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    diseño 4 iconos svg Finalizado left

    necesito 4 iconos de asientos para buses, tengo bocetos explicativos formato svg 32x32 64x64 128x128 256x256 512x512 color negro, evitando dibujar las ventanas y los objetos con x (ventanas y apoya pies 1 imagen)

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    Necesito alguien con experiencia haciendo pixel art para hacer graficos para un videojuego 2D. Los requisitos son: -Tener un portafolio de trabajos anteriores mostrando sus habilidades en pixel art. Requisitos de los graficos: -16 colores ( 1 de transparencia y 15 para otras cosas). -colores de 15 bits (5 bits por canal) -Graficos de baja resolucion (64x64 o menos). Se paga por c...

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    Diseño de logo de app Finalizado left

    Necesito un logo para mi nueva app de Android. La aplicación va a ser una versión en idioma inglés de mi app Cerebritum: [iniciar sesión para ver URL];feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwyLDEsImI0YS5DZXJlYnJpdHVtIl0. El logo actual no me gusta demasiado. Me gustaría que mezclara los conceptos de Cerebro y Cifras y Letras, pero estoy abierto a nuevas ideas. El fo...

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    Create a custom grid that is created in real-time that is 64x64 that operates similar to the attached picture. I have a somewhat working version but need assistance redesigning it and increasing the functionality. I will be happy to discuss further if willing to do the job. Looking at the picture, that is the three different states of the grid squares, and each square should be able to have an ...

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    I need to redraw the sprites from an old game. Watch this video to see the sprites in action. [iniciar sesión para ver URL] Your job is to redesign all the sprites from scratch. I don't want anything copied. You have to draw in a way that has the same meaning as the originals but completely different from original. All animations must be fluid and with more frames than the origin...

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    I need a Java programmer to write editing tools, creating new map model files from the map file reading code. That is, you will take the code that reads that file provided by me and develop it into a new creation, editing tool. Required: Source code: Written in Java, all variables, functions and comments explained in code and menus must be written in English. Tool must be GUI, does not accept CLI....

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    Who - Professional Logo Designers! What - I need a creative, original, and eye-catching logo design for a new women's makeup brand line that will sell a wide variety of makeup for women in the skincare, beauty, Influencer, and health niche. Where - Sell online When - I need this logo in 3 days! Why - There is demand and growth in the women's beauty niche How - Sell personal bran...

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    I'm looking for someone to create a cave generator in python, more or less as explained in this reddit post & top comment, with a few differences: [iniciar sesión para ver URL] 1. At the end the commenter explains they use a tileset and need to fix the walls and generate the tiles. That is not required, I only need the output to be a black & white PNG image. 2. In addition to...

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    Trophy icon Logo & Icon Design (Photoshop Required) Finalizado left

    I am looking for a logo designer to design me a logo and icon for both my website and the mobile apps. Its called VaultLocke, its a Cloud File server. Users will have the ability to sync their files to the cloud, from the website and mobile apps. 1. Logo and Icon must be made in high definition and in photoshop. 2. Icon must be provided for all sizes of mobile app, for example, 24x24, 64x64, etc....

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    I have purchased a library that contains 400 separate png files. It consists of the following layers.. ground tiles. ground affects - cracks , leafs etc. ground objects - vehicles, barrels etc. water walls , roof So you can see that some layer logically the player can walk on like ground and cracks. Whilst others like barrels and walls and water the player should not be able to walk on.. What I...

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    Survivelist logo Finalizado left

    i'm making a survival minecraft server and i need a 64x64 logo

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    Hey there, I need a pixel art designer for my mobile dungeon game. I'm currently using one of famous free pixel art asset. I need a unique art :) Requests ; *All need to be 32*32 pixel (not 16*16). • 2 different type of dungeon walls and grounds (1 type column). • 3 different type of crates (broken, normal closed and normal open). • 2 different type of bones and skulls. &b...

