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    ...experience in data collection and be proficient in conducting online research. - The project requires gathering a substantial number of email addresses from a sample of 4800 companies aprox. - Attention to detail and accuracy are crucial in this project to ensure the validity of the collected email addresses. - The freelancer should be able to efficiently navigate various online resources and databases to find the required information. The project will be divided into several milestones of about 1000 emails to be completed in less than a week. -The payment will be 0.015€/email found....

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    ...experience in data collection and be proficient in conducting online research. - The project requires gathering a substantial number of email addresses from a sample of 4800 companies aprox. - Attention to detail and accuracy are crucial in this project to ensure the validity of the collected email addresses. - The freelancer should be able to efficiently navigate various online resources and databases to find the required information. - The project timeline should be around ten days. -The payment will be 0.015€/email found....

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    ...experience in data collection and be proficient in conducting online research. - The project requires gathering a substantial number of email addresses from a sample of 7000 companies aprox. - Attention to detail and accuracy are crucial in this project to ensure the validity of the collected email addresses. - The freelancer should be able to efficiently navigate various online resources and databases to find the required information. - The project timeline should be around ten days. -The payment will be 0.015€/email...

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    I require some additional functionalities in a PHP proyect, Specifically, I need a field to write in a table and column created in my PostgreSQL database. The new field will capture and store names. Ke...capture and store names. Key Requirements are: 1. Field Type: - The new field should be a Text field. 2. Constraints: - The name field should not accept any special characters. 3. Formatting: - There are no specific formatting requirements for the name field. Ideal Skills and Experience: A successful freelancer will have experience with: - Database Management - PostgreSQL databases - Speaking and writing in Spanish Finally, considering the nature of this project, a keen attention to detail and the ability to adhere to project specification is a plus for ...

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    ...project will rely on a variety of technologies: Front-end: Frameworks such as React or Angular for an interactive and responsive user interface. Back-end: Technologies such as Node.js or Python to handle the application logic, database management, and API integration. Data Analysis and AI: Use of machine learning and data processing algorithms for content recommendations and market analysis. Databases: Systems like MySQL or MongoDB to store and manage user data and market data....

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    MySQL/MariaDB SQL TASK Finalizado left

    Write SQL statements (MySQL/MariaDB SQL) to: Create a relational database named ‘GourmetHub’ using MySQL/MariaDB SQL (write also the statement to use it). Create the following table: RESTAURANT (CODE, name, location) with the following restrictions: CODE is the primary key. It is an alphanumeric code designating each unique restaurant. The code can have 1 to 5 characters. NAME is an alphanumeric sequence, it is required, and it is unique. LOCATION is an alphanumeric sequence, indicating the address or area of the restaurant, and it is required. Create the following table: DISHES (CODE, name, type, price) with the following restrictions: CODE is the primary key. It is a four-character alphanumeric code designating each unique dish. NAME is an alphanumeric sequence, it is...

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    ...must be developed as an app for Android and IOS. Administrator functions must include accounting for each user in the network, commission scheme control, qualification scheme control, access to global information (users, lots, sales, appointments, points per user). There cannot be identical appointments where different sellers show the same lot at the same time. User conditionals with databases, databases to consider: Sellers, Lots, Administrators, Sales, Commissions, Clients, Invoices, Finances, Points. Sales database and seller relationship annotations: Each seller who has not made a sale in a month does not receive the network commission (generated by their affiliates), but retains their rank always. After a certain ____ time, the network and commissions are deactiv...

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    ...entrada de datos y la generación de informes. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Project description: ****** It is a project which requires that it be ready by Tuesday or Wednesday ****** I am looking for an independent professional with the ability to create databases using MySQL and developing a code in Java (NetBeans) to generate reports using some processes which I will indicate. Your task if you decide to accept it is to create the database with a theme which I will show you privately and after that, develop the code in Netbeans to generate reports using NetBeans, I have an unfinished project but which shows which processes are they...

