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    ...attached file (list .jpg). The manual that indicates the codes for these heavy equipment is attached () We need the program to translate all the codes that the crane shows through j1939, I will attach a file showing a reading of several minutes You can write to me and I sent you a video of exactly what we want to achieve and a video of the current connection and the materials we have for this project ( ) Is this the currnt conexion ht tps: //youtu. be/ukBIB QUGr18 Is this what we want htt ps: / / /shorts/ S18N0S0snEY ?feature=share Is this a device conecc to raspbrry py and craner htt ps://ww /B07P9JGXXB?ref =ppx_yo2ov_dt_ b_product_details&th=1 note: things that I will not do for any reason, - do not ask me to pay you in

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    ...metaverse gaming league, y tambien proyectos para marcas de ropa. Te dejamos una descripción aproximada de la posición: What you should have... - 3-5 years of experience with Roblox/Lua/Content Development. - Demonstrable 3D Gameplay programming knowledge, including vector mathematics, AI, animation, camera control, input mechanisms, etc. - Experience working with game assets (meshes, animations, materials, etc) - Experience profiling and optimizing the game and render performance (CPU and memory) - Experienced with a scripting language like Lua. What you'll be doing... - Work closely with product Managers, game and sound designers to ensure that the product embodies the shared vision - Write and maintain automated tests - Use the Roblox game engine to bui...

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    I have clients who want to display artwork with 3D elements on their digital screens and I'm looking for freelance designers who can work on this artwork. Currently, the design team that we have does not have 3D capabilities and has produced very poor quality materials and little graphic criteria. I attach the graphic line of the client and the 3D that my team made (which is not even close to what we need)

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    ...can proceed with his purchase. Payment can be made either via Paypal or via Stripe. The screen should show: - an UPLOAD button, to upload the model - the previously explained options that can be configured by the user, - a 3D visualization of the model you have uploaded - a button to add to cart - an option to proceed with the purchase - an information window, in which the different materials and information about the options to be configured will be explained In addition, the calculator must be able to give recommendations to the user in the case of certain configurations, which will be opened to him when configuring them (for example: if he selects an unsuitable material in particular for a large part, explain to him that it is better to select another) As an e...

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    ...progressively, it must consider the exterior design and the already existing furniture to put together such harmony. Also, I need to find a balance between the needs and tastes of my partner, my son and myself to make the house a welcoming place for everyone. The implementation budget is not very high, so while the design must be good, elegant and complete, care must be taken not to provide materials or furniture that are too expensive....

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    Necesito un diseñador que me ayude a mejorar unos "investment materials". En particular, una presentación. Aun esta WIP, pero estimo que tendra unas 20 paginas mas o menos. El diseñador tiene que tener experiencia en trabajos previos, y ha de poder mostrarlos para evaluar la calidad de su trabajo.

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    Proyecto enfocado a crear una plataforma web para una constructora, donde se tenga el seguimiento de sus requisiciones, cotizaciones, compras y pagos de materiales y servicios para sus obras. Importante disponibilidad de tiempo Project focused on creating a web platform for a construction company, where its requisitions, quotes, purchases and payments of materials and services for its works are monitored. Important time availability

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    Hola ! Tengo un proyecto modelado , con materiales y a...y amoblado en Lumion 11. Lo que necesito es la visualización final con lumion y Photoshop . El render deberá ir en foto montaje con una imagen de la ciudad atrás. Busco una buena imagen realista ! Para inmobiliaria. Son 2 imágenes . Una de día y otra de noche Colocare ejemplos de lo que busco. Hi! I am looking for an Architecture visualization . I already have the model in LUMION 11, with materials and furnitures . I just need the final render from lumion and the after production in photoshop. There is 2 pictures I need: Daylig picture and Evening picture. Both pictures are PHOMONTAGE, with a picture of the city in the background that I will provide you. The project is for a real state p...

