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Microcontrollers are small yet powerful pieces of hardware that have the ability to control sophisticated systems. These microcontrollers are miniature computers with a processor, memory and input/output facilities that act as the brains of various systems such as gaming consoles, automobiles, and medical equipment. The programs for these microcontrollers are written by experienced and skilled developers who specialize in this area known as Microcontroller Developers. With the help of a microcontroller developer, a business can create various automation solutions for their products in order to increase productivity and efficiency, as well as help reduce costs.

Here's some projects that our expert Microcontroller Developers made real:

  • Integrated multiple components into custom microcontroller-based circuits
  • Developed user interfaces with custom graphics displays
  • Developed system level architectures to optimize performance and cost
  • Implemented analog to digital interface in microcontrollers
  • Designed secure software and communications protocols
  • Automated production processes with embedded programs and sensors

As you can see, our Microcontroller Developers' speciality is implementing versatile solutions that are both technically sound and cost effective. Our developers also possess an in-depth knowledge of multiple integrated circuit technologies to develop future ready systems that possess scalability as well as maintainability. With our Microcontroller Developers' help, your business can create sophisticated products and applications without the overhead of costly implementation.

Overall, the benefits offered by seasoned Microcontroller Developers can be the big push your business needs to develop advanced yet cost effective products. We invite you to enlist the services of one of our experienced Microcontroller Developers today to create a revolutionary product! Visit Freelancer.com now to post your project and get started on creating something special.

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    Necesito un profesional que me ayude a diseñar un sistema electrónico, diagramas BOM y asesoramiento con componentes electrónicos, el proyecto es un equipo proyector DLP con 4 motores, sensores IR, Depth, y RGB, periféricos de entrada y salida típicos de un proyector, componentes de un sistema operativo común, para la programación y manejo del proyector y los componentes.

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    8 ofertas
    Need Lora Mesh Network Expert -- 3 6 días left

    i have a project need expert to solve some issue on lora mesh network

    €173 (Avg Bid)
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    15 ofertas
    Linux 2.4 kernel 6 días left

    Looking for some cool linux nerds that would want to help compile the 2.4 linux kernel on MIPS R3000. the project is opensource but i am willing to pay for help. im running into a few errors here. while i can compile the standard kernel i need to make changes to it to make a new version but i get stuck at ksysms.c which seems to be related to the proc FS ?? i could be way off i just need a little help and you will be doing this for the community too :) the initial code is based on uclinux which is a microlinux port with no mmu instructions. all the source code is on github and i will share the link with you and i have a video i can share with you that displays where im stuck at.

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    i have an arduino code that connects to ESP32 wifi and if no connection available switch connection mode to AP mode then user enter using internet browser from the device that connects to the device using AP mode to open the wifi configuration html page allowing the user to enter his/her wifi credentials to be saved and used by ESP , once done ESP will restart and switch back to wifi station mode and uses the saved credentials to connect , once connection established it should sends email using GMAIL with some details .. the issues i need help with : 1- once the device reaches the part where it should sends email it crashes 2- I need the wifi configuration page to be opened once user connects to the device AP automatically 3- the ESP code has another part where it communicates with ano...

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    Quero testar um broker local – Mosquitto Para isso preciso de um programa que permita que eu simule a quantidade de dispositivos e permita definir a frequência de publicações MQTT. Exemplo: 100, 200, 300, 500 ou mais dispositivos publicando... E que também possa definir o número de Subscriber que irão receber as Publicações. O importante é que o programa faça o descrito acima. pode ser em qualquer linguagem.

    €9 - €28
    €9 - €28
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    Job Description -------------------------- I have a batch of Chinese made volt meters with 7 segment led displays these are pre-programmed for input zero to 33 volt and output will display the voltage with 3 decimal places. If possible I want to reprogram the MC for input zero to 4 volts and output zero to 2000 V on the display (ratio 1:500) Laser engraving on micro is S033 PHVG 639Y , but I can not find any specifications for the code (see images) Circuit board has connections for GND, VCC, Send, Receive I am happy to post a sample of the voltmeter to the successfull freelancer. On completion of the job I need a working code and instruction how to upload the code to the voltmeters. Good luck.

