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    ... - View all comparisons made by any user. - Manage user accounts and roles. - Generate reports and analytics. - **Sales Agents:** - View and manage their own comparisons. - Generate individual comparison reports. 4. **PDF Generation:** - Create a standardized PDF report with a company template. - Include detailed comparison results and recommendations. 5. **Data Security:** - Ensure all data is securely stored and managed. - Implement encryption for sensitive information. **Recommended Technologies:** - **Backend:** Node.js, , or Django for API development. - **Frontend:** React.js or Angular for user interface. - **Database:** PostgreSQL or MongoDB for data storage. - **Authentication:** OAuth 2.0 or JWT for secure login. - **PDF Generation:...

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    ...app should allow users to post and view advertisements for the sale of USDT, as well as make purchases of the advertised USDT. - It's important that the app includes a system for users to make a deposit in USDT as a security measure for the transactions. I prefer that all transactions within the app are completed using cryptocurrencies. The ideal candidate should have experience in developing similar applications, particularly in the area of cryptocurrency trading. You will need to be proficient in Android and iOS development and familiar with implementing secure payment systems. Please include examples of your previous work in your proposal. NOTA: POR FAVOR LEEER TODA LA DESCRIPCION DE LO QUE SE REQUIERE Y SI SE AJUSTA EN TIEMPO Y PRESUPUESTO AL PUBLICADO PROCEDA ...

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    Design Similar to - Internal Communication and Control from the Administration Panel Security and Privacy: Implementation of robust security measures to protect data integrity and user privacy. The entire system must be internal, without using external services such as Agora or Twilio, thus guaranteeing full control over the communication platform. We are looking to develop an Android application along with a web administration panel that allows creating communication channels and managing users with the following specific functionalities: Channel Creation: Ability to create multiple communication channels within the application, each with its own name and settings. Push-to-Talk Communication (PTT): One to One: Feature that allows users to communicate directly instantly

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    ...Requirements: Educational Background: Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, Mechatronics, or related fields. Specialized courses in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Automation. Professional Experience: Minimum 5 years of experience in software development and automation. Proven experience in robotics projects and integration of AI systems. Track record of successful freelance work or independent projects. Technical Skills: Programming languages: Python, Java, C++, and others. AI development platforms: TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras. Automation tools: Selenium, UiPath, Automation Anywhere. Software development: Git, Docker, Kubernetes. Robotics: ROS (Robot Operating System), Arduino, Raspberry Pi. ...

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    ...website. The ideal candidate will have a robust understanding of WordPress, e-commerce functionalities, and website maintenance to ensure optimal performance and a seamless user experience. Key Responsibilities: Website Maintenance: • Conduct regular checks to ensure the website’s smooth operation. • Identify, troubleshoot, and resolve technical issues promptly. • Perform routine backups and security updates to protect the site from vulnerabilities. Content Updates: • Update site content, including text, images, and multimedia, to keep it fresh and engaging. • Collaborate with content creators to ensure accuracy and relevance. • Implement SEO best practices to enhance site visibility and traffic. Plugin Management: • Advise o...

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    ...firma o encripta las sesiones y los tokens antiforeign. Cuando se crea con AddDistributedMemoryCache() al momento de escalar o crear réplicas de la web, cada instancia tiene su propia Data Protection y cuando un request va a una instancia, pero fue creada por la otra no lo puede desencriptar o usar. Para mayor documentación puede revisar esta página A tener en consideración: - El proyecto debe ser en asp net core 3.1 tener en cuenta que se desplegara en Linux no IIS, se recomienda usar Docker y las imágenes de alpine o debian. - Se dara como finalizado la prueba de concepto nuestro lado ejecutando 2 instancias del proyecto con la misma key en cada proyecto, si se puede se hara la

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    En Echoes Systems, una empresa mexicana con más de 10 años en el mercado y un equipo de 50 ingenieros especializados, ofrecemos una amplia gama de servicios en tecnologías de la información. Entre nuestros servicios se incluyen asesoramiento en TI, soluciones en la nube, ciberseguridad, inteligencia artificial, virtualización y continuidad de negocio. El objetivo de este proyecto es contratar un freelancer que se encargue de la venta de pólizas de soporte técnico. Estas pólizas son esenciales para asegurar el mantenimiento y la operatividad continua de los sistemas tecnológicos de nuestros clientes. Las responsabilidades del freelancer incluirán: Identificar y contactar a empresas y negocios que puedan beneficia...