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    Diseño de Pagina Web Finalizado left

    Desarrollar pagina web en wordpress utilizando esta plantilla: Crear los siguientes Menus 1. Inicio (Incluye un apartado de recomendación de clientes) 2. Nosotros 3. Servicios ● Pintura ● Pisos ● Cocinas ● Renovación de Baños ● Fencing decking railings roof 4. Proyectos 5. Contacto

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    ...laser sensor and sending data through MQTT and an API. What we have already available, you do not need to worry about: +Code written under the Arduino IDE. +The device has the following hardware bill of materials: -Custom PCB -ESP-12E/F -Sensor VL53L0X I2C -LED Green Color connected to GPIO 14 -Push Button connected to GPIO 0 *It is used to get Arduino into programming mode if pressed when device is starting *It is used as general purpose push button after Arduino has been initialized +The device has the following software bill of materials in the form of libraries: -WiFi Manager -Adafruit VL53L0X -FireBase ESP8266 -PubSub Client +A Gitlab repository where the latest version of code is hosted What ...

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    ...the commercialization of pizza and cookies at low cost, below I express the identity of the brand: About us? We are a prototype of a fast-food chain store specialized in pizza and cookies per portion/family with American style, which focuses on offering our guests a specific variety of products at a cheap price and short delivery times (5 min) What is our value/concept? Beyond being an alternative to current trends and basic needs that our products satisfy, we are a prototype of a store which promotes an urban lifestyle, thereby causing rap and electronic music to be a cultural identification with our customers. Purpose Our main purpose is to meet the need for hunger through a fast-food strategy in 5 minutes accompanied by an environment focused on culture and urban a...

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    The project is a two-sided and decentralized marketplace that facilitates a real-time Bid-Ask, creating an encrypted and unique identity for each product and transaction. This identity is then assigned to the new owner, tokenized, and stored on the blockchain. It is an alternative to traditional overly diversified e-commerce platform, specialized in dead-stock marketplace and web-based consignment stores for selling luxury items. What i need: - Two-sided and decentralized marketplace, designed with a mix as a normal marketplace and a trading webpage - Bid-ask system, this facilitates a real time transaction allowing users to Buy and sell products - Blockchain software that store the product and transaction on a portfolio so that, by virtue...

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    ...Creaciones Caspiel S.L. was born in 1975 in Madrid, and since its inception it specializes in the manufacture of high quality ladies' handbags and leather goods, marketed under the CATS brand. The success of CATS lies in an initial idea that has remained seamless over the years, which is to combine, in the most elegant way and with the best materials, tradition with modernity, and secular craftsmanship with design and Fashion. The choice of raw materials is essential for us, and we always seek to offer the highest quality in our products. The leathers we use are mainly veal from Central Europe and Spain, two areas of world-renowned prestige for the qualities offered. WHAT WE WANT TO TRANSMIT We want to convey elegance. CORPORATE COLORS We would like to rec...

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    ...that the client can be downloaded instantly Online after making the payment… Perhaps a system that DIVIDES the € 5 paid by the client and the money goes to two different accounts, my € 2 to my account and the other € 3 to the seller's account… and when I receive the € 2 in my account, the system AUTHORIZES the buyer to download the eBook from my Virtual Stock. Let's see what comes up as an alternative. And you present me with a proposal and you give me a budget that includes the time to finish it complete and working. Programa y Sistema de Control de ventas, de stock, de pagos divididos en 2 cuentas diferentes… Voy a tratar de explicar lo que quiero hacer. Yo tengo desarrollados y codificados 32 eBooks en 32 Docs PDF Un eje...

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    logo de marca Finalizado left

    Necesito un logo igual al de la foto pero con algunas modificaciones: en lugar de la letra A la letra C. La tipografía de la letra C tiene que ser en DM Serif Display Las Palabras "the alternative" reemplazarlas por "the experience" y la palabra "hemp dispensary" reemplazarla por "company" todo esto en tipografía DM Sans. El logo lo necesito en png y el illustrator en los siguientes colores: todo en rojo (#ff1616), todo en negro, todo en blanco y todo en violeta (#cb6ce6).

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    I need a system capable of detecting the leakage of gas, water and electricity that sends me real-time monitoring in an app created for smartphone. The project must h...through the app that there is a gas leak. 2) The water leak detector must monitor the flow rate and by means of a flow sensor, there must also be a warning in the app to be created. 3) When detecting greater power consumption by measuring wattage with a sensor, the user must be alerted in the app. 4) This whole system must be through Arduino. 5) communication must be over wifi 6) I need the list of materials and connection diagram to carry it out in physical. 7) And finally I need the application that is capable of carrying the monitoring and leak alerts to the user in real time connected by Wi-Fi to the arduino (s) ...

