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    Project Cost Tracking Finalizado left create a web front end with a MS SQL Server back end. It will be a standard data entry and reporting system allowing mutliple disciplines to enter, track, and report on project costs for store builds. I expect it will be 2 to 4 man months of work. Developer will need to be strong in ASP.Net and very strong in data schema design.

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    6 ofertas full scale development with generous budget. The goal is to a create a browser-based intranet app that does not tie up GUI during backend DB update. And the GUI will need to response to changes in the DB without constantly polling data across network. This project should demostrate how various technology work together to achive the above

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    Teach .NET Finalizado left

    Help me in .NET programming I have worked with vb and asp extensively. I am able to write small projects in, but the problem is that I am working on a big project all by myself and would like some guidance in architecture, use of common code, reuse of code etc. Only experienced in .NET developers need apply. .NET MCSD preferred. Need on going

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    Looking for someone to build a site similar to this in function, [iniciar sesión para ver URL] but that looks more Like this: [iniciar sesión para ver URL] We need the ability for users to create a membership account. using their e-mail address as their username & using a password of their choice. When someone registers an account The registration system should send

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    shortest path Finalizado left

    this project will involve the implementation of the dijkstra's algorithm and require the coder to design a tool that will display the shortest path problem. this should be shown on on graphical user interface using the java language and can be run using the basic emacs or other java platforms. i would like for the user to plot a first source node

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    Need low cost website Finalizado left

    All, We need a professional website for a small company, we need a logo for "Retrolutions Retail Software Design" and a rich content design that is easy to read with a template that we can add a new software package to by updating the links on the main page. We are not asking for a ASP site with database backend just a simple HTML site with an

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    ...are: [iniciar sesión para ver URL] design and coding of a macro to fetch and use data from a set of mail merge variables that are generated by third party applications. 2. The design and coding of a function to control and view the output of a scanner. Including the sourcing and integration of a basic component to drive the scanner (Scan) from Word to create a ...

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    ASP PDF WebSite Finalizado left

    ...usernames and pswd) (b) Create a new doc, htm, html, rtf or text. (c) Option to save doc type to access database. (d) Option to create pdf file and/or store in access database. (e) Option to upload a doc,htm, html, rtf and review. Note: (e) - must use aspSmartUpload or self-written code (coder's preference). (f) Design of webpage - color - presentation

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    **Project Description (Online Bookstore):** In this assignment, you are participating a project that ultimately will build an online bookstore. You're assigned to design and implement a portable database as the backbone for the online store. After several rounds of discussion, you decided to use XML as the standard for storing data. Since this database

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    Hello. I am requesting a proposal for a small business website that works as a news service. The coder should design and develop a website that shall have the following features: Inteface: - a interactive index page with Flash menues (layout, options, logo to be discussed later. Open to your proposals). Functionality: - the uploaded news

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    osCommerce site design Finalizado left

    ...who will be able to create a design for this site. I will need a full implementation, not only graphic files. If new design requires code changing, coder should comment them carefully. To make the development easier you can use <[iniciar sesión para ver URL],1524> this will allow you to create a new design for the site without

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    7 ofertas We will include icons and design the final look and feel of the program. The product must be in Visual Basic 6. We want to buy already developed programs because we don't have time to wait for a developer to create a new one. Please, provide us with a demo of your project. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional

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    ...following series of tasks:** 1. Provide for the definition, design, creation and cataloguing of multiple html forms for posting on the internet to accomplish various business applications. (An example of a message received from such a form is attached) 2. Provide for the definition, design and creation of a series of auto-response messages using the

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    Illustration and design services. Create a fairly simple wall poster using supplied photos and images. The project consists of integrating in a creative fashion 6 to 10 image photos and approximately 122 words. The poster will cater to the Hispanic population; an artistic, clean and simple approach is desired. Deadline is 3 days after the project initiation

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    Our service oriented company is in need of a website built in php that will accomplish the following tasks: Frontend: 1. Design a uniform look as a template in the backend for easy modification. 2. Create customer estimate modules for both residential and commercial interior/exterior painting and pressure washing with the ability to adjust

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    Website Design Finalizado left

    ...had assigned this project to a designer from here. But he doesn't reply me back to finish the project. The project was doin flash header like [iniciar sesión para ver URL] and [iniciar sesión para ver URL] for my client website He did part of the project but the flash file is protected so you have to create a new f...

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    Control Center Finalizado left

    I want to create a control interface to a database that will dynamically create pages containing links. Users, application links and application variables are stored in the database and are driven through to allow logged-in users access to selected applications. I want to be able to: - Add application paths and store application variables for

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    Auction Website Finalizado left

    ...exist in one place in the Buyer's environment--Deliverables must be installed by the Seller in ready-to-run condition in the Buyer's environment. b) For all others including desktop software or software the buyer intends to distribute: A software installation package that will install the software in ready-to-run condition on the platform(s) specified

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    This project is to create a web site, using web pages that is an auction site and can have users that can log in. The project is described in detail in the attached document. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run

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    Web site development. Create a web site with approximately 10 pages. The text and photo images will be supplied. The contractor will be required to meet each of the following milestones. 1. Develop 3 home page design concepts to present for consideration 2. Make edits to the selected concept based on client feedback and create a sub-page template 3

