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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field of computer science that focuses on how machines can think and act like humans. AI utilizes computer algorithms to establish patterns in data and process information in order to even make decisions. When used correctly, AI can predict trends, automate mundane tasks, and improve overall productivity. An expert with diverse skills in both software engineering and mathematics is just what you need when implementing an AI project.

At, Artificial Intelligence experts are poised to provide esteemed clients with the best possible outcomes. Our professionals are dedicated to staying abreast with emerging technology, keeping up with the latest industry trends, and doing whatever it takes to provide premium outcomes for industrial projects.

Here's some projects that our Artificial Intelligence Experts made real:

  • Utilizing modern web technologies for speech detection
  • Leveraging pre-trained models for specialized use
  • Automatically generating keywords from given input
  • Integrating third-party AI API into existing frameworks
  • Developing application for curve detection through ANN or ML
  • Implementing code for sudoku puzzles featuring AI elements
  • Creating Django web applications for OpenAI
  • Designing a machine learning recommendation system
  • Processing natural language using Python
  • Investigating creative IoT or AI concepts with analytical reports

At, our Artificial Intelligence experts understand how to implement the most advanced algorithms and features into your project while providing you with the highest quality of service. We invite you to join our growing list of satisfied customers who have experienced the exceptional power that AI brings to their projects. Make your projects reach beyond its expectations by letting us help bring it to life - post your project now and hire an Artificial Intelligence Expert on!

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    Desarollo de Automatizaciones 6 días left

    Necesitamos un developer dispuesto a ayudarnos en automatizar procesos para nuestros clientes. Somos Uplabs AI y necesitamos a alguien con conocimiento en crear chatbots, voicebots, y hacer automatizaciones mediante webhooks y entre otros. El pago empezara por proyecto y se hara una vez el proyecto este completado. Es posible que este proyecto resulte en una continuacion de nuestra colaboracion y una oferta de trabajo de tiempo completo.

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    Plataforma para subir facturas de distintos proveedores y extraer datos en un formato predeterminado.

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    Busco especialista en uso de herramientas de Inteligencia Artificial para agilizar procesos de marketing como: creación de contenidos, edición, diseño, generación de imágenes, generación de videos, atención al cliente automatizada con IA través de Whatsapp / Messenger / Instagram DM. Requiero que conozca una amplia serie de herramientas utiles para negocios

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    ¡Hola futuro experto en chatbots y AI! En nuestra agencia líder en soluciones digitales, estamos buscando un talento apasionado por la inteligencia artificial y la automatización en redes sociales. ¿Te encanta diseñar y implementar estrategias innovadoras? ¿Eres un/a experto/a en crear experiencias de usuario únicas a través de chatbots inteligentes? ¡Entonces queremos conocerte! **Responsabilidades:** - Diseñar, desarrollar e implementar chatbots avanzados para diversas plataformas de redes sociales. - Integrar y optimizar sistemas de inteligencia artificial para mejorar la interacción y respuesta automatizada. - Colaborar estrechamente con equipos de marketing y desarrollo para alinear estrategias y objetivos. *...

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    Descripción del Proyecto: Estamos buscando un desarrollador informático experimentado en inteligencia artificial para desarrollar una herramienta innovadora que nos permita optimizar y mejorar fórmulas cosméticas existentes. La herramienta debe utilizar IA y machine learning para analizar ingredientes, simular fórmulas y proporcionar recomendaciones personalizadas. Esta herramienta será utilizada internamente por nuestra empresa. Responsabilidades: Desarrollo de Algoritmos de IA: Crear y entrenar modelos de machine learning para el análisis de ingredientes y formulaciones cosméticas. Integración de Datos: Integrar datos de ingredientes de diversas fuentes, incluyendo bases de datos científicas y estudios clí...

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    Descripción del Alcance del Proyecto: Aplicación de Conteo de Plantas de Tomate Objetivo: Desarrollar una aplicación móvil para dispositivos Android, que realice reconocimiento de imágenes para el conteo de plantas de tomate sobre bandejas en tiempo real. Funcionalidades Principales: 1. Reconocimiento de Imágenes para Conteo de Plantas: ○ La aplicación utilizará tecnología de reconocimiento de imágenes para identificar y contar plantas de tomate en bandejas. ○ El proceso de conteo se realizará en tiempo real, sin necesidad de enviar las imágenes a un servidor para su análisis. ○ La aplicación incluirá una librería que realizará el conteo directamente dentro ...