    €398 (Avg Bid)
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    17 ofertas
    Smart Weighing Scale - Small Size 6 días left

    I am looking to build a simple prototype for a smart weighing scale, that is compact in size. Features required are - - Device should be small & circular in shape (shape & size of a coaster) - approx 10 cm in diameter and 0.8 cm in thickness) - Should be cheap to make & easy to replicate. Prototype should not cost more than $10 - $15, but when mass manufactured, it should cost no more than $3 - $4 - The device should be battery powered (flexible on battery capacity, based on cost). Battery should be rechargeable. - Maximum weight that the device needs to handle is expected to be ~3kg - Require precision of 1g - Device should have a button, which when pressed sends the weight data - Device sends data to a web API/ via Bluetooth (either is fine)

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    I am looking for an experienced firmware developer to assist with the development of firmware on Nordic nrf9160 for our existing business. The primary function of the firmware is data collection and transmission. We require the following specific features in the firmware: - MQTT communication on custom hardware - Low power consumption - Secure communication protocols. The ideal candidate should have experience in developing firmware on Nordic nrf9160 and expertise in MQTT communication and secure communication protocols.

    €477 (Avg Bid)
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    1. An autonomous powered outdoors cam with motion sensor 2. An autonomous powered System with light sensor and mms or video recording when the light sensor is triggered

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    Verify pcb 6 días left

    Verify my file if its ok: ESP8266

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    I am in need of a skilled developer to assist me in creating a printer driver. The driver must be compatible with the Linux operating system and designed specifically for thermal printers. The primary function of the driver will be to provide advanced printing features. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing printer drivers - Proficient in Linux operating system - Knowledgeable in thermal printer technology - Familiarity with advanced printing features

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    PCB Design 6 días left

    I am in need of a PCB design for a project that requires a large board, measuring more than 10cm x 10cm. The ideal material for this project is standard FR4 with layer density of 4-6, and the board will be populated with SMD components. I am looking for a skilled PCB designer who is experienced in working with SMD components and can provide a high-quality design that meets my specifications. The designer should have expertise in various design software and be able to provide a detailed schematic and layout that can be manufactured with ease. Attention to detail and the ability to communicate effectively are also important qualities for this project. PCB will carry an MCU based design with mixed signal interfaces and several communication protocols.

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    We are asking for firmware development on Decawave (Qorvo) 1001C module for distance measurement. There will be two components: Receiver (Stationary) and Tag (Mobile) -Receiver will be act as a stationary, mains powered logic controller to set output as 1 or 0 depending on the distance measured of tag or tags around. -Tags will be moving and battery powered devices -Tags will be acting depending on the movement, so it will include integrated accelerometer -Tags will work on 400mAh rechargeable battery target at least 1-week battery life -Receivers will be configurable to set distance threshold (via BLE) We need a work for the algorithm, working principal and firmware codes for communication between tags and receivers. Tags should be low power since they will have a rechargeable batteries ...

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    We are searching for an embedded SW developer, with knowledge of ARM architectures, AMBA bus. SoC like Xilinx Zynq, FPGA+ARM, soft processor are required. C/C++ for embedded systems. The company is searching for long term collaboration

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    More details: What is the desired function of the PCB? AR prototype What is the desired size and shape of the PCB? Square What level of complexity is required for the PCB design? Moderate with some advanced components

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    SEE ATTACHED FILES FOR PDF. ========================= FIXED BUDGET: €30 (HTML)Wi-Fi automation with a relay Hardware: (DFrobot) Firebeetle 2 ESP32 (with DFRobot 1ch Relay) Requirements: 1. When the monoboard is connected to a certain Wi-Fi SSID’s (which can be modified in HTML, or CODE) the relay will be turned off. a. This will be checked every 5 seconds ALL THE TIME (can be adjusted) 2. Any automation can be cancelled within the HTML page (so when connected to a certain Wi-Fi, nothing will happen (can be adjusted) a. This can be disabled or enabled till a time selection (e.g. turn off until 21 may 2023 16:00 hour) b. Time is based on CET (central european time) (NTP server: ) 3. Wi-Fi ssid’s can be added ,deleted or modified via the html page. 4. When the power goes out...

