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  • Foto de perfil de kukhtinigor
    Skilled Programmer
    Comentarios de 67

    Twenty years of experience in the field of programming and specializes in Delphi and SQL. dUnit is used to accomplish projects related to the field. Also knowledgeable in PHP.

  • Foto de perfil de DeadC0der
    Expert Delphi Coder
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    Great interest in the field of information technologies working with various programming languages such as Delphi, C/C++, XML, Java and SQL. Skilled in cryptography.

  • Foto de perfil de link911
    Freelancer en mission viejo, United States
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    Develop programs of more than 20 years. Work with big Ukrainian, Russian and Canadian company. Extensive experience integrating systems of various complexities

  • Foto de perfil de PLobex
    Skilled Delphi Developer
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    Able to provide desktop software made in Delphi for Windows and Linux platforms, enjoys working network and devices communication. Experienced in C/C++/C#, PHP and Java.

  • Foto de perfil de vladimirk02
    Talented Software Developer
    Comentarios de 28

    Well experienced in Delphi and SQL, knowledgeable in database and online technologies. With over ten years of involvement in software and application developing.

  • Foto de perfil de augustogus
    Experienced Applications Developer
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    Developing applications in Windows with twenty years of experience in the industry. Able to create applications for specific needs of clients. Skilled in PeopleSoft and Delphi.


Encontrando Desarrolladores de Delphi en Freelancer

An alternative to Visual Basic and part of the RAD Studio, Delphi is an object-oriented programming language (OOP) and integrated development environment (IDE). Delphi is used commonly for enterprise level creation of desktop, mobile, web and console applications. The language offers high-quality programming and speed of development, and although modern languages such as Java and C# have overtaken Delphi in terms of popularity, product updates continue to be released biannually. For companies requiring ongoing programming support the use of a Delphi, a freelancer is highly recommended. 

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The company Borland created and published Delphi in 1995 for Windows 3.1 as a successor to Turbo Pascal. The addition of full object orientation was a key enhancement to the historically influential Pascal language.

Borland became CodeGear in 2006 following the creation of a wholly owned subsidiary, later acquired by Embarcadero Technologies in 2008. In 2015 Embarcadero was sold again, to Idera, but Delphi and other developer tools continue to exist under the Embarcadero brand.

What are the key features of Delphi?

  • Support for rapid application development through its application framework and visual window layout
  • Inclusion of a code editor for code completion
  • Real-time error checking
  • An integrated debugger
  • Adaptability to include third party plugins.   
  • An integrated IDE. The Visual Component Library is included with all Delphi product purchases, in most cases alongside source code.

Delphi has developed a reputation for remarkable speed. Compilation is superior to other common languages, including the popular C#. Delphi also enjoys strong database support.

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