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    JDA MOCA Commands Finalizado left

    We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced MOCA Developer. As a MOCA Developer, you will be responsible for developing applications and solutions, ensuring their high performance and reliability. Your primary focus will be on creating efficient and scalable code, integrating various systems, and troubleshooting any issues that arise. Skills Required: - Strong knowledge of MOCA technology and standards - Strong knowledge of JDA WMS - Proficiency in programming in Oracle SQL and Pl/SQL - Experience with MOCA-based application development - Problem-solving and analytical skills This is a small-sized project that is expected to last for 3 to 6 days. Specifically, two specific tasks need to be completed, both of which require configuring the integration parameters defined by JD...

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    PHP XML Sign Finalizado left

    Necesito en PHP puro un modulo para firmar electrónicamente un XML con un certificado .P12, y este se debe enviar a un webservice externo que valida el xml, se espera datos de respuesta. La aplicación de WS-Security se aplicará exigiendo la firma mediante XMLDSig en el body del mensaje SOAP utilizando los siguientes parámetros: • Algoritmo de firma: RSA/DSA (se recomienda RSA - ) • Canonicalization: "exc-c14n" (Exclusive) • Algoritmo de Digest: "sha1" ( El webservice tiene mi clave publica y comprueban que se correcto.

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    Introduction: The decision to embark on a venture in agricultural pest control in India arises from a profound understanding of the critical need to address this issue in the country's agricultural industry. Agriculture in India faces constant challenges due to pest infestations threatening food security and crop sustainability. I firmly believe that establishing a business focused on providing effective and sustainable pest control solutions in agriculture is not only a lucrative opportunity but also a significant contribution to the well-being of the farming community and the country's economic development. Market Development and Expansion Strategies: The business of agricultural pest control in India would greatly benefit from a comprehensive approach that addresses ...

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    ...Capacidad para ofrecer resúmenes de alto nivel sin profundizar en detalles Esté preparado para proporcionar muestras de su trabajo anterior. Espero ver sus ofertas. Con idioma español I need an experienced diagram designer who specializes in creating flowcharts, UML diagrams and network diagrams. The diagrams will be used for several purposes including: * Visualizing processes * Designing systems * Mapping network structures Despite the range of uses, I am primarily interested in high-level overviews rather than detailed, technical specifications. Therefore, an ideal freelancer would have: * Experience in creating clear, comprehensible diagrams * Ability to understand and adapt to different project requirements * Capability to deliver high-level overvie...

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    ...Branding: Experience in brand strategies and visual identity development, Skills in graphic design and creativity, Understanding of design and branding trends, Ability to develop and maintain consistent brand images. -Specialist in AWS: Strong experience in managing and configuring Amazon Web Services (AWS), Skills to efficiently implement and manage cloud infrastructure, Knowledge of security, scalability and resource optimization in AWS environments. -Quality Specialist: Experience in quality assurance, Ensure that products and services meet quality standards, Perform functionality and usability tests on the web platform, Previous experience in similar projects, Effective collaboration in a virtual team environment. How to Apply: Send CV, portfolio and letter e...

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    ...rely on a variety of technologies: Front-end: Frameworks such as React or Angular for an interactive and responsive user interface. Back-end: Technologies such as Node.js or Python to handle the application logic, database management, and API integration. Data Analysis and AI: Use of machine learning and data processing algorithms for content recommendations and market analysis. Databases: Systems like MySQL or MongoDB to store and manage user data and market data....