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    ...contenido, su autoridad y su relevancia para que sea más sencillo y rápido para Google acceder a ellas. C) Contenido El contenido es la parte más importante de una web y por mucho que esté bien optimizada a nivel SEO, si no es relevante con respecto a las búsquedas que realizan los usuarios nunca va a aparecer en las primeras posiciones. D) Metatags Title tag, Meta description, Canonical tag, Alternative text tag, Robots meta tag ,Open graph meta tags and Twitter cards, Header tags,Responsive design meta tag 12. Velocidad Se necesita excelente velocidad de carga...

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    ... -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The objective of this contest is to find most creative idea for the development of a new watch, the proposal can be on 3D render or in color 2D. Thus, this contest can be the start for many other projects with us! The concept of the brand, is create a man watch, innovative, luxurious and ecofriendly. Use noble materials but of very high quality that can be recycled or to strictly be ecofriendly. Please before continue to reading about this contest, is highly recommendable to have a clear and proper view of a watch parts (attached references images). The manufacturing method of this watch case will be by additive manufacturing; hence, it can be more freedom regarding the used forms. Try to loo...

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    Its simple, I will send a document. Person will need to print out about 10 copies and post them in various places in the Red light district in Bogota, Colombia. Will be willing to pay 29 USD to have this done since it should only take an hour or so and materials (paper, tape) won't be expensive. I will require picture of posted up flyers as evidence that the job is done before I send the money. Es simple, enviaré un documento. La persona deberá imprimir unas 10 copias y publicarlas en varios lugares del distrito de la luz roja en Bogotá, Colombia. Estará dispuesto a pagar 29 USD para hacer esto, ya que solo tomará una hora más o menos y los materiales (papel, cinta) no serán caros. Requeriré una foto de los volantes pub...

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    Trophy icon LOGO DESIGN - DISEÑO DE LOGO Finalizado left

    ...For what I need the design of a logo, the name of the business is "NATIVE El Salvador", we want to sell a variety of products to promote our culture around the world. For this reason our range of products is varied, from women's bags, t-shirts with representative places of the country, etc. We want the Brand to be inspired by a vintage style, with simple shapes, and we want the design to be alternative, in the meaning to be out of the conventional idea of "Salvadorean crafts", we want it to be fresh and modern, and outside of those that are always handled when talking about handmade products. We will attach some images of the colors we like (just take reference colors), but we accept proposals of different colors. Hola buen día para todos, quier...

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    Renders vivienda Finalizado left

    Hello, I want photorealistic images for a residential building in Spain. I am looking for a modern, mediterranean and bright style. I supply CAD drawings and project materials samples. 6 images: - 1 exterior view facade - 1 interior view kitchen - 2 interior views bathrooms - 2 3D overhead plant Deadline 5-6 days! I like minimum 2 revisions before the final delivery.

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    Must speak Spanish! Develop a purchasing system that allows for requisitions, capture quotes, authorizations, receipt of materials, etc. It must be linked with microsip. so that inventories, purchase orders, etc. also register in that software. --- Desarrollar un sistema de compras que permita hacer requisiciones, capturar cotizaciones, hacer autorizaciones, dar recibo a materiales, etc. Deberá estar enlazado con microsip. para que los inventarios, ordenes de compra, etc. se registren también en ese software.

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    Se necesita una asistente virtual que hable a la perfección el rumano. Debe hablar además español o inglés. Su tarea será coordinar la compra de materiales para la construcción por lo que se debe saber bien el idioma rumano. Need a virtual assistant who speaks Romanian perfectly. You must also speak Spanish or English. Your task will be to coordinate the purchase of materials for construction so you must know the Romanian language well.

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    I need to create or modify a woocommerce wallet, which allows me to enter several currencies as an alternative payment, but with the same functions of woocomerce wallet- please just apply, if you are able to make woocomerce accept several currencies as main. I DO NOT NEED a Switcher, my additional plugins, I need a multi-currency wallet, which can be fed manually and can be used as a payment method, just like woocommerce wallet. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ necesito crear o modificar una billetera para woocommerce, que me permita ingresar varias monedas como alternativa de pago, pero con las mismas funciones de woocomerce wallet- por favor solo postularse, si son capas de hacer que woocomerce acepte varias monedas como principales. N...