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    I need someone who knows how to use Your English must be VERY GOOD I need hundreds of articles; budget is $1 per two articles; CAD$50 for each 100 articles Here is how I work: I provide the title and a small description (IN AN AUDIO FILE), and you generate the actual article using ChatGPT or any AI Deadline: the sooner the better, but no fixed dates

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    I'm in need of a professional to develop an MVP project - an AI mobile web service for restaurants. The primary functionality of this system will be to facilitate automated reservation creation. Key Responsibilities: - Design an AI-powered system that allows restaurant staff to quickly create reservations through voice commands. - Optimize the system to provide the ability for intermediate customization, such as specific tables and special requests. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in AI and mobile web service development. - Proven experience in creating automated systems with voice command interfaces. - Prior experience in developing reservation systems for the restaurant industry would be a significant advantage. - Strong understanding of the specific requirements and ...

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    I am in need of a full stack developer who has a strong background in Open AI, Selenium, Puppeteer, Playwright, React JS, and Next JS for my project. The ideal candidate should be experienced in the following areas: - Open AI: Familiarity with language understanding, natural language processing, and chatbot development is crucial. You will be working on creating an intelligent system that can interact with users in a meaningful way. - Automation: Your primary focus will be on web scraping and browser automation using Selenium, Puppeteer, and Playwright. This is to ensure seamless data extraction and manipulation. - React JS & Next JS: Proficiency in server-side rendering, component-based architecture, and custom dashboard design is a must. The development of user-friendly, visually ap...

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    I'm looking to partner with an experienced AI engineer to help fine-tune an existing model for multiple tasks. The project is divided into three main areas: - Headline Fine-Tuning: We need to refine the output of the AI model to generate catchy and engaging headlines. - Full Article Generation: The model should be adjusted to create coherent and relevant full articles. - Journalist Fact-Checking: Your assistance will be crucial in ensuring the fact-checking process is accurate and efficient. Our goal is to perfect the model's style, tone, and vocabulary for an enhanced user experience. The ideal candidate should: - Have hands-on experience with AI model fine-tuning, particularly in the fields of news, article generation, and fact-checking. - Be proficient in using Tensor...

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    Advanced Fitness App with AI 6 días left

    I'm in need of a brilliant AWS developer to create a cutting-edge fitness application. The app should be designed to provide personalized workout experiences for users. Key Features: - AI-Driven Recommendations: A core functionality of the app will be its AI-driven recommendations for exercise equipment. The AI should be able to deduce the best equipment for a user based on their fitness goals and history. - Exercise Form Correction: Another critical feature is the ability to correct a user's exercise form. This requires the app to have a deep understanding of various exercises and the correct form for each. - AI-Powered Workout Plans: The app should also be able to create tailored workout plans for users based on their goals and physical condition. Platform & Interf...

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    I'm seeking a talented developer to create an AI-based local chatbot from my MySQL database for information retrieval. Key Requirements: - **Interaction Mode**: The chatbot should be designed to interact via text messages only. - **Multi-Lingual Support**: The chatbot should be able to support multiple languages. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in AI and Chatbot development - Experience with MySQL database integration - Prior work on chatbots for information retrieval is a plus - Multilingual support expertise is highly desirable. It's essential to have excellent communication skills so we can work together to perfect the chatbot for our target users. If you have a strong background in these areas, I'd love to hear from you.

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    I'm in urgent need of creative and skilled designers who are proficient at creating AI-generated images. Specifically, I'm looking for: - A cartoonish rendition of a Toyota Landcruiser - A cartoonish vehicle image - A cartoonish caravan image

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    Seeking collab with shared earnings for a project manager skilled at marketing and communication (particularly in social media) with particular knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence.: - Mastering at AI video gen platforms - Content producing & editing tools - Keeping routines in Social Media content delivering

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    I am in need of a freelancer who can develop a custom Natural Language Processing (NLP) model for text classification. Key Requirements: - Develop a custom NLP model for text classification. The main function of the model will be to accurately categorize text based on certain criteria. - Train and fine-tune the model with data extracted from my emails, help articles, and documentation. This data is unique and my goal is to leverage it for the classification task. - Build API endpoints for the model. This is crucial as the model will be integrated into an existing system and needs to be able to interact with other parts of the application. Ideal Freelancer: - Experienced in NLP model development, - Proficient in training and fine-tuning models with custom data. This requires a deep unde...

