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Mathematics is the field of study that looks at numbers and equations to determine results. Mathematics helps to explain the world and unlock its secrets. It is a widely applicable type of knowledge, providing insight into many complex and everyday problems. Mathematics is not just about solving problems, it is also amazing as an intellectual field of study and often used as a tool for critical thinking and for determining the most efficient ways to approach any task.

A Mathematics Teacher can help clients with a wide range of problems from basic arithmetic to complicated differential equations. The Mathematics Teacher is the bridge between theory and application, connecting real world concepts with Mathematical theories. The Teacher can also assist with problem solving by giving practical implementation of mathematical tools and methods. Furthermore, the teacher can help to explain the underlying principles at work behind mathematical theories making it easier for clients to apply their learning to every day life.

Here's some projects that our expert Mathematics Teachers made real:

  • Developing forecasting models with Mathematical equations
  • Exploring probabilities using Statistical techniques
  • Solving equations involving many unknowns
  • Understanding motion through Physics formulas
  • Utilizing mathematical formulas on spreadsheets
  • Creating dynamic graphs using Mathematics

At we have an array of expert Mathematics Teachers that can provide insight and expertise into any problem or project you may have. Our team is made up of skilled professionals that are adept in teaching the different levels of mathematics, from basic arithmetic all the way up to high level analysis. Not only do our teachers offer support with understanding the underlying principles behind mathematics, but they also aid with problem identification, strategy development and implementing solutions. If you have a project or need tutoring in mathematics, hire one of our Math Teachers today and see your project become reality!

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    Experto en realizar estadísticas 2 días left

    Necesito una hoja de excel en la que si le añado el precio de cotización en bolsa de una empresa, un precio objetivo y le doy el dato de la volatilidad implícita, la hoja me saque las probabilidades que hay de que esa acción cotice a este precio en un plazo de tiempo determinado.

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    I need a proficient expert in Excel to type numeric data and carry out basic arithmetic calculations. The scope of the project includes: - Data entry of numeric information into an Excel sheet. - Applying basic arithmetic operations to the input data. The ideal candidate should have: - Proficient skills in Excel, specifically with numerical data entry and calculations. - A keen eye for detail ensuring accuracy in calculations. - An excellent understanding of basic arithmetic operations.

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    I am in need of a skilled mechanical engineer proficient in fluid dynamics and systems modelling. Your mathematical analysis, logical reasoning, and problem-solving skills will be required for the work.

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    I need help answering a question in my online business statistics final exam. The question will be given to me at 2pm EST and I have to submit it along with a short essay to my professor before 4pm EST. Key Requirements: - Question Answering: The freelancer should be able to answer the problem-solving question with step-by-step calculations. - Short Essay: The response should be an intermediate analysis, not just a basic overview. Please note that the freelancer will not be proctoring the exam, but solely assisting me in answering a specific question and writing an intermediate level analysis. Ideal Freelancer: - Should have a background in Business Statistics or a related field. - Understanding of statistical problem-solving. - Experience in academic writing, particularly in the form...

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    I am seeking a machine learning expert to conduct a classification project using numerical data. Here's what you should know: - Objective: To perform a classification task on numerical data using robust machine learning methods. - Data: The data for this classification task is numerical and has been cleaned already, ready to use straight away. - Skills & experience: You should have extensive experience in machine learning, specifically in classification tasks, ML Model interpertation using SHAP. LIME and ELI5 tools and should be familiar with handling numerical data. Your job will involve developing, training, and validating a machine learning model that accurately performs the classification task. While doing so, you'll need to ensure that the model is as accurate as possi...

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    I'm seeking an experienced education/assessment professional to work on advanced level quantitative aptitude assessment. The goal is to test and enhance problem solving and cognitive thinking skills in the following areas: - Number systems - Geometry - Probability and statistics - Logical reasoning - Numerical reasoning - data interpretation - Spatial reasoning - Abstract reasoning Previous experience creating tests or assessments with a mathematical or analytical focus will be highly regarded.