    €36 (Avg Bid)
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    I would like a very simple program that can run a motor to specific positions, I would also like a manual drive option. The option to record the current position and name its position for later recall is also a must

    €517 (Avg Bid)
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    I need help with firmware development for my project using Nordic Semiconductor's nRF52 Series. The primary function of the firmware is communication through BLE and NFC. Therefore, I am looking for someone with experience in developing firmware for wireless communication. The preferred programming language for the firmware is C. The ideal candidate will have experience in: - Developing firmware for Nordic Semiconductor products, specifically the nRF52 Series - Working with BLE and NFC communication protocols - Proficient in C programming language.

    €10 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Plc programming 4 días left

    I am in need of an experienced PLC programmer to work on an Industrial Automation project. The ideal candidate should have in-depth knowledge of Allen-Bradley PLCs and be able to handle advanced programming tasks. Key requirements for the project include: - Designing and implementing custom software for the Allen-Bradley PLCs - Developing efficient control systems for various industrial processes - Troubleshooting and debugging software issues as they arise - Providing ongoing support and maintenance for the PLC systems The ideal candidate should possess the following skills: - Expert knowledge of Allen-Bradley PLC programming - Experience with advanced programming techniques - Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail - Strong communication skills and ability to work colla...

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    1. An autonomous powered outdoors cam with motion sensor 2. An autonomous powered System with light sensor and mms or video recording when the light sensor is triggered

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    I am looking for a freelancer to create software to control five audio Receivers using serial communication. The expected software must be able to send and receive commands via serial communication in the Python programming language. This will enable me to control the audio Receiver from any device, and ensure a reliable and consistent wireless connection between the audio Receiver and the controlling device. If the freelancer is also skilled in hardware control, they could assist with setup of the found serial connection so that the audio Receiver can bind with the controlling device. We would be using a Win. 10 OS based computer with USB to Serial adapters for each port. Control and feedback would be used for six amplifiers/receivers. Display feedback from the RS232 port as to the dev...

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    plc S300 modifications 4 días left

    I am in need of a skilled freelancer to assist with modifications to my plc S300. The project requires both programming and hardware changes, and I am open to suggestions for the best approach to achieve my desired outcome. i have a missing ethernet switch that properly connect plc with anther, and need to overcome it, I dont know exactly the problem, i need to run the system Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in programming languages such as Ladder Logic, Structured Text and Function Block Diagram - Experience with hardware upgrades for plc systems - Familiarity with Siemens S300 is preferred ( our type :CPU 317-2DP)&SIMATIC DP, Connection IM 153-1, for ET 200M & others will be provided to awarded person The timeline for completion is flexible, but timely completion is pr...

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    My project is to use embedded C programming on the LPC1768 microcontroller to develop a new product. I have specific hardware requirements that must be met. I am hoping to keep this project within a relatively short timeline of two weeks. If, for any reason, this timeline is not doable, I would be open to extending the timeline by a few more weeks. The cost of the services should factor in an appropriate timeline and the hardware requirements. Thank you for your attention and consideration.

    €136 (Avg Bid)
    €136 Oferta promedio
    17 ofertas
    Arduino camera 4 días left

    I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can help me with my Arduino camera project. Project Requirements: - Use of a webcam as the camera type - connect with google lence

    €94 (Avg Bid)
    €94 Oferta promedio
    9 ofertas
    ESP Wi-Fi Logger 4 días left

    I need firmware development for ESP32-C3 for following tasks: -Ultra low power consumption design -Run on 2xAA batteries for more than a year -On-board Digital Temperature Sensor value reading and logging (logging period) -Sending to an MQTT broker (upload period) -Wait for commands from server after data upload -Wi-Fi parameter (SSID, passwd) set over BLE for lower power consumption -Data encryption -no webpage hosting or accesspoint mode needed Those are the main functions of the device. We need an experience for low power programming, we are able to design the circuit.

    €85 (Avg Bid)
    €85 Oferta promedio
    21 ofertas
    Embedded Software Engineer -- 2 4 días left

    We are looking for an embedded software developer who can develop FreeRTOS software in the Telemetry card project that we will develop with ESP32. General Qualifications - Developing FreeRTOS projects with ESP - Able to remotely update ESP software - It will communicate with the server via socket connection with MQTT - It will communicate via UART - Provide internet access with GSM Module - Able to communicate with MDB protocol There are ESP32, Quectel EC200 GSM Modules in the project. It communicates with ESP32 and Quectel GSM module via UART. It will also communicate with Vending Machine and Payment Devices with two UARTs. The software on the ESP will be updatable from remote servers. It will communicate with the servers over Socket with MQTT protocol. We are dealing with applications ...