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    Curvas B-H para un imán. Materiales magnéticos para imanes permanentes. Características de cada material. Ejemplos de imanes comerciales:. Fabricantes y precios. Ejemplos concretos de aplicaciones de un imán. Referencias: Libros varios de Física General Referencias: Fitzgerald. Electric Machinery. 6ª ed. McGraw Hill- 2003. Chap 1 Magnetic Circuits and Magnetic Materials (creo que hay versiones en castellano).

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    ...poder enviar esta placa a producción , Y opcionalmente tambien los esqumaticos. Adjunto fotos y lista de materiales. -------------------------------- I need to design a PCB, (preferably with Eagle). I have the diagrams drawn with fritzing. and on paper, I also have the list of materials. The project is a shield type board for two arduino uno. I want to have all the necessary files to be able to send this board to production, and optionally also the schematics. I attach photos and list of materials....

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    ... programar 4 horas para la ejecución de tareas, y programar el tiempo de ejecución de la tarea. Esta tarea será el encendido de un led o la activación de un motor. Estas configuraciones deben poderse almacenar para que se mantengan despues de desconexión electrica. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Materials: Arduino UNO 2x16 i2c LCD screen 16 Channel 4x4 Keyboard RTC 3231 Led or Rele I need to create a menu visible from the LCD, it should be controlled with the 4x4 keyboard, with options to set the time, set 4 hours for the execution of tasks, and schedule the execution time of the task. This task will be to turn on a led or the activation of ...

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    EBay alternative Finalizado left

    (RUSIAN, ROMANIAN ,SPANISH language please) Necesito un nuevo sitio web Diseño y construcción. Quiero que alguien me ayude a crear una pagina web como alienexpress o ebay, que me explique cómo funciona exactamente y como la podría mantener.

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    ...sprite sheet. We would need the price to recreate 1 file and the price for larger quantities (10 or more) In another associated project, it will be necessary to modify the illustrator files to create new enemies. (NOT in this project) ------------------- Requirements The designer must have excellent knowledge of Adobe Illustrator. We prefer Adobe Illustrator, however Photoshop can be an alternative, whose reason should be (VERY) well-founded. Deliverables: We'll give you the sprite sheets (or the PNG sequence) of the enemies and units, and the corresponding Illustrator / Photoshop files must be created. We have attached an example sprite sheet for which it would be necessary to recreate the corresponding Adobe file. We are looking a good designer with reas...

    €28 - €230
    €28 - €230
    19 ofertas sus libros. El texto debe ser original en toda su totalidad. El lenguaje puede ser periodístico, ameno de leer, pensado para todo tipo de público. Ejemplos: () () () Portalholistic () es un web con contenido relacionado con las terapias naturales, la consciencia de vida, la ecología, el crecimiento personal, la espiritualidad, etc... También es un buscador de profesionales y centros. ...

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    ...electrónico y luego simplemente teclea 'Enter' (en lugar de darle clic al botón 'Proceed to Payment'), el formulario de PayPal debería aparecer igualmente. Es decir, apretar 'Enter' después de entrar su dirección de correo electrónico debe tener el mismo efecto que darle clic al botón 'Proceed to Payment'. Pueden ver como funciona nuestro flujo actual desde , seleccionar varios productos y ver como estan las paginas actuales. Checkout. Requerimiento 2: Hemos incrustado en la pagina checkout complete () un codigo para comunicarnos con la plataforma optimizeley <!-- Optimizely --> <script> = || []; (['trackEvent', 'purchases', {'revenue&#...

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    Estoy ubicado en Ecuador. Se que una alternative es utilizer Twilio, pero no esta disponible para este pais. La idea es pagar lo similar a mensaje local. La prueba se hara en celular Samsung S6.

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    ...ventas. La configuración e implementación de los diversos documentos comerciales, en el proceso de ventas, facturación y expedición. Como también, la parametrización e implementación del proceso de pricing y el manejo de los documentos de facturación. - Conocimientos y experiencia en el módulo MM (Materials Management) es altamente deseable, para complementar los aspectos logísticos y de abastecimiento. - Experiencia en integración del módulo SD con los módulos FI (Financial Managament) y MM (Materials Management) de SAP. - Conocimientos en Programación ABAP. - Manejo de técnicas de levantamiento y especificación de requerimientos funcionales. - Conocimiento y ...