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    Elastic Stack ML Model Deployment 6 días left

    I'm seeking a professional to integrate a machine learning model deployment and experimental pipeline into Elastic Stack SIEM solution. This project is crucial as it requires the creation of detection rules for any potentially malicious activities. Your role will involve developing a practical analysis that will help our system identify and respond to security threats in real-time. Key Requirements: - Integration of a machine learning model for anomaly detection - Development of a comprehensive, practical analysis - Creation and implementation of detection rules - Expertise in Elastic Stack - Strong experience with machine learning model deployment - Proven track record in SIEM solutions - Ability to work with JSON log formats or any other logs - you will use Adversarial Robustness ...

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    Freelance Blog Writer. 5 días left

    We are seeking a skilled and motivated Freelance Blog Writer who can leverage AI tools, specifically WriteSonic, to create compelling and high-ranking blog articles for our website. The ideal candidate will have experience in keyword research using Ahrefs and a solid understanding of SEO principles to ensure our content ranks well on search engines. Key Responsibilities: Conduct keyword research using Ahrefs to identify trending and relevant search terms. Create high-quality, SEO-optimized blog posts and articles using WriteSonic. Develop content that is informative, engaging, and tailored to our target audience. Ensure all content meets the highest standards of quality and is free from spammy or low-value elements. Collaborate with our team to align content with our brand voice and marke...

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    Desarrollo de Asistentes de IA 5 días left

    I'm looking for a skilled developer who can create AI assistants for both WhatsApp and internal use within a company. The AI assistants should be based on an LLM model. Key Functionalities: - Capable of answering complex questions or performing intricate tasks SaaS platform that allows a user to generate workflow or conversation with AI assistants Attendees should be able to easily operate with a prompt (text field) Attendees will be able to operate with a central base of content or knowledge (texts, images, etc.). Initially to create digital marketing assistants, lawyer assistants, and WhatsApp sales assistants Platforms for Implementation: - Website - Messaging platforms like WhatsApp Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in AI development, especially with LLM models - ...

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    AI sales call and agent 5 días left

    Education agency company we need to have ai agent and call which is trained by our database and roles and prompt

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    AI sales call and agent 5 días left

    Education agency company we need to have ai agent and call which is trained by our database and roles and prompt

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    100 rzutów postaci "Albatrosa" przez AI w różnych pozycjach, np. jak ptak wskazuje na mapę, czyta książkę, przegląda dokumenty i wiele innych.

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    ai music production 5 días left

    English: I am looking for assistance for an internet branding project related to music based on artificial intelligence. I need to improve several aspects, including promotion, presence on social networks and quality of music. Music Quality Improvement: Collaborate with music production experts to refine and enhance the quality of the AI-generated audio. Incorporate feedback from users and music professionals to adjust and perfect the compositions. ------------------------------------------------ Español: Estoy buscando asistencia para un proyecto de marca en internet relacionado con la música basada en inteligencia artificial. Necesito mejorar varios aspectos, incluyendo promoción, presencia en redes sociales y calidad de la música. Mejora ...

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    As the manager of Avira World, I'm looking for an IT expert who can help us improve our business efficiency and productivity. This will mainly involve providing insightful IT solutions to current issues or underdeveloped areas. Key Requirements: - Identify areas where IT solutions can lead to efficiency improvement - Propose and execute appropriate IT interventions - Monitor and optimize implemented solutions Ideal skills and experience: - Solid understanding of IT solutions and Software development - Experience in IT consulting and setting up IT infrastructure - A track record of improving business workflow through IT solutions - Expertise in performance analysis and optimization.

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    I'm seeking a professional who can help me with a voice cloning software. I want to test a free voice cloning software, but need some help to install it and make the adjustments. Everything is explained in the youtube videos below (the first one is a more recent version, second one is an older video) New link : Old link : Coding skills can be useful especially python.

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    I need assistance with a multifaceted project centered on AI, wearable technology, particularly smart watches, and their implications for diabetes and blood sugar management. I have everything ready, I just need to do a little research and combine it with the information I have. It will be between 25-30 pages. The tasks will include the following: - Conducting thorough and accurate research. - Writing and editing articles based on the research. - Programming smart watch applications. The ideal freelance professional for this work should comfortably navigate the intersection of AI, health technology, and diabetes management. Expertise in academic research, professional writing, editing, and programming, particularly within Phayton and Jupiter studio environments, is highly preferred...