    €1068 (Avg Bid)
    €1068 Oferta promedio
    27 ofertas

    I am in need of a custom RF meter (100Mhz - 90 Ghz. , 20.000 sampling rate per second). Therefor looking for an electrical engineer. I am needing to build an RF meter that can outperform an ENV RD-10. RD-10 specs: RF Frequency range 100MHz to 8GHz RF measuring range -60dBm to +5dBm RF Typical accuracy ±6 dB I am in need of a meter that can go beyond 8Ghz. Preferably 100Mhz - 90 Ghz. The issue at hand. ''Professional equipment'', like Narda for example, for political reasons; work with a low sampling rate (mostly 5/second sampling rate). I am in need of a high sampling rate (20.000/second sampling rate). Price is open for discussion.

    €1146 (Avg Bid)
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    12 ofertas
    atmega32 buzzer 3 días left

    I am looking for a talented programmer to develop a sound feature for an ATmega32 microcontroller. The desired frequency range for the buzzer should be two frequencies, 2kHz and 4kHz, with 2kHz being twice as louder, each should sound 3 seconds. the program should be written in assembly.

    €13 (Avg Bid)
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    18 ofertas

    I am in need of a skilled freelancer who can help me with my ARDUINO IDE code problem for my SIM7600 GSM module. Currently, I am experiencing functionality issues with my code, and I have a list of specific requirements that I would like to be implemented. For this project, I need someone who is experienced with software integration for the SIM7600 GSM module. Some additional skills that would be preferred include: - Proficiency in ARDUINO IDE - Familiarity with GSM modules and communication protocols - Ability to troubleshoot and debug code efficiently If you are interested in this project, please provide examples of similar work you have done in the past. I am looking for someone who can work quickly and efficiently to help me resolve this issue. I always get the GPRS fail error, and...

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    13 ofertas

    I'm looking to hire a freelancer to help me develop a multiple servo DC encoder motor control system that can operate within a low speed range of 0-60 RPM. Specifically, the motor control system will be used in the vehicle control domain. The system will require position control feedback in order to ensure precise measurements. If you have experience developing these types of systems and can provide references, please reach out! I'm excited to find the perfect candidate for this project.

    €34 (Avg Bid)
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    6 ofertas

    I am looking for a programmer who can develop a new program for my Mitsubishi PLC and HMI system using GX Works 2 and mView software. The project requires complete new program development and I am looking for someone who has experience with this type of work. The ideal candidate will have experience with Mitsubishi PLCs and HMIs, as well as strong programming skills. The desired timeline for project completion is 3-4 weeks. If you have the necessary skills and experience, please apply and provide examples of past projects. I have 5 seperatur programs and HMI screens to develope. The tasks will include data aquisition using BMS modules 0-10v, pulse width modulation, pulse counting, 10K thirmistors and digital on-off. Thank you. Skills and experience required: - Experience with Mitsubishi...

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    Hello, I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to inquire about your expertise in electronics design, particularly in the area of PCB processing. I am currently working on developing a wireless guitar amplifier replacement product that consists of a transmitter and a complimentary receiver. I am seeking an experienced professional who can assist me in designing the technical aspects of the PCB for both components. The primary goal of this project is to create a wireless system that can seamlessly capture the guitar signal, process it based on amplifier settings controlled through a mobile app, and transmit the processed signal wirelessly with minimal latency. The transmitter will be equipped with an integrated auxiliary output, allowing the user to transfer the sound direct...

    €17 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for an experienced Matlab & Simulink developer to help me with advanced model development and simulation for product development. The ideal candidate should have expertise in designing advanced Matlab & Simulink models with a focus on system performance. The project requires an advanced level of complexity and the expected output should be focused on system performance. The project is specifically for product development and the successful candidate should have an understanding of the nuances and intricacies involved in developing models for this purpose. The key skills required for the job are: - Advanced knowledge of Matlab & Simulink - Experience in developing complex models for product development - Experience with Robotics, CAD system design and Robotics Impl...

