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Financial analysis helps ensure that companies are on the right track, and doing everything they can to maximize profit while minimizing cost. It helps to streamline operations, and can lead to understanding a company deeper so that steps can be taken to ensure its success.

Financial analysis is necessary when it comes to understanding goals and objectives for the company, and developing a long-term plan for its development. It also serves to ensure that company policies are ensuring productivity and efficiency, and that the company is doing everything that it can to gain market share.


Every business, no matter how big or small, has to make sure that they are constantly growing and maneuvering through their respective sector successfully. The same way that human beings have to constantly examine their health, financial analysts are meant to constantly examine the profitability and sustainability of a business, to make sure that they are doing everything they can to not only survive, but thrive, in the market. This kind of analysis can help identify potential strengths and weaknesses, identify early issues that could grow into real obstacles to progress, and help to strategize on how to move forward in the market in a more efficient manner, as well.

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    Financial forecasts 6 días left

    Im starting a new business and would like help in creating a financial forecast report in order for me to know how much funding i will need. Would you be able to help me with that?

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    Finance expert 6 días left

    Hey, Can you assist me with a paper?

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    microblogger for instagram 6 días left

    hello i'm looking for microblogger for instagram topic : finance thanks

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    Stock options advanced strategies 6 días left

    Looking for some help with coming with options advanced strategies someone who has experience with butterfly, iron condor and advanced strategies

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    Corporate finance project needed to be completed by 26th October. Requirements: 1. All Calculations needed to be shown in excel and in word with formulas. 2. Recommendations to be made using finance principles. 3. A business report with recommendations and discussions. 4. Word limit is 2000 5. High-end client - so quality is important.

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    Help in building financial data entry and financial modelling

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    Risk mitigation - Balance S 5 días left

    Financial accountant needed (CFA preferred). Understand financial statements to advise how to mitigate the risk coming in the audit of 2020 and how shall numbers be reported to minimize the long term damage occured from losses.

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    Hi, how are you, what good us or uk news website that you can post to. note I have already written the article so I need a good price. can I post under my name and profile. like having an account. Big thanks

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    Need Help in MAA753 - Professional Research and Analysis

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    We are looking for highly experienced portfolio managers / investment analysts to complete an investment survey for 20-25 stocks that they know best. The survey asks for numerical stock ratings in 3 categories: (1) Corporate Leadership (e.g. strategic vision, board oversight); (2) Business Model (e.g. pricing power, switching costs); (3) Business Sustainability (e.g. risk management, competitiv...

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    Virtual CFO 5 días left

    Working with the exec chair and CEO managing several exciting start-ups - require experienced CFO with financial analysis experience to produce 3 sheet financials that will underpin valuations and funding. Must understand and value the standard start-up train crash and be able to bring order to chaos. Prefer experience in pre-IPO preparation. Must be domiciled in Australia, ideally on the east coa...

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    ACCA or CA Accountant Now -- 2 4 días left

    looking for qualified & Experienced Accountant now Thanks

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    Financial Modeling 4 días left

    I need an expert in Financial Modeling for investment banking product we need to find an appropriate risk/return profile and hedge the exposure to gold prices. which means we need three scenarios when the gold price increases, decreases and when its constant.

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    Accountant 4 días left

    We are hiring for accountant involves general .ledger and management financial reporting.

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    I need full analysis on a financial data showing the whole vertical and horesinatal analysis

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    Maintain cash flow by reviewing banking activity and reconciling monthly reports Develop and interpret databases and financial models Establish, monitor and achieve company financial goals Manage company budget to maximize revenue and identify potential areas of cost savings Promote continual process improvements in specified budget areas Implement report production, productivity and quality stand...

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    This is going to be a great project at a very interesting time within the Commercial Real Estate Investment Universe. First, I am a senior Commercial Real Estate executive, looking to expand on my portfolio of investment properties. I need a financial analysts with experience in modeling commercial real estate deals, acquisitions and forecasts. If you have relevant experience please inquire for th...

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    Need a financial modeling expert to help with a project must be expert in: -regression -cash flow streams -free cash flow model -capital asset pricing model (CAPM) constant growth dividend discount model -time value of money -bond valuation on a payment date -bond valuation between coupon dates -undervaluation and overvaluation

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    I want to write a business for bank finance.

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    There are two independent tasks in this challenge: ● Improving KYC ● Catching fraud Your submission should contain: 1. Improving KYC report/presentation of your findings and solutions in pdf / doc / html etc. (up to 5 slides or pages, document can include appendix ) 2. Catching fraud report in pdf / doc / html (up to 2 pages or 3 slides) 3. Supporting materials (calculation files, additional analy...

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    I have one result analysis and I want to build up my own theory on it

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    Investment strategy 2 días left

    I need you to write an investment strategy based on a research

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    Looking for someone who can do Financial Statement Analysis urgently thanks

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    Hello I need someone with expertise in finance and accounting to create a balance sheet, P&L etc and do the ratio analysis based on the data given. Please apply if you have the required expertise.

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    Need to create an investor package/financial forecast for a new product/business I have started. Nothing has sold yet but I have interested investors. I must admit me and math don't get along and I am unsure all that's required to do that. I can answer any questions asked to get to the completion of the work but I would like YOU to put it together.

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    A report on your financial should include the following: • A cover letter addressed to the Lord Howe Island Board; • An executive summary (1 page); • A table of contents (1 page); • A brief introduction (1 page); • An outline of your methodology and approach to the financial assessment process (1 page); • A summary description of your capital and operating cost estima...

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    Hello, I am writing a paper on investor's behaviour and home bias and I would like to replicate portfolios of several countries in order to test some hypothesis regarding home bias and would really need some help. Thank you very much! (I will provide you with more detail when working together)

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    I need a report with a spread sheet which would include data finding and analysis

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    You should have experience writing a white paper for the DeFi project. We will also research and recombine the following reference models thoroughly. Knowledge of financial markets (foreign exchange, stocks, derivatives). Knowledge of the Blockchain Architecture. Knowledge of asset liquidity. Knowledge of financial instrument design (Payment, VisaCard collaboration, loan, deposit, investment pro...

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    One year Financial projection 1 día left

    Looking for an expert to fix a financial projection for me. Please see the attached. See the attached for details.

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    We are looking for an experienced business plan writer to handle some project for us. We need the business plan for our Payment service provider Authorization application.

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    CMA Data & Project Report 16 horas left

    I m applying for Plant & Machinery Loan for 10 Lakhs Bank needs project report & CMA data for 5 years Apply only if you have previous Experience

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    Client is interested in establishing a Japanese/Korean Bakery in Qatar. Feasibility Study should include: 1. Executive Summary - Business Model Canvas 2. Market Study in Detail 3. Operational Plan with Product Range and Equipment and HR 4. Financial Modeling for 5 Years (with 3 Options - High/Medium/Low Yields)

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    Client is interested in preparing a Feasibility Study for a Solar Energy based Products in Qatar. This will include: 1. Business Model / Executive Summary) 2. Market Study in Detail 3. Operational Plan with Products range and recommendation 4. Financial Modelling for 5 years with ratios (3 Options - Low, Medium, High Yields)

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    HELP WITH FUNDS 2 horas left


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