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    AI NFT Minting Bot & Web3 DApp 4 días left

    I'm looking for a proficient and experienced developer to create an advanced AI NFT minting bot and a Web3 DApp. The primary goal of this project is to facilitate the creation of unique digital art and minting them into NFTs. Key Features: - **Customization:** The AI NFT minting bot should offer advanced customization options. Users should be able to tweak and personalize their AI-generated artworks to a high degree. - **Blockchain:** The preferred blockchain for minting the NFTs is Ethereum. Knowledge and experience working with Ethereum blockchain and NFT standards is crucial. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in AI technologies and NFT creation - Strong understanding of Ethereum blockchain and NFT standards - Experience in developing and deploying Web3 DApps - Ability t...

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    I'm seeking a specialist chatbot developer with experience building advanced bots for Facebook Messenger. The primary function of the chatbot should be sales consultation, specifically dealing with customer inquiries. Skills and Experience: - Expertise in developing chatbots for Facebook Messenger - Proficiency in programming chatbots for sales consultation - Familiarity with managing customer inquiries via chatbot Key Responsibilities: - Developing an interactive and user-friendly chatbot - Ensuring the chatbot can handle and respond accurately to customer inquiries - Tracking chatbot performance and tweak for optimal lead generation and customer service.

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    I am looking to hire a professional freelancer to develop a legal chatbot using ChatGPT-4 technology from OpenAI. The required chatbot will provide specialized legal services in Arabic, in addition to creating a control panel to enable full management of various aspects of the site. Details of the Chatbot Service: Technology Used: - Utilizing ChatGPT-4 from OpenAI for processing legal texts. - Full support for the Arabic language to understand and comprehend legal texts. Workflow: 1. The client asks a question. 2. The chatbot asks detailed questions to clarify the request. 3. The chatbot writes a summary of the client's issue. 4. The chatbot provides the final answer. Examples of Questioning Method: 1. Contract Drafting: - The chatbot asks the user about the sale value, sal...

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    We are looking for a company who can develop video tutorials various technologies. Web Development Machine Learning with Python Artificial Intelligence Data Science and Analytics Android Development Database systems Cyber Security Java Full stack Development Azure Cloud Computing UI/UX Design Software Testing Testing Automation Modules for each courses will be shared Companies should have technical skillsets to develop the content for the given modules PPT presentation plus coding demonstration with clear voice and explanation We need 8 videos for each courses and each contains duration of 30 minutes explanation No physical appearance on the video This tutorial should cover fundamental concepts, practical exercises, and real-world projects to equip learners with the ski...

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    I'm seeking an experienced web developer to help me set up a sophisticated website on WordPress. This website will be primarily focused on psychology, with a cutting-edge chatbot implemented for user interactions. The chatbot should be able to engage in full conversations, not simply provide basic FAQs. Key Requirements: - Development: The project will be on WordPress, so proficiency in this platform is essential. - Chatbot: The chatbot should be of an advanced level, able to respond to user inquiries with full conversation capabilities. - Psychological Content: A solid understanding of psychology or the ability to work with psychological content would be a big plus. Timeline: I'm not under time pressure for this project, so I'm more focused on finding the right pe...

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    I'm looking for a professional specialist for linkedin to manage targeted outreach on LinkedIn to generate leads in the Healthcare industry like doctors. Key Services Required: - Proficiency in LinkedIn lead generation - Proven experience in targeted outreach - Ability to build relationships and generate leads specifically within the Healthcare industry Expected Outcomes: The primary goal here is to generate high-quality, relevant leads within the Healthcare industry. Ideal Candidate: - Demonstrable experience in LinkedIn lead generation - Prior work with Healthcare industry is a plus - Proven track record of generating leads from targeted outreach

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    I'm looking for an experienced developer to create a custom chatbot for our ERP system, based on ChatGPT. The chatbot needs to allow for the submission of various types of ERP (via API) data and respond to natural language questions about the content of that data. Key Requirements: - The chatbot should allow for the submission of: - Sales orders - Inventory updates - Customer information - HR data - Finance data - Production data Functional Requirements 1. Multi-Client Service The chatbot must be able to serve multiple clients simultaneously, ensuring that each client has an individualized and secure session. 2. Client-Specific Information Segmentation The information submitted by each client must be stored separately, ensuring that one client's data does not mix w...