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    Web site development. Create a web site with approximately 12 pages. The text and photo images will be supplied. The contractor will be required to meet each of the following milestones. 1. Develop 3 home page design concepts to present for consideration 2. Make edits to the selected concept based on client feedback and create a sub-page template 3

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    We are an online computer security training company that is looking for a web development group to create a highly interactive MySQL/PHP website for us. We have attached a .zip file, which includes information about our business concept, web site application descriptions, site statistics reporting document, and the proposed web site layout. The web

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    Please make a bid on the following Adult Retail project 1. Web Template Design (using Oscommerce) (based on colours design features of [iniciar sesión para ver URL] ) 2. Logo Design 4. Integrate shopping cart to my online payment solutions provider. ([iniciar sesión para ver URL]) 5. Develop a warning page 6. Create 8 banners. Banners are to be web ...

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    POS application Finalizado left

    ...Management (CRSM) Application. Our goal is to create a product that we will market as a "3-party" application. An important element to this project is the ability of the coder to hand-off the product and code to our staff. Added 3/23/04: 1. In the CRSM one must do the following for a sale: - Create a Service Order - Place inventory items on

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    This project is to design a site that has all of the function of [iniciar sesión para ver URL] Go to this site, sign up, don't worry it is free, and have a look at the functionality of this site, the way the pages work and so on, we want it backended by an access 2000 db, text based with a top banner like the example site. This bid is open

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    santana Finalizado left

    UML Design Start the design process by drawing class icons and class diagrams. Notice that the design process is iterative meaning that you might need to add to, modify or even delete some classes and/or class members while the design is in progress. OO Programming Create a JBuilder 8 project to hold your Java classes that correspond to the UML class

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    site redesign Finalizado left

    ...include: -insert controls(buttons, links, etc) -modify html forms -create new scripts -modify existing web design template -format data -artistic improvements -so far site focus has been functionality -would like to change look and feel -require that the design be updated to a newer, slicker version of itself -would like to see some

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    Web Calendar Project Finalizado left

    You need to create a complete and functional web-based calendar application for tracking personal/business tasks and events. What I'm looking for is a replica of what [iniciar sesión para ver URL] offers. I love their look and feel for the calendar. Yahoo Calendar is also a good reference. The website should allow new users to sign up with a username and

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    The initial problem is to create a ‘Stock Market' game on the web based on actual prices of shares on the stock market, involving the use of Web server, java applets, a database, WAP and WML. The aim of the project is to design, make, test and host a game where users can log on at any time using a username and password to see their information and to

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    Membership site Finalizado left

    I want to create a site that is consist of the following: - Storing membership data that is not linked or even related to any payment method. Only free registering. - When a member register, his registeration will be suspended until the admin click on "Active" button in his panel. This is the general idea. The backbone of this project is the following:

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    Java Design Project Finalizado left

    In this project you're expected to develop a Java program that performs feature recognition from solid modeling objects as used in concurrent design evaluation. These objects consist of features such as ribs, slots, and a base. The program must: 1. Read in data from a file that represents the surfaces of an object. The data file will contain the

    €26 - €264
    €26 - €264
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    ACCess SQL H/W Finalizado left

    I need a project completed using the access file created. This has to be one using Access 2000 SQL. I have already created the tables and the necessary records. I just need you to complete each weeks deliverable separtly and email all the files separtly. As far as the screen shots, just include a text file of the data of the design view of each

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    Easy VB Module Finalizado left

    ...options in our program is to select a line length between 20 and 80 characters. We would then pass the text of the RTF and the user specified line length to the module you create. The module must return the reformatted string, with the original layout intact (it must leave blank lines in place and preserve paragraphs). When the reformatted text

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    Create a Web Site to Teach Web Design . The project has two stages: a. Asg 4a. Presentation. This is a required prerequisite to Asg 4b, and is: Prepare an online presentation. It must show the main page of the final site. All links to sections should work and lead at least to a statement of the learning goal, i.e. it is a "working prototype". One menu

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    We are looking for a developer to create a new desktop application that will provide analytical tools to assist in the pricing of a product or service. Users will enter a small amount of data covering competitors, potential price points, expected customer reactions to potential prices, and costs. The application will analyze the input data to determine

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    ...application for both desktop and server-side script. The desktop app needs to sync field data with a server-side script that will be virtually identical to the desktop version. The Desktop must have a GUI interface such as a Control Panel and this panel must be easy for the user. I prefer the Control Panel have some nice graphics design included and have

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    We need the following. An Application developed preferably in VB that allows our client to manage inventory. The purpose of the project is to allow the client to create custom private label catalogs for sales reps. The client needs to add, edit delete inventory from about 40 manufacturers. The ability to upload images and print out catalogs based on

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    Box Designer Needed Finalizado left

    I am looking for someone who can design and create software box images for me. I need someone who is looking for continous work as I have several boxes to be designed for a flat rate per box. Note: I need the boxes to look professional like the ones on the web site Look at the KidControl, SpyMail and others and see how creative

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    Desktop Alert Finalizado left

    ...computers via animated desktop character(s). Web Users will download the receiving application (desktop character) which should take no longer than 2 minutes to download on a 56k connection. We will then send messages via an online interface which will transmit the message to all or specified users. On receipt of the transmission, the “desktop application??

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