses, achievements, levels to the open-source WordPress plugin "Post Pay Counter" add Book - add bookmark functionality and ipad view to iOS app Add Bookmark in Homescreen Android or iOs "Automatically" - Add border to movie clips Add Border to Pages - Add brazilian payment gateway to shopify Add Breadcrumb in Angularjs opensource template - Add buddy press to my current wordpress site Add Buddypress @mention functionally to AWPCP comment plugin - Add bundle product to Opencart Website (already has 2 need 1 more the same) Add Bundled Products Module to osCMax2 - Add Business to Google with 3000 Zip Codes as Service area Add business to my directory part 2 - Add Button Click to my Webview add button ecommerce into my site - Add button options Add Button Overlay to Wordpress Site - Add Button to our website Header Add button to plugin, adjust slider, tweak responsiveness on homepage. - Add buttons to Flash flip book add buttons to my overlays - add buysellads function to my website. add function to my website - add calculation formula for trading in a software c # Add calculation script to a static HTML/CSS page with fields. - add calendar to the right side Add Calendar to User Area - Add callcraig.callcraig on Skype, need of writers, website developers, designers, data entry personnel Add recording service to website - Kevin - add capcha to dotcombuilder OR your own solution Add CAPCHA to existing site - Add Captcha at login script Add Captcha code - Add CAPTCHA image verification to SSL Add CAPTCHA image verification to 3 Forms - Add captcha to a form - php Add captcha to a simple asp contact form - Add CAPTCHA to contact form widget add captcha to contacts page - Add Captcha to form Add Captcha to form - add captcha to forms on site - repost Add CAPTCHA to guest posting on phpBB message boards - Add CAPTCHA to our existing html/css php contact form Add captcha to payment form - Add CAPTCHA to web page with form Add Captcha to Webform Drupal Module - Add captcha, logo and Favicon to site Add caption to gallery on Elastico Wordpress theme - Add Carousel Add carousel for ASP.NET website - Add cart functions for Amazon Affiliate PHP Add cart pop up box - Add Categories and reorganise links in a PHPLD directory. Add categories and sub categories to shopify site - Add Categories to Our Website Navigation Add Categories to Site / WordPress change - Add Category Select to Portfolio Add Category Selectbox To STO Extension - Add ccbill payment gateway to my Paid Downloads WP Plugin Add ccbill payment gateway to my Paid Downloads WP Plugin - open to bidding - Add change to admin for IPad app Add changes and functionality to purchased WordPress theme - Add channel of to app TV Android Add channels flash app TV online android - add chart to word press site Add Chartboost & Admob and delete other ads. - Add Chat Feature to IOS and Android add chat function to my application - Add Chat/Comment Features to my website Add chatbox to a website/page - Add check to crowdfunding plateforme ADD Check to wordpress crowdfunding - Add checkout page to exisiting website. Add checkout page, payment gateway and user account to existing website. - Add choose time and date to Virtuemart checkout page Add Chord Names (Guitar Chords) Over Popular Traditional Catholic Gregorian Chants' Hymn Sheet JPGs - Add citations on few wikipedia articles Add Citations & Format Manuscript - Add CKEditor plugin to site using Expression Engine and Wygwam Add CKEditor to Admin Area - Add clean URLs to Magento module Add CleanSheets functionality - Add Clickable Link Banners to My YouTube Videos (Not Description or Annotation) Add clickable link to video - Add clicktag code to Flash done on Swishmax Add clicktag to 4 banner adverts already made - Add clip art to stage like with color picker to apply color. Add Clipart feature to existing news system - add cms and update links add cms block to product page/remove " you will be charged for .." on checkout page and mail - Add CMS to an Opencart 1.4.8 Site Add CMS to existing Site designed in ASP.NET - Add code and CNANE on Windows server add code and text - Add Code Signing to Delphi app and Webupdater Add Code To .htaccess to block bad bots - Add Code to Functions.php Add code to hide scrollbar in chrome, ie and firefox. Plus snag in IE image display - Add code to oscommerce contribution Add code to our Big Commerce store - add code, and modify open source app Add code/content below Content & Above Footer in Wordpress (w/Genesis Framework) - add coinpayments gateway Add Coins to Bitcoin Dice Script - Add color on Dashboard Add color on Dashboard 2 - Add color to logo Add color to my tattoo picture - Add colour depth to large banner image asap Add colour function - Add column to excel sheet and enter a number based on the comment Add column to existing wordpress layout - add combinations for existing products add coments to php blog - Add comment box to my website Add comment post to existing Joomla Site - Add comments and facebook-connect login to ecommerce site Add Comments and member registration to my site - add comments to our custom Wordpress theme Add comments to portfolio page on wordpress site - Add Company Details Add Company Details - repost - Add compatibility with iOS8 to the app Add Competition Section to Magento website - Add computer code to 2 affiliate websites Add computer deals to website - Add Constant Contact signup to WooCommerce checkout Add constraints to almost 100 View Controllers in Xcode 7 - Add contact form on the exciting website Add contact form to an existing page - Add contact info on homepage and configure SSL Security cert Add contact information to spreadsheet provided. - Add Contact to Yahoo/Gmail/Hotmail