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    hello, i am currently using a custom asterisk voicemail application. it was supposed to be mini-voicemail, but there are all kinds of extra options on it. so, i am looking for someone new to do it right. 1. user tutorial to setup voicemail 2. passcode entry 3. one user name 4. only one greeting, not several 5. greeting can be up to 3

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    virtual phone system Finalizado left

    setup virtual phone services, rute call to any cell phone or landline phone professional recording, multiple extension, auto attendant voicemail, simultaneous calls etc. Using asterisk and FreePBX

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    I need a script and or function that will trigger an external shell program be called, when any incoming calls come in. I then need the route to be handled as normal, regardless of the output of the externally called program. I need the external function to be passed the inbound DID, and the the caller id.

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    ...machines and the option for sending faxes also. Let me know your experience, and your recommend program and server setup. Project to start ASAP. Skills: Amazon Web Services, Asterisk PBX See more: vicidial, goautodial, amazon ec2 setup, amazon aws setup, setup web server amazon aws, setup goautodial, need install vicidial, install amazon ec2, vicidial

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    It shold be a mo...notify the guy when new parts have been arrived to the shelves that are needed for reparing of some device where he is in charge. Include build free sip-sip calls using asterisk technology to call a manager, support team and guy who is responsible for suppliing parts if the part does not exist on a shelve or it is not working.

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    Write some software Finalizado left

    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using Java. Configure Asterisk for video/audio conferencing over WebRTC and Mobile Apps. Our frontend include web app and mobile app will need to make video conference between patients and doctors.

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    Hi, I need VoIP Business training - What i basically need to learn is Centos and Asterisk and how it works I also require trainer to teach me mysql and How to create Database on DBFORGE to access server and makes entries. The trainer must be in uk Thanks

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    Copy an existing switchboard (on a dedicated server) and change only the Trunk

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    ...alternative to provide what I need below. I need solutions that make since and keep my PBX in place. Please don't recommend me changing to an entirely new system unless its Asterisk based and it can be done with a few changes. If you are a developer and can add to the system then that's a plus. Below is what I'm looking for: 1. EasyVPN or OpenVPN

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    We have several SNOM M25 and M65 Phones connected to a SNOM M700 Base. The Snom uses FreePBX Asterix 14.0.x (latest) as SIP-Gateway via PJSIP connected to SIP Gateway of German Telekom. All the Phones are properly connected and the Peers registered. Somehow, we can't manage to dial out or to be dialed in and we don't know why. Need an SIP Expert to deal with this and configure the system...

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    Fix issues on PBX Finalizado left

    After making changes and upgrades on system, some issues appeared, that must be fixed. To do this You must have a very good knowledge of Asterisk PBX with WebRTC ! This is nothing for [iniciar sesión para ver URL] must have time to get acquainted with the system before You start and be able to work a few hours during Eastern Standard Time on workdays. No Skype or similar

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    Hi Your skills on asterisk and chan_dongle have been advised on blogs. I’m looking for somebody to adapt chan_dongle to Quectel EC2x with voice over USB modem. The driver must compile on Atmel SAMA5D2x (cortex A5) processor If successful, many new features would be added to this driver. Let me know if you are interested Br Stephan

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    Make necessary modifications for chan_dongle to work with Voice over USB enabled Quectel EC20 modems If porting is successful, add features to chan_dongle, accessible from dialpal, cli and API

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    Добрый день, хотим стать виртуальным оператором связи, требуется человек который сможет создать SIP сервер, задачей которого будет: контролировать и обсчитывать звонки, создавать сип канал с определенными кодаками, и передать его оператору, который будет приземлять звонок в реальную сеть. Стоит вопрос в том, какое ПО использовать, и как это правильно организовать.

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    Hello, I already have a working and fully functional asterisk voip centos 5 server running GoAutoDial. I just need help connecting my [iniciar sesión para ver URL] Account to it. Thank you to all bidders in advance.

