An algorithm is a term involved in mathematics, computer science and related subjects. It is a step-by-step method given for solving a problem using a finite sequence of instructions. If your business is into the development of software for computers to solve a problem, then you will also need the help of algorithmic experts to help you. You can find algorithmic experts right here. Just post your job or task! Contratar a Algorithm Experts


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    Tradetron strategy development 6 días left

    Hi, Im looking for someone who can do coding in for me. Conditions are 1) Provide support for at least a month after completing the job 2) Teach me to make adjustments( changing stop loss percentage etc) 3) Strategy is an easy one First select two premiums and watch it . Once conditions are met after 9.30 AM enter the trade. Put stop loss of 30 percentage. I will give you details after agreeing with the price. Thank you

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    Want to develop a software for clearing fog rain and haze from an image using dark channel prior deep learning algorithm

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    I need deep leaning expert 6 días left

    I need deep leaning expert asap

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    anyone have best forex ea or non repaint indicator

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    Theoretical analyses. 5 días left

    Hello, I need any theoretical analyses for weight values that I assign for some factors. I need someone who know weight ranking algorithms

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    Hi I have a project in python data structures and algorithms. I need someone for my project and for future projects also. Thanks

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    I want a good algorithm for a new website that is able to create a chess puzzle according to the difficulty and it can invent infinite shapes From itself, I don't want it to be one of others' games or data bases, I want it to compose shapes and evaluate

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    Need an expert in higher level Mathhs - Specially Optimization/Machine learning/SVM I can share further details on chat

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    Starting balance is 9,000,000 USD. Use 80% of balance to construct portfolio. 20% of the portfolio will be kept in ^ITX bond and used to purchase and execute options. Construct a portfolio out of the SP500 (All Constituents) based on the Mean Variance Optimization (SP500 constituents have a minimum market cap of 14.6 billion USD as of 4th of March 2022 which is the start date). Shares must be bought in slots of 100 (round to the nearest hundred). For all stocks: All options should expire in less than 20 trading days. Option contract should cover number of shares per traded constituent. Only execute if profitable and premium is covered. If SMA(50) > SMA(200) purchase call option and execute if strike price of option is less than share price. Option with the lowest strike price s...

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    Need an expert in higher level Mathhs - Specially Optimization/Machine learning/SVM I can share further details on chat

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    We need to classify ECG signals available from database using neural network classifier and identify if it has any abnormalities. If yes, then need to state the type of disease.

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    . This project aims to design early fire detection and fighting system to get rid of fire events using the concept of image processing

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    Matlab expert required -- 2 4 días left

    Matlab expert required. Please place bid if you can start asap. Thanks

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    i have a double sided platform that requires some clean up and improvements oth on the site and the admin. 1. Admin where we see all the bids etc needs to be much more user freindly 2. There are some client userbility improvements that need to e made 3. Some homepage changes to e made 4. Introduce a section where cars can pick up the goods in the boot 5. Filters to be working 6. Map and distances to be added to all jobs posted. This needs to work in the same way as

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    I need to implement different algorithms for placement

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    I need a deep learning expert please bided if you are expert on deep learning

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    R-programming using cryptography 3 días left

    R-programming using cryptography

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    LRR and LRS algorithm 3 días left

    R-programming in cryptography

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    Need help on any programming languages. Looking for expertise. who is well known with algorithms, data structure.

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    Genetic algorithm 3 días left

    We are looking for a top Genetic algorithm Matlab expert that can design and implement an online COI calculator. This person must understand WRIGHT'S EQUATION AND HARDIMAN'S METHOD. If you are not this person, please do not waste our time and yours. Thanks.

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    Need to write code in C++ using Data Structures and Algorithms. Candidate should have good problem solving skills.

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    MLS Offers 2 días left

    I’m looking to get an algorithm made that can identify properties on the MLS that fit my criteria for buying them to flip. I’d like the algorithm to identify the property then send me an email or a text so I can look at the property

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    Need an Algorithmic trading software, to be codded in 'Python', that connects with Kite Zerodha broker via an API to to execute buy and sell orders, based on pre described set of instructions. Other details will be followed up to you once project is awarded.

