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Electronics is the branch of science and technology that makes use of the motion of electrons for accomplishing some tasks like information handling or device control. If your business is about electronics engineering and electronic circuits, then you will not have much time to focus on engineering aspect of your business. You can easily outsource electronics engineering to capable and willing freelancers as a matter of routine. Post a job today to find your electronics talented freelancer!

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    Realizar a través de sensores e interfaz la lectura de Medición realizadas a una leva

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    Reproductor de video con Raspberry 6 días left

    Busco un sistema con RBP y pantalla táctil, que reproduzca un video en bucle, y al tocar la pantalla cambia al siguiente video en bucle. Si nadie toca la pantalla que cambie automáticamente a los 30 segundos. Necesito alguien que desarrolle código y esquema de conexión.

    €8 - €30
    €8 - €30
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    Necesito mejorar el circuito adjunto, agregando un chip rs485 alimentado por el bus, un bus rs485 con 10 slots, 1 bus 5 V debajo del VUSB en los tres espacios, dejando los espacios medios e inferiores con desconectables o apagables con una señal digital (3.3V high) como pueden ver en la foto. El bus para el RS485 puede ser añadido a la derecha de la placa y se puede usar el espacio s...

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    Hola, tengo un proyecto desarrollado en Arduino para ESP32 para una maquina, el detalle que tengo es que el código desarrollado despues de unos días de laborar, se desborda la memoria lo que hace se inhiba, dejando de funcionar, ya que se consume la memoria disponible. Quisiera modificar para que en lugar de Eeprom se guarden los datos en la SD card.

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    DSSS expert 6 días left

    Hello everyone I need someone who can calculate a DSSS system that guarantees a distance measurement accuracy of 50 ppm at a distance of 400 m.

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    Trophy icon Layout for Industrial HMI 2 días left

    Hello, I want ideas of icon/screen styles for an Industrial HMI, I am just doing this small contest to choose from different styles and once the right one is selected I will have a project with the winner in order to have all of the icons done. Thanks for your interest in advance. Attach you can find main menu screen and example of hmi to see what I mean, feel free to reach out for any questions.

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    Motors that operate synchronously when energized by PCB, App, remote control ect.

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    Space Charge LLC has designed and tested a thermionic energy convertor (TEC) at macro scale to a technology readiness level 4 (TRL 4). In order to function as a usable device, it needs to be fabricated in microscale in order to achieve appropriate [iniciar sesión para ver URL] would take the form of a solid-state, vacuum thermionic transistor. Attached, an abstract of the 5 stage device. ...

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    Car alarm System 6 días left

    I am self employed , running my a security company , installing alarm systems , cctv etc. I am looking for someone to design and build me a working car alarm system with a arm & disarm input for a receiver or via gsm and paging unit to notified the client

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    Hello i need help with ltspice and CMOS inverter please let me know if you can help

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    Working with n power electronics research, in need for an assistant researcher.

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    Smart Electric Hookah 6 días left

    A hookah design and prototype that 1) uses an electric heater instead of coal 2) uses an airflow sensor to regulate the heat 3) uses a humidity sensor to regulate the heat 4) has an additional chamber for mixing heated steam or oil based gases with main airflow 5) uses a water saturation sensor to regulate smoke/steam % 6) can be powered by battery or wired 7) is easy to maintain and clean 8) has ...

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    ESP32S2 HID development 6 días left

    The project is to develop an arduino application on the adafruit FeatherS2 as a HID gamepad. Not as easy as you think. We need at least two three axix joysticks, two sliders, 16 buttons (or more) and four "Hats". The environment is Arduin min. 1.8.5 and espressif 2.0.0-rc1 as of this writing. Let me know if you have any questions.

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    Need to create multi menu based system with OLED screen, Rotary encoder and push button. Please read attached document for full project description.

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    Digital Counter -- 2 6 días left

    Designee Digital Counter with color Graphic Display and Counter Reset Button, on Startup it will show Logo bmp for 5 sec and then information bmp for 5 sec on display , then it will show 8 digit 0 for counter , the counter will increase by pressing micro switch or proximity sensor, which can be reset by pressing a reset switch, on power off counter shoaled not reset it shoaled remain until press ...

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    The circuit to order for experiments in controlling the solenoids of a forklift truck using a standard forklift joystick. The task is to convert the output signal of the joystick circuit, changing depending on the direction of movement of the handle (up and down), into a smooth change in current through a pair of solenoids, separately adjustable by the direction of the joystick handle. Upward move...