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    Excel Expert Finalizado left

    I need an excel expert, I have databases and there are some emails that I have to delete. I want for example a formula to put 100 emails in a box, and I want to delete those emails from row n1 that maybe there are 20.000 emails. I can't go searching and deleting each one manually, thanks.

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    ...candidates for a Senior SQL Server Developer role. This role will be responsible for migrating the ERP data of a major client from Baan ERP to SAP, making use of SAP Advanced Data Migration and Management Tool (SAP ADMMT) to perform mappings and transformations (ETL). Selected candidates will have strong SQL Server, T-SQL and SSMS skills. The candidate should be highly proficient in working with large databases and have hands-on experience designing complex queries, stored procedures, views, functions, and performance tuning. Selected candidates will attend targeted SAP ADMMT training (if not qualified). Experience working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment. Education: - Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field or equivalent work experience. Minim...

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    Essay writer Finalizado left

    Necesito un ensayo formal escrito para mí. El ensayo debe tener aproximadamente alrededor de 1500 palabras.

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    Existe este proyecto: Lo que necesito es hacerlo operativo mediante una interfaz web.

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    Discuta las principales causas de la Guerra Civil. ¿Cuál fue el más importante? ¿Por qué?

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    XML to modify BBDD SQL Finalizado left

    We are looking for someone who is able to automate the update of SQL databases from XML links periodically. You have a database structure and some customers provide us with XML links with the export of their data with which we need to update ours

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    Creación Pagina Web Finalizado left

    Necesito vincular el dominio a wordpress para hacer el sitio web editable y poder añadir los plugins y themes que e comprado, el dominio y el hosting ya existen, en el hosting específicamente en el cpanel hay un par de problemas en el apartado de MySQL Databases. Solo necesitaría arreglar esos problemas y que me monten la pagina web con los Plugins y Themes que ya están comprados y asegurados. Dominio y Hosting ya están vinculados y creados.

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    essay writer Finalizado left

    Trabajo sobre La Ilustración on el Romanticismo. 3 páginas. 1. Van a centrarse en un aspecto/ una característica del Romanticismo o de la Ilustración, por ejemplo, la importancia de X en las letras románticas / de la Ilustración. (Puede ser algo reconocido por la crítica o que deseas estudiar más a fondo). Buscarán en internet información para citar sobre el tema que han elegido. Ya que esta cita va a definir la breve introducción que servirá para presentar sus trabajos. 3. Van a elegir un texto (o varios si son cortos) donde vemos la presencia de la característica elegida. Algunas cosas que deben considerar: a) ¿qué emoción suscita el texto elegido? b) ¿qué...

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    Desarrollo de diversas soluciones web front end con plataformas NOCODE como phprunner, se requiere conocimiento de javascript, mysql y modelado de base de datos relacionales. ______________________________________________________- Development of various front end web solutions with NOCODE platforms such as phprunner, knowledge of javascript, mysql and relational database modeling is required.

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    ...8675), which has all the game logic, both html5, javascript, css, php, etc., so that it can be played by several players simultaneously (multi player), online, by purchasing tickets or cartons. The system is required to have a user system (login, registration, password change), if possible using frameworks such as React and databases through Firebase. It would not be necessary to implement payment gateways, I already have someone to do it for me. All files and databases must be delivered without any type of restriction. Preferably I will select a Spanish-speaking programmer. I listen to recommendations and budgets....

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    ......queremos un símbolo original por favor. Si el diseñador lo considera podemos discutir el premio pero solo si cumple con los requisitos que pusimos anteriormente. __________________________________________ The logo name is IKIGAI and a symbol that is DIVIDED INTO 4 is required to REPRESENT these 4 areas of our model: 1) Person Centered Attention; 2) Home care; 3) Accommodation models; 4) Relational autonomy, well-being, quality of life and dignity. The main color is # 52965B for the others they can use: # 54B78D, # 87B76E, # 46A5A6 # 71BF94, # 4DB5B2, # 4983AF or some other that looks good with the main and the Typography: preferably that is San Serif, readable than makes sense with the brand, is easy to read, and blends well with other elements of the logo. 5...