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    I need an experienced actuary to help with the price calculations for a new insurance assistance I'm launching. This project includes the following tasks: - Risk Assessment: Assessing the potential risks associated with the insurance assistance is crucial for setting competitive yet profitable premium rates. - Premium Calculation: You'll be responsible for determining the premiums that policyholders will pay for their coverage. - Loss Reserve Estimation: Estimating the required loss reserves is crucial for the financial stability of the assistance. The challenge with this project is that the assistance is new in the market, meaning there is no existing data to draw upon. Therefore, the ideal candidate will be someone who is not only skilled in actuarial science but also has the...

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    I'm seeking a seasoned Matlab expert specifically familiar with implementing the Kalman filter algorithm. Though the intended application and expected input data for the algorithm is yet to be determined, the expertise you will bring to the table will be invaluable. The goal is to use Kalman filter to esmate the level of the water in the tank using the noisy measurements coming from the level sensor. Assume that the dynamics and the measurements are modeled by the following equa ons: ?(? + 1) = ? ?(?) + ? ?(?) + ?? ?(?) = ? ?(?) + ? With the following skills and experience, you'll fit right into this role: - Proficient in Matlab’s language, operators, and constructs - In-depth understanding of Kalman filter algorithm - Previous experience coding from scratch - Creati...

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    I need someone to make a calculator program for my TI-84 plus that can solve any form or variation or any version of the following problems that attached to the project so that I can plug in that type of problem and output and answer in the correct form make the program low storage! I need the program made ASAP

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    HDL Coder compatible simulink model design will be made with the subject titled MODEL BASED DESIGN OF GAUSS FILTER APPLICATIONS FOR FPGA APPLICATIONS. Gauss filter can be applied on the image. The design will not contain any code and will be designed only with functions.

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    I need an economist to assist with my online exam. The exam has a duration of 2 hours and will cover macroeconomics, microeconomics, and econometrics. The exam will be conducted in the form of essay questions as well as calculations. I require a professional who is well-versed in economic theories, principles, and calculations to help me prepare for the exam. Key Requirements: - Expertise in macroeconomics, microeconomics, and econometrics - Ability to tackle essay questions and calculations - Previous experience in assisting with online exams would be beneficial Your application should showcase your understanding of these economic disciplines, your experience in similar tasks, and how you can help me succeed in this online exam.

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    We need some Female Instructors/teachers for Python teaching We need for kids at basic and advance level for high level classes I need teachers who have strong level of communication

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    As a student needing help with advanced mathematics, I'm looking for a seasoned expert who can provide academic assistance in Algebra, Calculus, and Statistics. Specifically, I need help with: - Algebra: particularly with linear equations and functions and graphs. - Calculus: deep understanding in differentiation and integration required. - Statistics: specifically in the area of probability and data analysis. Ideal candidates should have a strong academic background in these areas, be patient, and be experienced in teaching complex concepts in an understandable way. This opportunity could extend over the course of my study, so reliability and commitment are key.

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    As a teacher, I'm looking for an expert who can help me in adding hints to multiple-choice questions in a 10th standard Mathematics textbook. - The current MCQ format consists of questions with options for students to choose from. - The hints should be brief, providing students with an understanding of how to approach and solve the question, without giving away the solution. - The hints should be added directly to the MCQs. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Strong understanding of Mathematics at a 10th standard level - Experience in teaching or creating educational content - Ability to write clear and concise hints that guide students without solving the question for them. - Familiarity with the education sector, particularly in the field of Mathematics...

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    I'm looking for an expert in bio-mathematics to help me create a set of questions. Here's what you need to know: - Level of Difficulty: The questions should be set to an easy level - Specific Topics: The question set is expected to cover mathematical biology - Expected Format: The question set should contain a mix of short answer and problem-solving questions

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    I require a MATLAB expert to assist in analyzing some financial data. Your skills in data analysis should be top-notch. While specific MATLAB toolboxes weren't mentioned, knowledge of Econometrics, Financial, and Statistics and Machine Learning toolboxes would be a huge plus. Understanding of financial data is imperative. Please provide evidence of similar projects you've worked on. Looking forward to seeing your proposals. The goal is to use Kalman filter to estimate the level of the water in the tank using the noisy measurements coming from the level sensor. Assume that the dynamics and the measurements are modeled by the following equations: ?(? + 1) = ? ?(?) + ? ?(?) + ?? ?(?) = ? ?(?) + ?? Here, ?(?) is the input to the system. In Kalman estimation we have: ?(?) = ??|?&...