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    Need someone having experitse using micropython. My code is in cpp. I am able to run it on esp-32 wrover board. Micropython is written using C itself, and my code is also in C. So we should be able to run my cpp code using Micropython interface. I don't want to rewrite cpp code to python. What I need is to use some wrapper in micropython which helps me to run the same code using micropython...

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    €11 - €51
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    Need a developer for coding a microprocessor with few sensors.

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    I have an electrical engineering question about the transfer function. the file is attached below is a sample question if you do this correctly i will assign you the full paper which starts in almost 1.5hrs.

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    SIM800L signal level request 5 días left

    I need a function that returns the signal level from the SIM800l module. I'm using the module with arduino mega and serial2 for communication between devices. AT + CSQ command Returns the signal strength. Maximum value of 31. The minimum value for safe operation is 5. This command values ​​values ​​and strings together, I just need the function to return the signal value without the strings. ...

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    I work for a company that build encoders and resolvers , mostly for servo motors. I would like to discuss in a call the requirements and need to obtain the SIL safety certifications on this components. Therefore I need the guidance of someone who can inform me of the application and requirements (incl. cost and time estimation) of getting such SIL certification.

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    i want to build under groundwater finder long-distance embedded system

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    MATLAB/ FUSSY LOGIC 5 días left

    3- Build an application using Fuzzy logic for this smart blind system to establish an autonomous decision making. You can use any programming language you are comfortable with. This smart application is supposed to input: i) The required Wisdom as a Service (WaaS) and Information as a Service (InaaS) from the smart domains in the cloud platform, particularly from smart city in a pay-as-yougo mode...

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    I need an MPLABX IDE project for the PIC18F26K83 microcontroller. The project must be a CAN Bus transmitting system. I need the MCU to send 500 extended id CAN bus messages. You can put in random IDs and data. MUST BE EXTENDED ID. The bitrate is 250kbps.

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    We have a pcb board and schematic drawing of a product your suppose to reverse the board prepare Gerber, bom and testing of the same

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    I have the RF430FRL152H EVM that has built-in FRAM and NFC. I want to connect it to a bluetooth and send the data that I am reading in the controller (RF430FRL152H) via the added Bluetooth to another device that will be connected to through the added Bluetooth. For development I am using; [iniciar sesión para ver URL] [iniciar sesión para ver URL] I need the design of th...

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    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built.

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    Only for low cost countries like India, Brazil, Philippines etc - People with basic Electronics and python coding knowledge for teaching. Please read before bidding. Pakistan please don't bid, work is in India lot of political issues, will be ignored. - Only for people with good python and basic electronics knowledge - Regular long term work, 3 hours/day max 10-15hours/week. INR10K/month incr...

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    PCB Designer 5 días left

    Our company is Pryssa Smart Technologies , and we are a company that designs smart technology ,like paper tablets, that replace physical books and textbooks in the school system. Our mission is to have a paperless world. We would like to have a blueprint of the inner components of our paper tablet designed, like PCBs ,etc. That can be used by a manufacturer for production purposes.

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    To be met: 1. using SLAVE simulation software. 0x01 - Read Coils 0x02 - Read Input Status (Read Discrete Inputs) 0x03 - Read Holding Registers 0x04 - Read Input Registers 0x05 - Write Single Coil 0x06 - Write Single Register 0x0F - Write Multiple Coils 0x10 - Write Multiple Registers Those who have done modbus TCP using arduino alone join this project bid. Others p...

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    LTspice modelling 5 días left

    I need help with LT spice and [iniciar sesión para ver URL] Pspice netlist to Lt spice

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    2-bit adder using MUX truth table k-map equations logisim

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    Quectel Developer 5 días left

    I am looking for a Quectel developer. If you have experience with Quectel EG95 and EC25 LTE modules, that would be big plus. The candidate must have Quectel EG95 or EC25 QuecOpen SDK. The details would be provided upon chatting.

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    NEED TO MAKE A PCB SHIELD FOR STM32 NUCLEO BOARD h745zi-q 2- max31865 temperature module 4-20 ma current transmitter module (24 supply pin which also powers the other isolated components with 5 v) , 16 opto isolators for pwm signals (prefer pc817) max31864 modbus module esp32 wroom u 12 opto isolators for gpio output 4 opto isolator for gpio input i2c level shifter module , EEPROM MODULE keypad ...