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    ...unplanned downtime. Interoperability: The platform will be interoperable with other systems and technologies, facilitating integration. Regulatory Compliance: The system will comply with regulations and standards related to data protection and information security. Energy Efficiency: Energy efficiency will be considered in the system design, optimizing resource consumption. Adaptability to Mobile Devices: The web application and PDF report generation functionality will be adaptable to a variety of mobile devices and tablets. Maintainability and Updates: The platform will be easily maintainable and allow for periodic updates to incorporate new features and improvements. Data Security: Robust security measures will be implemented to protect the integrity ...

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    ...Built-in chat for direct communication between dropshippers and suppliers. Organized Marketplace: - Product categories for an intuitive search experience. - Featured specials and popular products. Fund Withdrawal: - Ability for dropshippers and suppliers to withdraw funds directly to their bank accounts. Importantly, we are committed to following rigorous development standards to ensure the security and efficiency of the system. Platform Reference: We have taken inspiration from successful platforms to model our own, incorporating valuable insights and key features from Dropi and Rocketfy. Badges and Rewards: We implemented an achievement system that rewards users for their participation and success on the platform, incentivizing collaboration and mutual growth. I leave a l...

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    Hola estoy creando una vpc, subredes y security group en aws por cloduformation ya lo tengo creado pero cuando le agrego a una lambda la red no le llega a dynamo o secret manager,vme gustaría que me ayudaran a entender que permiso me falta o que tengo mal configurado en mi plantilla

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    ...Disease Control and Prevention. Laundry: washing infected material. Atlanta, GA: CDC; 2011. Available at: HAI/prevent/laundry.html. Last accessed 10th February 2015. 30. Fijan S, Sostar-Turk S. Hygiene monitoring systems for hospital textile laundering. London: Hospital Healthcare Europe; 2007/8. 31. Fijan S, Gunnarsen JTH, Weinreich J, Sostar-Turk S. Determining the hygiene of laundering industrial textiles in Slovenia, Norway and Denmark. Tekstil 2008;57:73e83. 32. Fijan S, Sostar-Turk S, Cencic A. Implementing hygiene monitoring systems in hospital laundries in order to reduce microbial contamination of hospital textiles. J Hosp Infect 2005;61:30e38 ...

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    ...la Computación o campo relacionado. Experiencia Laboral: Al menos 2-3 años de experiencia en administración y operación de infraestructura en la nube de Azure. Certificaciones: Azure fundamentals Requerido-Azure Administrator Associate Deseable. Conocimiento Técnico: Conocimiento sólido de servicios de Azure, incluyendo Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Networking, Azure Active Directory, y Azure Security Center. Habilidades Técnicas: Capacidad para administrar y operar entornos en la nube de Azure de manera efectiva. Idiomas: Dominio del español, y conocimiento de inglés es un plus. Habilidades Interpersonales: Habilidades de comunicación, trabajo en equipo y capacidad para colaborar con diferentes departamentos. ...

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    Tengo un malware en mi cpanel, que no deja que funcionen mis sitios. Sabes limpiarlo?

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    Diseño de aplicacion Finalizado left

    ...really love Design for mobile/tablet in both modes: Landscape/Portrait. The necessary views are: - Login - Dashboard (whether it's a regular user or security) -- Both Should display the logo at the top center of the screen, max height 40. If there is no logo, display text. Show Alert icon on the right side. In views other than the dashboard, display a menu button on the left with the list of other views and logout. The menu is slideable from left to right. -- Regular: Buttons-> Visits -> Trusted / Services Announcements -> News / Feeds Alert -> Emergency / Theft / Help (specific neighbor / general / Guardhouse) -- Security: Registered Visit -> Read QR code / numeric code Unregistered Visit -> Request authorization from the te...

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    Necesito una persona latina para que descargue y suba peliculas a mi servidor de xtreme xui google drive Debe tener buena conexion a internet y aprender rapido.