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    I'm seeking help in advanced applications and conceptual understanding of the product rule in derivatives. Key Requirements: - Assistance with applying the product rule in real-life scenarios - Detailed explanations and proofs for deeper understanding Ideal Skills: - Strong background in Calculus - Experience in tutoring or teaching Maths - Ability to explain complex concepts in a simple, accessible manner - Familiarity with real-world applications of calculus (optional) Your role would entail providing practical examples of the product rule in action and helping me understand the logic and reasoning behind it. A knack for simplifying complex mathematical concepts will be a great asset. Please add vvv in the start of your quote

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    I need a Python programmer to work on a maths-related project. - **Programming Language**: The project should be implemented in Python, so a solid understanding of Python is essential. - **Mathematical Knowledge**: Though not strictly necessary, a familiarity with various areas of mathematics may be beneficial. - **Primary Goal**: The primary goal of this project is code development, so an ability to engage with complex mathematical concepts and translate these into functional Python code is essential. This is a great opportunity for someone with a passion for both computer programming and mathematics to further develop their skills. Project: Python code for arc diagrams, fix errors, and perform (theoretical and numerical) algorithm analysis. write code yourself to count certain types ...

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    I'm in need of an expert who can adeptly identify and fix formula errors in my spreadsheet. Currently, the main issue isn't reflecting a 10% commission in specific cells. My spreadsheet just doesn't show the correct result, which has become challenging for me. To really nail this task, you should have: - Proficient Excel skills - A strong understanding of spreadsheet formulas - Detail-oriented data management skills - Excellent problem-solving abilities Please approach this project with meticulous diligence and an eye for detail. By doing so, we can finally address the incorrect calculations of the commission in the workbook.

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    I'm seeking a Python expert skilled in using Pulp library to solve a mathematical model, specifically the MS-RCPSP (multi-skilled resource-constrained project scheduling problem .Experience in handling scheduling problems and resource allocation will be incredibly beneficial. I will give you a PDF later, so you can work based on it.

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    As a beginner in MATLAB and Excel, I'm currently seeking an experienced programmer to guide me through the process of calculating RPM. The core objectives of this project are: -to clearly presented on the g-forces the riders will be exposed to for each of the 3 speeds, whether the forces are enough to pin the riders to the walls, and the rpm of the most suitable ride speed For me, I am aiming - To understand the fundamental techniques of handling three sets of data through Excel. - To learn how to effectively import this data to MATLAB. - Finally, to produce a scatter plot representation of the imported data in MATLAB. This project primarily involves data from an experiment, so I'm aiming at gaining knowledge of not just importing data but also how to use MATLAB for data...

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    I'm currently seeking an experienced tutor well-versed in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Maths for GAMSAT preparation. The tutoring sessions are expected to be conducted in-person. Iam at a beginner level, just starting the journey of mastering these subjects. It will also be beneficial if you are from a civil engineering background as I am currently studying geotechnical engineering. - Subjects: Expected to cover Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Maths to a high standard suitable for GAMSAT. - Mode of Instruction: Tutoring is required to be in-person. It's essential that you're local or willing to travel. - Student’s Level: The student is a beginner. As such, experience in tutoring from the basic level and gradually building up in complexity is vital. I...

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    I'm seeking a proficient English language tutor who can assist in elevating my intermediate language skills to an advanced level. Key Assistance: - Improve pronunciation and conversational English. - Enhance understanding of complex English grammar rules. - Help with vocabulary expansion. Ideal Skills: - Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) qualifications. - Previous experience in teaching at an intermediate level. - Flexibility in teaching techniques according to the learner's pace. Your previous experience in tutoring and proven track record of success with past students will be a bonus. Looking forward to learning in an interactive and fun way.