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    Good day. Looking for a individual or company that can design/build a custom induction stove element/winding. Element/winding should be conectable to 230v and a timer that range from 30sec to 2min.. Winding/element should not exceed 70mm in width.

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    Magnetic motor 5 días left

    We have designed a magnetic motor that needs no fossil fuels, to run ,it generates its own power and can be enhanced by a computer and battery to boost power if required, this 4d magnetic motor can pump water day and night no Reliant on Sun.

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    Aybalam V İ Z E 5 días left

    Arkadaşlar lütfen bilgi ve tecrübesine sahip bir kişi teklif versin. Gerekli bilgiler özelde verilcektir, en iyi olduğunu "projeyi" seçe bilirsiniz SİSTEM ANALİZİ VE TASARIMI YÖNETİM BİLİŞİM SİSTEMLERİNE GİRİŞ PROGRAMLANABİLİR MANTIK DENETLEYİCİLERİ AKILLI KONTROL SİSTEMLERİ

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    - Must have nRF52 or nRF51 board on hand. - Bread board task requiring configuring a button to function through XInput over BLE. - I do not need a custom board, a simple dev kit can be used by Adafruit or others. - May require use of BLE sniffer to catch BLE data. - BLE gamepad should be XInput standard gamepad on PC. - Required testing method of Fortnite.

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    Wind sensor module 5 días left

    Looking for wind measurement module with the following requirements: Measure range - 0 - 12 m/s Resolution of 0.1m/s Accuracy of 0.1m/s Need to be able reading it using Arduino, I need the code also.

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    HI please read the requirements careful. 1_ 3500mah to 4000mah li-po battery 2_ Wireless charging (for charging phone case battery as well as to charge other components) 3_ One single C type slote (manual charging input and output) 4_ Three UV leds (270nm=2numbers, 375nm=1number) 5_ Infared temp. sensor (for measuring temperature) 6_ Tilt sensor (to control uv led) 7_ ESP (wifi module) 8_ Data st...

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    I would like a pcb similar to the long cricket designed that used a ublox8 or greater with a chip antenna. In addition to the long cricket specs I would like to have onboard 3.7v battery charging circuitry. Here is the starting point. [iniciar sesión para ver URL] The device needs to be low power and only rely on chip antennas for both Lora and gps, there can be no external patch antenna...

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    Operational Amplifiers Application,Multivibrator Circuits

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    Looking for an industrial designer for a new consumer electronic device

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    You must live in certain countries in the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe, or Latin America. You do *not* need an ESP32. You do *not* need an Arduino. You must live in one of the following countries... Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brasil, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Kosovo, Mexico, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, or Uruguay. ✻ OVERVIEW ✻ I will pay you for every hour ...

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    I am working on Raspberry pi projects that measure distance in the tube or chimney and show values to the raspberry pi camera screen. I used sharp distance sensor GP2Y0A41SK0F Analog Distance Sensor 4-30cm. To get values, I just used MCP3008. But I can't get the distance value from raspberry pi. I'm looking for an experienced expert in this filed. If you have distance sensor on your sid...

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    we need IOT software development for solar street light Data Monitoring online. we need Experts who can do for us. also IOT Software required for solar pump. protocol we will provide you. RS485 also we will provide you. 4G Sim Enabled or Lora Gateway or DTU or RTU.

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    Dual ESP-32-PCB with 6-IRQ, 4 stepper motors, 1-ADS1256, USB_SD, nRF24 PCB BRD with 1. Size 190mm by 1mm or less with 1 side 140mm min and 140 by 10mm not used (Blanc), this strip is used to be plug in the sockets for holding. Design OPAL PCB using 2 ESP32 processors 1 ESP32-Master 1. nRF24 –2pins(SPI) 2. SPI-3pins 3. SD_USB-0pins(con to Data_TX duplicate) 4. ADC1256-24bit-2pins(SPI) 5. 4-I...

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    I'm looking for someone who is experienced in solid works 2020, who can design a part in solid works, from the engineering drawings I will provide. And analyze the performance of the part. Finally, a report will also be needed to describe the steps taken and why they were chosen, the conclusions, and the outcomes. The work must be your own. You must not copy from elsewhere or use google, or...

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    Electronic 4 días left

    I have a LPC1768FBD100 CHIP in stock . If any one need it to buy than ping me .

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    altium pcb design 4 días left

    we need to convert our schematic to 2 layer design

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