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    Redacto la solución a problemas típicos de la clase Sistemas de Control, del currículo en Ingeniería Eléctrica, Electrónica, Mecánica, Mecatrónica, Robótica, Matemática Aplicada, Física Aplicada. La entrega de la respuesta incluye una video-conferencia de una hora o más dependiendo de la cantidad contratad...

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    Desarrollar un sistema de control en MATLAB y Simulink para el control de velocidad de un motor de combustión interna.

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    Se requiere progamador de interfaces en matlab que sea capaz de representar graficamente las los datos recibidos mediante un puerto serial (ya s...puerto serial (ya se cuenta con script para la aquisicion de datos). los datos recibidos corresponden a 15 sensores inerciales. se desea conocimientlo de GUI de matlab, simulink, y simmechanics(opcional).

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    Creación de bloque empleando simulink, simmechanics, código, que permita variar datos que por ahora son constantes...

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    Dentro de la ingeniería de control, tengo dudas puntuales a la hora de trabajar con matlab. Para empezar necesitaría linealizar un sistema no lineal. Mi idea es trabajar en remoto, con el teamviewer podrías acceder a mi compu, y así explicarme los pasos a seguir

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    Control system IMPLEMENTATION using [iniciar sesión para ver URL], SIMULINK. (PID, IOPID, FOPID) . THE CODE NEED ONLY FIXING.

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    I need a coding for the Task scheduling between cloud and fog(local cloud) computing in java or matlab using cloudsim, ifogsim,fogtorch,simulink simulators

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    There is a pod running in a long both end closed tube. I need a calculation of energy consumed depending on its velocity. The beh...depending on its velocity. The behaviors of the fluid transferred or by passed to be identified. Fluid dynamics study. Visualization is necessary. Proposed simulation platform is Simulink. Alternatives will be considered.

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    Using Ros as a communication tool and implementing the control system in Simulink. I would like to hear your opinion about the controller tuning. Then your task would be the Simulink part and writing a short step by step description about the work.

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    Model bi-directional converter with battery to control dc bus voltage or current of stand alone system ( pv with boost converter , battery with bi directional converter and loads) , the controller must use double loop pi controller ( inner and outer controllers , using simulink

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    I need to improve simulation for a quadrotor. I have already Simulink model based on PID and LQR controller. Now I need to improve it by applying Feedback Linearization method. If you are good at control system, feel free to bid.

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    Simulation of direct sequence CDMA using simulink transmitter and reciver and taking into account the MAI (multiple access interference) meaning what will happen if we increase number of users what effects would it have on MAI

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    Can you design a simulink model for cascaded H-bridge 9 level PWM inverter for me. I will bear the cost for it. This is an urgent matter. So please respond asap.

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    4 servo motors will be attached to a robotic arm and will be connected to Matlab via Arduino mega 2560.

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    ...-make this as a training model. now in future if similar noise comes from testing data it should ,match and classify it into a fault. Data consist of various wheel speed signals from various tires,different fault levels have different abnormalities. The idea is to make an online process which acquires data from canoe into simulink,then apply machine learning

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    Anyone who is good in python and cloud computing can do this project. the code should be written clean and understanding.

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    I am looking for someone who has worked on Robotics in Matlab. I want a robotic simulation using matlab and simulink.

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    Design a power system simulink model for an electric aircraft

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    Control Expert Needed Finalizado left

    I need Matlab/Simulink for quadrotor. More details will be provided via chat.

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    simulink research programming in the field of power systems and power electronics

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    I need a matlab simulink modeler for electrical ( diesel engine generator, CHP) and thermal ( cooling and heating, storage tanks, thermal loads) models for my project

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    Optimize PID controller with PSO algorithm, matlab+ simulink simulation

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    Simulink model for Power system in all electric aircraft

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    For modeling the wind turbine, I need to do Mppt. The Fuzzy Logic control method will be used for this work and will be adjusted so that the output voltage remains constant at variable wind speeds. A permanent magnet synchronous machine was used in the wind turbine design and variable voltages were applied to the adjustable power supply to the dc motor

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    I am looking for someone who can work on some research work using Matlab and simulink on Wind energy. Aims and objectives: 1) Research on different wake models (Prefer Jensen or Park Model) 2) Modelling of single wake model (Model using one turbine calculating the energy and power output with relevant graphs) 3) Modelling of a wind farm, comparing

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    Matlab HELP needed Finalizado left

    knowledge about Genetic algorithm, simulink model, plot of ocv vs soc graph and simple problem questions