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    ...potential field (a) Plot the mesh of the vector field and the contours of the vector field as two separate figures. On each figure, plot the location of the bot as a red asterisk (*). Useful functions are contour(), mesh(), surf(), plot3, etc. (b) On the same figure as the contour plot, display the negative gradient (−dx,−dy) as quivers. If the

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    Hi, Looking for some one who can teach installation and customization of Asterisk freeswitch a2billing kamailio all in standalone server and connecting of writing application

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    ...(outbound calls to be disconnected after 1-9 second of rings) - we do not mind if you work with any existing platform or configure any other available software likes IVM, Asterisk etc to the task as long it can fullfil the following requirements: 1. We are looking forward to send massive amount of missed calls using hundreds and thousand of ports/concurrent

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    I need to configure Asterisk server in Ubuntu. Need to configure two ip phones in that server one may be virtual and other will be smartphone. Then they should call each other

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    Write some software Finalizado left

    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Linux . Hello I need to make a project in Ubuntu Actually I need to install Asterisk server in Ubuntu then need to configure it. After that I need to make a call from Virtual SIP phone to my physical phone I am ready to pay for it. [Removed by

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    I am l...gui maker, google scraper web sites, web based gui asterisk dialplan, net scraper web page, designing web based gui, screen scraper web crawler, freeswitch web interface gui, export parts site scraper web, screen scraper web page excel, scraper web access, web application gui, web ajax gui, asterisk multi tenant web based gui, web crawler gui

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    pbx chan_mobile Finalizado left

    i need install and configure asterisk by module chan_mobile and configuration a2billing billing

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    Hi, I need VoIP Business training - What i basically need to learn is Centos and Asterisk and how it works I also require trainer to teach me mysql and How to create Database on DBFORGE to access server and makes entries. Thanks

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    Hi need errors fixed within asterisk database connection errors and [2018-02-02 09:16:49] WARNING[13849][C-00000424]: file.c:1230 ast_writefile: Unable to open file /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/2018/02/02/[iniciar sesión para ver URL]: No such file or directory [2018-02-02 09:16:49] ERROR[13849][C-00000424]: app_mixmonitor.c:583 mixmonitor_save_prep: Cannot

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    Home Desk Portal Finalizado left

    Home desk will be a virtual call and contact ce...features. The following are the initial proposed menus. The design should be simple and modular so as to allow future integration with other software and solutions preferably through an API. It will be designed in HTML5. Asterisk, voip, video and document management knowledge will be highly required.

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    ...PBX Builder Features HOSTED PBX & CALL CENTERS Build your own PBX and call centers in your business office using our drag & drop Phone System Builder. HTTP & DATABASE INTEGRATION Integrate your system or database with RingRoost using HTTP. RingRoost makes it simple to pass and retrieve information from 3rd party systems. PBX & IVR PHONE SYSTEM BUILDER

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    Need Php based MIS to integrate with PBX software (Elastix)

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    Fix code on PBX Finalizado left

    System consists of FreePBX/Asterisk with WebRTC, Apache and MySQL Data Base. After upgrading and adding SSL/TLS, some bugs, that have to be fixed, showed up. Ex: No audio or one-way audio, call-transfers, etc. Also some issues that have not been tested yet. This project can be divided into sub-projects but it is not for beginners !

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    I need my Freebpx restore on my computer asap

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    Configure a VOIPSWITCH Finalizado left

    Looking for an expert in VOIPSWITCH and A2billing (1)I need someone to help m...someone to help me check my configuration of voipswitch, eg. dialplan, routing, voipbox etc. (2) I need expert in A2billing to resolve an issue probably through scripting for asterisk (internal) to transfer call to a2billing and for a2billing to dial a trunk (external)

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    execute query to sql, Parameters(numberdialed,accountcode,extentionnumber) query will return time in second, if balance is 0 play prompt(no credit available), if return > 60 allow call, if return >0 and <60 play prompt(1 minute talk time remaining)

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    Create a custom module for asterisk that will authenticate pin dialling per extension from mysql Database. Each extension can have multiple pin sets, and extensions can have different pin sets.

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    Hi, I'm looking for somebody that can install the software and make configurations. Please write in the proposal if you did that before and how long you have exp in make modifications on dialers softwares.