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    ...server-side logic and data management. The backend handles business logic, authentication, authorization, and communication with databases or other external services. Optimal performance and strong security measures are essential to safeguard the application's data and functionality. 4. Integration and Testing (Week 8) In this phase, the frontend and backend are combined to create a complete functional application. Comprehensive testing is conducted to ensure that all components work seamlessly together and meet the established requirements. This includes tests for functionality, performance, security, and usability. Possible Alternatives: Use automated testing tools like Jest, Selenium, or Postman to streamline the error detection process. Implement a peer review...

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    "Assistance is required to calculate, size, and specify the necessary equipment for stations in remote locations that will be powered by solar energy, and to define the communication systems for connecting to an existing LAN or wireless network. For remote stations of Type A, the required equipment for connection and power supply will be defined, and based on that, the necessary equipment and components must be sized. The communication will be wireless. For remote station of Type B, the required equipment for connection and power supply will be defined, and based on that, the necessary equipment and components must be sized. The communication will be through LAN." Se requiere una asesoría para calcular, dimensionar y especificar el equipamiento necesario para est...

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    Estoy buscando un freelancer (deseable ubicado en cualquier ciudad de México) para asistir con varias tareas en las fases de QA y release a PRD de nuestro proceso de desarrollo. El candidato ideal debe tener experiencia en solución de problemas, mantenimiento de sistemas y security auditing. Las tareas específicas incluyen: - Solución de problemas y errores en nuestro software - Realizar tareas de mantenimiento del sistema para garantizar un rendimiento óptimo - Realización de auditorías de seguridad para identificar y abordar cualquier vulnerabilidad El freelancer debe tener experiencia trabajando con sistemas operativos Windows, Linux y Vmware. Además, debe ser competente en el uso de software o herramientas específ...

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    ...posible. El error que da es el siguiente; Hello. I'm having trouble sending emails to GMail accounts from the MDaemon mail server at MDaemon Technologies. I would like to solve it as soon as possible. The error it gives is the following: =============================== = Transcripción de la Sesión = =============================== X <-- 550-5.7.26 This mail is unauthenticated, which poses a security risk to the <-- 550-5.7.26 sender and Gmail users, and has been blocked. The sender must <-- 550-5.7.26 authenticate with at least one of SPF or DKIM. For this message, <-- 550-5.7.26 DKIM checks did not pass and SPF check for [] did not <-- 550-5.7.26 pass with ip: []. The sender should visit <-- 550-5.7.26

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    We need to develop the Front End of an APP that is compatible for iOS and Android operating systems and that can be published in the App Store and Marketplace. The APP must communicate via API to an existing Back End system to perform query, registration, registration, cancellation and change operations. It is also required to integrate the facial recognition functionality, for identity verification by comparing an identification that the user uploads to the system in image format and the camera of the mobile device. Attached to the project a PDF document that describes the modules of the system and its flow. I share the following link in FIGMA with the UX design of the screens.

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    Kinder Garden Security Finalizado left

    Sistema para el control de ingreso y salidas de los niños de las guarderías Sistema orientado a microservicios, utilizando tecnologías Java, Angular, Postgress, Springboot, entre otros. Tiene como finalidad controlar el ingreso y la salida de los niños que son ingresados o retirados de las guarderías, para esto se requiere un sistema de logueo con tres tipos de perfiles (Super Administrador, Administrador por institución (guardería) y Acudiente). Superadministrador: Esta en la capacidad de crear datos maestros, por ejemplo, crear una nueva institución o crear un nuevo administrador de institución. Administrador por institución: Esta en la capacidad de gestionar la información referente a su guardería, c...

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    Busco un experto en servidores y seguridad. Administración de servidores configuración con SSH de VPS, firewalls, etc Configuracion de servicios o servidores (DNS, Email, ...) Virtualización de servidores (vmware) Cpanel Hestia Virtualmin Programación en Python, PHP, SQL. Opcional Seguridad

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    Desarrollar un DPA utilizando PEGA Systems.

