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A microcontroller refers to a small computer on a single integrated circuit consisting of a CPU, clock, ports and memory. These chips are designed for small or dedicated applications. They are used in engine control systems in cars, medical implants, remote controls, power tools and toys. Your business may need help with designing microcontroller chips. You can find such help in the form of freelancers willing and able to do microcontroller work right here. Simply post your job today to get started! De 50079 comentarios, los clientes califican nuestro Microcontroller Developers 4.85 de un total de 5 estrellas.
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    Diseño y prototipado de una controladora de vuelo para uavs Gps led wifi PCB smd

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    Modify a router firmware 6 días left

    Hello, Need to modify a router firmware with image and model number and certain parameters and repack it. thats it

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    PCB In India 6 días left

    I need someone who can make a basic breakout board for VL53L0X sensor. Here is the datasheet You need to fabricate and assemble the sensor also

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    esp32 ota implementation 6 días left

    i want to implement ota on esp32 using thingsboard . we need to program on espressif

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    Step 1 Create a schematic diagram. You may create your schematic in either Eagle or PADS Logic. Step 2: Import the schematic diagram into PADS Layout. Step 3: Create the Gerber files for manufacturing the board You need to send the following: bottom layer, top layer, outline, and drill. Include the board file as well. The extension changes depending on the software. Pad Stack 30 mils Clearance 14 mils Trace Width Max: 180 mils Min: 18 mils •pcb design must meet the following drill bit guidelines: Function Size (mm) Size (mils) Trace 0.5 20 Trace 1.00 39 Trace 2.00 79 Drill Hole 0.5 19.7 Drill Hole 0.6 23.6 Drill Hole 0.7 27.6 Drill Hole 0.8 31.5 Drill Hole 0.9 35.4 Drill Hole 1.5 59.1 • Only PCBs from PADS are supported. Use only the drill size specifications listed above ...

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    I want to create programming routines to be recorded on an FPGA

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    Complete firmware and software development for our battery-powered wireless camera sensor, which uses stm32h743 series MCU, with AI classification capabilities. Hardware will have PIR detector, OV5640 camera, external SDRAM and QSPI flash, 868MHz LoRa transceiver, IR cut filter and IR LEDs, vibration sensor, voltage regulators, SD card, debug /programming port etc. LoRaWAN specification v1.0.3 will be used to send classification results to our handheld terminal with gateway and ChirpStack Network and Application server running on it. Developer will be responsible to develop complete code which includes test software for the designed hardware, firmware and software that will run on the board, deep learning AI model that will run on the board, LoRAWAN v1.0.3 with specific payload for the sen...

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    duo core processor 5 días left

    I need someone who is well conversant with java to help me build the microprocessor simulator

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    Hi we want to develop and centralized system that take input from several sensors and turn on/off relay based on different logic that are set dynamically. Developers from India will be given a higher priority. Only 1 MCU with very high pin count to be used like NXP, Cypress, STM etc

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    Project to be done in VHDL, so I am looking for an expert. The objective is to create a testbench for one circuit, and simulate the a few operations including storing data in it as well as retrieving data from it. I can share more details in PM.

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    Need to change the firmware to suit the pin configuration of the new controller, I can share the pro-game source codes of old mocro controller.

    €1 - €29 / hr
    €1 - €29 / hr
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    Existing Firmware Language – Embedded C. Existing Development Platform – IAR workbench Existing Processor- NXP- MK22series New processor - STM32F411CEU6 we need to change the firmware to suit the pin configuration of the new controller , we can share the embedded programe source code for old microcontroller project includes debugging feedback for which our team will test and give

    €147 - €440
    €147 - €440
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    Running digits in 7-segment display: The purpose of this code is to display and scroll the number that is being typed with the matrix keyboard. Each time a number is pressed, it should appear in the 1st display on the right, and the number that was in this 1st display will now be placed in the 2nd display and the number that was in the 2nd display will be placed in the 3rd display, so that the number that was in the 3rd display is lost. This code must include the enter function, which is when it receives a number greater than 9 and at that moment it will proceed to deliver the number that forms the angle but converted into binary, with the restriction that the number is not greater than 180. In case it has received a number greater than 180, it must deliver x "B4" and place 180 i...