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    I need a logo designed. I have already jpg format you can only design in coral draw and make a some format. more detail given below. Only 3-4 hour time taken. only interested person bid. Logo- The image in BMP format with 24 bit color depth. The image size should not exceed 131 px (width) to 151 px (height). Banner- An image in BMP format with a color depth of 8 bits (256 colors) and sizes stric...

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    Ich benötige ein 64x64 Servericon für einen Minecraft Server. Hatte ein großes A in Orange/Gelb mit Hintergrundverzierung im Stil "Fantasy" sein.

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    Logo for a WebApp Finalizado left

    we need a new logo design for an existing WebApp including logo image and product name (modern and clean), we need the following files: .ai: Logo in vector format (Adobe Illistrator) .png (White Background, only logo): 64x64, 128x128, 256x256, 1024x1024 .png (Dark Background, only logo): 64x64, 128x128, 256x256, 1024x1024 .png (White Background, logo and product name): 64x64, 128x128, 256x256,...

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    I want to have vb developer to build firmware for huidu 64x64 controller board to connect https and retrieve data to show on the screen

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    Currently we are developing a clickable prototype to demonstrate the capabilities of our clinical pathway management system. In essence, a platform that allows medical professionals to understand their own care processes qualitatively and qualitatively by enabling them to map out, analyse, simulate and benchmark their care processes. In order to finalise the clickable prototype we need a set of i...

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    hello! we need a 9 vector tile set of land meeting the ocean, this can be lighter and we have provided the dark water tile which indicates depth. this is for a 2d battle ship game and the images need to be 64x64 and 128x128 we have provided some examples of the land and how they need to be drawn to meet the water. this will lead to more work as we need a new animator or artist to join our tea...

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    We have a set of B/W vector icons on a transparent background. When exporting from illustrator as PNG, for use in our app without dpi scaling (1:1), the edges become blurred. We need an expert to show an example of 1 icon, and then if it is ok, do the rest of our icons in a similar manner. 64Х64 (72ppi) size. Attached is an icon in vector format, and the same icon exported as png, that looks quite...

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    Hi, I'm looking for someone who has made a pixel art game, that could share their tips with me as a starter.. I've tried making a game but got into trouble in the process. What I need help with, in specific terms are; -Asking questions and recieving answers included -Photoshop Design/How many pixels should be in the Canvas for creating the character, objects, gate, ladder, etc.. -How to...

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    Trophy icon Create a set of icons for windows tools Finalizado left

    Required is a new set of icons for our business software solution. These are tools, created in order to assist our customers on various tasks throughout a merchandise management system. We want the customers to recognise our tools ideally by the logo and a special theme icon going along with the actual task the tool assists. Now all tools have nearly the same icon (see image current_icons) and...

    €219 (Avg Bid)
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    Write in Delphi 10.4 or compatible a TCustomPanel descendant that supports drawing of a PNG glyph inside the panel, with the glyph aligned left within the panel. The control shall have these custom properties: ImageCollection : TImageCollection; - Defines the source from which the panel reads the PNG glyph GlyphName : String; - Defines the name of the image inside TImageCollection that the contro...

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    Trophy icon Make a logo and a custom font Finalizado left

    Make a Logo and a custom Font for an Indie Game Studio. Name of the studio - "ViNovella Games". We are making games for adults (18+) in the genre of VN. ViNovella comes from Visual Novella. That is a genre where the story is the main feature of the game. I want a vector logo that would represent the team. It should be scalable or have versions for different sizes. (look good as 50px ...

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    I need 2D or pixel drawings. I prefer pixel for now. I don't have much budget because of currency. The budget isn't for just a one drawing. It's for whole game. I need: *3 tileset (Grass,cave and dungeon tilesets) *1 main Character *12 enemy (4 for grass tileset, 4 for cave and 4 for dungeon tileset) *3 boss

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    We have a desktop application made of 6 modules based on Office 2010 look and feel. We need to simplify the design so that it looks like Office 2019 or Office 365. Application is described here: [iniciar sesión para ver URL] For this we need to recreate 5 splash screens and 6 start icons. The logos placed on splash screens must be simplified too. We need to keep the 'spirit' of...

