VBA, short for Visual Basic for Applications, is the programming language of Excel, as well as other Microsoft Office applications. It allows users to write functions or commands in a spreadsheet, with the aim of automating certain aspects of Excel. Other uses of Excel VBA is the creation of custom commands, developing add-ons, and making user-defined functions.

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    PowerApps Expert Required 6 días left

    Hi I need Microsoft PowerApps Expert for MIS work. The details of work will be shared to him subsequently.

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    Skills:- 1. Proof Reading & Editing. 2. Web Search. 3. Data Mining. 4. Excel VBA 5. Blog writing. 6. Ms Word. 7. Data Entry. 8. Data Extraction. 9. PDF to Word & Excel and Vice versa.

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    Excel VBA -- 2 5 días left

    Hello We are looking for someone who is well versed with Excel VBA and is willing to work on a hourly basis. To clarify, Freelancer must to be comfortable to be working on hourly basis. This requirement is primarily due to the fact that the edit/updates needs to be done constantly on the existing codes. Awarding Fixed Projects to different freelancers is time consuming and not worthwhile. Someone who knows the code and its functionality will have a much easier time making changes. The work is divided into 2 parts. 1. We have existing macro’s that needs updating monthly. We will be giving them the data based on which the macro will need to be updated. 2. New macros that need to be made. The work will be around 8-16 hours a month. If interested, please share some of your prior ...

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    A spreadsheet & accounts package combines to keep record of sales, purchase cost , VAT record and invoicing See attached spreadsheet I I have created, Look under tab SALES It will issue invoices to clients It will calculate VAT every quarter Columns E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-M- should keep running totalMust be easy to use, looks pleasing to the eye Must issue invoices I will give you a template & other information that will need to go on the invoices

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    I need dashboard for my maintanance Managment System in excel so i can control all data sheets from dashboar and i can see there status also

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    excel vba aoddb to mysql 4 días left

    hi we have an xls with product data that we need to feed into our MySQL db using adodb. you need to be used to working with adodb recordsets and inserts and good with vba will be +- 10-15 hours work but we have ongoing tasks like this and other excel vba stuff.

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    Need urgent support in the creation of a dynamic automated organization chart, the organization chart will be overall and then cascaded down to departments, program, and than projects ( the projects part need to mention as variables) but please note that its too urgent

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    Create Excel VBA Macros 4 días left

    you are required to create Excel VBA Macros that have forward compatibility starting from Excel 2016. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -you must have knowledge on advanced algorithms to know how to deal with Very Big number of rows of data efficiently (search and sort algorithms) -you must be able to import csv, tsv, xlsx files from local device to the main excel workbook -you must be able to export excel files into csv, tsv, xlsx files and move them on local device -you must be able to manipulate excel data in an efficient way using a mix of both macros and functions -You are required to write clean code and provide comments to illustrate what does your code do, a video illustrating what yo...

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    VBA Lookup and Update 4 días left

    I need VBA code for Excel which would consult a Lookup Table, and on a match, duplicate records, update them, and then append. My experience has been search for VBA solutions and then "reverse engineer" the code to fit my needs. I stumble when it comes to For/Next looping and Lookup Table manipulation, particularly when there may be nested looping. My Workbook has three worksheets – Master, NameLU and Processing. The Master worksheets has multiple columns, one of which is a person’s first name. A person's first name can have variations, e.g., RICHARD could alternatively be Rich, Rick, Ricky or Dick. The NameLU is a lookup table having those variations of a name and a count of how many variations there are. I want to have VBA which will do the lookup for ...

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    MIS Dashboard 4 días left

    We want to hire an consultant who can provide us with the MIS Dashboard for the Capital Incentive Manufacturing Industry.

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    RPA Project Part 1 3 días left

    I need to Automate Certain Tasks on my PC using UiPath or Blueprism RPA Development Tool. The Tasks are as follows- 1)Read Telegram 2) Fill the Excel sheet attached (ill discuss excel sheet with selected developers) 3) Repeat 1-2 every 5 mins from 9.15 am to 3.30 pm)

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    pure vba / selenium code cheap copy paste people, don't apply

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    Want to have form for each employee every week to enter hours, vacantion etc.. time and which projects they worked on and to centralize in one excel file per pay period

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    Excel Macro Developer needed 2 días left

    Would like a custom made Macro to automatically copy data from Google Sheets to an excel spreadsheet, then adjust cells and formulas, then check calculations against checkpoints, then manipulate additional data formulas and calculations, to find total summaries of various business costs. All calculations and formulas are setup already, just need macros to manipulate and format data into correct sections in the spreadsheet automatically to save time each month.

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    My experience has been search for solutions and then "reverse engineer" the code to fit my needs. I stumble when it comes to For/Next looping and Lookup Table manipulation. My Workbook has two main worksheets - Master and NameLU. A person's first name can be variable. I want to have VBA which will do the lookup for a match between the Master and Lookup tables, duplicate the Master table record up to 5 times depending on a count in the Lookup table, and then replace the first name with a variation. E.g.: RICHARD could also be known as Rich, Dick, Ricky, or Rick. I would like the additional 4 name variations, and the result appended to the Master table. The Master table may have 300-1000 records to loop through. I am attaching a more visual explanation.

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    I am a fedex contractor for a trucking company. I receive weekly settlement report and It gives miles and fueling info about each truck, This data is also used to calculate payroll and to understand how each truck and drivers are doing. Right now I import the settlement report into my excel template and get the output. But each week's data is in it own file. All the implementation has been done using functions and equation so it is not a fully automated design. I would like to find a solution where the output is well organized and longer term data can be analyzed together when I want to see patterns over multiple weeks or whole year. I would like to share my template so a program can be developed. Programmer must be skilled and experienced with making such products.

    €24 - €48 / hr
    €24 - €48 / hr
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    Dear Team, I have a Tax invoice template prepared for our retail shop. 1. I'm looking for A4 Full page save as PDF file so I can send it off to the customer as electronic file in their email. But this is won't happened, it only save as printable area as PDF file. 2. I have already printed colour copies with header and footer matter. So If I wan to print it off then I can print the selected area only. Which works fine for. Thanks

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    develop vba/ selenium code to swap cookies in chrome

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    I require an excel Dashboard to report out lead management. This dashboard will be a combination of a macro (which extracts data from google sheet and saves data to google sheet). The primary dashboard consists of slice and dice of data eg ( YTD, MTD and WTD sales ($) by sales rep, YTD, MTD and WTD sales ($) by source etc). Most of this can be achieved using excel pivots, calculated fields, pivot charts and slicers. I understand excel and VBA coding but I just don't have sufficient time to deliver this on my own. Please be flexible to adjust upto 20% of rework ( as additional slice and dice components are added.) The dashboard will also require a userform to accept lead cost input, which will need to get apportioned acorss all the leads. In all, there should be about 10-15 pivots on ...

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    Tôi cần desgin 2 dashboard Chỉ bằng excel phân tích kpi

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    I am hoping you can help. We can discuss any details over chat.

    €13 / hr (Avg Bid)
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