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    We are expanding and we are looking centers willing to work on a COMMISSION only basis. Need to have experience in cold calls to business. You need to set up your own campaign (automatic call or email direct) to create the first contact. Your job is contact the manager or the owner, present our service and explain the main benefits , (reduce cost, increase profit). Some marketing materials will be provided including email templates. Sales people must speak good Espanol, claro y articulado, o pudiera tener acento americano (del norte, centro o sud-america). Debe de ser Profesional y tener buenas habilidades de comunicacion. El target son pequenas y medianas companyas de construccion. Nuestro servicio es el de poder estimar cualquier tipo y tamano de projecto de construccio...

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    Diseñar un logotipo Finalizado left

    I am designing a business 100% on internet about alternative and adventure tourism in mexico. My target are EEUU, Canada and Europe The name is ExplorersMX "less is more" looking for a simple but creative design I am looking for someone that give me the logo but also the manual of use (Yes, I published an offer before but for some reason I can get into my own offer, so I am re-publishing :D

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    ...for this project. Sskkyyppee ID: TerrapinXL Posting Each ad 1x per week = 12 ads/ month = $? Posting Each ad 2x per week = 24 ads/ month = $? The ads are ready to post. You would simply Copy + Paste. Each ad takes approximately just 2-5 minutes to post. These are 100% legit ads, by the way. No weird stuff or scams or nothing. We currently have 2 active campaigns -- one is related to alternative energy, and the other is related to organic gardening. We will discuss the content of the ads and the objectives of the campaigns in greater detail with you directly. If you would like more responsibility or more work we can discuss that also. Bid according to how much you would charge for posting each ad. Be competitive, this is super easy, we just need someone a local ...

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    ...program must be a TCP client (TCPListener) that allows one or more connections of GPS units that will send own information constantly to the public IP address X.X.X.X:9999 (to the public IP address and port configured on the machine Windows Server 2012 R2 ). - The program must receive information from each of the GPS units and simultaneously save it into a text file (Alternative 1) or into a remote MySQL database (Alternative 2). The price is required for each of alternatives. - The program must not contain any errors or exceptions in its execution. - The program source code is required (all .cs) in the form of Microsoft Visual Studio project (.sln and .csproj), with all the references that are used. - The program must display the information to screen during runtime,...

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    Logotipo e identidad corporativa de Unidad Educativa. Marca creada para la venta de materiales didácticos que fomentan el uso de nuevas estrategias educativas en las esc...Unidad Educativa. Marca creada para la venta de materiales didácticos que fomentan el uso de nuevas estrategias educativas en las escuelas y casas. Preocupación principal: desarrollo de un logotipo educativo (dirigido especialmente a docentes de primer ciclo escolar) sin utilizar elementos gráficos cliché. Logo and corporate identity Education Unit . Brand created for the sale of educational materials that promote the use of new educational strategies in schools and homes. Main concern : development of an educational logo ( especially aimed at teachers of first school cycle...

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    First I need to know how this service works. I send more than one proposal to choose? If I do not like the proposed re-passed me another alternative? Once the client define me send editable files? In that moment I pay? Who em guarantee that if I pay I get everything set? I am a creative concpeto ncesitando to a university, I buy the concept and would publish the pieces I do not need me to deliver finished pieces only the main piece.

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    English description below: Estoy buscando un animador gráfico para hacer una animación en 3d o 2d para una canción infantil. Es una canción sobre animales. Se trata de la creación completa tanto de...animación como de los elementos gráficos y los personajes. Yo por mi parte proporcionaré solo la canción, la misma servirá de guión. Ejemplos de vídeos English: I'm looking for 3d or 2d animator to create animation for kids song about animals. Full service required including animation and graphic materials. In case the results are satisfactory more videos will be ordered. Sample videos:

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    ...gráficos. Yo voy proporcionar solo la canción. En el caso de que el resultado es bueno y con un precio aceptable habrá más encargos. Ejemplos de vídeos English: I'm looking for 3d or 2d animator to create animation for kids song about animals. Full service required including animation and graphic materials. In case the results are satisfactory more videos will be ordered. Sample videos:

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    ...vistas y materiales (similares a las imagenes que estoy adjuntando), yo le proporcionaría los artes extendidos de los productos en imagen de alta calidad, me pueden enviar su presupuesto y su tiempo de entrega. Gracias ENG hi i am looking for an industrial designer or modeler 3D modeling renderings four packages of food with different views and ( similar to the images that I am attaching ) materials, will provide extended gear products in high quality image , I can post their budget and delivery time. Thank you ...