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    Tenemos un proyecto que requiere desarrollo de alertas y automatismos usando Grafana, Prometheus, InfluxDB, e ElasticStack. Es un proyecto a precio cerrado que dura 3 meses. Trabajo remoto en Español. ¿Interesado/a? Preferible tener experiencia en Contact Center Project involved taking approx 10 sources of data from different systems (such as Avaya, liveperson, kibana, other DB or CSV sources, as Application APIs, some streaming data) and prometheus (Timeseries metrics database), Pentaho ETL, or direct integrations bring this data into a DB that Grafana can read, and ,based on complex logic, alarm on. Freelancer MUST speak Spanish and preferably have experience with Contact Center technology and processes (ie.e queue management) . Project duration would be app...

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    ======================================================= ENGLISH: I have installed mautic 4.4.5 on a VPS and I have created an Amazon SES account to start using that system. Amazon has already authorized me to send 14 emails per second. I have configured the 3 required minimum mautic CRONjobs. I have the personalized images per recipient (QR) hosted on another server (obviously I also use other systems to send mass emailings). I need someone with knowledge of MAUTIC to configure that parameter of the parameterized image in an email template in MAUTIC and verify that a shipment of this type of template works and thus be able to use MAUTIC for this type of shipment. =======================================================...ipment. ====================================================...

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    ...de produccion (Proyectos p0 y pro del cliente). 2. Creación y Configuracion de la Instancia de Base de atos CloudSQL para Postgres ver 9.6 o mayor si es posible 3. Creacion y configuracion de un Balanceador de Cargas HTTPS (certificados, Backend, frontend) con el dominio personalizado del cliente C. Ajustes finales de seguridad para obtener Rating A+ en términos de directivas de seguridad (Security Headers) y del certificado HTTPS (de LetsEncript) D. Revisión Final y entrega al cliente...

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    Mi app b-food necesita cambios y ser publicada en google play. Cambio de logo( cuento con las imagenes requeridas para la plantilla, y el logo), cambio de nombre, públicar con mi cuenta de play store, tengo el formato apk, y del repartidor en apk. Mejora de citio web certificado de seguridad.

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    Dear Freelancer, We want to make a job proposal for you: To implement an omni bar search prototype in our systems It's three weeks at most work (3 sprints). Should be done in angular and Figma, The completed fixed payment for the project is $348 USD. Please check project logic for the details and Proposal for the Job description

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    API Java Spring Finalizado left

    Desarrollar diferentes endpoints en java spring con postgresql, subida de archivos, envío de mails y login con spring security.

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    2 minutes video about a product release. Product: Services platform with API layer, security, etc. - Intro - Architecture - Capabilities - Roadmap"

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    Necesito programador de Javascript para realizar la firma necesaria para conectar a Binance. Los requisitos para realizar la firma estan explicados aqui () Lo que necesito es un script en JS que tome los datos de determinadas variables (Symbol, price, recwindows etc... que figuran en la documentación de Binance), y realize la salida de la firma con codificación HMAC SHA256 en otra variable. Este script ira incorporado en un programa realizado en CONSTRUCT3, por lo que debe ser sencillo y de fácil inclusión. La idea original era usar CryptoJS pero no se encontró forma de incorporar el script al programa de CONSTRUCT3. Escucho ofertas.

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    necesito una aplicacion android sencilla, que al presionar un boton me redirija a esta seccion de el telefono, BIOMETRICS AND SECURITY ..... esta seccion solo las tienen los samsung galaxy android version 11 en adelante

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    Se necesita tecnico con experiencia en creación de Reportes en Sun Systems. ( se comprobara) Por favor tener ejemplos de reportes creados.