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    Microeconomics Tutor Needed 4 días left

    I'm seeking a tutor proficient in Supply and Demand, Price Elasticity of Demand, and Market Structures. I'm looking for online sessions, and expect to need fewer than 5 sessions. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in advanced microeconomics, especially the stated areas - Experienced in tutoring or teaching microeconomics - Fluent in English for clear communication - Ability to make sessions engaging and interactive Your teaching method should be concise, explanatory, and able to cater to different learning styles. Your aim should be to ensure that I have a strong understanding of the topics within the limited sessions.

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    I'm searching for an experienced primary teacher specializing in 5th-grade Math. While I'm primarily focused on Math teaching, the ideal candidate would be well-rounded and capable of providing an engaging learning environment. Key Responsibilities: - Teaching 5th-grade Math - Creating engaging and educational lesson plans - Monitoring students’ progress Desired Skills: - Prior experience teaching 5th-grade Math - Strong communication and organizational skills - Ability to engage and inspire learners Although I skipped the question about teaching methodologies and experience, I'm open to different ways of teaching Math to 5th graders to help them understand better. The ideal candidate would have relevant teaching methods to engage children and make Math exciting ...

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    I'm in need of a proficient MATLAB programmer who can efficiently solve system of two coupled first-order linear differential equations(ODEs) for me. Your responsibilities will include: - Applying your expertise in MATLAB to solve system of two coupled of first-order linear ODEs. - Documenting the entire process in a comprehensive report. This should include a full narrative of explanations and justifications, not merely an overview of the procedures and results. - Adhering strictly to MATLAB coding standards throughout the project. (Questions and Report template is attached below.) The perfect candidate for this assignment will have an extensive background in both mathematics and MATLAB programming, with a deep understanding of ODEs. Proven experience in academic or technical re...

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    High School Math Tutoring Needed 4 días left

    I am in need of a math tutor proficient in high school level Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus. As a client, I'm seeking someone who could: - Provide live tutoring sessions via video call. - Employs a clear and engaging teaching methodology. - Has previous experience teaching and explaining complex math concepts to high school students. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in mathematical education, preferably with previous tutoring experience and strong communication skills. A patient and understanding approach would be appreciated.

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    1. Hi, I'm looking for a Ph.D. level (or equivalent) person with an understanding of math, AI, or ML. It would be great if we could read AI, ML, diffusion, RLHF, and reinforcement learning related academic papers together during [Removed by Admin for offsiting - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions]. 2. Another important thing is that I would like to have the meeting at 7pm EST. If you are from Europe or Pakistan, that time may NOT work for you. We will have a [Removed by Admin for offsiting - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions] chat for two hours on weekdays, for example. 3. If you read until here, please include links to some papers that you wrote in the related fields. Please include the link in the first sentence of your...

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    This project involves taking a Matlab code that is 85-90% complete and finishing it to certain specifications. The resultant statistical outcome should reflect the results in other established software. The code involves matrix algebra, SVD, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, and other statistics concepts. The fix will probably be no more than 50-100 lines of new code and most likely will represent edits to the existing two medium length scripts.

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    I'm seeking help for my school project focused on chemistry. Skills & Experience Required: - Strong understanding of Chemistry - Experience in academic assistance or tutoring Expectations: - Assist in understanding difficult concepts - Provide insights and knowledge sharing - Ensure project completion by next Friday, April 12th. This is a valuable chance for those passionate about education and science. Let's make Chemistry fun and comprehensible together!

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    I'm looking for an Excel expert to develop an algorithm for range breakouts trading. The specific breakout criteria will include price crossing above the high and below the low of a specified range. Even though no specific conditions or indicators to trigger the range breakout trade were indicated, I encourage you to apply your understanding of common trading triggers to offer suggestions on how to improve this system. The algorithm should also check for range breakout opportunities every minute. You might have the following skills and experience: - Extensive experience with Excel - Knowledge of algorithmic trading principles - Experience in programming Excel for algorithmic trading.