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    Edit SVG Animation Finalizado left

    I have an SVG animation of a teal-colored heart beating. The "beating" animation scales the heart icon from the center. I need to replace the image of the heart with another simple icon (which is a purple heart and house shape combined) while preserving the "beating" animation. I am able to replace the icon by editing the code in the SVG file, however, the "beating" ...

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    Polish a tileset Finalizado left

    Hello, I would like somebody to just fine tune my tileset I am creating. I also need additional slanted tiles to be created. Vector tiles 64x64

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    I need arrows for showing positions on a map. They have to be in two sizes, 256x256 and 64x64. In five colors (black, red, yellow, green, blue). With transparent background, and each rotated 16 times. Two sizes: 256x256 and 64x64 Five colors: black, red, yellow, green, blue Rotation in degrees: 0 (points up), 23, 45, 68, 90 (points right), 113, 135, 158, 180 (points down), 203, 225, 248, 270 (poi...

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    Trophy icon design an icon for my company name Finalizado left

    I need an icon designed for my company name "Nearshi" is the name of the company it's a web/app/software development company you can pick and choose from the colours below, mix and match any DarkBlue #00008B DarkGreen #006400 DarkCyan #008B8B DarkRed #8B0000 DarkMagenta #8B008B DarkYellow #000000 DarkGray #A9A9A9 the winner has the oppertunity to design the logo to go along wit...

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    Trophy icon I need an icon for my computer program Finalizado left

    I need an icon designed for my windows program. It should be 256x256, 128,128, 64x64 and 32x32. The design can be a rocketship icon or anything geometric (like the Google chrome icon). The icon should be eye catching and it should work with the task bar.

    €12 (Avg Bid)
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    need an application icon 64x64 pixels

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    You'll be working with hyperspectral satellite images containing 242 bands. So the dataset will be divided into three tilesets 1) cloudy images, LULC(land use and land cover) images which include water, land, urban areas and forest, Crops which includes almost 7-8 variety of crops. We have to use unsupervised techniques like SVD, NMF, or KNN, etc. to segment the hyperspectral imagery into c...

    €12 (Avg Bid)
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    You'll be working with hyperspectral satellite images containing 242 bands. So the dataset will be divided into three tilesets 1) cloudy images, LULC(land use and land cover) images which include water, land, urban areas and forest, Crops which includes almost 7-8 variety of crops. We have to use unsupervised techniques like SVD, NMF, or KNN, etc. to segment the hyperspectral imagery into c...

    €7 - €17
    €7 - €17
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    Logo for mobile game Finalizado left

    We need a logo for our mobile game that must consist of icon + text Logo icon should be designed based on our game title and context of the game. Logo icon should be clearly visible in 64x64 pixels. Very eye catching design is essential to bit our competitors.

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    Logo 1: Domain : [iniciar sesión para ver URL] Name : Xi Key Slogan : Business Key to success Please do not use ready made logos from websites, I know how to do that, if you know about CorelDraw or Adobe vectors, you are welcome to design this logo, output requested: Black & White logo Logo with white Background Logo with Black Background Icon 16x16 , 32x32 , 64x64 ... Complete pac...

    €22 (Avg Bid)
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    We need a logo for the eCommerce App that must consist of icon + text. Logo icon should be designed based on our business goals, title and context of the app. Logo icon should be clearly visible in 64x64 pixels. Very eye catching design is essential to bit our competitors.

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    Icon from Avatar Finalizado left

    I need a graphic designer to create .svg icons from 10 or more avatars. This job is only for one avatar and if I like how it will look we will work together on the rest. The avatars will be used in 64x64, so it needs to be as minimalist as possible, but still to be understood what's there. I'm not sure if it's possible or how it will look, but I'm willing to give it a try. ...