    €1076 (Avg Bid)
    €1076 Oferta promedio
    37 ofertas

    I am looking to hire a knowledgeable and experienced Arduino programmer who can modify an existing OBD library to be able to read odometer data for cars from 2015 and up. My project uses stn1110 () to connect to OBD and I am using an esp32 for running code. Library which I am work with and want to keep is I made a small change on it in order to be able to connect to stn1110 (it was designed to elm327). Basically I need a function which should return odometer in km for cars after 2015. Not sure if make any sense but I am interested for cars in europe (I saw on the internet that on US are some differences on some pids). Project is bigger than that and if this is ok we can continue with other speciffic tasks. I am not sure about the quote so please suggest a quote as well Please ask any qu...

    €24 (Avg Bid)
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    15 ofertas
    Simple arduino PID program 3 días left

    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to create a simple arduino PID program with the following requirements: Desired Output: - Control of current Input: - Voltage Timeline: - No time limit Ideal skills and experience: - Proficient in arduino programming - Knowledge of PID control theory - Experience with voltage/current control systems - Ability to troubleshoot and debug code efficiently Please provide examples of previous projects and relevant experience in your bid. Thank you!

    €136 (Avg Bid)
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    30 ofertas

    need Digital Stopwatch in ARM Lite Simulator

    €17 - €142
    €17 - €142
    3 ofertas

    We are looking for experienced Embedded C/C++ Developers to work on a project requiring knowledge of Raspberry Pi hardware platform. The primary purpose of the code is to develop a Control System. The project requires the use of Standard C/C++ libraries. Ideal candidates should possess the following skills and experience: - Strong background in Embedded C/C++ development - Experience with Raspberry Pi hardware platform - Familiarity with Standard C/C++ libraries - Ability to develop code for Control Systems - Good problem-solving skills - Ability to work independently or as part of a team If you meet the requirements above and are available to start immediately, please submit your proposal.

    €1006 (Avg Bid)
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    39 ofertas

    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to develop a NMEA CAN bus program for battery monitoring. The project requires experience with Lithium-ion batteries and the J1939 communication protocol for the CAN bus. The desired update frequency is real-time. Skills and experience required: - Experience with Lithium-ion batteries - Expertise in the J1939 communication protocol for the CAN bus - Ability to develop a real-time monitoring system for the battery - Knowledge of NMEA standard for marine electronics would be a plus The ideal candidate should be able to deliver a reliable and efficient battery monitoring system that can accurately report the battery status in real-time. I have attached a spec sheet for a Mod Bus battery previously developed for a similar project 2 years ago. We requi...

    €346 (Avg Bid)
    €346 Oferta promedio
    10 ofertas

    I am in need of an experienced circuit board designer to create a circuit board from a hand drawn schematic. The purpose of the board is to convert a 25VAC analog pulse signal to a digital input that can be read by a Raspberry Pi. I am open to suggestions for the size and form factor of the board, as well as the budget for any components required. The designer should have extensive knowledge in circuit board design and preferably experience with components suitable for use in a Raspberry Pi environment. Would like to use PiHat design allowing me to connect directly onto GPIO of Raspberry PI. Have a picture of the circuit design and the final board. I live in Syracuse NY USA would prefer a local resource but not a requirement

    €19 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    36 ofertas

    I want a simulation of two CMOS level circuits: full subtractor and 1-bit comparator, with their outputs. attached are the two circuits we need in CMOS level using ltspice. we can agree on price.

    €32 (Avg Bid)
    €32 Oferta promedio
    27 ofertas
    Lab Data Instrument Integration 2 días left

    I am seeking an experienced C# developer to assist with the integration of a cell counter machine into my existing software application. The objective is to establish a connection with the machine via Ethernet, send and receive data, and handle periodic data updates. Skills Required: Proficiency in C# programming language. Strong knowledge of TCP/IP networking and socket programming. Experience with hardware integration in software applications. Familiarity with data stream handling and implementing timeouts. Attention to detail and ability to follow documentation and specifications. The Machine details are as follow :- Make - UniCel DxH Coulter Cellular Analysis Systems, Model - DXH-800, IP Address - , Port No. xxx. 9:16, Have you worked for similar type of the project ?