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    I need someone to extract firmware from an microcontroler and write to another. More details available for those interested in chatting

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    Hi there, My name is Harsha, I am trying to build a project which involves driving 3 stepper motors inputs using raspberry pi 4. The problem is the entire circuit is supposed to be compact. Drivers used can be drv8825/ a4988/ trinamic TMC2208. The steppers are supposed to run smooth. Thank you, Harsha

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    Need to program a controller chip used in inverter ac. I can provide you an original programmed chip from the original circuit board. need to extract a program from there and burn the same program in a new same chip available in the market. Must have expertise in firmware programming

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    On the PIC32MK MCJ Curiosity board with MPLAB X IDE Need a small firmware that uploads on the device and displays a menu when connected with tera term When menu is selected initialise and read from GPIO Pins using I2C and SPI Protocols. Only contact if you have worked with Microchip PIC32 Boards and MPLAB X IDE

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    Project to be done in VHDL, so I am looking for an expert. The objective is to create a testbench for one circuit, and simulate the a few operations including storing data in it as well as retrieving data from it. I can share more details in PM.

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    Project for noumanmehtab86 -- 2 5 días left

    Hi noumanmehtab86, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    esp32 5$/hour work for many tasks 5 días left

    multiple project task based work for long term please specify you agree to 5$/h

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    Custom MIMO module -- 2 5 días left

    We are looking for an RF Engineering company for our newest project. We would like to create a MIMO radio module with -130 dBm sensitivity @ 500 kbps. I would love to get on a call to further discuss the brief of the project if it’s of interest to you.

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    Microcontroller 5 días left

    Microcontroller is considered as the backbone of Embedded System& it's most important feature is: "It can think". A Microcontroller looks like a simple electronics chip, but in actual its too powerful (also called Embedded Computer) because its programmable. Using programming code, we can control all I/O pins of a micontroller and can perform multiple functions. Before microcontrollers, DLD gates were used to create logics i.e. adding delays, turning signals ON/OFF etc. DLD is still in practice for small projects but if you are working on big industrial projects, then DLD circuits become too messy & thus too difficult to handle. In below figure, I have added two circuits of traffic signal lights: Left Circuit: 555 Timer is used for creating the LED sequences. Right C...

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    A blue tooth device that is activated by a high decibel sound and triggers a number of strobing LED light to come on.

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    An expert needed to design a PCB. He must be familiar with onboard antenna design, MCU, BLE and optionally with AFE (Analog Front End). Preferred tool: Altium

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    I need the design for converter / dimmer that can be used with a typical DALI LED drivers. It needs to provide the following functions: 1. Conversion of 0-10v dimming signal to DALI dimming commands to go to the DALI LED driver 2. Dimming of the LED light through the DALI LED driver using a rotary switch (or potentiometer) to provide 90,80,70 ... 10% dim levels. 3. Bypassing of the unit and changing it to a simple conductor using a switch. It can be part of the switch used for dimming. You'll provide the schematic design, firmware for the microcontroller, parts list. You'll need to provide verifiable relevant work history and references to be considered. Thanks

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    Hi, We already have a working recorder which saves wav files to an SD card (CPU already reduced to 80Mhz). Worked great but we need to lower the power consumption (Now: 30mA). I wish to get less than 5mA. Hardware: Digital mic (I2S or PDM) and SD card connected to a ESP32 I am pretty sure it is possible to record wav files in light sleep mode. Here is what i have in mind using I2S in the example. But not 100% sure if that works: - In light sleep mode the I2S interface writes data from the I2S microphone to a buffer (I hope that DMA or any other memory is accessible) - A timer wakes up the main CPU when the buffer is full which writes the data to the SD card - I2S and the main CPU can't have access to the same buffer at the same time. So once the timer triggered. I2S starts writing...

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    Motion Sensor 5 días left

    To build the motion Sensor to control the light and Fan once the motion is detected the light or fan turns on and after a fixed duration (i.e. 1 min) of no motion light/fan is switched off.

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    Need to design controller pcb for electric tricycle. reference doc will be attached here. this project involves hardware + firmware. so must have expertise in both. Need final pcba.

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    Need to design same pcb as Sony 3142+633 CCD board chip for CCTV camera. if anyone can source same pcb available from any international market then also, will do. must have expertise in hardware designing and development. reference link is

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    Greetings We are looking for an IOT LPWA expert preferably with experience of both embedded software and hardware and have extensive experience working with Nordic nRF 9160. More inforamtion will be provided to the ideal candidate.

