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Add call tracking / phone # click tracking to website & Google Analytics - Add Canonical URL's + Fix Meta Description Add capabilities to dinamic ext replacement script - Add Captcha ,fix form submission issue and create thank you page Add Captcha - For Adeel #SPEAR - add captcha from c# Add captcha function to simple web form - add captcha to 4 online forms Add captcha to 4 similar forms - Add captcha to contact form Add captcha to contact form joomla - 10 websites - Add Captcha To Form Add Captcha To Form - add captcha to forms on site - repost Add CAPTCHA to guest posting on phpBB message boards - Add captcha to payment form Add CAPTCHA to PHP Contact Form - Add captcha to website Add captcha to website form - Add Caption to Photo - repost Add caption to photo using CSS - Add Carousel to exsisting page Add Carousel To Page (Bootstrap Knowledge Required) - $100 - Add Cascade Delete feature to the web project with three tablese Add Cascade Style Sheet (CSS) to an existing android Dictionary app - Add categories on my site! VERY SIMPLE! Add Categories Price Engine - Add category description to wordpress plugin Add category description to wordpress plugin -- 2 - Add category to website Add Category to WordPress DB and fix download of MS Word issue. - Add certain functions to the MVC website. Add certain promo to products on magento - mix and match promotion - Add changes to current website template Add changes to existing PHP site - Add Character To Existing Cocos2d Game Add Character to poster. Add name titles underneath all characters. - add chartboost to my gonga android game Add charts and crud functionality to a dashboard - add chat site to my forum -- 2 Add Chat System to our iOS App (SWIFT) - add check domain functions to web site page Add Check functionality to "Next" button - Add checkbox/radio sorting filters to the jQuery plug-in DataTables Add checkbox/radio sorting filters to the jQuery plug-in DataTables ( - Add chinese language and recoding add Chinese language functionality on a 5 page static website - Add Chronopost official extension to our 1.9.1 Magento Add Chunked Upload Ability to Angular File Uploader (AngularJS Javascript Expert Wanted) - Add ckeditor functionality Add CKEditor inline editor to save Wordpress Pods post - Add Classifieds to my Website add classifieds to wordpress website - Add click tracker - PHP, mysql Add Clickable 2 badges to one webpage - Add clicktag / button to html5 banner Add clicktag / button to html5 banner - Add Client Tags interface to functional Phonegap Push enabled App Add clip art to stage like with color picker to apply color. - add cms and update links add cms block to product page/remove " you will be charged for .." on checkout page and mail - Add CMS to existing Site designed in ASP.NET Add CMS to existing website - Add code CSV upload feature Add code for 2 xy plots a 1 3d plot in Octave - Add code to a .Net application to use Postmessage so it can be used in an iframe Cross-Domain Add code to a existing PHP File - add code to keep the proportion set max height & max width on images to pixels i set.. Add Code to MS Access To Close Out Users Who Are Inactive - Add code to shopify template to for app to work Add code to sidebar of website - add codes and cache mechanism Add Codes for remarketing and also google analytics to website - add collection/delivery time to website Add Colombian Facebok Fans Twitter Followers to our website - Add Color swatch to layer navigation and Delete some links in My Account Section - This project is ONLY for christiearney Add Color Swatches to Our Shopify Collections Page - Add Color-Picker to PHP App Add color/pizzaz to this logo - Add colour to garden plan - photoshop /illustrator artist Add colour to handdrawn images of fantasy adventure characters - Add column to Product line Add column to website and cms admin - Add Command Line Parameter To Existing C# Application Add command on Linux server /etc/ - Add commenting to Movable Type 3.2 website Add Commenting to my website with contact form - Add comments section to my existing htlm5 adult website Add comments to a c++ program - Add Community News, Change design, add content pages. Add Comodo Trust Logo to WooCommerce's Cart and Checkout pages - Add Company to Wikipedia Add Company User Control - Add compusory fields to a wordpress contact form Add compusory fields to a wordpress contact form(repost) - Add configurable products to Magento Shop Add Configure Woocommerce for our Wordpress Site - Add contact form information to website Add Contact Form on Magento's Website - Add contact in a cross section map Add contact in Yahoo Messenger - Add Contact Us and Request a Quote in Website PHP Add contact us button to index page-site based on yii framework - Add content & Images into site Add Content & Optimize My Website - Add content and develop CMS for 10 page site Add content and develop - Add content and page WordPress Site Add Content and Promote New Movie Trailer & Links Website - Add content from detailed brief to a pre purcahsed Wordpress Template Add Content from exisiting site to new - add Content in Wordpress theme Add content in Wordpress using Visual Composer - Add content pages & Navigation Add content pages - HTML/PHP/CSS - Add content to a website add content to a website - Add content to a wordpress template site Add content to a WordPress theme - Add content to Blog add content to Build a Website - Add content to existing mobile and full site Add content to existing site - Add Content to Homepage Add Content To HTML Code - Add Content to joomla site ! Add Content to joomla template. IT's been updated, just need someone to come up with SEO content - Add content to my site Add content to my site - add content to oscommerc ehome page Add Content to our Chinese Funny Videos Website - add content to sites add content to sites -- 2 - Add Content to Website Add Content to Website - Add Content to Wordpress & Add Products to WooCommerce Add content to Wordpress & style contents - add content to wordpress site Add content to Wordpress site - Repost - Add content to wp site Add Content To WP Theme - Add contents from old site into admin panel for new site Add contents from old site into admin panel for new site(repost) - Add contents to wp site Add contest system to bigcommerce - Add Contributions to CRE Loaded Add Contributions to new osC2.3.1 site - Add conversion tracking to landing page for adwords and adcenter