    €101 (Avg Bid)
    €101 Oferta promedio
    7 ofertas

    I'm looking for an experienced engineer to design a schematic diagram for a custom Micro-controller based Electronic Monitoring unit for a 33KV Aegis Ring main unit. The purpose of the monitoring unit is to detect faults and monitor power. The microcontroller platform I prefer is Arduino, and the preferred communication method is RS485. The Engineer should have experience and expertise in high-voltage technology, electronic circuit design, and microcontroller programming. Power monitoring should be limited to the current display and fault detection limited to only signal obtainable from the marshaling box of the RMU

    €94 (Avg Bid)
    Destacado Garantizado Concurso principal
    4 participaciones
    Design Pcb that could run Linux 1 día left

    I need someone to assist me to design Pcb (schematic) that could run Linux Pcb Bootloader ….

    €518 (Avg Bid)
    €518 Oferta promedio
    30 ofertas

    I am looking for a freelancer to design and build a water pump auto controller using embedded system such as ESP32 and TFT3.5 inches display. And this will include Mobile Phone Application to control and monitor the information about water level and motor of a control. ESP32 3.5 TFT RTC CT Coil AC Voltage Read A/D AC Current Read A/D Water Level Digital inputs 5+2 =7 inputs Button Outputs Buzzer Relay 1 Relay 2 LED x 2 pcs 50Hz 50% Outputs pin Water Pump will be ON and OFF according to its water level and Voltage trip and overload ampere ans some other safety features. TFT will display information and settings. After programming is completed, the freelancer will be responsible for testing hardware and software system in order to ensure it meets my specifications. This proj...

    €976 (Avg Bid)
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    59 ofertas
    SIEMENS PLC 1 día left

    SIEMENS PLC S7 1200 WITH SIWAREX WP231 FOR WEIGHING ON CONVEYOR (30 M/MIN SPEED) Application is Running Conveyor , line speed 30 M /Min ,we have used WP231 with S7 1200 PLC CPU , 4nos of Load cell(4wire) Through Summing Card. Job Length is 3200mm and Weight 17.5KG based of recipe Selected . we want to capture Actual weight in Running Conveyor at 30M/min speed with tolerance of +/- 100 gram. KINDLY PROVIDE ONLINE SUPPORT ON CHARGABLE BASE

    €312 (Avg Bid)
    €312 Oferta promedio
    14 ofertas

    I have all the code, but it’s not working the rfid.. and I don’t know why, the language is c and i work in atmel studio.

    €9 (Avg Bid)
    €9 Oferta promedio
    14 ofertas

    I am looking for someone to design a low power PCB with the following specifications: Size: Small (less than 2 inches) Components: I have a list of specific components that I would like included on the PCB. I am open to suggestions for any additional features. Battery: Lithium-ion This project from TTGO is similar to what I wish for : :62:28 Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in PCB design - Familiarity with ESP32 WROVER and EINK - Knowledge of low power design techniques - Familiarity with Lithium-ion batteries and power management - Ability to work collaboratively and provide regular updates on progress. The successful candidate must be able to create a custom PCB with EasyEDA that meets the requirements of my project. Preference will be given to candidates who have experien...

    €148 (Avg Bid)
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    33 ofertas

    I have a sketch write for Arduino mega and Virtuino app The sketch works well with wi-fi but the Virtuino developer doens't furnish skectch to connect Mega via MQTT The scope is to modify the exinting sketch to connect A Mega via MQTT I attach the virtuino sketch that runs with WiFi. This sketch must be modified to connect mega via MQTT

    €20 (Avg Bid)
    6 participaciones
    ESP32 and Firebase expert needed 1 día left

    I want set 10 to 20 message in fireabase with schedule like date and time and its connected with ESP32 and display message on max7219 4 in 1 dot matrix display module. I want only code and connection diagram

    €24 (Avg Bid)
    €24 Oferta promedio
    8 ofertas

    I am looking for a developer who can work on my project to develop functionalities for ESP32 through HTTP POST/GET requests. The project requires the use of Wi-Fi and Ethernet, and routines for Wi-Fi network auto-configuration. The timeframe for the completion of this project is a priority as I have a deadline. The level of complexity for the required functionality is advanced, so I am looking for a developer with experience in advanced programming. The ideal candidate should be comfortable working with Arduino IDE.

    €588 (Avg Bid)
    €588 Oferta promedio
    38 ofertas

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