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Machine Learning is a scientific discipline which focuses on automatically recognizing complex patterns and making intelligent decisions based on available data. This branch of study develops algorithms for computers to evolve behaviors for the same. If your business needs help with machine learning algorithms, you have come to the right place. You can hire expert freelancers with machine learning experience right here. Simply post your job today!

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    I have 3 tasks that needs to be done in 3 days, all of the datasets will be provided. The tasks are about : - Cluster Analysis Using Fuzzy C-Means - Clustering Using Genetic Algorithm - Simulated Annealing and Genetic Algorithm

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    %97_Transformers.ipynb#scrollTo=LBSYoWbi-45k This script can be used for Turkish, but a few changes and visualizations here would be better and model output and script should be able to upload my drive. facebook/wav2vec2-large-xlsr-53 will be pre-trained model. • Mozilla Common Voice dataset should be used to train the models • The models must be trained using wav2vec2 architecture 2 pre-trained models are enough to train: o wav2vec2-xlsr-53 () o wav2vec2-xls-r-300m () 3) Please pay extra attention to this subsection: You should follow this script: Inside this script, database installation and model trainings are given in detailed way. Inside script, database is installed in this part: 3.1) Here instead of “common_voice” dataset you should write “mozill...

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    First you have to show me the result of 9bus + distance relay, We should discuss, then proceed machine learning, using machine learning classifier to detect overcurrent and to classified fault falls under which zone

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    Need to develop an algorithm to estimate cortical thickness map from a raw T1-weighted image. Cortical thickness map is the thickness of the gray matter of the brain at every point

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    The project is simple yet can be tricky. 1. I will supply you with 50+ images for each of 4 objects from various angles 2. You should gather the images for an 2 extra comparable objects in your vicinity (choice of objects is a subject of an approval by me) as a secondary test and to help you debug 3. you need to select any of the existing machine learning models and re-train it so that the objects can be reliably detected 4. put together a super simple mobile app which detects the newly added objects in live camera view 5. write a simple 1 page document summarizing your approach or jump on a recorded video call to capture your process if you achieve in 4/6 objects recognized (in daytime conditions) and deliver the report of your approach, you get paid the full contract and might also e...

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    convert hex code to source code 6 días left

    I have a file with hex code and I need it converted into source code

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    RASA Framework Chatbot 6 días left

    I have a chatbot built on RASA Framework. I need someone to add more training data and polish it up.

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    I want an experienced researcher with a previous publication record to write a review paper in the areas of DNN for manufacturing industry applications. I have a half-completed paper they need to rework the draft conduct and thorough technical review and draft the final paper with illustrations, graphs, tables, and images with the best quality possible for an Elsevier journal. Note: Co-authorship is provided for this work so people with the published record are highly preferred.

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    forecasting approches using machine learning algorithms

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    Need to develop an algorithm to estimate cortical thickness map from a raw T1-weighted image. Cortical thickness map is the thickness of the gray matter of the brain at every point

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    Need someone with experience in reinforcement learning to help me with my project. - Building extensions of an existing algorithm based on another implementation - testing the performance on different Pybullet environments - Requires extensive knowledge of PyTorch and actor-critic models Need to build an extension of an existing algorithm based on the attached paper

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    literature review in Intrusion detection system and machine learning. Around 30 pages plagiarism free(word count 15,000). First a trial of 3 pages with outline for writing quality and paper source with reference. In text citation is a must in Apa style.

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    Build me a dep learning model 6 días left

    A model that can read handwritten and printed text and return them

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    Medical Image analysis using opencv and other computer vision framework tool.

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    We are looking for 3 ML models that look realistic enough to not notice the results are computer-generated. Getting them done in a short period of time while maintaining quality is a key priority. The use case is obtaining rendered videos with the results, and the person in the videos would be sitting close to the camera with no hand or major body movement (as seen in the attached image). The process would be as the following: 1) We have the video of a person and we give it to the model 2) The model makes the changes in X amount of time (doesn't have to be incredibly fast). 3) We render the result with the changes in 1920x1080 resolution and high quality and definition. (1080p) - Audio Lip Syncing model: it would be a multilingual (mainly Spanish) model that works in the same way a...

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    Hello. I need to make a project of basic machine produced briquette from wood dust and peat. If somebody have any knowledge about building machines I will be appreciated if contact me. Best regards

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    Classification rate 5 días left

    I have Machine learning results ( and I need the classification rate for it ) , so if you are an expert in ML , please reply. 1 day deadline 1 page only

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    I have a project about service function chaining based on software-defined network and using deep learning and machine learning for flow classification

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    Hello, I would like to develop an Application to collect related information from newspaper i.e., news extraction and then separate them based on the criteria using machine learning algorithm like Natural Language Processing or Deep Learning. To extract news, we will use keywords like for example Road Accident, Power Generation, etc. In addition, we also want to collect images of an specific person or event using keyword like Donald Trump visits Italy, Vladimir Putin Visits China (these are just example). Our target is to collect information on various topics from newspaper and the Web site. Then this information will be used in different purpose as a reference. We also want to store this news / web site information by different category to use future. We have develop a program using NLP ...

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    Hi.. I'm doing a DL based project, so I need a person who has strong knowledge in DL to perform some Image Annotation works. Any one enthusiastic in doing AI can bid... For more informations I will ping you. Thank you

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    I need python/AI developer who can help me.