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    ...the properties (type of property, price, construction meters, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, location, etc.) and contact information available for each ad (name of the advertiser, telephone, mail, etc.), as well as the images of the real estate properties associated with the advertisements. The information must be stored in a database (MongoDB, PostgreSQL or MySQL), so knowledge of databases is required. Important aspects to consider: a) the scrapper must be parameterizable, that is, it must allow searching by type of real estate / city / neighborhood, etc .; b) You must optionally enable the saving of images associated with each advertisement; c) it must integrate techniques that prevent the banning or blocking of the scrapper (real estate websites can contain more tha...

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    I require a professional who has experience in migration processes to Azure, separation of tenants and Application Development in Power Apps. - The company needs to be separate from its previous owner (tenant separation) - Create several applications in PowerApps to replace the previous systems - Create and configure databases in Azure. Thanks.

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    Hola Muhammad A., vi tu perfil y me gustaría ofrecerte mi proyecto. Podemos conversar por chat acerca de los detalles.

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    Necesito un profesor de ingles que me escriba un academic essay de 750 palabras.

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    En base a la aplicación desarrollada en el Diccionario de Slang Panameño, se debe sustituir el uso de SQLite por el uso de MariaDB a través de la técnica de Object-Relational Mapping (ORM). Adjunto se encontrará el codigo fuente en SQlite

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    €9 - €9
    0 ofertas nuestra plataforma de ERP. La contratación y pago será por tarea finalizada mediante la plataforma de freelancer con hitos. Requisitos mínimos Back-end: Más de 2 años de experiencia en desarrollo en .Net Core Mínimo 5 años de experiencia con C# Bases de datos SQL Server Amplios conocimientos de Visual Studio Servicios web, webApi, swagger Entity Framework Experiencia en Azure (AppServices, Databases, pipelines, etc) Conocimientos de bases de datos realtime con Firebase Experiencia con Redis Cache Experiencia con Services Bus (colas) Experiencia con procesos de carga alta de datos. Dockers Requisitos minimos Front-end: Amplios conocimientos en tecnologías frontEnd (Html5, css) Más de 5 años de experiencia ...

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    ...mensaje que dice "Ocurrió un error al establecer conexión con la base de datos" y después se arreglan solas o vuelven a estar online, por lo general pasa cuando una de estas páginas tiene una gran cantidad de visitas Hablamos con el hosting y nos dijeron lo siguiente: "I'm seeing that you have a lot of tables that are corrupted which would cause the site not to be able to connect to the database. Databases can become corrupt if you send too many queries to the mysql server overlaading it or sending conflicting queries to the same table or the php script not closing the connection to the database properly, which would all be coding issues with the sites. I would suggest that you reach out to a web developer for help with fixing the ...

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    Destacado Sellado Acuerdo de Confidencialidad

    Se` requiere la creación de un software de facturación el cual pueda ser capaz de interactuar de manera amigable con el sistema Zohobooks que actualmente posee la compañía, este sistema posee un área de facturación independ...utilizar será́ PHP. El software será desarrollado dentro de Laravel el cual contara con una arquitectura MVC (Model-View-Controller) esta nos permite separar nuestra aplicación en tres capas: modelos (encargada de gestionar los datos), controlador (el encargado de toda la lógica y procesamiento de del software) y vista (el front-end del software). Laravel trabajara con su propio ORM (Object Relational Mapping) llamado Eloquent convirtiendo las bases de datos en objetos logrando con esto agil...

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    Utilizar la OCR o tecnologia similar para extraer información de imagenes como el ejemplo adjunto, Exportarla a bases de datos php my admin. Use OCR or similar technology to extract information from images as the attached example, Export it to php my admin databases.

