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    JDA MOCA Commands Finalizado left

    ...in programming in Oracle SQL and Pl/SQL - Experience with MOCA-based application development - Problem-solving and analytical skills This is a small-sized project that is expected to last for 3 to 6 days. Specifically, two specific tasks need to be completed, both of which require configuring the integration parameters defined by JDA and writing certain data to a data table (outside the JDA environment) that will be used to integrate with another system. The first point of action will be to create a “trigger” triggered by the “move inventory” command, as a requirement, policies must be created where the stage or location of origin and destinations that apply to the programmed action of the trigger must be defined, i.e. if the value “stg01” i...

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    Se solicita persona para crear 9 vocabularios pictóricos similares al documento que se adjunta. Cada vocabulario de debe contener 16 palabras, donde cada palabra debe tener la imagen, la palabra en inglés y la palabra en español. Las temáticas de los vocabularios serían las siguientes: 1. Occupations 2. Entertainment 3. Travels 4. Environment. 5. Technology 6. Healthy habits /Productivity 7. Science 8. Natural disasters 9. Job Skills El trabajo está dirigido a población adolescente de secundaria. Los documentos se entregan en Word. De preferencia personas hablantes nativas del español con conocimientos de inglés.

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    ...business would be designed to adapt to these diverse needs, offering specialized solutions for each type of crop and region. In terms of services, we would offer a full range of pest control solutions, ranging from detailed inspections and personalized consultancy to specific treatments and ongoing monitoring. Additionally, we would commit to using methods and products that are safe for the environment, people, and crops, ensuring sustainable and healthy agricultural production. The initiation of our business would begin with careful market research and thorough analysis of the needs and demands of farmers in different regions of India. With this information, we would identify key areas to establish our initial presence and develop strong relationships with local farmers, agric...

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    ...Documentation for recurring payments: B) Functions Frontend: Payment method: Integrate Wompi's recurring payment method into the PrestaShop frontend so that users can select it during the checkout process for certain products. Backend: 1. Module configuration: • Integration of Wompi's public/private keys for authentication. • Selection of environment (sandbox or production) for testing and live deployment. 2. Customer and payment token list: Create a section in the PrestaShop backend where a list of registered customers along with their respective payment tokens can be viewed. 3. Transaction history: Record and display a transaction history in the PrestaShop backend for transactions made using Wompi's recurring payment method, including

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    The project is 252 days and 4231 hours. The budget for each freelancer is 47,49. Specific requerimients in chat Required skills: Engineering drawing, product design, industrial design, technical drawing/tech pack, 3d rendering, Data science, machine learning, branding, ...efficiently implement and manage cloud infrastructure, Knowledge of security, scalability and resource optimization in AWS environments. -Quality Specialist: Experience in quality assurance, Ensure that products and services meet quality standards, Perform functionality and usability tests on the web platform, Previous experience in similar projects, Effective collaboration in a virtual team environment. How to Apply: Send CV, portfolio and letter explaining Lean Startup experience. Thank you...

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    Oddo is free software which can be installed on a server. I need someone to install this software on a server and put it into production. Software link attached: Installation guide:

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    ...of healthcare workers’ uniforms: a randomized controlled trial of antimicrobial scrubs. Journal of Hospital Medicine; 8: 7, 380-385. 2. Fijan S, Turk SŠ (2012) Hospital textiles - Are they a possible vehicle for healthcare-associated infections? International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health; 9: 9, 3330-3343. 3. Casey AL et al (2010) Role of copper in reducing hospital environment contamination. Journal of Hospital Infection; 74: 1, 72-77. 4. McGovern B et al (2010) The necktie as a potential vector of infection: are doctors happy to do without? Journal of Hospital Infection; 75: 2, 138-139. 5. Gaspard P et al (2009) Meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus contamination of healthcare workers’ uniforms in long-term care facilities....

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    ...a social encounter so they can learn to play and socialize safely with other pets. This social area will be a safe place where your pets can develop their confidence when facing new and unfamiliar situations, they will be exposed to many new and different sights, sounds and surfaces with the guidance of a professional trainer, you and your pet will learn to interact and explore this changing environment. Craft market and amusement park: Sports city will have a large boulevard where it will house a craft market, for entrepreneurial women and housewives, as part of the local government plan we want to support all those entrepreneurs who have small business ideas and who do not They have where to market their products. Unite the craft market with the ''Heredia Park'...