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    Power_electronics_01 Finalizado left

    Some idea on my need Using MATLAB-Simulink, design and simulate circuits ‘AC to DC Converters’. For each circuit plot

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    Design a simulink model to control a 4 DOF robotic arm using Kinect camera

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    ...connecting the railways to the grid is that it causes the grid to be unbalanced. This is because the grid is 3phase and the load is a single phase system. I have a design in Simulink using a DQ negative sequence compensator to balance the grid current and voltage but I do not completely understand how it works. Also to reduce the pressure on the grid

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    Develop control theory for the theoretical model of a drone

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    i want to build a network for building or small apartment by using simulink in matlab using wsn i want the code and explain how can i do it with simulink

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    Project for Ahmed S. Finalizado left

    Hi Ahmed S., i have seen your youtube video about the CCCV charging in simulink. I want to modify the charger so i can charge a 7.4V 1500mAh Lithioum ion battery pack (2s 18650). the charger that i am using has an output of 5V/1A Can you please help me with this ? i can pay you.

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    I need some one who can create a simulink model. In my MATLAB file I have an order how to connect blocks ( ex. node 1 to connect with node 3 and node 3 to node 4 etc..) I need to connect the blocks . I need someone who can work with the below functions. new_system open_system close_system, bdclose save_system find_system add_block delete_block replace_block

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    Matlab Small Project Finalizado left

    I need you to work on small matlab based project for me. I would like this to be developed for matlab along with simulink and apply only if you are good with matlab projects

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    Advanced Control Scheme for an IPM Synchronous Generator-Based Gearless Variable Speed Wind Turbine

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    I need you to write a research article on solid state transformers and their advantages over the conventional distribution transformer. Its around ...research article on solid state transformers and their advantages over the conventional distribution transformer. Its around 50 pages excluding references, and i need a matlab/simulink model of the sst.

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    MATLAB Expert Required Finalizado left

    We need MATLAB expert for small and industrial task. MATLAB Simulink

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    Simple work simulink Finalizado left

    Simple simulink work need to be done in 3 hours

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    ...lead acid batteries in series. I would like to model these batteries with state of health SOH in matlab/simulink. SOH could include any of these Internal resistance/impedance/conductance Capacity Voltage Self-discharge Ability to accept charge Number of charge/discharge cycles Would prefer to model state of health with reference to internal impedance

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    I have some projects on Power system and Control system. I want to some modification in these projects. It will be better if person will be from India and know hindi language. My project are based on matlab for Power and Control system. If person will be from [iniciar sesión para ver URL] background then will also good.

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    An Optimal Energy Management System for Battery Electric Vehicles

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    Advanced Control Scheme for an IPM Synchronous Generator-Based Gearless Variable Speed Wind Turbine

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    I need to control Omron PLC system that communicates with C# application via ethernet cable. However, the control algorithm is in SIMULINK that can run in real-time through SIMULINK desktop real-time... I need an interface between the C# app and SIMULINK that can allow the control to run in real-time under external mode.

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    I have a code that simulate an adaptive controller for discrete time plants ,, This code must be converted to simulink in order to add the zero order hold block to make the controller able to work for continuous time plants ..

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    we have to apply control algorithms for UPQC and create a matlab simulink model for that. An UPQC has 2 parts series part and shunt part. we have to apply UVTG algorithm for series part. we have to apply PBT algorithm and P-Q algorithm for shunt part.

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    SIMULINK simulation for BLDC sensorless control using BEMF method

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    Simulink model troubleshooting

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    I am trying to implement a simplified dynamics model of a Quadcopter in MATLAB/Simulink. I want a PID and LQR, and an additional controller (H inf, or Static/Dynamic Feedback Linearization) to assess how the model will perform for a certain trajectory generated. Project Topic: Quadcopter Modelling and Controller Design The main point to stress out

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    ...long term contract engineering support. Development includes CAN bus networking architecture, creating gateway interfacing tools, debug and modeling CAN nodes using Matlab/Simulink. We are interested in someone who can work closely with us in our office/environment which is located in the South Bay area of Los Angeles California. Please submit your

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    Use the MATLAB/SIMULINK or other software or programming language to develop a model PV 5 parameters in order to study the response of output current I as to the incident solar radiation, G, and the Panel temperature, t . Run simulations for G=600 .... 1400 W/m2 (with step 100W/m2) και Τ=0 ... 50 οC (with step 10οC) (Indicative parameter values...

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