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    Start your bid with "minecraft skin". Hello, I want you to redraw my Minecraft skin. Minecraft skin is 64x64 texture. I need pixel art designer for it

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    Trophy icon 设计一个公司网站的LOGO Finalizado left

    公司名字叫 ALPHA TECH LINK,主要是做金融科技产品的,主色调为红色和黑色,凸显科技感。 主要参考以下网站的logo: 1、[iniciar sesión para ver URL] 2、[iniciar sesión para ver URL] 3、[iniciar sesión para ver URL] 需要的格式: 1.)ai,jpg,png,cdr 2.) "About" window: File format BMP; 24 bit color depth; size 131x151 3.) "Installation" window: File format BMP; 8 bits (256 colors) color depth; size 500x60 4.) Icon: Fil...

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    I need six icons to be developed for the next version of the Input Director Windows application. Each icon will need to be: 1. Provided as png/bmps in sizes 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 256x256 2. provided in the original size independent format (e.g. Adobe Illustrator file) 3. images cannot have partially transparent pixels – they must either be fully transparent or completely solid n.b The 32x32...

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    Hello! I have an app [iniciar sesión para ver URL] and it has an icon that I want to turn into a cool 3D icon. I've attached .png and .svg versions of the icon. The requirements are: - Re-create this icon using 3D software (blender/cinema 4d/etc) - Make the style of it look like a realistic object (like apple icons, I've attached an example). It should feel somewhat photorealist...

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    I need 5 icons designed for office software. It needs to be modern and stylish. I need 5 icons in total, for a word processor (Verbum), spread sheet program (Sheets), diagram creator (Charts), PDF reader (Reader), and finally an icon for the complete suite. Use the current Office 365 icon set as an example of what I'm looking for. The icon must look good in all the following sizes 16x16, 24...

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    Trophy icon Design me a logo Finalizado left

    Dear Freelancer We need a logo for our new company: Company name: XPRIME Description of the company: It is a financial trading company We are looking for different size logos since this will be applied to an application (trading platform) on a computer with buttons and icons. Therefore I believe the X in XPRIME would be a great starting point for a logo and the icons Image Specs Table Imag...

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    Map Marker Design Finalizado left

    I need someone to design me a bundle of Map markers with small icons on it. All in 64x64 pixels and as Vektor.

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    Logo redesign Finalizado left

    I have a logo I would like made into different colors and sizes as following. All PNGs with transparent backgrounds. I have attached a mock up of the logo design. #e8bb5f black white Sizes are 256x256, 128x128, 64x64 and 32x32, in each color. In adddition I would like the gold icon as a favicon.ico. Thanks

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    Are you a 2D game artist? Do you know how to create tileset maps in rpg maker mv? This job is for you! Details for the development of a city with pixel art graphics for RPG Maker MV (tileset): The story of the game takes place in a fantastic RPG world with magic, wizards and knights. The city is called initial is called Aruna. The city of Aruna has a large library in the center. The library ha...

    €50 (Avg Bid)
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    We are working on a new blog and need a logo in multiple scales (favicon small through to 512^2 featured image), fonts for the site's name and moto, and color scheme for the website. -12 outputs: (1) GIMP layered file (.xcf) containing all variations below (2) document specifying fonts, all colors in the color palette and color used for each element (3) logo | .png 16x16 (4) logo | .png 3...

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    I'm creating a platformer game where the user controls an ant. The ant needs to be able to run and jump with two different kinds of jumps (a regular jump and a farther-traveling front flip jump). It also needs to be able to move in any direction including horizontally, vertically and upside down. It needs to be able to transition while jumping from horizontal to vertical platforms too. Also w...

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    Hello, freelancer.com community. We are making an indie videogame, inspired by old RPG games, and we would like to hire an overworld tileset artist for the most part of this game. We need a lot of work to be done and we are choosing the artist that gives the most accurate result, the one which fits best the essence of the game. We are looking for tilesets similar to the games "Undertale"...

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    We have a toolbar for an application that lets customers inventory their stamp collection. Each 24x24 section of the bitmap is a button on the toolbar. (see attached screenshot) We need 2 bigger versions of the toolbar. 1/ Where each button is 48x48 2/ Another where each button is 64x64 the only change is that the 6th button should be a magnifying glass with a postage stamp underneath instead...

    €103 (Avg Bid)
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