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    Blocking/Concepting de la idea de un environment 3D de un jardín, para poder comenzar una etapa posterior de modelado, texturizado y/o finishing, según lo requiera la propuesta final y la disponibilidad de assets. Esto permite el testeo en el engine correspondiente, y las modificaciones necesarias para pasar a la etapa que siga. Se entregará archivos del blocking (.usd, .fbx, .obj, e imagenes necesarias).

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    ...and understanding of design requirements. Creation of initial interface sketches. Discussion with the team and possible adjustments to concepts. Week 2: Refinement of selected sketches. Creation of high-fidelity prototypes. Presentation of designs to stakeholders and collection of feedback. Iterations based on received feedback. 2. Full Frontend Development (Weeks 3-5) Week 3: Development environment setup. Creation of basic frontend structure. Implementation of initial interface sections. Week 4: Development of specific functionalities, such as forms or navigation. Integration of approved visual elements and styles. Week 5: Incorporation of animations and visual effects. Preliminary interaction and usability testing. Adjustments and corrections based on team and stakeholder...

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    Hola buen dia tengo algunos archivos en formato .JSON de la version de SPINE 2.1.27 y quiero convertirlos a .SKEL de SPINE 3.4.02 para que me sean compatibles. Adjunto archivos de SPINE 2.1.27

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    Hi, i have 1 sql file that was encrypted by ransomware virus with .cuba extension is about 1.8gb, I need some one with experience with this type of Ransomware. Thanks

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    ...6 packages, log-in for each: 1. 800 phrases 2. 700 3,4,5,6 are 500 phrases. The password is always the same, just change the name a little bit to the phrase package. The SERVER is "espanol" or "spanish". After each "package" it sends me the link so that I can verify the phrases! - you want to earn dollars and want a guaranteed good grade upon successful completion - you can provide a quiet environment without disturbing noises! Very important! No dog sounds, people talking, Whatsapp messaging etc. - you can do the job in 3-4 days Best regards Eduard...

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    ...6 packages, log-in for each: 1. 800 phrases 2. 700 3,4,5,6 are 500 phrases. The password is always the same, just change the name a little bit to the phrase package. The SERVER is "espanol" or "spanish". After each "package" it sends me the link so that I can verify the phrases! - you want to earn dollars and want a guaranteed good grade upon successful completion - you can provide a quiet environment without disturbing noises! Very important! No dog sounds, people talking, Whatsapp messaging etc. - you can do the job in 3-4 days Best regards Eduard...

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    Instalacion Alfreco Finalizado left

    Se requiere un Profesional con experiencia en Alfresco, para montar el aplicativo en un ambiente limpio, en una VPS especifica. Es necesario amplia experiencia en la Herramienta Alfresco Gestor Documental. A Professional with experience in Alfresco is required to deployment application in the new environment, on server specific VPS. Extensive experience with the Alfresco Document Manager Tools and activiti 2.0, this project requirement is make a model of process in activiti 2.0 integrating it whit Alfresco. Note: This deployment is in spanish

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    Necesito ayudar en el cual es habilitar que funcione el File Input de un form que se visualiza en webview mediante android studio, lo necesito a la brevedad posible.

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    Necesito desarrollar en Java un sistema de ficheros paralelo basado en Google File System.

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    La práctica consiste en desarrollar un sistema de ficheros paralelo basado en el Google File System que permita llegar a conocer de forma práctica el tipo de técnicas que se usan en estos sistemas, tal como se estudió en la parte teórica de la asignatura. Evidentemente, dadas las limitaciones de este trabajo, el sistema a desarrollar presenta enormes simplificaciones con respecto a las funcionalidades proporcionadas por un sistema GFS real. Una de las restricciones que se establecen para simplificar el sistema es que todas las operaciones sobre el sistema de ficheros manejarán datos con tamaños múltiplos del tamaño de un chunk. En cuanto a la tecnología de comunicación usada en la práctica, se ha ele...

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    Necesito hacer un análisis de una estructura de metal en abaqus

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    Hello, My name is Alba and we are a small business from Tarragona (Spain) called "Five Senses". We want to create a line of natural cosmetic products (serum, creams, soaps) along with other products for home (candles, air fresheners) with a colorful, creative, self-care love, youthful and respectful with the environment. We need a logo for the brand and a design for the packaging of a small and medium box. In addition, we would need a design for the labeling of some candles that go in glass jars. We would like the logo design to be minimalist, but for the packaging we would like it to be the logo together with a background that gives a feeling of modernity, color, creativity with a minimalist touch. We would like to know what budget you would have and how many diffe...