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    Asterisk PBX Project Finalizado left

    We have inherited a Server that runs Asterisk PBX on Cent OS 6. The PBX runs our Service Desk telephony system and has a simple route for General, Accounts and Service Desk lines. We use Digium phones with our PBX system. Currently we need someone who has knowledge on Cent OS and Asterisk PBX to help us make confrontational changes. We are looking

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    I want someone to integrate PipeDrive to my Asterisk Rest API,

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    Hi, I need VoIP Business training - What i basically need to learn is Centos and Asterisk and how it works I also require trainer to teach me mysql and How to create Database on DBFORGE to access server and makes entries. Thanks

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    ...want publicate a API for my platforms in Asterisk or FreeSwitch (I have both platforms) I think use a open or free api platform, to simplify the developers. Examples: [iniciar sesión para ver URL] [iniciar sesión para ver URL] [iniciar sesión para ver URL] This API will be use to make calls through Asterisk and FreeSwitch servers. The API will use

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    ...freepbx that would let us integrate it with zendesk so that it provides functions similar to: /apps/five9-for-zendesk/ /apps/asterisk-dtk-by-cdc/ [iniciar sesión para ver URL] The module should meet the following minimum criteria: - Be installable through the freepbx module admin -

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    i need create a asterisk for make call from cdma usb modem

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    ... Knowledge of WebRTC Gateway and not WebRTC web-client. Have developed SIP Servers applications (SBC or PBX) Good knowledge in WebRTC, Web Sockets, HTTP Knowledge of Asterisk server and Jitsi Media. Experience in product development and system engineering for WebRTC. Knowledge on JAVA will be good to have (Not mandatory). Min 1 year of experience

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    VOIP DEVELOPER Finalizado left

    ...should be able to be deployed as a Docker image. We envisage Asterisk to be used as the base system however this is not a hard requirement, if another PBX platform proves to be a better fit for the requirements then we are open to change. This document however will focus on Asterisk concepts and functionality, though these should be understandable

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    Настройка SIP-сервер на основе Asterisk. Подключение оборудование и настройка Sim Bank32 ,Goi4. Можем обсудить детали раборы Skype : ARMENIKUM BARBAROS Mail: Armenikum-3@[iniciar sesión para ver URL]

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    A very simple project. I just need someone to set up an Asterisk/FreePBX instance on a Virtual Server and configure 5 extensions on it that will work with generic SIP phones or the Voiper soft client.

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    ...will work on only wifi Internet connectivity, coz GSM internet data normally disable during any GSM call. All call will pass with G729 codec The registration server may be Asterisk or VOIP switch or any other server or customize server. This server will receive call from another VOIP switch server with SIP protocol. Certain number of registered Mobile

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    Hi. I need integrate zohoCRM with my FreePBX (has asterisk 14). In the ZohoCRM plugins, has a integration with asterisk 1.4. I think will me need change some itens for work in asterisk 14.

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    WebRTC with Asterisk Finalizado left

    To fix some bugs on an existing Asterisk system that uses WebRTC for remote agents to take calls with their browser. This is not for beginners or opportunists ! You must know the subject well. Please see details in attachment.

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    20 ofertas perform some validation on these numbers to confirm if they are still valid or not. We use FreePBX/Asterisk, is there a way to automate something that from the PHP system, an API call is made to a number, the return code from the API/Asterisk is checked to confirm if valid or not, the record in MySQL then updated to reflect the numbers validity

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    ...creating and supporting GSA SER campaigns and other SEO tasks necessary for ranking in Google. I want to work with a person with the ability to analyze and complete tasks without exact directions. Necessary skills: - Competent English - Strong SEO and link building background - Extensive experience with GSA SER and TIER link building - Keyword

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    I need someone to get OpenBTS & Asterisk or Elastix set up and modified for my brand. Build Apps and other things too. I also need someone who can create NXT and Ethereum Block Chains. We can negotiate a price when we speak. I am not a programmer but I know how it all works, so I need someone who speaks good English and can explain how everything works

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