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    ...módulo de inventarios 1.6 cargar la información corregida del sistema anterior 1.7 hacer pruebas previo a la entrega para detectar problemas install odoo v 12 comunity and pass data from v 9 on google cloud cloud configuring the sales modules email addresses define typical profiles to copy by module sales, purchasing, operations, administration, system administrator. to provide in excel the databases to clean them and to load them again to the version 12 configuration of formats (sales quotation, invoice, checks), email for each user, synchronize them with Google accounts. Adjust all parameters for Guatemala (fiscal, commercial and legal) steps required for this project: 1 Odoo Project 1.1 revision of current system to fix security problem 1.2 extract informati...

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    Hola, Estoy en la búsqueda de un programador con experiencia en diferentes lenguajes de programación / tecnologías para trabajar en diversos tipos de proyectos que tengo actualmente: - PHP: Laravel, CakePHP, CodeIgniter - .NET: C#, ASP.NET, .NET Core - Python: Django, Flask - Mobile: Xamarin, ReactNative - Cloud: Azure, AWS, Google Compute Engine - Databases: MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle - Data formats: CSV, XML, JSON, EDI, etc. - VCS: Git Github/Bitbucket No necesito a alguien que domine todas estas tecnologías pero mientras mas conocimientos abarque, mucho mejor. Incluir la palabra *diverse* cuando hagan su bid para saber que leyeron el contenido. Lo que sí es importante es entender español e inglés. Saludos!

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    Create Essay Finalizado left

    You have to read and analyze all the readings, choose and perform a 3-page essay. Also compare the chosen reading with others.

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    ...webpage with a large algorithm is very expensive so I will also do my work and will study the markets of the appliances and I will upload to the website all the information that I collect from physical stores and online stores. but I also want to remind that the website needs to perform the online search in other web pages. The web page can be used to have a very large capacity to store many databases and I have a lot of information so the user can enter easily and search with basic filters such as a 50-inch TV, Full HD and also have advanced filters and in the end the result will be able to see the TV's in average of prices that there is in the market. My proposal is to do it with wordpress, woocomerce, magento, drupal, joomla, etc., as you prefer to be easy. Easy for the m...

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    Impactos del turismo náutico sobre el mediterraneo y sus ecosistemas. Situación actual y como mejorarla.

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    We need a complete software and internet page with ecomerce to run the bussines. We have all databases with the parts and prices.

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    Essay Writing Finalizado left

    Estoy dispuesto a traducir ingles,español y francés un documento con un maximo de 20 paginas en un promedio de 4 dias ademas de redactarlo y corregirlo si es necesario./I am willing to translate a English,French or Spainsh any document with a maximum of 20 pages in addition to writing and correcting if necessary./Je suis prêt à traduire en anglais, en espagnol et en français un document avec un maximum de 20 pages en moyenne 4 jours, en plus de l'écrire et la corriger si nécessaire.

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    ...Payulatam (pluggin ya existente). 7. Verificar que todo esté en correcto funcionamiento. English: Perform work in ( OpenCart ) . 1. Migrate complete website to new server. It is currently in version 2.0.1 OpenCart 2. Open Update cart to the latest version available . 3. Check speed , which is very fast, if not faster optimize necessary. * Can be optimized reading tables databases . * Can be recommended by Google Speed ​​and other optimization. Note: The fact is that the website should be very fast. 4. Implement new colors and buttons to whole page (Deputy designs example). 5. Install pluggin ask when the customer is paying : in that range of time and day you want to receive your product. 6. Complete integration with Payulatam ( pluggin existing ) . 7. V...

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    ...North America and company is looking to hire a talented Intermediate PHP/JS Developer. Work hours are flexible. Projects are interesting and challenging.<br /> <br />Skills required:<br />Good English reading and writing skills. Ideally good verbal English backend programming skills: <br />PHP, experience with PHP frameworks (e.g., Symfony, Yii, Laravel, Zend).<br />SQL Databases (including MySQL).<br />Familiarity with unit-tests and TDD (test driven development).<br />Good skills with Linux. Windows Server is a programming skills:<br />HTML5, CSS<br />JavaScript, including Javascript frameworks (e.g., AngularJS, Backbone.js, knockoutjs, node.js).<br />Dedication and discipline to work remotely fr...

