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Add Content to Wordpress (HTML Skills required) - add content to wordpress site Add content to Wordpress site - Repost - Add content to WordPress websites using the BeaverBuilder plugin Add Content to WP Page, Add Slider Image(s), and Names To Photo(s) - Add contents and Maintenance Add Contents and Post - Add contents to website template Add contents to WordPress - add contributions (HZ/LH) Add Contributions to B2B CRE Loaded - Add conversion tracking code pixel to javascript onclick button aspx website. Add Conversion Tracking Codes to Website - add cookie to javascript popup Add Cookie To My Search Engine Only Script - ADD COPY FOR BANNER AND WEBSITE Add copy for dating site - Add CORS to a dedicated virtual server on MediaTemple Add cost in oscommerce-based shopping cart when option field is true. - add countodown timer that rests in 20 min in YII Add countries in HTML for drop down menu, - Add coupon code field to form and integrate with stripe Add Coupon Code Function to Paypal Pay Now Button - Add Coupon, Gift Cert & Reward point redeem to Shopping Cart *ZENCART* Add coupon/deal worpress website some new features - Add Craigslist XML to my Website Add crash tracking code to Andoid app - Add credit card details Add credit card details - open to bidding - Add Credit Card Verify Add credit card, paypal and secure lock images to checkout page - Add Cron Job to Cpanel Add cron job. - add csf firewall for Minu Add CSS variable - Add CSS Hover Effects to Wordpress Site ADD CSS Rule to Wordpress MENU - Add CSS to html and asp Add CSS to Joomla Navigation - Add csv file Add csv file 1 - Add curated articles to WP blog site Add curated articles to WP blog site - Add current script to new script Add current web content to existing flash fla to create site - Add Custom Category Description onto each Feed/Archive page Add custom class via metabox - Add custom customer attribute field to Magento Add custom data to Product when Adding to Cart - Add Custom Feature To Wordpress Website Add custom featured image option on WP admin panel - Add custom field magento Add custom field magento new - ADD CUSTOM FIELD VIRTUEMART -- 2 ADD CUSTOM FIELD VIRTUEMART -- 3 - Add custom fields to input form and output values on single post front end page. Add custom fields to magento transactional emails - Add custom Font Icons to my themes Elegant Icon font pack Add Custom font to a Wordpress website - Add custom functions to WordPress and fix some issues Add custom gallery to websites - Add Custom JS Counter to website Add Custom JS Counter to website - Add custom modification scripting parts to a game object Add custom module to vtiger calendar - Add Custom Payment Gateway to WHMCS Add custom payment gateway to WHMCS - Add custom push notifications Add custom questionnaire to my wordpress site with some tweaks - Add custom suggestions through javascript/html into an Android app Add custom suggestions through javascript/html into an Android app. - Add Custom URL field to WordPress feature add custom user filed in sugar crm - Add Customer Login Page.. Add Customer Name to Existing PDF At Customer Checkout - add customizable tags to layered vector svg file Add customizations to flask-admin panel - Add cut/paste/copy functions to EXISTING file listview (Delphi) add cutom fields to woocommerce register form - Add Data Fees to my Online store Add Data File to Java project - Add data from web to an existing Excel spreadsheet Add data in an excelfile from a website - manually or with VB code - Add data into my website from the pages in the excell spreadsheet -- 3a Add data into my website from the pages in the excell spreadsheet -- 3a - Add Data Sheet/Brochure to product listing from Zen Cart Admin Add data simple database (user and password) to project - Add data to Flash animation from SQL Add data to from excel to mysql db - Add Data To Web Site Add data to Web Site - Add database driven pages to website Add Database Field to Joomla Template - Add database to wordpress website so we can retrieve sales reports add database/dynamics to static MIVA-enabled site - Add date picker to form on Joomla 2.5.8 Add Date Selection Pop Up To Drupal View (Excel Feed) - add deal to slick deals or fat wallet Add Deal-Style Template To My WordPress Theme - Add delay/loop to my php code. Add Delete Button - Add depth (3D) to standard photo of a face using zbrush or similar software Add depth to logo - Add Design Add Design - Add design features to application -- 2 add design for news paper - Add design to flynax website. Add design to laravel project - Add Designs, Images and Content to Website Add Desktop and VNC to Ubuntu VPS - add device id to download via without android device or emulator Add DFP tags to dynamic site (node.js req) - Add Different Sounds and Change Image on MouseOvers - Single Page Add Different Sounds and Change Image on MouseOvers - Single Page -- 2 - Add DirecPay payment gateway to OpenCart Add direcpay payment gateway to woocommerce - Add Discount Adjuster in Expresso Store -- 2 Add discount box form to classic asp page - add discussion form to mambo website Add discussion forum feature to the existing ruby web application. - Add dkim signing in PHP add DKIM, SPF and PTR Record to vps - Add Domain in DirectAdmin Add domain name in blocked list from context menu - Add dots to microsoft word equations Add double elimination to tournament script - Add download vouchers button to a page (no checkout functionality, simple version)) add download-script to website - add drop down box to my text Add drop down boxes to - Add Drop Down Menu to Expression Web Template Add Drop Down Menu to Expression Web Template -- 2 - ADD DROP DOWN TO "AREA OF STUDY" PHP SCRIPT TO EXISTING CODE Add drop down to Joomla EZRealty module - Add dropdown fields to existing oscommerce payment module Add dropdown list to contact form + capcha - Add drums, bass guitar, acoustic guitar to a 2.5 min song -- 2 Add Drupal enhancement - Add dynamic content to flash (quick & easy) Add dynamic content to website design - Add dynamic links and one step checkout Add Dynamic Meta (Title, Description and Keywords) - add e-cards option/display new members into dating site add e-cards option/display new members into dating site(repost) - add e-commerece plugin Add E-Course to Existing Website - Add eBay Classified API to my Website