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    OpenAI Integrated Website 3 días left

    Need to customize OpenAI Api for this use case, Key Features: - Integration of OpenAI API to provide question-answering functionality - Focus on user-friendly product discovery - Target audience of general consumers Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in web development, including API integration - Prior experience working with OpenAI or similar AI tools - A strong understanding of user experience and consumer behavior This project will require a creative, technically skilled individual who can leverage AI tools to enhance the user experience and drive product discovery on the site. If you're confident in your ability to deliver an engaging and functional website, I'd love to hear from you.

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    AI Engineer for a marketplace 3 días left

    As an AI/ML Engineer, my goal is to develop AI models in Python with TensorFlow and integrate them into our talent marketplace portal. The main objective is to automate the process of matching talents with job opportunities. Key Responsibilities: - Develop Natural Language Processing (NLP) models to enhance the quality of text-based data - Create Image Recognition models to process visual data related to talents and job opportunities - Implement Recommendation models to automate the matching process Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Python with hands-on experience in TensorFlow - Previous experience in developing and training NLP, Image Recognition, and Recommendation models - Prior exposure to working on talent marketplaces or similar platforms is a plus - Strong problem-sol...

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    Project Overview We are developing an AI-powered search engine focused on User-Generated Content (UGC) related to events, businesses, and articles. The goal is to create a robust backend infrastructure for efficient UGC indexation, leveraging the Morphic repository () as a template. The focus will be on data engineering, AI/ML integration, and indexing. Scope of Work 1. Database Setup: - Configure and set up databases for storing UGC and metadata. 2. Data Ingestion Pipelines: - Develop pipelines for collecting data from various sources, including social media and external APIs. 3. Data Processing and Indexing: - Implement efficient data processing and indexing mechanisms. 4. AI Integration: - Integrate AI open-source models for generating articles and enhancing content. 5. Performance...

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    11 ofertas bot testing -- 2 2 días left

    I'm seeking an experienced developer who's capable of finalizing the 10 bot templates/workflows I already have on The templates need to be customized for my industry ( I will provide the input, key word etc , if you tell me what you need). They need to be fully tested and operational for handover and delivering what they are supposed to. Examples of existing workflows: (1) Identify trending SEO keywords and create google sheet (template in place but not customized and functioning yet) and create 3 articles/blogs with those key words (to be created). The rest are very similar. Connections to chatGPT, Google sheets and other applications are already established. It only requires testing that the output is correct and workflows are working.

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    For my business, I'm looking for an expert to design and implement a virtual bot that will perform the following tasks: - Provide customer support: The bot should be able to answer customer queries effectively and conveniently. - Generate product recommendations: Based on users' search and browsing behaviors, the bot should suggest relevant products to increase conversion rate. While the platform on which my website is built was not disclosed, it is important for the successful candidate to have substantial experience with various platforms. The interaction with website visitors should be through chat-based messaging. Therefore, proficiency in creating chatbot with engaging and user-friendly interface is crucial. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - In-depth ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled individual to help me install and run three different GitHub repositories on my Mac, each running independently at the same time. Key requirements: - Expertise in working with GitHub repositories and installing them on macOS - The ability to ensure that each repo runs independently without affecting the others - Familiarity and experience with running multiple applications in parallel Your tasks will include: - Providing me with step-by-step instructions on how to install the given repositories - Assisting me in the installation process for each repository - Ensuring that all repositories run correctly and autonomously Since I anticipate needing ongoing support post-installation, I'd prefer a freelancer who is open to providing future assistance for ...

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    I'm seeking an experienced resume writer who is familiar with electrical engineering and ATS standards. My goal is to have a resume that accurately highlights my qualifications and experience in a way that will attract employers for mid-level positions in this field. - Expertise in ATS-standard compliant resume writing - Knowledge of the Electrical Engineering industry - Ability to showcase my skills for mid-level roles effectively The ideal person for this project would have a track record of creating resumes that have successfully helped clients secure mid-level engineering positions.

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    I need a desktop-based voice recognition system that can automatically transcribe meetings held in English and generate summaries and action items. Key Features: - **Automatic Transcription:** The system should be able to understand and transcribe English. - **Summarization and Action Item Generation:** The system should be able to generate summaries and action items based on the transcribed content. - **User-Friendly Search Interface:** There should be a search interface for easy retrieval of meeting information. - **Email Automation:** The system should automatically email the generated summaries and action items to the relevant attendees after the meeting. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Prior experience in developing voice recognition systems. - Proficiency in English language proces...