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    Hola Yovanny, mucho gusto mi nombre es Erica. Mi sitio web es y necesito un frontend de reportes de astrología (back en es ). Quiero una cita contigo para contarte en detalle de que se trata y ver si me puedes ayudar. Saludos

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    He pasado varios archivos PDF a Word y ahora estos tienen muchas columnas y son muy pesados

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    He pasado varios archivos PDF a Word y ahora estos tienen muchas columnas y son muy pesados

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    Tengo un proyecto que le faltan hacer algunas partes, 1: cargar los archivos hex leidos de un "file" y colocarlos en una tabla, actualmente lo hace pero no de la forma que deseo 1.1 El archivo leido debe colocarse en pares de 2 en cada columna de la tabla 1.2 Al llenarse la primera fila, debe crear una fila mas con el numero en hexadecimal ( tal como la foto subida) Esta fila debe crearse de acuerdo ala cantidad de datos que el archivo tenga Adjunto mi código que he estado realizando Adjunto imágenes de ejemplos de como espero que quede Adjunto archivos hexadecimales de ejemplo para que se apoyen

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    Actualmente me encuentro trabajando en un proyecto a través del software Matlab. El objetivo del proyecto es el de elaborar un scrip que permita modelar de manera gráfica un laminado de material compuesto, preguntando al usuario d...se ha de introducir un defecto causado por efectos de fabricación, dicho defecto tendrá la forma de una función a trozos. A la hora de introducir el defecto, nuevamente se le ha de preguntar al usuario acerca de la longitud de dicho defecto y la capa del laminado donde se asocia tal defecto. Es necesario la parametrización de este scrip debido a que posteriormente se trabajará con otro programa (Abaqus) y de esta manera se agiliza el proceso cuando sea necesario cambiar defectos y espesores de lámin...

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    File convertion Finalizado left

    Necesito un escritor confiable para volver a escribir los comunicados de mercado de acciones de la compañía y convertirlos en historias interesantes a publicarse en nuestro [Iniciar sesión para ver URL] persona que busco estará disponible en la mayoría de las veces para completar nuestras re-rutas sensibles a la hora según lo solicitado y en alrededor de dos horas. Este trabajo estará en curso y se adaptará a una persona que vive en la zona horaria GMT + 8 horas (Perth, HERMOS Australia). interesado?

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    ...payment gateway and be able to introduce products with a payment gateway. in the customer profile they should be able to see their invoices and orders, and create complex registration forms. to create users. There must also be a system for selecting stands for sale. You can see the complete project in the Files section in PDF The platform must be modular and preferably programmed on a base environment. Wordpress or Joomla. We also accept custom programming proposals with other frameworks. We listen to options. ------------------------------------- Es una plataforma para Manejar usuarios y que debe tener pasarela de pago y poder introducir productos con pasarela de pago. en el perfil de cliente deben poder ver sus facturas y pedidos, y crear formularios de registro complejos....

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    Tengo un código que realiza algunas auditorías de SEO a una URL específica, por ejemplo, obtiene datos sobre: lang canónico Meta ODS X-Robots etc.

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    To develop a scrapper (robot for the collection of web data) in python (Selenium, BeautifulSoup, PHP, Scrapy, etc.) of real estate buying and selling sites. The data extraction must include all the basic characteristics of the properties (type of ...techniques that prevent the banning or blocking of the scrapper (real estate websites can contain more than 100,000 ads for large cities, usually they use dynamic pages and the detail of the information of the ads is in a second level); d) must generate a report with the summary of the scrapper result and / or the records injected into the database; e) the file "" must be provided to do a python installation in a virtual environment with the required dependencies. The code must be properly commented. More details by dire...

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    Estamos necesitando asesoramiento para la decoración de una oficina nueva dedicada al desarrollo de aplicaciones mobiles. Nuestro objetivo es lograr un ambiente de trabajo agradable moderlo al mejor estilo Silicon Valley. English: We are needing advice for the decoration of a new office dedicated to the development of mobile applications. Our goal is to achieve a pleasant modern work environment in the best Silicon Valley style.