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    Spanish essay Mio Cid Finalizado left

    los valores del Cid como héroe épico

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    Quiero unificar 3 bases de datos. Total unos 50.000 lineas en 3 archivos. Quiero unificar los 3 archivos en uno eliminando duplicados. Se parte de una base inicial de 25.000 completa y revisada. Hay que añadir a esa base el resto de registros, eliminando duplicados y asignándoles una categoría en función de su nombre. ------------------------------- I need to unify 3 data bases in one. Total 50.000 lines in 3 files. I want to put 3 files in one deleting duplicates. The start point is a database with 25.000 lines reviewed. You have to add the other 2 files deleting duplicates and giving to the new lines added a category based on the name according to initial data results.

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    PHP/JS Developer Finalizado left

    ...a full-time position.<br /> <br /> <br />Please send your CV in English only.<br /> <br />•           Good reading, writing and spoken English skills.<br />•           2+ years of software development experience.<br />•           Good programming skills in PHP and some experience with PHP frameworks<br />             (like Symfony, Yii, Laravel, Zend, etc.).<br />•           Experience in SQL Databases (including MySQL).<br />&bull...

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    Destacado Urgente Acuerdo de Confidencialidad
    escritura articulo Finalizado left

    necesito un essay de 1200 palabras para dentro de 5 dias con el tema de (pros y contras del fracking)

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    Gender Socialization essay APA Format

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    ...vez que se abre el app, la misma puede recordar los datos de acceso (usuario y contraseña), pero no puede ingresar automáticamente, es decir, debería solicitar los datos de acceso una única vez. Se ofrece una buena cantidad de dinero para desarrollar las mejoras en este app. ES URGENTE We need to improve an existing app , only for Android. Requirements: Knowledge in Java, Android, and databases . The current operation thereof is as follows: When you open the app , ask for username and password. Once you register the camera inside the Android device. Works to scan the faces of the people and return only statistics, which are stored in a database , this data can be viewed from a website. The problem : When a different app (any) opens , the c...

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    Arquitecto Big Data Finalizado left

    ...Arquitecto Big Data para participar en proyectos de innovación e I+D. Requisitos Mínimos: Más de 8 años de experiencia en IT Más de 8 años en análisis, diseño y desarrollo de software. Experiencia en diferentes ámbitos de IT: Desarrollo de Software, Arquitectura software, Rendimiento, Testing ... Conocimientos en una varias de las siguientes áreas: Real Time processing Integración de Datos NoSQL Databases Datamining Conocimientos de al menos dos de las siguientes tecnologías: Hadoop Apache Spark Apache Storm Java Python Social Networks APIs Mongo DB Cassandra Estudios mínimos: Ingeniero Técnico Requisitos Deseados: Inglés alto ( para los proyectos que se desarrollen a nivel eu...

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    as discussed as discussed as discussed

    €2 - €7 / hr
    €2 - €7 / hr
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    Desarrollador .NET Finalizado left

    Buscamos 2 programadores web .NET para cliente del sector sanitario. Requisitos: Experiencia con Visual Studio (C#), preferible 2013. SQL Server versión 2012 y/o posteriores. Conocimiento de Object-Relational mapping, (ORM). Se valorará: Experiencia en Herramienta DvExpress. Haber participado en proyectos WEB. Conocimientos de TFS. Desarrollos en Microsoft Azure. Ofrecemos: La ubicación del puesto es en Madrid capital. Duración del proyecto: 2-3 meses. Programador, Analista-Programador, C#, .NET, IDE (Entorno de Desarrollo Integrado), Visual Studio, SQL Server-

    0 ofertas