    €139 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a customer portal with integrated AI assistant. The portal will primarily interact with an Excel file to retrieve data and make demands when necessary. Key Requirements: - A customer portal that can be developed using any suitable platform. I have no specific preference but please ensure the platform can support the required functionalities. - The AI assistant should retrieve data from an Excel file; bring answers about order tracking number, etc and if necessary, create demands based on the information and scale to the backlog team. After backlog team answers, the demand will be uploaded to the excel file to retrieve information again. This excel file will be mirrored to the customer portal also. - Client interaction with the AI assistant s...

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    I'm on the lookout for a skilled ollama expert to assist me in enhancing the performance of my Llama-3 application. Currently, my local server-based application is experiencing an average response time of 100 seconds, which is far from ideal. Key Tasks: - Optimize response time: We need to significantly reduce the response time of the Llama-3 application. - Increase CPU utilization: The expert will need to find ways to maximize the usage of available CPUs to improve overall performance. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Previous experience working with Llama-3 and optimizing its performance. - Strong understanding of local server environments. - Proven track record in reducing response times of applications. - Proficiency in increasing CPU utilization to enhance overall performance. ...

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    I'm seeking a professional to design a personalized handwriting signature generator AI tool for my personal use. Requirements: - An AI tool capable of generating various handwriting signatures - The ability to input text directly for signature generation The ideal candidate should possess: - Strong background in AI programming - Proficient in developing interactive tools - Experience with handwriting recognition would be a plus. gives my name as input and presses the generate button, it should give me four signature styles. A different style signature should be given each time the button is pressed for the same name.

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    We are seeking a CrewAI expert to join our team on a freelance basis. As a CrewAI expert, you will be responsible for designing, developing, and deploying CrewAI systems for our clients. Responsibilities: Design and develop CrewAI systems for a variety of use cases Train and fine-tune CrewAI agents Integrate CrewAI systems with existing workflows Provide ongoing support to clients Qualifications: Experience with CrewAI Proven ability to design and develop AI systems Strong understanding of machine learning principles Excellent communication and collaboration skills Benefits: Competitive hourly rate Flexible work schedule Opportunity to work on cutting-edge AI projects Be part of a growing and innovative team To Apply: Please submit your proposal

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    We are seeking a Microsoft Autogen Studio expert to join our team on a freelance basis. As a Microsoft Autogen Studio expert, you will be responsible for designing, developing, and deploying Microsoft Autogen Studio systems for our clients. Responsibilities: Design and develop Microsoft Autogen Studio systems for a variety of use cases Train and fine-tune Microsoft Autogen Studio models Integrate Microsoft Autogen Studio systems with existing workflows Provide ongoing support to clients Qualifications: Experience with Microsoft Autogen Studio Proven ability to design and develop AI models Strong understanding of machine learning principles Excellent communication and collaboration skills Benefits: Competitive hourly rate Flexible work schedule Opportunity to work on cutting-edge AI pro...

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    I am in need of a skilled professional with expertise in CrewAI, Langchain, and Langraph to help me implement an advanced workflow automation system. This project involves integrating autonomous agents into the workflow and implementing CrewAI for an enhanced automation experience. Key Project Details: - This project focuses on increasing efficiency through workflow automation. - The integration of autonomous agents into the workflow will allow for a more seamless and productive system. - Utilizing CrewAI will further optimize the automation process. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in CrewAI, Langchain, and Langraph is a must. - Previous experience in implementing workflow automation systems and integrating autonomous agents would be highly beneficial. - A track record of i...

    €19 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in need of a skilled developer to create a mobile application for Android, along with a Web-Based version. The app will act as a platform where users can trade products with each other, featuring AI-powered deal suggestions. Key Features: - Registration and User Profile: Users will be able to create an account and set up a profile, including his geographical location and contact information. - Product Addition: Users should be able to add products to their profile manually or through image recognition, by adding small descriptions upon taking photos of the products. - AI-Based Deal Suggestions: The app should be able to suggest potential trades between users based on the products users have added and their locations. - Market Place: Users will be able to browse through the AI sug...

    €1597 (Avg Bid)
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