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    Crear una tienda online, de muebles, impactante, pero sencilla de usar y fácil de componer un pedido. que sea auto gestionable y en la que la elección del tipo de madera, color, materiales, formas, sea una opción a elegir. Create an online store of furniture, powerful, yet simple to use and easy to compose an order. Also that is self manageable and in which the choice of wood, color, materials, shapes, is an option to choose.

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    Buscamos a aquella <strong>persona</strong> que quiera contribuir al buen contenido de Teterum (ver descripción abajo) creando blog posts de <strong>300-400 palabras</strong> sobre temas relacionados al té e infusiones (ver ejemplos: ). Tu contenido contribuirá a la integración laboral de persona...“degustación de tés a domicilio” que se toma en serio su relación con el entorno ambiental y social. Nuestros tés son preparados por personas con discapacidad en integración laboral quienes preparan los productos con todo cariño y los firman. De esta forma trabajamos la autoestima de ellos - los Artesanos con Cariño. Además, transportamos en bicicleta en donde lo sea posib...

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    Buscamos dos profesionales con amplia experiencia en desarrollo para Android y concretamente con experiencia demostrable en los siguientes skills:   Robolectric 2.4+ for testing OR Espresso 2.0+ for testing Robospice OR ORM & SQLite Android services Gradle, Android studio 1.2.x,  Asynchronous concepts of an event-bus How to handle async materials (asynctask, services, loaders) Jackson 2 or JSONobjects Bamboo Git Understand material design Websockets in Android Security in Android   NÚMERO DE PERFILES DISPONIBLES: 2   Las personas trabajarán en un proyecto de un importante cliente en Las Rozas , Madrid. Es un proyecto de larga duración, y será necesario estar full time en oficinas del cliente en Las Rozas.   Remuneraci&...

    max €22491
    max €22491
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    ...teachers. After the materials are assigned to teachers, should allow teachers to put restrictions ... Teachers may have constraints of the following types: -Only Can teach in x days. Only time can teach from x to y hour (may also involve within x days) As for the schedule generation. A teacher may have assigned several subjects, both in the same course as in various courses ... so before generating the schedule should be checked for matches in hours allocated for various courses. That is, if taught English 8-10 AM in classroom 7A, you can not assign this subject or any other in the same time in another classroom as  it would create conflicts. There are certain subjects that mustt be taught in two blocks of consecutive time. So we should be able to mark such mate...

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    ...teachers. After the materials are assigned to teachers, should allow teachers to put restrictions ... Teachers may have constraints of the following types: -Only Can teach in x days. Only time can teach from x to y hour (may also involve within x days) As for the schedule generation. A teacher may have assigned several subjects, both in the same course as in various courses ... so before generating the schedule should be checked for matches in hours allocated for various courses. That is, if taught English 8-10 AM in classroom 7A, you can not assign this subject or any other in the same time in another classroom as  it would create conflicts. There are certain subjects that mustt be taught in two blocks of consecutive time. So we should be able to mark such mate...

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    Necesito un modulo para Joomla como el ejemplo que adjunto, que el modulo carge folders (en orden alfaberito) que sea responsive.

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    Cuento con ventas en la union europea, en estados unido...few days, we started selling in bangladesh, free wholesale market 10 sales, insurance sales, credit cards, and holiday travel, the goal is achieve all types of sale and all products for sale, we currently have for sale all products, perfumes, accessories, apparel, tennis, furniture, electronics, tools, automotive accessories, wines, cafe taxca, fabrics, toys, technology, computing, appliances, materials connstruccion, etc. We create a website on top of google, We first sales and seek to position ourselves very strong market, seek investors, commercial contract signing limited partnership with a notary public We are also working with vendors to achieve sales of 100 products, with $ 5000 US, sales on Facebook, among ot...

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    Es el que tengo , en el concurso de hacer una plantilla con las características que pedí, saludos. me gusto el template que me presentaste lo quiero cómo lo mencione tu podrías hacerlo. saludos.

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