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    I have a sketch which I would like adapted to work with a new LCD Keypad Screen. Please note, new buttons on screen keypad has an additional button (select) which I would like to now use. //Screen//

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    We want to send our rfid data on api of our website. The data receive on serial port from rfid device

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    Looking to remote control a device through a smartwatch type interface. It’s going to need to send some basic signals to a corresponding reciever that will ultimately turn a valve actuator. See example here of our current version which utilizes a large remote

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    ESP32 Expert - EasyEDA and ESP-IDF 4 días left

    I am the CEO of PeakProductDevelopment and we are building the IoT system. The prototype was completed. We need the full stack engineer with strong experience in EasyEDA and ESP-IDF to update the existing hardware. The system will be upgraded and the engineer need to work on developing other modules. The product uses ESP32-C3 MCU and TB6600 stepper motor driver. And the firmware is developed by ESP-IDF.

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    HW op-amp circuit 4 días left

    A hardware development is required. Sensor used for input: piezoelectric Microcontroller used to receive the amplified sound: ESP32. Output voltage range: 0-3.3V. Midpoint Bias near V=1.65V Operational Amplifier model: we will define it before start the project. Battery used: 1x3.7V or 1x9V Software to use: KiCad. Any other software for simulate it (for example LTspice).

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    You are to develop a simulator for a duo-core version of the abm abstract machine. Your simulator must support all instructions included in the document. The following news instructions are to be included in your new version of the simulator.

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    Smart Water Management System 4 días left

    WorkFlow Of The Custom Device • Basically a device will be placed at top level tanks which contains direct supply of water to the home. • A device will be installed at bottom tank which contains water in ground level. • A centralised device will be installed which will be responsible for communicating with the installed devices both top and bottom. • Once the top tank water get below the level it will send a alert to centralised device which will send the signal to electricity of the bottom device , It will get turn on • User Application will be notified with the machine has been started with a popup with reporting of the water level currently is. • Once it reaches the threshold level device will turn off and another notification will be send to the user app....

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    Write a firmware code for icm20948 3 días left

    I am looking for firmware developer who can help me in stabilizing icm20948 data which is interfaced with nrf52832 ic.

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    Convert STM32 code to RPI 3 días left

    Write a code for implement a digital vacuum sensor with RPi4 I2C. Already exists a ST32 dedicated code, so it could be converted into RPi4 format. Also I have my prior version that doesn't work, and can share for just correct it. Code shall use RPi4's SDA and SCL to get raw data. Attached is STM32 code for sensor. If you're not RPi4 I2C coding expert, please don't bid.

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    Aplicacion: Wifi 2.4ghz Datalogger de temperatura y humedad con sensor I2C Temperature & Humidity Sensor (Waterproof Probe) y controlador ESP32 ESP32-WROVER-IE-N4R8. *Caja IP65, de ser posible seleccionar una caja comercial para adaptarle la placa *PCB entra en caja IP54 o 65 , la antena queda afuera de la caja *funcionamiento previsto con baterias. *Antena para 2.4ghz *Botones RST y program del esp32 mediante jumper. *Leds indicadores de encendido, upload, estado *Componentes SMD. *Placa rectangular.

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    PCB Modifications -- 2 3 días left

    I have a PCB which has some flaws and I need to fix them. Then submit the to the PCB manufacturer.

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    Requirement for Arduino expert 3 días left

    Our project is contactless dustbin(AM Dustbin Product) which works on Ardino.

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    I want to use accelerometer sensor on FPGA, in order to do that I need I2C protocol implementation in VHDL so I can continue my work on the project. I want the module to get the address of the sensor + bit for R/W , and the internal register address of the sensor, and get the data by reading, or write to the register.

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    Urgent Small VHDL project , Repost 2 días left

    Hi there Urgently need small VHDL project to be done. Please apply ASAP if you can start it immediately after hiring Thanks

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    FPGA, Quartus , VHDL 2 días left

    Using the fixed point arithmetic measure current according to the following circuit

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    We are looking for a person who has previous experience in working with Ironless Linear Motor and Driver. Further project details would be given on discussion.

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    Urgent Small VHDL project 2 días left

    Hi there Urgently need small VHDL project to be done. Please apply ASAP if you can start it immediately after hiring Thanks

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    Eagle schematic and PCB design 2 días left

    Hello, Everyone. I am looking for a PCB designer. this PCB design must be done on Eagle. If you have experience with PCB design and Eagle, Please send me proposal. Thanks.

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    Extend your stack-based microprocessor simulator by developing a duo core processor. The additional core will share the same properties of the original processor developed in project 1 and extend your project 2 solution to include private cache support to each core. i will upload the project 1 for reference if needed.

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    ASCOM Device Driver for Dome 2 días left

    I require a Device Driver creating using the ASCOM Development software 6.6 with SP1 the driver is to control an Observatory dome with two simple commands, Open & Close the driver will interface with an ESP32 microcontroller that controls the Dome. the program and UI for the ESP32 is completed.

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