Add eBay html template to Ebay store - Add ecomerce to website - shopping cart Add Ecommerce / Database To Current Site - Add ecommerce in existing Drupal website Add eCommerce in our current website - Add ecommerce to site Add Ecommerce to Website - Add edit profile to front end of Car Dealer Script Add edit-in-place AJAX to website baker CMS - Add effects, graphics on top of video and edit video clips to produce quality youtube video Add egold and alertpay to php randomizer script - Add elements to an existing website template Add elements to an HTML page - Add Email Alerts to existing PHP/MySQL Website for Unsent SMS Add email alerts to website - Add email form to perl cgi upload script Add email form to Zen cart page - Add email notification functionality to windows program. Add email notification to existing android and iphone app. - Add email signup lightbox overlay to a Shopify Hosted Site Add email signup to Flash website - Add email/audible alerts to Metatrader 4 indicator Add Email/Text Alert to MT4 indicator - add embed links to websites Add embed video + fix contact form - add empty line after every week in overvieuw of objects add empty line after every week in overview of objects - Add English subtitle to short video Add English subtitles (.srt format) to 30 minute Russian video - Add entries to tourism website -- 2 Add entries to website - Add estimated earnings in my website Add Estimated Shipping to OsCommerce - Add Event to jquery Plugin add event tracking - Add events to website Add events to website calendar - ASAP - Add Exchange Connection to existing mail application Add exchange to NOMP multipool. 100$ Budget - Add existing layout to PHP project(repost)(repost) Add Existing Logo to a Tent - Add expanding button functionality to existing application Add Expanding Gallery Feature to existing Squarespace website - Add Export to Instagram to iphone app Add export to OSCommerce contribution - Add extentions and change to script via dolphin sofware Add Extentions to website - Add extra data to Wordpress JSON feeds from related custom post types -- 2 Add Extra Dropdown Items to Checkout via Stripe - Add extra features to my WEBSERVICES add extra features to my websites facebook regestration - add extra fields to joomla 2.5 registration form Add Extra Fields to my Eshop Wordpress Plugin - Add extra functionality to a Magento website Add extra functionality to an existing auction website. - Add extra functions to shopping cart add extra functions to wordpress theme - Add extra pages to WP site (Gen) Add extra parameters in e-mail confirmation when product available Magento - Add extrat features to Joomla ads site add ez populate to zen cart store - Add Facebook and Google Login to Android app and remove promo code feature bug Add Facebook and google option - Add Facebook API functions to ASPX,C# website Add Facebook API to a Unity Game - Add Facebook Comments & Likes to WP Theme - repost Add Facebook Comments on my Wordpress Website - Add Facebook Fans Add Facebook Fans - add facebook friends add facebook friends - Add facebook gift sending on Unity Add Facebook Group - Add Facebook Like and Twitter Followus Functionality on Site Add facebook like box at side of website - Add Facebook Like Popup with timer to close the popup (in opencart vQmod) Add Facebook like to my blog - Add Facebook link to a website Add Facebook link to site - Add Facebook login to existing app Add Facebook Login to existing site & Social Plug ins - Add FaceBook Members (Relative) 200,000 (Russian - Ukranian) add facebook members in the group - Add facebook pixels and adword tracking code to shopify store Add Facebook post api permission to script - Add facebook share with score to construct 2 / html5 game Add facebook share/comment box to site and related stuff - Add Facebook, and Instagram logo and hyperlink to web header and footer Add Facebook, and Instagram logo and hyperlink to web header and footer - repost - Add Faceboook Conversion Tracking Pixel to Shopify Store Add faces to a point cloud to create a surface. - Add Fans Add fans - Add Fans to my Facebook Page Add fans to my Facebook Page - Add favourites menu in my iOS app Add fax number to contact page - Add FB share/like buttons to my site add fb,twitter API logins to my current website - Add feature Add Feature - Add feature for using acccerometer and gyroscope Add feature from one wordpress theme to another - Add feature on front and back end of Smarty PHP CMS Add feature on my site - Add feature to a python code Add feature to a RoR application - Add feature to App you have been working on Add Feature to ASP Affiliate Software - Add feature to existing Files/Documents Management Software VB.NET, PHP and MYSQL Add Feature To Existing Firefox Addon (2) - Add Feature to Google Form Add feature to GPS location website - Add feature to Laravel website. Add feature to mobile website - Add feature to my woocommerce plugin Add feature to open-source 3D printing plugin for OctoPrint - Add Feature to Poker-Network Poker3d (repost)(repost) Add Feature to Premium Wordpress plugin - Add feature to user Tracking script in Javascript / php / HTML Add feature to web tool - add feature to wordpress website Add Feature to Working Website - Add featured product in blog and forum of magento Add Featured Products to existing Amazon Webstore - Add features & fixes. We pick today Add features & improve the ecommerce website - Add Features and conevrt current version in Android and ios Application Add features and correct problems in Telecom Billing Management system - Add Features and Make Minor Modification to my Website Add features and modify a program - Add features for the existing source code for Dictionary app template. Add Features functionality and improve graphics of my website - Add features in my dating app application Xcode Add features in my music player app - Add features on existing website and Chrome extension. Add features on the existing website - Add features to a custom drupal system Add features to a custom ecommerce framework - add features to a lookup combo box (Delphi) Add Features to a Macro Enabled Spreadsheet - Add features to a project add features to a prototype android app - Add features to a unity 3d game Add Features to a Web shop - Add features to a WordPress template