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    Se necesita levantar un ambiente de pruebas interno en WebSphere Application Server version 9 para un proyecto en Microservicios Java con front en Angular, el proyecto ya se encuentra completo el código fuente, el objetivo es montar ese ambiente de pruebas y desplegar los microservicios (Gateway, Oauth, Eurka, ms trx, ms reportes, front) en el ambiente y comprobar su correcto funcionamiento con esta versión del WAS.

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    Trophy icon Proyecto unity - 08/06/2021 06:12 EDT Finalizado left

    It is a project in unity, where I give you the modeling of a shower and you have to do that Through the use of scripts and animations, the user can: - open and close the shower door - turn the room light on or off The environment must have ambient sound. The reflections, shadows and proportions must be realistic. Se trata de un proyecto en unity, donde yo les paso el modelaje de una ducha y usted tiene que hacer que Mediante el uso de scripts y animaciones, el usuario pueda: - abrir y cerrar la puerta de la ducha - enciende o apaga la luz de la habitación El ambiente debe tener sonido ambiental. Los reflejos, sombras y proporciones deben ser realistas.

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    Digital manager Finalizado left

    ONLY MEXICANS/SOLO MEXICANOS I´m not considering people from another country, since It´s essential to know the mexican environment to do this project. Empresa de renta de oficinas busca digital manager. Funciones: Desarrollar e implementar la estrategia de redes sociales (Facebook, LinkedIn e IG) Desarrollar e implementar la estrategia de Google Ads Crear nuevas comunidades Generar leads (citas para rentar oficinas) trabajo de Relaciones Públicas

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    Reform html file Finalizado left

    Hola Yurii Y., vi tu perfil y me gustaría ofrecerte mi proyecto. Podemos conversar por chat acerca de los detalles.

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    ..."manos remotas" si fuera necesario y estamos abiertos a recopilar la información y detalles necesarios para poder concretar el presupuesto. __________________________________________________________________ We need to assess for a client the remote realization of an "Active Directory Update from 2008 R2 to 2016, migrating printing services, Certification Authority and DHCP service", for an environment of about 500-600 users with virtualized servers. We have the possibility to send resources on the ground to act as "remote hands" if necessary and we are open to gather the information and details necessary to be able to finalize the budget....

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    ...What is our value/concept? Beyond being an alternative to current trends and basic needs that our products satisfy, we are a prototype of a store which promotes an urban lifestyle, thereby causing rap and electronic music to be a cultural identification with our customers. Purpose Our main purpose is to meet the need for hunger through a fast-food strategy in 5 minutes accompanied by an environment focused on culture and urban art. The logo that we want for our establishment is a rabbit, I leave in the annexes an idea of ​​what the logo could be. At this point, you may wonder why a logo rabbit? The answer lies in the fact that the LOP brand name is a breed of rabbit, I leave a photo in the annexes. The colors that I have thought of for the rabbit logo are in neon: ...

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    Tengo un fondo animado de un ambiente li...mis productos con photoshop en la pared (espejos, cuadros, lamparas). La idea es colocar esos productos constantemente e ir cambiandolos y usar siempre el mismo fondo (o 2). Sería copiar la imagen de un espejo y pegarla en la imagen que necesito para mostrar como quedarían instalados. ----------------------------------------------------------------- I have an animated background of a living environment where I want to place my photoshopped products on the wall (mirrors, paintings, lamps). The idea is to place these products constantly and change them and always use the same background (or 2). It would be to copy the image of a mirror and paste it in the image that I need to show how they would be installed. The job is with ...

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    ...development of 5 protocols in C/C++ for an IoT gateway. The people/team accepted to do this project will be supported by our development team. We accept individuals or companies, and we expect to hire 1 senior developer + 2 junior developers. Please, post monthly rate. Total project duration: 2 phases of 2 months, 4 months in total. Project phases and tasks: Setup: - Project and development environment comprehension - Platform setup Protocol Analysis: - In coordination with field engineers: understand and identify the frames that are being exchanged between two devices, monitored with a logic analyzer, to build up the protocol Telemetry: - Development: embedded - Unit tests - Testing with the controller - User acceptance tests Requirements: -Experience in C/C++ development f...