Add conversion tracking to website - Add cookies to an android app Add cookies to Go scripts. - Add copy protection to PDF on linux server Add Copy to 12 Images - SIMPLE & QUICK Project - Add count number beside new comment image Add count to a social share script - Add Country / Dot on Entry Map Add country redirect to my website - Add Coupon Code To registration & create admin Add coupon code to shopping cart - Add Courses Module to a Rails System Add courses to an existing wplms theme website - add credit application html to godaddy hosted website Add Credit Card (CC) as a Form of Payment (FOP) - Add credit card payment to my Joomla website Add credit card payment to our shopping cart - Add CRM API To Website (Replacing Webforms) -- 2 add cron - add crystal 8.5 support for VB program add crystal report server longin information at runtime C# project - Add CSS Hover Animations to a HTML page Add CSS Hover Effects to Wordpress Site - Add CSS to html and asp Add CSS to Joomla Navigation - Add csv file Add csv file 1 - Add curated articles to WP blog site Add curl HTTP Headers for new Udemy 2 API authentication in PHP - Add curved text to image and spice up Add cusotmisation to swatches - Add custom code to bookly appointment 2-- Add Custom Code to Windows Shell Actions - Add custom embroidery option to asp ecommerce website Add custom event tracking by existing functionality and add app-id to the tracking pixel. - Add custom features to Gmail contacts and Google calendar Add custom features to php website - Add custom field to OS TIcket Add custom field to post overview page - add custom fields to a google calendar? Add Custom Fields to current form wordpress - Add Custom Fields To Product Page Of Shopify Site Add Custom Fields To Quote Request For Customer To Fill Out - Add custom functionality to a NopCommerce Project Add custom functionality to an existing PHP-Homepage - Add custom image field for module Add Custom Indicator to Keltner Channel - Add custom meta data to site and search and create good blog Add Custom Meta Delivery Dates to Bundle of Products - Add Custom Pages to Drupal Site Add Custom Pagination to WordPress Pages - Add custom products to WooCommerce for WordPress Add custom questionnaire to my wordpress site with some tweaks - Add custom suggestions through javascript/html into an Android app. - repost 2 Add Custom tabbar to xcode project DONE TODAY - Add custom widget to wordpress admin panel add custom widget wordpress - Add Customer Reviews to Existing Website Add Customer Service Priority Warranty to Prestashop Store - Add Customized Field groups to Woocommerce site and link to products Add customized forums to drupal site - Add daily content to my games website Add dalpay payment option in my site - Add data for .001 per listings -- 6 Add data for .001 per listings -- 7 - Add Data Input & Import function Add Data Input & Import function(repost) - Add data into our database server via typing Add data into our website from Reference website - add data to an existing extension Add Data to Confirmation URL - Add data to our HTML5 E-Commerce Site Add data to plugin wordpress field's - Add Data Web Directory (directories) Add Data's to website - Add Database Print/Export feature to Booking Plugin Add database products to zencart store with easy populate - Add date by url to grids and form CI -- 2 Add date calculation into MS Word document - Add date/time to email form subject line Add dates to CMS calendar - Add default category option to master-sync.php Add Default Magento Captcha to Product Q&A | Product Reviews - Add delivery calendar to Magento checkout Add Delivery Charges to OSC Store - Add description to Gent WP template on portfolio page Add description to shopify products - add Design Element To Magento Site and Implement Add design elements to existing webpage - Add design to existing web site and cms Add design to flynax website. - add designs and new features to an App Add designs to our MS Word Reports - add device id to download via without android device or emulator Add DFP tags to dynamic site (node.js req) - Add Different Sounds and Change Image on MouseOvers - Single Page Add Different Sounds and Change Image on MouseOvers - Single Page -- 2 - Add direcpay payment gateway to woocommerce Add Direct Credit Payment option to oscomm site - Add discount code on web site Add Discount Code Option For Vbulletin Subscriptions - Add Disqus & Facebook Commenting on my WordPress Websites (4) add disqus at the bottom of all our blog pages and articles pages - Add DNS managment to registrar module on WHMCS Add DNS Record to CPanel - Add Donation Page Add Donation widget in Wordpress - Add download button functionality to music website Add download function to webView - Android - Add drawers to product pictures Add drawing and other features to BlackVue Sport apps for Android and for iPhone (not develop standalone apps) - Add drop down menu and pop login/signup to my html desgin Add drop down menu and Transfer Content from existing website to template. - Add drop down menu to wordpress theme add drop down menu to x-cart html smarty PHP - Add Dropbox & FTP to Existing Code Editor Add Dropbox & Google Drive to File Manager - Add dropdown responsive bootstrap Add Dropdown To HTML Site NOW - Add DUoSecurity to Mac OSx Server. Add DVR compatibility to Wowza server, that would allow for instant re-stream after end of event. - Add dynamic gif to banner Add Dynamic Google Charts to Thank-You Page & Emails - Add Dynamic Title in PHP Shopping Cart Add dynamic updates to existing web site - Add e-commerce to website with file downloads Add e-commerce to website, html is already done - Add Easyblog pages to existing website taking data from another website (that I also own) Add eBay and Amazon integration to existing Sales System - Add eCommerce abilities to porn site Add Ecommerce and email management features for 'daily deal' site that uses php/javascript - Add ecommerce products to Magento store add ecommerce shopto my website - Add Ecommerce to Wordpress Add Ecommerce to Wordpress Sute - Add editable fields to existing PDF Add editable text fields to a pdf. - Add Elastic Search Geoshapes to existing rails app. Add Elasticsearch searching with SQL Sync - add elements to html -- 2 Add elements to Konva JS canvas - Add Email Auto-responder Add Email Autorepond to Booking Calendar Script - Add email functionality to a Coldfusion website Add Email Image Signatures - add email notif to follower user wordpress