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    I'm aiming to ace the SBI PO banking exams in India, specifically focusing on improving my quantitative aptitude. While I require help across the main topics of Arithmetic, Algebra, and Geometry, my primary struggle lies with Data Interpretation. Ideal Skills: - Deep understanding of Quantitative Aptitude - Prior tutoring experience for SBI PO exam - Excellent problem-solving skills Expectations: - Provide comprehensive lessons and practice quizzes on Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry - Devote substantial effort to improve my Data Interpretation skills - Identify and work on my weak points to improve my performance - Offer strategies to tackle the Quantitative section of the SBI PO banking exam efficiently. Having previous experience with SBI PO aspirants would be a great asset. T...

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    We're in need of a developer with firm expertise in Binance Smart Chain for a gaming project. The chosen professional must excel in creating decentralized gameplay and governance. The focus of the project is as follows: - Developing a game with advanced mechanics involving complex strategies and dynamics. Ideal skills and qualifications would include: - Proven experience on the Binance Smart Chain. - Strong background in building decentralized gameplay and governance in gaming. - Proficiency in advanced game mechanics development.

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    I am currently seeking a freelancer experienced in Excel forecasting to provide expertise in both Simple and Winter's Exponential Smoothing. The project entails: - two exercises that involve working with a particular set of data in a file format (either CSV, XLSX, etc.) and applying both variants of Exponential Smoothing to predict future values. - Optimizing the forecasting process to procure the most accurate results. discuss your forecasting method, your forecasts, and the business insights from these in a 750 word report. - Please note that the provided data set won't be updated, so the focus should be on competing the steps of the task assigned. The perfect candidate would have: - Strong experience in Excel and data analysis. - A profound understanding of Simple and Win...

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    I am in need of an expert who has a solid grip on Excel, able to arrange numerical data into tables for me. To make my work simpler: - The main task will involve averages, mean calculations, as well as frequency and distribution analysis. Past experience with these functions is essential. - I am looking for someone who can efficiently sort the data in ascending order. Demonstrated ability with sorting functions in Excel is preferred. In summary, a flawless understanding of Excel and a keen eye for detail will be crucial for this project.

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    I am looking for professional assistance in creating mock papers and practice tests for 11+ exams. My child needs help specifically with English, Math, Verbal Reasoning, and Non Verbal Reasoning. Key Requirements: - Creation of 1-5 comprehensive mock papers/practice tests. - Expert knowledge and experience in 11+ exam format and subject matter of English, Math, Verbal Reasoning, and Non Verbal Reasoning. - Provide a clear structure and answer keys for each test. Ideal candidates will have a proven track record in tutoring or material creation for 11+ exams, and a strong understanding of these subjects. Experience with creating educational testing material is a major plus.

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    High School Tutor Needed 2 días left

    I am looking for a tutor who is experienced in teaching high school-level physics, chemistry, and mathematics. The purpose of this tutoring is primarily to prepare for exams. Key skills and experience include: - Proven track record of tutoring or teaching in physics, chemistry, and mathematics - Deep understanding and knowledge of high school curriculum in these subjects - Prior experience in exam preparation and familiarization with exam patterns, tips, and tricks to ace the exams - Ability to make complex topics easy to understand - Patience, clear communication, and a passion for inspiring students to love STEM subjects

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    I'm in need of experienced hydrologists or geospatial analysts for an immediate flood risk assessment project in Ocala, Florida. From this contract, I expect a comprehensive evaluation of current flood prevention measures and a detailed assessment of potential flood damage to be completed within 1 month. This specialist will be tasked with: - Evaluating current flood prevention measures: This includes assessing how effective current precautionary methods are and suggesting recommendations for improvement. - Assessing potential flood damage: This requires the prediction of damages using flood modelling and providing preventive measures to minimize potential risk. The ideal candidate will be experienced in flood risk assessments, flood mapping, and flood modelling. Terrific communic...

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    I am looking for a math teacher for math projects

    €47 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for a Modelica expert to help me optimize the pressure drop calculations for a liquid system. Requirements: - Strong experience in working with Modelica - Proven track record in optimizing pressure drop calculations for liquid systems - Ability to work with input parameters such as flow rate, temperature, and viscosity - Understanding of fluid dynamics and thermodynamics The aim of this project is to create the calculations in a way that will optimize the pressure drop in our liquid system. Your role will be crucial in identifying inefficiencies and suggesting improvements. Please only apply if you have the mentioned skillset and experience.