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    La búsqueda se orienta a personas con conocimiento contables y experiencia en la industria hotelera. Conocer sobre Opera PMS y Sun Systems es un plus. Seria trabajo fijo de lunes a viernes de 9 a 18 hs. (Gmt -3)

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    ...facilities. We need to create and launch our token in an ICO, as a utility token to obtain the initial financing and later develop and market NFTs that help the development of each of the projects. We would like to be able to count on your services, since we need a solid and reliable structure, developed by experts in the field. We want to form a blockchain work team that works together with the systems management. We remain attentive to any comments as well as to establish an online meeting to clarify the different points. Best regards,...

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    We need to enable the SIEM capability in our Elastic Observability platform, we have the Elastic 8.2 version, in which we must enable the SIEM module, log ingestion of network elements and servers, and create at least 3 correlation rules of security events, we need freelancer services in Spanish or English.

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    Cripto Vendedores Finalizado left

    ¿Eres inquieto, trabajador y constante? ¿Te gustaría llevarte el 5% de todo aquel cliente que consigas? ¡Entonces este es tu lugar! Mi nombre es Oscar, y en este momento me encuentro trabajando para una Exchange de criptomonedas, el cual saldrá a comercio este próximo mes de Agosto. En este momento nos encontramos en la STO (Security Token Offer) del proyecto, donde buscamos a personas como tu, para hacer eco de nuestra nueva cripto y las próximas que entren en nuestro Exchange. Si deseas más información respecto a nuestro proyecto y te gustaría formar parte de nuestra familia, házmelo saber y concretamos reunión informativa.

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    Necesitamos una agencia/persona que cree campañas de ventas para redes sociales (FB, IG, etc) tanto en español como en inglés para una empresa de productos de Payment solutions (credit card processing, POS systems). También que revise y sugiera cambios en la página Web actual para volverla más vendedora y atractiva y revise la landing page.

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    ...implementación. Nuestra prioridad actual es implementar es la primera fase lo antes posible para empezar a utilizar la plataforma de forma productiva. Les agradeceremos si nos cotizaran en este esquema segmentado y de ser posible por hora. Esperamos sus comentarios y son bienvenidas sus sugerencias. ENGLISH: Hello! We have been evaluating ODOO over the past few months to improve and replace the systems and processes we currently use and are now looking to implement ODOO. Due to our needs, ODOO Online is not an option. We require minor adjustments and integrations, so we need the support of an experienced developer implemented, modules and configurations in ODOO. We are a small company in CDMX. We develop in 2 branches: sale of products and provision of profes...

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    Hola Rajan G., vi tu perfil y me gustaría ofrecerte mi proyecto. Podemos conversar por chat acerca de los detalles.

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    Hola Rajan G., vi tu perfil y me gustaría ofrecerte mi proyecto. Podemos conversar por chat acerca de los detalles.

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    Hola Rajan G., vi tu perfil y me gustaría ofrecerte mi proyecto. Podemos conversar por chat acerca de los detalles.

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    Estamos por abrir una llantera y queremos cambiar el nombre. Actualmente nuestro nombre es XTREME EMPIRE pero nos hemos dado cuenta que a la gente le cuesta pronunciarlo, asi que buscamos algo mas sencillo pero que tenga el mismo concepto de aventura y que genere un sentido de comunidad para nuestros clientes. Abajo adjunto un documento explicando un poco mas de lo que queremos reflejar.

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    Necesitamos un senior Fullstack Javascript Developer para el un nuevos desarrollo y testing de una aplicación educativa (Web híbrida). Se trata de un proyecto a largo plazo. Requerido: • MERN Stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js), Webpack 5, React Router 6, React i18next, Formik • Material-UI...IndexedDB / Service Worker (Offline PWA) • Canvas rendering • Websockets • WebCrypto (symmetric and asymmetric) • iOS / Android (Apache Cordova + some native parts in Swift, Objective-C and Java) • Unit Testing (Jest or Selenium, Mocha) Deseable: • OpenCV, Tensorflow Lite / Google ML Kit • Sysadmin (Debian server administration, Nginx, Redis, Let's encrypt, etc) • OWASP best practices, Web security focused &b...

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