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    Son dos proyectos distintos. 1- Tengo una foto o un archivo PDF que quiero convertir en un archivo apto para ser usado en un router CNC con madera 2- Necesito un file para impresion 3D a partir de un concepto dibujado a mano alzada. Cuatro partes pequeñas que encastrarian entre si. El freelancer debera estar localizado en o cerca de Buenos Aires, Argentina

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    ...ocupación de 0.8 a 0.96 máximo por ser esquina. Para mayores especificaciones favor de revisar la información anexa. Se aceptan diversas propuestas económicas justificadas, flujos de trabajo para revisión y dudas. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Description: I need the design of a commercial plaza with a proposal for a progressive or adaptive environment based on the master plan specified in the different stages of development, in order to meet the existing demand for parking, recreation and commercial point of the health area. The total area is greater than 12Ha, a construction was developed in stages focused on an inclusive socioeconomic level with 6x6 commercial premises, with a metal st...

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    Cerevro is a growing startup which implements virtual reality in schools, teaching through small experiences in virtual reality, where the student can acquire certain knowledge. What we need is someone with knowledge of video game programming in unity to make a mini game that takes around 15 to 20 minutes with low poly assets. The environment and the environments are completely variable, it totally depends on the knowledge you want to impart so they don't have a standard. The VR is focused on google cardboard glasses, not for HTC vibe or others.

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    ¡Hola! Cordial Saludo, Quiero un gran level design , con un diseño bonito, yo proporciono un asset en el cual están las texturas y prefabs para hacer el environment del juego. También me gustaría que hubiese una aldea (imagina un punto en el que puedas conseguir algunas misiones , quizas un aldea que sirva como referencia de ubicación para el jugador). Algunos lugares con algunas fogatas (vienen incluidas en los assets ). El juego tendrá un ciclo de día / noche, por lo que también debería lucir bien por la noche. Es un juego de rol / aventura (un poco de estilo de mundo abierto, pero no tan grande), por lo que el diseño del nivel debe ser espacioso con buenos detalles No quiero un bosque muy grande en e...

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    Necesito modelador 3D Finalizado left

    Tengo un proyecto, es un videojuego orientado en la cultura maya y requiero un modelador para environment y el personaje principal

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    Hola Jose Alfredo, soy el mismo del proyecto de un video curso de Abaqus, respondeme y asi puedo hablar contigo y explicarte mas acerca del proyecto

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    ...propuesta. Adjunto archivos con algunos ejemplos. *Todos los diseños de las fotos no nos pertenecen, solo son ejemplos de artistas. ----------------------------- Hello! We are a company in project that seeks designs for t-shirts. The company is based on supporting art, music and the environment. It is dedicated to the sale of sustainable organic cotton clothing with designs, and for each sale made the artist will take a commission. In addition, for each sale we will donate a portion to an NGO dedicated to the environment or music. We are looking for designs of various styles: skater, surfer, minimalist in b/w or watercolors. Some brand references are: Vans, RVCA, Element, Volcom, Santa Cruz... PLEASE, attach portfolio with your proposal. Attached files with s...

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    necesito implementar libreria jquery , para previsualizar y enviar imagenes a un servidor ya configurado. Es mediante fetch api

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    Edit Pixelmator file Finalizado left

    Hola, Necesitamos editar un archivo .pxm (pixelmator). Se trata de hacer más grande el diseño de packaging que ya tenemos. Gracias. Un saludo.

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    ...conducting corporate events and live shows. We seek to design a platform to hold online events. The goal is for the experience to be as similar as possible to a live event. For this we need to design a virtual interaction environment that meets the following characteristics: - Fully 3D environment - Responsive Design - Apk with Web access option - The entry and management of the platform must be easy for everyone and it must have a friendly interface. - Customization of the 3D human avatar (Face, body, clothes, accessories) - Moving the avatar in the 3D environment by walking or running. - Ability to rotate the view. - Interaction with other users connected via internal chat, or enabling live audio. - The different audio sources must be positioned...

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    ENE, es un proyecto basado en turismo vivencial donde podrás llevar a cabo diversas actividades, donde te llenaras de mucho conocimiento en fauna y flora. Somos una nueva generación de emprendedores con mucha experiencia en turismo de naturaleza y turismo vivencial, donde podras tener contacto con el medio natural las 24 horas del día.

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    Necesito ayuda para editar una etiquetas pdf que general un plugin.

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