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    convert a matlab project to python 5 días left

    I want to convert this project, , that was develop in matlab to a python project. The python version of this needs to be tested as the author described and generate an expected result. The python version of the project needs to execute the python version of the file reproduce_classifier_results.m and generate the expected result.

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    We are looking for an experienced mobile AI developer to implement on-device real-time liveness verification. The outcome will be a mobile app that is able to differentiate between a real person and a printed photo or pre-recorded video. The app shouldn't utilize third-party commercial SDK (google/apple built-in and/or open-source stacks are fine). The app can be native or hybrid and support both iOS and Android. Please apply if you have done similar work. We will need to test your prior work to confirm you are suitable candidate

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    Anomaly detection 5 días left

    We are lookin for expert , who can help to develop a model , which can predict anomaly for 1000 nodes on the basis of performance indicators.

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    Matlab Simulink Distance Relay Machine Learning

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    LDA method using MATLAB 5 días left

    1. Download and install MATLAB. Develop the following function using MATLAB a. Write a script that loads data from a file and display the first five instances. Create a matrix from the loaded instances. b. Divide the loaded instances into two sets with one set containing 70% of the instances and the other containing 30% of the instances. Save each set into a variable. Name the variables ‘TrainingSet’ and TestingSet’. c. Save the two new variable to a ‘.mat’ file. 2. Implementing Fisher LDA method using MATLAB. a. Write functions that take the provided data set and compute the optimal projection vector following the fisher criterion. b. The output from the main function must be the identified projection vector. 3. ...

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    Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) 5 días left

    Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) Expert Matlab/Python Developer

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    Full stack developer with knowledge in AI and GPT-3

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    image processing 4 días left

    i want this project in Matlab language or python

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    Machine Learning Development -- 2 4 días left

    Hi, we are looking for a machine learning developer to help us with our project. We are looking for candidates with good communication skills and 3+ years of technical experience in the field of machine learning (NLP) and python. This project work would be a long term opportunity and would require heavy numbers of hours from the developers' end. Our project concerns exploring unstructured data spaces using automation algorithms. Please connect if interested. Also, do mention ML2022 in your BID.

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    I have a data containing score of many players match-wise including other independent factors which will be using into the model to predict. Need to apply a simple ML model to predict the score for the next match for players. Data to be shared to the winner.

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    Hi Experts, I have built some machine learning models in python (Jupyter). I need an expert to predict upcoming football matches using my existing models (or you can optimize for higher accuracy) by writing a function that can take the forthcoming data as input, preprocess it in the Xtrain format, and make predictions. And put each prediction in a new column for all rows of the input data.

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    Looking for a full stack developer to replace our web app's current face detection library with another one such as Mediapipe or Tensorflow's face-api.js. Please show some relevant samples of your work done in the past. More details will be sent to the most professional and experienced freelancer.

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    I need an expert from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning field.

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    Abstractive text summariser 4 días left

    Abstractive text summariser for summarising news articles.

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    Exam preparation 4 días left

    Ai and machine learning exam preparation and review Clustering Search algorithm Optimization Regression

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    write a code for my time series forecasting problem consisting of 7 wind farms

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    Advice required -- 2 4 días left

    I need advice regarding web based AI implementation.

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    We often gets project based on Python, Django, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. We need someone who is having good skills and perfect for this post.

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    We are looking for professionals experienced in Machine Learning Technologies to take technical interviews on our behalf, to help us select candidates for our clients. Candidates should have at least 3 years of relevant experience in Machine Learning Algorithms. Please write to us with details on your experience, mention how many hours you will be able to spend on interviews per day and what would be your hourly rate. Please refrain from responding if your ML experience (which algorithms you have used) is limited to Academic projects.

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    Hello. I need a project in Python, I can use OpenCV but I need to highlight the personal contribution and I need to detect horizon line from a photo of type fish eye like this photos.

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    i need to recover files on a hard drive asap was hoping a python scitp could do this and help me

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    I want to build a discord chat bot which can identify NSFW images through machine learning model

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    Write 500 word about machine learning ethics

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    digital signal processing 3 días left

    i need an expert in signal processing

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    TEXT DETECTION 3 días left

    project on curved text detection and recognition of natural images using deep learning models

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    The linked scientific paper describes Hifi-Gan 2, an AI based tool able to denoise and de-reverberate an audio file: The described tool takes in an audio file and transforms it into an audio that has an increased quality and sounds as it it was recorded in a recording studio. The requirements: - Implement software described in the paper using python and publicly available libraries. - The usage of the software must be as simple as possible. As an input it should take a path to an audio file (wav). The output should be a .wav file that contains the same audio as the input file but cleaned up as described in the paper. - It must be possible to run it on a local machine without internet access. - It is expected that you provide everything required to run the software, including a trained m...

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    I want to implement Faster R-CNN Pytorch on my custom dataset.

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    I have a data and paper i want to make a report with a complete information

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    Hello can you write a Deep Learning program that improves the performance of the BDF2- Algorithm. I can send you a file where it is explained more precise. The example ODE to train the neural network should contain two differential equations If you can do please place bid. minimize error of BDF2 with machine learning

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    Principales artículos de la comunidad Machine Learning (ML)