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    I am in need of a seasoned software engineer with intermediate expertise in Python. Your primary responsibility will be data processing using not only Python, but also complemented by Spark, Databricks, and Airflow. Therefore, prior experience with these is also expected. Ideal skills for this role include: - Intermediate to advanced skill level in Python - Experience with Spark, Databricks, and Airflow - Proficient in data processing tasks Your expertise in these areas will be integral to the success of this project and your problem-solving skills will be highly valued. I look forward to your proactive participation in this exciting project.

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    Need to do data entry from chatgpt I to excel spreadsheet. Need basic math and English skills

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    Physics Tutor for JEE Aspirant 1 día left

    I'm looking for a JEE aspirant with solid knowledge in Physics to help me with some task . I have MCQs and I need freelancer add Hints and sub topic names to it. Need data entry in Microsoft Word. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong foundation in Physics - Experience with tutoring or mentoring - Familiarity with the JEE Physics syllabus - Ability to explain complex concepts in a simple manner Please provide your relevant experience and how you plan to help me succeed in the JEE Physics exam.

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    14 ofertas

    Calculate the total cost for each client using a fix rate and a waterfall method, from a large data set of clients. Explain each step of the process (the applicability of each formula) so anyone can replicate the calculations. All the detailed requirements are provided in the first tab. More details: What are the specific data points for each client that need to be considered in the calculation? Revenue What format is the client data currently in? Excel spreadsheet Do you require a step-by-step guide included within the same Excel file, or should it be provided in a separate document? Within the same Excel file

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    €11 Oferta promedio
    15 ofertas

    I'm in need of a freelancer to execute a part of work on my React application that involves implementing Cubic Biezer Interpolation and Intersection between 2 Cubic Biezer Curves using Highcharts. This task is new to me: • Prior experience in implementing these equations in Highcharts is desirable but not crucial. Some but not all equations and data points are available for the project. The contractor would: • Make a function for interpolationg existing data set to get a resolution of 1 • Should have a deep understanding of Cubic Biezer Interpolation and Intersection between 2 Cubic Biezer Curves. • Proficiency in mathematical problem-solving is a plus. The representation of the output: • Should be basic but clearly understood. Experience in React app...

    €144 (Avg Bid)
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    48 ofertas
    Algo trading via Excel 1 día left

    a single strategy via Excel so if you're interested then message me

    €125 (Avg Bid)
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    35 ofertas
    Speech Recognition Using MFCC & CNN 22 horas left

    I am looking for a professional who can build a speech recognition system for me. I haven't collected a dataset yet, so I need you to take care of this for me. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with building speech recognition systems - Strong understanding of Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients - Proficient in Convolutional Neural Networks - Ability to work under tight deadlines Please keep in mind my need for this project to be completed as soon as possible.

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    11 ofertas

    I need an expert online tutor to help a grade 12 student with vectors and calculus, specifically within the Ontario curriculum. The sessions will take place twice a week on Google Meet. The tutor should be proficient in: -Explaining complex concepts in a simple and understandable manner -Teaching the student to solve difficult problems -Preparing the student for tests An ideal candidate: -Has a wealth of experience teaching vectors and calculus -Is familiar with the Ontario curriculum -Is patient, engaging, and excellent at breaking down complex problems Please include your teaching methodologies and any relevant experiences in your proposal.

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    I've designed a 40-page PDF workbook filled with math equations for educational purposes. Now, I'm on the hunt for an experienced programmer who can bring these worksheets to life by making them interactive and automatic. The task at hand is to intelligently code the worksheets facilitating students to simply input their numbers; the math should be calculated automatically from there. The programming language is up to your expertise as the language isn't specified, but it should be something that will work with a PDF. Here's what successful applications will include: - Completion of the provided sample from our workbook. - If proficient with Python, JavaScript, or C#, it'd be necessary to demonstrate previous work in the applicable language. Ideal skills and e...

    €538 (Avg Bid)
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    37 ofertas

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