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    Need algorithm developer 2 días left

    I need a talented algorithm developer who can help me. He or she also needs to know C++/ python well. I have a long term project, so please bid if you are expert in this field.

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    C Programming Expert 2 días left

    I need an expert who is well versed in the C Programming and can work on simulation part

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    I have a pseudocode for basic matrix multiplication. Now, I have a document describing the steps of doing the multiplication in a new, alternative way which i need to later implement in C. What I need is someone to just help me understand by writing a pseudocode or doing an example calculation of a small matrix, so that later I can be able to implement that new code

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    Academic Schedule 2 días left

    There will be a weekly academic calendar planning for the university. It will be written in Python. A tab will be opened, where the courses will be entered according to the departments and the lecturer will be selected. The 7-day available hours of the lecturers will be selected. When the courses are entered according to all departments, the algorithm of the program will work (there will be an algorithm specific to more than one algorithm, such as genetic algorithm) and the most appropriate course program will be selected in pdf or pdf or according to the availability of the lecturers. It will output as jpeg.

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    Prozessor Compair 2 días left

    this project to find with Prozessor can work better

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    Building a system which allow customer to pay the due by their face. Facial recognition system would identify the customer's credentials and approve the transition. All the details would be provided upon request. Thanks.

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    Code Maximum Set Packing Problem 2 días left

    You need to Write Code for Maximum Set Packing problem And you need to produce a Mixed Integer Programming formulation in MS Excel using Excel Solver Please read the whole document as i will ask you questions regarding brief.

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    11 ofertas

    Like title, I need convert the method attach to golang.

    €25 (Avg Bid)
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    I need a simple Matlab script which can handle an Excel (updating some column based on some other columns) file.

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    Hello, I have an algorithm. The task is to write a Matlab code from this and deliver a good result. Further details we can discuss in the inbox.

    €3 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    The open-loop modelling (i.e. no control required yet) of the system should be performed on Stateflow and Matlab.

    €158 (Avg Bid)
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    I need a 5-6 star codechef coder .With all DSA concepts clear.

    €5 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Want a individual who can provide solutions for 2 coding questions within 70 mins, the question level being leetcode medium-hard or codeforces div2

    €22 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    8 ofertas

    This project contains various Algorithms components, including the writing component and a minor part of the programming content. I have attached the main list of the project which should be completed in approximately 4 hours

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    11 ofertas

    Hi, I have an algorithm/custom study in a chart book on Sierra charts. I'd like to discuss whether the trading decision could be automated for 2-3 of the highest odds signals/set ups.

    €162 (Avg Bid)
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    18 ofertas

    Need a python developer having experience of 5+ years, and has a great understanding of data structure & algorithms, graph, python libraries, can store and represent graph data using appropriate data structures, Implement fundamental graph traversal techniques, Analyze cohesive subgraph models and their representative computation algorithms, Analyze and implement basic machine learning methods, Implement techniques for graph embedding, graph neural networks. Please read the description carefully, your skils will be tested before handling the project.

    €13 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    10 ofertas

    looking for C/C++/Python Data structures and algorithms expert with OOPS skill needed

    €272 (Avg Bid)
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    20 ofertas

    Please, only someone who is familiar with the financial markets is to be considered. Stocks, options, and forex. Also someone who is highly familiar with matlab computer science concepts, and Ninjatrader 8

    €35 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    18 ofertas

    Hello freelancers. I am currently looking for a senior solidity engineer who can join our team. We are planning to build dextool project. You should be familiar with solidity, Uniswap and complicated mathematical logic. Trial work will be required. If you are interested, please drop a message here.

    €28 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for someone to create a tradetron algorithm for me. 1) It is applicable for nifty when VIX is below 15. 2) Entry Monday after 12 Pm 3) Exit Same week Friday or Following week Monday More details on DM Thank you D Joseph

    €30 (Avg Bid)
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    3 ofertas

    covering genetic algorithm, GRASP algorithm, and Hybridization of GA and GRASP. Our project will focus on chapter 4 in the attached document.

    €189 (Avg Bid)
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    Slove DSA Problem 3 horas left

    I need to solve problem within 1 hr. sample question is given.

    €31 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    7 ofertas

    I need support for a pi controller tuning to meet a power requirements model

    €148 (Avg Bid)
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    50 ofertas

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